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The New Watcher

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Whistler takes Giles to another dimension to recruit a New Watcher. Part 1 of the New Watcher series. This story has been rewritten.

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Chapter 2

Disclaimer: I do not own any work by Joss Whedon or JRR Tolkien. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

NOTE: Olórin was Gandalf’s Name in Valinor.

Valinor - Ring of Doom

Manwë summoned all the Valar, including Ulmo from the depths of his waters, to the Ring of Doom. He’d just finished speaking to Eru Ilúvatar in his private garden, and what his Atar showed him disturbed him greatly. Demons and hell dimensions, he’d never heard of such things. Manwë wept for the ones called the slayers – young mortal female children keeping his entire creation safe. He would never understand it, nor could he understand Eru Ilúvatar’s thinking in this matter. When he entered the Ring of Doom and sat next to his wife, Varda, the other Valar and their Maia attendants greeted him.

“I’ve just spoken with Atar and He informed me He’s sending his Herald to Arda. Atar told me we’ll be hearing a language called English, which we’ll be able to understand and his Herald will explain everything; and the Powers will control what we see,” he told them.

Before anyone could ask who the Powers were, they were looking at Arda and watched and listened to what Eru Ilúvatar’s Herald and Mr. Giles had to say when they appeared.


Arda - Middle-Earth - 1,000 Years after the War of the Ring

Maglor, son of Fëanor, once High Prince of the Noldor in Valinor and King of the Noldor on Arda, was sitting by the sea watching as the sun was beginning to rise. He’s known to his kin as the Kinslayer and still wanders the shores of the sea singing laments and mourning the silmaril he threw into the sea many ages ago – and the terrible deeds committed by him and his brothers to regain those cursed jewels made by his father, Fëanor. Unable to hold the silmaril in his hand, Maglor threw it into the sea, along with his sword. His hands still bare the open wounds which still pain him to this day.

He looks like a vagabond and his cloak and clothes are in tatters. His dirty, tangled and matted hair is down to his waist and he’s lost his Elves glow. The light of the Two Trees that were once in his eyes, have long since burned out. Maglor was sitting on the beach when a light full of power flashed in front of him that threw him backwards twenty feet. He looked up and saw a female he’d never seen before, who was darker than the people of Arda and mortal. She wore pants, like the men of Arda, but different; some sort of top and short red cloak, but not a cloak. She wore some type of jewelry in her ears and had a piece of jewelry around her neck he did not recognize (cross). She also had an eagle on one shoulder and was carrying something over her other shoulder he did not recognize.

“Maglor, son of Fëanor, my name is Angela Simone and I’m Eru Ilúvatar's Herald and dooms-woman on my world,” she said.

Maglor got up and started running.

“Stop,” she said softly.

Maglor stopped and turned and looked at her. She had a kind smile on her face, one he hasn't seen in many of age. He looked into her heart and realized she was telling the truth and felt he could trust her.

“Come to me,” she said softly, as waved her left hand and a round table with three chairs appeared.

Maglor walked over to the table and sat in one of the chairs, never taking his eyes off of her. He watched as the eagle flew away, after she talked to the bird in a strange tongue.

“Father,” she said.

A man appeared before them, the same color as Eru’s Herald and wearing strange clothes, he thought.

“This is my father, who's one of the Powers in the Timeless Halls and his name is Daniel – which means God has Judged,” she told him.

Angela's father reached out and put his hands on Maglor's shoulders and then was gone.

Maglor felt strange, that he was disconnected somehow.

“I'm going to heal your wounds,” she told him. Maglor watched as a white light emanated from her hands when she took his hands into hers.

“Thank you,” he said, through tears, looking at his hands after she healed them, finally free of the pain.

“Those scars are never going away,” she told him. Angela then called Whistler, and he and Giles appeared. Giles looked around and knew he was in the middle-ages of this world.

Maglor turned around and saw two strange mortal men. The short one looked odd and the tall one was dressed similar to Eru Ilúvatar’s Herald's father.

“Maglor, I would like you to meet Whistler, she said, pointing to the odd looking man, and this gentlemen is Mr. Rupert Giles.”

They nodded their heads and he responded in kind. Angela took a seat at the table and opened her duffel bag, and took out plates of fruit, cheese, bread with honey and sat them on the table in front of Maglor.

Giles sat in the last chair and Whistler stood behind Giles.

“Eat,” she told him with a smile.

Maglor began to eat, and didn't realize how hungry he was. He tore into the food with a zeal, which was very good.


While Maglor was eating, Angela handed Giles a cup of tea and she drink a cup of coffee with streamed milk. After Maglor finished eating, he saw a glass of water and a cup of tea in front of him and drank both.

“Are you a Valar?” he asked, surprised at the new language he was speaking.

“No, and the language you’re speaking is called English. We call Eru Ilúvatar, the Lord God; the Ainur, Angels, and the Timeless Halls, Heaven,” she answered.

“You look like a mortal woman,” Maglor said, taking a sip of his tea.

“I am a mortal woman. We call ourselves humans, human beings or the human race on our world – not the race of men,” she replied. She waved a hand and Maglor saw mortal boys and girls in different colors and sizes eating a meal.

“Are they also half-mortal and half-Ainur?” “What is that place?” he asked.

“Yes they are, and that’s the High School I attended, which is called the Angel Academy for the Gifted and Talented. That’s where we’re going after we leave here,” she answered.

“The Valar can't have children,” he stated. “Yet, your father is an Ainur in the Timeless Halls.”

“I know, and I’ll explain how that’s done later. That’s also how my father looked when he was a mortal,” she replied.

“Who are the Powers?” Maglor asked.

“They’re one of the Choirs of Angels in Heaven,” she answered. “They were not created with the other Angelic Orders, but were the last Order to come in, after the Ainur left the Timeless Halls. They’re the purest and noblest of all the Ainur, and are so resolute, they can never fall. They’re also Lord Eru’s warrior angels and Celestial Police Force. They guard all the access ways to and from the Timeless Halls and are the first and last line of defense against the diabolical hordes. They’re awesome defenders of the cosmos against evil; stop the efforts of demons who try to overthrow our world; are the keepers of human history, and are our angels of warning and dreams. When they were created, they were put above most of the Ainur in the Timeless Halls, except the Ainur in the first two Choirs. They’re the ones who’ve been helping and guiding mortals on Arda since they awoke. They made sure men survived Melkor by guiding them to where Lord Eru wanted them to go; including the House of Haleth, the Second House of the Edain, and the most important house. Only a very small remnant of that house fought for the Valar because the majority left almost 50 years before Eönwë arrived and were safely out of harms way – along with the majority of the second-born on Arda. When you come to our world, you’ll be working for them and Whistler is one of their Herald’s – whom you’ll be dealing with. They also have their own Hall.

The Watchers’ Council, slayers and Angel Institute only deal with Whistler. Others on our world deal with the Powers’ other Herald’s. The others don’t know about us and we don’t know about them or who they are. They’re different, in that they have a way of communicating with the Timeless Halls – in an indirect way. We, on the other hand, are the only ones who deal directly with the Ainur, and when appear, we know that’s a direct message from Lord Eru...and the only Ainur we’ve every dealt with are the Seven that Stand Before the Lord.”

“All slayer dreams come from the Powers regarding evil, and in many cases, they all have the same dream, no matter where they are in the world,” Giles told Maglor.”

“What are the Choirs of Angels?” he asked.

“We put angels into Choirs Maglor, which denotes their power level and/or what they do. The Seraphim Choir is the number one Choir and we call them Seraphim’s...and the Chief Ainur is in that Choir. The Seven that Stand Before the Lord have their own Choir and are also in the Seraphim Choir, along with others. The Valar are in the Virtues Choir and the Maia are in the Angels Choir. My father is in the Powers’ Choir,” she answered. “The Chief Ainur was our first teacher and was put in charge of us after we awoke on our world. He’s also our Captain when Members of the Angel Institute have to go to war,” she answered.

“He leads you into battle?” Giles asked her, with a surprised look on his face.

“He always has,” she answered. “I’ve known him since I was six years old and I think of him as my big brother.”

“The Chief Ainur?” Maglor asked, with a perfectly raised eyebrow. “Why?”

“I once told him we were family and he was my big brother and I was his little sister, and he smiled at me,” she answered, smiling. “He appeared before in the dojo room at the Angel Grade School when I was seven – where I was practicing with my practice sword. I smiled when I saw him, but, he didn’t return the smile. He asked me if I wanted to spar with him and I said yes. I kept staring at his sword when it appeared in his hand...and he told to stop looking at his sword and to pay attention. I got into my stance and held by sword at the ready. When I tried to parry his blade, my sword flew out of my hands and hit the wall on the other side of the room. I stepped back startled because I didn’t see what he did...and when I looked up at him, he didn’t say a word and just looked at me. Without thinking, I walked over to the wall and picked up my sword; when I turned around, his blade was at my throat. I dropped my sword and began to cry. He told me don’t ever turn my back on anyone who has a blade in their hands, which is what you did, and you do it all the time. When I thought about it, he was right, I’ve always done that, and he knew I was going to do it. He also told me he knew I’ve been banished from my class for not listening to my instructions – that’s why I was practicing by myself – but, you will listen to me. He then informed me he was there to teach me how to wield a sword properly. He kept his blade at my throat until he finished giving me a very stern lecture, and after his sword disappeared, I threw up and looked at the mess I made on myself. I received no pity or mercy from him that day. That was the first lesson he taught me and I never did it again...and it was the only time he used his own sword. The Lord knew I had to learn that lesson the hard way.”

“Why were you banished from the class?” Giles asked.

“Whenever someone knocked my sword out of my hands, I always turned around and picked it up; and my instructors told me time and again not to do that and the reasons why. I knew our practice swords couldn’t hurt me, that’s probably why I did it; however, it became ingrained in me. They kept telling me to think of it as a real sword and not a wooden one. When I went to class one day, my instructors told me to go to another dojo room and practice by myself; and do not return to class until I was ready to obey their instructions. Truth be told, I was relieved I was banished from the class, because the other children use to laugh at me and called me names and I didn’t want to go back, and I never did.

Michael told me I wasn’t holding the hilt properly, that’s why my sword kept getting knocked out of my hands, which he corrected. He taught me for the next seven years and was a stern task master and brokered no dissent. He also taught me how to wield a long sword and short swords, one in each hand; and sparring with him helped me tremendously, which made me think...and I also incorporated my martial arts skills into my lessons. The other students asked the instructors why I never returned to class, and were only told I had my own tutor. He stopped teaching me after I graduated from the Angel Grade School and when I entered the Academy, I had a new teacher. Before we graduated from the Angel Grade School, each student had to spar with another student. I was chosen to spar with Jeremiah; who was one of the best students and was the one who always knocked my sword out of my hands. When he was told who he was going to spar with – he laughed – and told everyone it wouldn’t take him long to knock my sword out of my hands.

When our names were called, Jeremiah took a sword off the rack and I took two, and heard murmurs in the room. Jeremiah raised an eyebrow when he saw a sword in each hand and reminded me that I couldn’t hold one sword properly. I didn’t say a word, and when the instructor told us to begin, I went at Jeremiah fast and furious, and as he was stumbling backwards, I knocked the sword out of his hand; and when he was fell to the mat, after I tripped him, I put one sword to his throat. The students in the room gasped and one instructor told me well done and the others smiled at me. Jeremiah looked up at me red-faced with embarrassment and never laughed at me again, nor did any of the other students. Afterwards, the Head Master of the School pulled me aside and told me an angel was present in the room and appeared just before we sparred and departed after I put my sword at Jeremiah’s throat. We can’t see them, but, we know when they’re around...and we know how many and where they are,” she answered. “One student asked me who my instructor was for all those years and I smiled and simply told her I had the best teacher anyone could ever have.”

“The teachers knew Michael appeared to you in the dojo room at age seven?” Giles asked.

“They knew an angel appeared and where he was, but not who it was; and I’m sure more than one teacher came into the room when he appeared. That’s how they found out who it was and that he was going to teach me. We’re like them in that respect, in that we too can appear without being seen,” she answered.

Giles nodded his head.

“Michael’s role changed when I hit puberty and he shadowed me for six years and was always there blocking my path when I turned into a rebellious hormonal teenager. When I was 16, I asked Mrs. Evans why he was always breathing down my neck. She told me it was the Lord’s Will...and when he appeared to me at the Angel Grade School when I was six, they knew the Lord had chosen me for a great doom and he’s part of that doom. I told her I always thought I was just another cog in the machine and couldn’t figure out for the life of me why the Lord would chose me for anything. I also told her when he appeared to me, he told me I’ll be seeing a lot of him.

She asked me if something happened prior to his appearing. I told her about the nightmare I had the night before – which was of me being burned alive – and I had that same nightmare once a year for eight years and each time, Michael was there when I woke up. She told me I’ll find out the connection between me, him and that nightmare when the Lord decides it’s time for me to know. I had that same nightmare last night, which I haven’t had in seven years; but, this time it was much worse than before. When I woke up, Michael wasn’t there and I knew then that my doom was at hand,” she told them.

“Burning at the stake?” Giles asked, with a raised eyebrow.

“I don’t know Mr. Giles. I thought of Joan of Arc and remembered that Michael appeared to her at the age of 16 and told her the Lord had chosen her for a great doom; and she was burned at the stake at the age of 19,” she answered. “I have a feeling Michael shadowing me has something to do with that nightmare. My shadow, I called him.”

“Maybe he was protecting you,” Giles said.

“Maybe Mr. Giles, maybe,” she replied. “On evening I had a date and when I heard a knock at my door, I opened it, thinking it was my date, and I saw you know who standing there and he asked me if I was going somewhere. I slammed the door in his face and when I turned around, he was sitting on my sofa, smiling. I told him I’m now an adult and I can do whatever I want and I’m no longer living at home, but on my own and taking care of myself...and to get out and go back to heaven. As I standing there with my hands on my hips and tapping my foot with the impatience of a teenager, a box appear on the coffee table and I raised an eyebrow at him...and he told me to open it. When I opened the box, I saw two of the most magnificent short swords and daggers ever made, with Lord Eru’s name on each one. They came from the Timeless Halls Maglor and they were all mine. I tested the weight and balance of each one and they were perfect in every way. I gave thanks to Lord Eru and gave Michael a big hug. He then suggested we go out to dinner to celebrate and I agreed; he chose the restaurant, which is owned by the Angel Institute. I’m sure the Lord was amused he got dressed down by an 18 year old. I didn’t brother to ask about my date,” she told them.

Giles and Angela laughed.

“Why a restaurant owned by the Angel Institute?” Giles asked, with a smile on his face.

“All Angel Institute property is hallowed, including our homes, as well as the Academy where you’re staying and where Maglor is going,” she answered.

“Why?” Giles asked.

“It’s the Lord’s Will,” she answered. “I suspect it has something to do with the diabolical hordes on our world.”

“You talked to the Chief Ainur that way?” Maglor asked, horrified.

“Yes I did,” she answered. “We don’t give deference to the Ainur and never have; and they know not to take it from us...because it’s Eru Ilúvatar’s Will. We’re not the elves Maglor.”

Maglor raised a perfect eyebrow at that comment.
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