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The New Watcher

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Whistler takes Giles to another dimension to recruit a New Watcher. Part 1 of the New Watcher series. This story has been rewritten.

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Chapter 5

Disclaimer: I do not own any work of Joss Whedon or JRR Tolkien. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creations.

“How did Eru Ilúvatar go to war?” Maglor asked, still perplexed.

“By using His power. It was the Powers who sent dreams to the potential slayers world-wide telling them where to go...and they made sure they had safe passage the entire way. That’s why they started showing up at Buffy’s house. They were also Eru Ilúvatar’s army, and it was Willow who used magic to release Eru Ilúvatar’s power from the slayer scythe – which turned all the potential slayers world-wide into slayers. When the slayers descended into the hellmouth, it was Buffy who told them how to open the Seal. She didn’t know how she knew, but she knew. It was only Eru Ilúvatar’s army who could open that Seal...and it could only be done with slayer blood. When they cut themselves and let their blood drip on the Seal – it opened – and when they looked in the hellmouth, they saw the Turok-Han waiting to come out, and the Battle in the Hellmouth began.

Before the battle, Spike was given an amulet by Buffy, who got it from Angel, who, in turn got it from Lilah Morgan. Angel took the amulet to Buffy and gave it to her, and told her it might help her in her battle. Spike wore the amulet around his neck during the battle. When the amulet began to glow during the battle, Spike stopped fighting and watched as the power in the amulet grew stronger – which utterly consumed him before it released itself. When the power in the amulet shot out and hit all the Turok-Han in the hellmouth, they were killed instantly by fire; then the white light shut-up and opened the roof of the school, which let in the sunlight, killing the remaining Turok-Han and Bringers. The power in that amulet was Eru Ilúvatar’s power Maglor...and that was the first battle between Heaven and Hell...with Buffy Anne Summers as Lord Eru’s Captain leading His army of slayers to their doom, with the slayer scythe in her hands,” she answered.

“The only sound on the streets that evening were the footsteps of the slayers walking to the hellmouth – following behind Buffy – and it was eerily quiet. Those girls were coming from everywhere and around every corner. After the battle, the rest of us watched as Sunnydale was completely destroyed,” Giles told Maglor.

“It was never going to stand up to His power,” she replied. “As you’ve just found out Maglor, only Lord Eru’s power can close and destroy a hellmouth forever.”

“I thought Willow was punished by Eru Ilúvatar,” Maglor said.

“She was, big time. However, He wanted her to release his power,” she answered. “Rather you know it or not Maglor, Eru Ilúvatar has always and still loves Willow. He punished her because she needed to be punished. All parents punish their children when they do wrong and we have to suffer the consequences of our actions. That’s how we learn and grow.”

“What did you mean when you said Willow lost control of her emotions?” he asked Giles.

“Magic is very different on our world Maglor and Willow’s magic was tied to her emotions, which is easily corruptible. Her magic was tied to her pain, wants, desires and need to control – that’s why she fell. She was trying to control everything around her with magic and it didn’t work. She was 15 when she found out she was a witch, but my responsibility was to Buffy, who was my slayer. Willow grew up on the hellmouth, which is literally the mouth of hell itself, and it’s worse than Angband and Barad-dûr combined, and it’s the nexus of all evil in existence,” Giles answered.

“Willow was given a gift she could never control and it consumed her. Maybe it had something to do with her learning magic on her own, which is very dangerous for a child, which Willow was. She never heeded your wise counsel over the years Mr. Giles,” Angela said.

“No she didn’t, and I told her the magic she was using would be her undoing,” he replied.

“It was,” she said.

Angela’s eagle came back shrieking and immediately flew on her shoulder. “I think its time for us to leave” she said, and picked up her duffel bag and threw it over her other shoulder.

“WELCOME TO HELL MAGLOR!” Giles said, and stood up and walked next to Whistler.

Maglor got up from his chair when Angela walked over to him and offered him her hands, which he took. His heart felt light and his burdens lifted.

The table and chairs disappeared and there was nothing left to show they had been there. “Whistler,” she said.

Whistler snapped his fingers and they disappeared.

Maglor never looked back at the sea and did something he has not done in ages – smile.


Valinor - Ring of Doom

Olórin knew a great deal about magic and wondered what Willow Rosenberg was thinking, or was she thinking at all; and wondered what type of magic was practiced on that world. Olórin agreed with Angela, in that Willow teaching herself magic was very dangerous for someone so young, and was partially the cause of her fall; the other being not listening to Mr. Giles. Olórin also agreed with Angela that Willow could never properly control the gift she had been given, which, in his opinion, was due to her lack of proper tutoring. He was sadden to hear that his Atar had laid a doom on her at the age of 17. He and the other Ainur never knew about the Seals – nor that other evil existed – which had been around long before they descended into Eä, which was another surprise. After listening to the stories of Illyria and Glorificus, it seemed to him that the powerful female demons are worse than their male counter-parts, which he found interesting. Learning about the slayers, half-Ainur and others on that world was another revelation; and it has been the slayers who’ve kept everyone safe for untold ages. Young mortal girls dying at a very young age, he thought sadly. The half-Ainur also interested him and he knew there was much more to them than they probably knew. He was also surprised to learn about Angela’s doom and it was the Chief Ainur who taught her how to wield a sword and was her guardian for many years. He was not surprised to learn that the half-Ainur’s weapons came from the Timeless Halls; however, he chuckled to himself at Angela’s reactions to receiving her weapons. Olórin knew they were perfect, but, apparently Angela had to test them to see if they were perfect, which he knew was a mortal reaction.

Another surprising revelation was hearing about the Doom of the Ainur...and he too wondered what happened in the Timeless Halls after they departed. He didn’t miss the glance Lord Manwë gave Lord Námo after Angela mentioned the Doom of the Ainur. The Powers were another surprise...and to hear they’ve always guided and helped mortals on Arda was also surprising. After hearing that, he knew his Atar had intervened on their behalf. Olórin knew the Valar and Maia never had any interaction with mortals, except during the War of Wrath. He was also sadden to hear that the Powers lifted the spell he put around the Shire; but, he knew Angela was right when she said the Hobbits couldn’t live behind those walls forever. Another surprise was how far mortals had come on their world and their achievements far exceed the Eldar – and they have even surpassed the Ainur in wisdom. Today was truly a day of surprises and revelations, he thought.


“Why Maglor?” Tulkas asked, after the picture disappeared from Arda.

“Atar has forgiven Maglor because he’s truly sorry for what he did and wants him to work off the debt he owes us and the elves by fighting the evil on that world, and the Watchers’ Council needs Watchers,” Manwë answered.

“Do you know what will happened to Maglor once Atar decides his doom?” Oromë asked.

“No,” Manwë answered. “However, Atar told me Maglor will never return to Arda.”

“Now we know what we felt a few years ago,” Vairë said. “It was Glorificus trying to destroy all of Atar’s creation, and it was Buffy who saved everyone and everything.”

“I’ve never heard of such evil, and to think she was that powerful,”Irmo said.

“We now know they’re other forces and powerful beings out there that are beyond their understanding; and some of that evil they cannot look upon – such as Glorificus in her true form. Mr. Giles called her the Thing That Should Not Be Named,” Ulmo told them.

“Don’t forget about the Old Ones that once ruled their world, and they were only the Maia. The worse of them, Illyria, is prophesied to rise again,” Oromë reminded them.

None of them could image that evil.

“Now we know who are Powers are and why they were created,” Aulë said.

“Yes we do,” Tulkas said.

“The Powers have been helping and guiding the Atani since their awaking,” Estë said.

“They were doing Atar’s Will regarding the Atani and it was Atar who protected the second born from our brother,” Ulmo replied. “We never heard their cries and pleas.”

“We couldn’t help them because of Fëanor’s oath,” Irmo said.

“Atar could and did,” Ulmo replied.

“Why does Atar need warrior ainur in the Timeless Halls?” Nessa asked.

“It has something to do with the troubles mortals had with the Ainur on her world,” Ulmo answered. “It seems our brethren in the Timeless Halls had no love for mortals after they awoke, which is when their Melkor reared his ugly head. Other Ainur were responsible for Atar laying a doom on them and us; and it appears their awaking caused a great deal of turmoil in the Timeless Halls. I suspect it has something to do with their Melkor and his sin; a sin so great, it made our brother look like a choir boy...and it shook the nations.”

“He also went after them,” Tulkas said, wondering what sin could be worse than the ones their brother committed.

“Do you know what the Doom of the Ainur is Lord Námo?” Eönwë asked.

“No I don’t,” he answered, wondering that himself.

“It seems our brother’s discord in the music was greater than we thought,” Irmo said.

“I don’t think this has anything to do with our brother. For whatever reason, Atar went after all the Ainur, the innocent and guilty alike, and we now know it had something to do with mortals on her world. Angela said their doom was devastating to them, was caused by the Ainur,” Ulmo replied.

“She also said they got the last laugh on the Ainur, after Atar laid a doom on the Ainur,” Vána said.

“It seems there was great deal of animosity between them and the Ainur,” Ulmo replied.

“Now I understand why mortals on their world dislike us,” Nienna said.

“Mortals on Arda felt the same way, and they too had no love for the Ainur,” Ulmo told them.

All the Ainur felt great sorrow at Ulmo’s statement.

“How can we change this?” Irmo asked.

“We can’t,” Námo answered. “Angela is right when she said we’ve faded from their memory and mortals on Arda will never know about us.”

“I wonder what happened in the Timeless Halls after we departed?” Vairë asked.

“Whatever happened, it had great consequences for the Ainur and we’re now under a doom,” Námo answered, looking at his wife.


“It appears mortals on their world have achieved great things – far greater than the Eldar,” Aulë said.

“The Eldar have always underestimated mortals, and in time, mortals on Arda will also vault to the stars,” Ulmo replied.

“What do you make of Angela’s nightmares Lord Irmo?” Olórin asked, concerned for the young woman.

“It’s her doom, whatever that may be,” he answered. “Mrs. Evans is right in that she and the Chief Ainur are connected, and that connection relates to her doom; that’s why she’s known him all her life. As we’ve heard, he was also her teacher and has watched over and protected her. She now knows Atar has taken him away and it’s time for her to face her doom, as she said.”

“She’s very important to Atar and her doom is of great significance and I suspect she’ll see the High Prince again,” Ulmo told them.

“Her big brother,” Yavanna said, with a smile.


“We never knew mortals were permitted in the Timeless Halls,” Vána said.

“In Buffy’s case it was necessary,” Námo replied. “Atar diverted her because of the Seal...that’s how she knew how to open it. As we’ve just learned, only the slayers could open it because they were His army and it came from the Timeless Halls.”

“We’ve also just learned that the slayer scythe has Atar’s power in it,” Tulkas said.

“A mighty weapon indeed...and that weapon is a testament to the evil the slayers face,” Ulmo told them.

“Willow Rosenberg was the cause of Atar having to open a Seal and go to war,” Nessa said.

“Yes she was, and she also tried to take a doom off someone Atar had set,” Yavanna replied.

“Atar pronounced her doom shortly thereafter,” Námo stated.


“Atar also told me . . .,” Manwë said Námo and Nienna, after everyone departed the Ring of Doom. “Atar left it up to me to decide if or when I will share this information with the rest of the Valar.”

“When will he arrive?” Námo asked.

“Atar will let me know,” Manwë answered.


“We were just discussing the Doom of the Ainur,” Ilmarë said, when Olórin appeared before the many Maia.

“We don’t know what it is,” he replied.

“We know,” Salmar said. “We were wondering what the Ainur in the Timeless Halls did to cause Atar to lay a doom on all of us?”

“Whatever it was, Angela said the Ainur got what they deserved...and the Ainur were responsible for their doom, which they’ll never forget,” Olórin answered.

“We never knew mortals hated us,” another Maia said, with an unreadable face.

“I’ve spent many ages with mortals on Arda and Angela is right when she said we have to prove our love for them and not just say it. We’ve proven our love for the Eldar, but, as far as mortals on Arda were concerned, we’ve never done so with them. Very few Ainur have had any interaction with mortals, and if you had, you would know they’re not going to simply love us because we’re Ainur; and they’re very different than the Eldar. The only Ainur mortals have had any interaction with were the Ainur during the war in the First Age; which was long ago and no one on Arda remembers it. As we’ve heard, mortals on Angela’s world give no deference to the Ainur, and I suspect mortals on Arda would do the same. They, unlike mortals on Arda, have had many dealings with the Ainur and still do, especially the half-Ainur on her world,” Olórin told them.

“That’s why she talked to the Chief Ainur the way she did,” Melian said.

“She was upset he ruined her evening and told him so in no uncertain terms. However, she loves him very much and has a great deal of respect for him,” Olórin replied.

“We didn’t know there were half-Ainur and half-mortals,” one of Aulë’s Maia said.

“Today was a day of revelations for all of us and I must be going,” Olórin replied, and disappeared.


Home of Mahtan

Nerdanel, daughter of Mahtan, moved back into her father’s home after her husband and sons departed Valinor. She knew Fëanor and six of her seven sons were in the Halls of Mandos and would be there for long ages. She wept for her sons, but not her husband, and knew Maglor would never return to Valinor.

Nerdanel’s maid entered her studio and told her Lord Olórin wanted to see her. “Send him in,” she said, and her maid departed the studio and returned with Lord Olórin. “Lord Olórin, it’s nice to see you,” Nerdanel said, and bowed.

“Hello Nerdanel,” he replied, with his own smile. “I’ve been sent by Lord Manwë with news about Maglor.”

Nerdanel caught her breathe. “Is he in the Halls of Mandos?” she asked, with a sinking feeling in her stomach.

“No he isn’t,” Olórin answered, and told her what transpired earlier that day and the other reason he was sent.

After Olórin departed Mahtan’s home, Nerdanel ran from her studio and went to her bedroom and wept for hours. During dinner that evening, she told her father what Lord Olórin told her earlier, and Mahtan asked many questions – some she could not answer. After dinner, Nerdanel went to her studio and began to write many letters to Maglor; she had much to say and many questions to ask.

The End

You have reached the end of "The New Watcher". This story is complete.

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