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Strange Magic

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Strange Magic". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander is about to embark on a, very Strange trip to Hogwarts. Expect fun, games, and power unlike you've ever seen.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredFatherAndSonGrimmFR18611,73549940,97627 May 099 Jul 09Yes

Chapter 2

Authors Note: Taking place after season 7 of an alternate Buffyverse and during Harry’s 5th year, strange things are afoot. We do not own any of the characters from Marvel, Harry Potter or BTVS that are featured here. Also thanks to kisen for betaing the chapter.

Chapter 2

Years ago

Xander yawned. What a day. Halloween was nuts, with him turning into a soldier, and Giles’s friend Ethan casting that spell, hell even Spike and Drusilla running around . Taking off the amulet around his neck he always wore; he took a good look at it.

He Jesse and Willow were playing around at the playground the day he found it, he had dug it up, as if possessed. Digging it up he remembered had just been a whim. He shrugged maybe it was magic.

Continuing on his trip to the past he remember that was about the time he met his imaginary friend, Stephen. He snickered. Stephen Strange was the most powerful Sorcerer ever. He could do anything and he helped Xander deal with his parents and bullies.

The amulet always made him feel safe as he turned off his light.

Xander’s dreams that night were a mismatch of everything. The Soldier, the hyena…magic blaring all over, tossing and turning against images of great spells and battles, of wizards fighting for and against great darkness. And of a demonic creature of massive power, and a head of flame.

In the morning Xander yawned. Heading to the bathroom drowsily, he grunted as he got out the shaving cream and razor. He didn’t exactly need to shave yet but he felt the more he did it the faster he’d get some facial hair. Starting to shave, the man in the mirror behind him, pointed to his cheek.

“Missed a spot.”

“Oh yeah thanks…….yearggghhhh.” He jumped and turned around aiming the safety razor at whoever it was behind him.

“Okay who’s there…?” But nobody was there of course. Xander sighed, too much magic and stuff in his life, maybe it was finally getting to him. Once again facing the mirror, he continued his challenge of shaving.

“Yes I am only in your head, and no you’re not imagining me.” Xander jumped back. The man in the mirror was still there, quickly turning behind him, back to the mirror, and then behind him again he shook his head.

“Ok whom or what are you. Come on wasn’t last night enough. Is that you Giles, trying to get me back for something….”

The man in the mirror smirked. At around forty with graying temples, he rubbed his small mustache and beard. Wearing a red cloak adorned with the same amulet Xander himself found he nodded.

“I’m not a joke Xander. As to who I am, it’s me. Dr. Strange. Dr. Stephan Strange. And as to who we are? We are the holders of the amulet of Agamotto. The Sorcerer Supreme.”

“Eh…er…uh…” Xander stopped a bit trying to get his tired and confused thoughts in order, trying to get at least something comprehensible out.



Dolores Umbridge was ”teaching” her class, in other words, silent reading time of their book. At her desk, she sipped a tea as he looked at the muggle writing device. She had found at least 70 of them running around and they just kept coming. She confiscated every single one she found.

The knock on the door brought her out of her thoughts as she put on her usual wonderfully scary smile. “Come in dear.”

The Harris boy walked in and her smile drooped a little.

“Hey Ms. D. You wanted to speak to me.”

She cleared her thoughts a bit. “Ah-hem, yes, but you could have waited till class was over. No matter. And it’s Dolores, or Professor Umbridge Alexander…”

“Xander…” He corrected much to her disgust.

She pulled out the pen she was chewing.

“I would like to talk to you about these muggle writing instruments.”

“Ah the pens, cool huh, how do you like them.”

“Their actually pretty…” She shakes her head he was getting her off topic.

“This is Hogwarts. We and the Ministry pride ourselves on tradition. A tradition of excellence, a tradition of looking back, a tradition…”

The students were mumbling between themselves, but she couldn’t stop them, some were quietly laughing, she’d deal with them later.

“A tradition of using the writing instruments of our fore bearers. Now, I would like you to stop handing out these…pens.”

“Oh no problem Professor Umbitch, err Umbridge. Thanks for the pep talk.” He smiles as she started to try and stop him. “Er, hey what …”

He left the room and she went back to her smile, ready to tell off her class for interrupting her. That’s when she looked in the mirror and found the pen she stuffed in her pocket…was leaking black ink all over her pink cardigan.


One Week before School Began

Xander got off the bus and whistled as he walked down the street. Ah London, the land of tweed and a million male and female Giles…Well now that he thought about it a female Giles in a dress was quite disturbing. Better yet…don’t even think about it. He took a deep breath and instantly starting hacking. Well hey, at least he was a week early and was actually going to be in school on time for once in his life.

Shaking his head he looked up. Hidden to the normal eye in the middle of two buildings was a more decrepit looking bar, The Leaky Cauldron. Wading through the wet street to the building he entered the bar. Wizards of all ages, shapes, and genders were carousing in there, all looking like Dumbledore with their robes and hats and things. To Xander this was just plain…odd.

Now shaking his head he moved to the back of the building and looked at the brick wall as he exited the back door. Now what was it…

He would ask Stephen, but he was away, something about some civil war with the heroes of his realm or something. He went to enter the ally by pressing up two bricks, down two, to the right two, on the bricks and nothing happened. He took five minutes trying out different combinations before sighing.

“Screw this.” Mumbling to him self he takes a step forward and walks through the guarded magical door, and into the chaos of the very busy magical alley. Moving between the people, who were giving his unique look, odd glances he makes his way to the wand shop he was told about.

“Opening up the door he finds an elderly gentleman picking up wands that have been scattered all through the store.

“Boy, what happened in here, was there a hurricane and no one told me.?”

The gentleman looked up and smiled. “Ah an American wizard, we don’t see much of your kind. Oh no, no, my dear boy new students are getting there very first wands at this time every year and it usually turns out this way after a while. I’m just cleaning up, now, I suppose you need a wand?”

“Yeah any wand will…”

“Oh no, no, no, not just any wand my boy. The wand chooses its wizard…”

“Well umm in my case, I can use any wand. Or…oh… How about a stick, you got a stick I could use that looks like a wand?”

“A stick? Oh ho, ho like this?” Ollivander chuckles picking out a blank, a wand without a magical core.

“Yeah exactly…” he takes it away from Ollivander. “ How much?”

Ollivander seems to be taken back a bit from Xander’s view point.

“I was… kidding, you can’t be serious. But here is one, an Ash and…”

Before the Wand-maker could finish, Xander flicks the wand and the wands flying around the room to fall into their proper boxes, much to Ollivander’s surprise.

“Yep that’ll work.” But the elderly wizard stands there in shock with his mouth open. Xander waves his hand in front of the man’s face, and decides to drop a few of the strange golden coins the Dumble dude lent him and left the store.

“What a weird guy…like he never seen magic before…” He smirks to himself.

He explored the streets a bit, mainly out of interest but he slowly got lost and turned around. Hanging a left down some darkened corner of the ally called Knockturn Alley or something. He headed down the alley a bit and then finds that he’s surrounded by three dark cloaked individuals.

“Well now, wot do we got ‘ere guvnor, a new friend.” One of the pasty faced guys smiled.

“We got a right ol proposition for you, come on, there's a friend of our’s we’d like you to meet.”

Xander looks at them and smiles his normal jovial smile. Seeing their darkened marks on their arms.

“Hey guys, nice tattoos. How’d you get them all matching? Must be a good tattoo parlor around here. They look at each other, a bit confused and then, the ugly one, well one of the ugly ones grimaces. “Damn it, now you done seen the dark mark on us. You’ve got to come with us now or else…”

All three pull out there wands as two of them get right next to Xander and tries to grab him.

“You don’t want to try it guys I’m giving you a warrrrning…” He keeps his grin although it’s a bit…unnerving.

“Warning us, ha, this American bloke must be off his rocker.” The third laughs.

Xander shrugged and before they know what hit him, Xander pulls the two guys Wands from their hands and breaks them over his knee.

“Two down…”

The two guys, disarmed back off as the third guy grins.

“Bad move mate. AVADA KEDAVRA”

The two others back away as the sickly green jet of magic slams into Xander… and does exactly nothing.

“Oh wow…that tickled.” Xander’s grin and marched toward the wand user who was stunned, unable to believe that another person not only survived the spell, but was completely uninjured by it. This didn’t last too long, because the punch to the face knocked him out moments later.

The other two wizards were suitably stunned as well, but felt that beginning somewhere else was a better line of thought at the moment so dissipated.

Xander grins to himself whistling back out of the alley.


Umbridge smiled. She had quite a lot of students today in detention. Handing out her special quills she set them all down to teach them a good lesson about manners. Smiling politely to herself she goes to her chair to have a cup of tea.

Asking them politely to start, she takes a sip before her hand starts itching. The itching soon starts to sting as she drops the cup. The students look up, stopping their writing.

“Oh goodness, it must have slipped…but did I say you could stop writing, keep it up.”

As they start writing again her hand starts stinging. Bringing it to her face she lets out a squeak of pain and shock as the words, ‘I will not be a Bitch’, are scrawled into her flesh, and rather deeply too.

“Uh, ok…ok students that’s…that’s enough for today.”

They all looked at her rather strangely before getting their things and leaving the classroom.

Nervously, she head to the quills and looked them over. The spell didn’t seem to be tampered with, even though it was somehow redirected. That was impossible though, she had these quills spelled by a very high level wizard in the ministry. No student could change it and no teacher knew about it, unless Dumbledore had a hand in it. Yes that was the only option.

As she left the room she passed through an invisible being. The astral form of Xander Harris gave a sinister grin as he dissolved out of the room, revenge was sweet and nobody, nobody messed with his kids.
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