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Strange Magic

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Strange Magic". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander is about to embark on a, very Strange trip to Hogwarts. Expect fun, games, and power unlike you've ever seen.

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Chapter 6

Authors Note: Taking place after season 7 of an alternate Buffyverse and during Harry’s 5th year, strange things are afoot. We do not own any of the characters from Marvel, Harry Potter, DC, or BTVS that are featured here.

Chapter 6

Severus Snape hurried down the long dark hallway to his chambers. If that Potter was right, Sirius, the fool, had gotten him self captured by the Dark Lord, he thought to himself.

This wasn’t good, and if Potter was wrong, Snape continued mentally, this meant the Dark Lord finally figured out his connection to Potter and was using it to suit his own ends…

At this moment he bumped into Harris. He really hadn’t had much contact with the Professor other then at meal times or other gatherings. Even then they never had a chance to talk. But he knew from experience this young wizard seemed to be fair even to his Slytherins, though he seemed to…well young. In Snape’s opinion he really wasn’t teacher material, but Dumbledore did mention one thing…that Xander was a special member of the Order.

“Ack…oh…hey tall dark and continually broody. Sorry, just was heading back to my chambers, ya know.” Before Xander could completely leave a thought crossed Snape’s mind.

“Professor Harris, if you will, I have some…pressing matters I need to speak with you.”

“Umm okay, lead the way Sev…”

Snape grumbled to him self, Harris had an odd habit of nicknaming plenty of the staff and students of Hogwarts, too that end he had plenty of odd habits.

They quickly reached Snape’s chambers when he shuts the door tightly.

“According to Potter, the Dark Lord has captured Black. He’s currently holding him at the ministry, trying to find a particular prophesy.”

He grabs a mirror off an old dusty dresser and spoke to it. “Sirus Black.” The mirror swirled and an image inside Sirius’s home emerged. Lupin and Sirus looked up from a dinner table with other random members of the order.

“Ah I see you are well. It seems the Dark Lord is making his move. According to Potter…” A slight sneer on Snape’s mouth appears.

“You Sirius have been captured. I suggest you summon Albus to the ministry. I shall make sure Potter doesn’t get…hurt by our current headmaster.”

Snape turns off the mirror before setting it down and turns to Xander.

“Follow me, if need be, you can more easily put a stop to Umbridge, she already seems to harbor a mutual, distaste of you more then I.”

Xander gave a snaky smirk as he followed Snape to Umbridge’s office.

“Really? I don’t think I noticed.”

They arrived to find members of Umbridge’s Jr. Inquisitor squad rolling around the floor, multiple jinxes and curses must have been cast on them.

“Oh bloody ‘ell. Potter and his…friends must have escaped. We have to warn the Order, Haris, follow me back…” He turned around to find Xander gone. He hadn’t heard the young Professor leave the room let alone close the door. It was as if he apparated but that’s impossible in Hogwarts.


The streets below London where the ministry was settled were empty. Harris slowly walked looking around the corners when there was a sharp crack of bones breaking. Turning the corner he saw a blond muscle bound man in dark greenish armor dropping a body of some defenseless wizard. He looks up spying Xander.

“Ah another useless worm.?”

The man stands up stepping on bodies of the fallen wizards walking to him. As far as Xander could tell they were all just average Wizards…no Order in the pile, but that didn’t cool off Xander any.

“But let’s make this exciting. I come with you with an irresistible offer. My name is Neron. Lets make a…”

He didn’t finish his sentence before he was blasted through a building, debris flying everywhere. Xander’s face set in stone as the figure climbs out of the hole he left, dropping down.

“That wasn’t nice…” he growls as he hit the floor leaving cracks around his landing.

“Wasn’t supposed to be. You just killed at least fourteen defensless people. I’m not about to stand…”

“Well then don’t…” Neron picked up a statue that must have weighed at least a few tons and flung it at Xander who barely brought up a force-field and even then was slid back a few paces, sending him down onto one knee.

“Hmm your not a normal Wizard are you, no matter. I’ve killed Mongul with my bare hands and could go toe to toe with Superman, you’re not much of a threat.”

As Neron started walking towards Xander, not thinking him much of a threat Stephen’s voice popped into his head.

“You might have a problem…”


“Seriously Xander, we have had dealings with the universe in which this…demon has come from. If he’s as strong as he says he is you could be in trouble.”

“Really, why that’s great I thought everything was peaches and cream…” Xander brings up another shield as Neron starts pounding away at it, cracks of energy appearing where his fists hit.

“Who are you talking too, are you insane little wizard? What happened to those wonderful puny little wands your kind seems so insist upon using?”

One more punch breaks the shield sending Xander flying backwards just as Stephen gives Xander a last minute idea…

Laughing as he walks closer to Xander who slowly picks himself up Xander gives a slight smirk wiping off a small trickle of blood from his lip.

“You made two mistakes buddy, one, killing these guys.”

Neron shrugs as he walks forward, in front of Xander he moves his arm back to strike.

“And two kid?”

“And two…I’m no wizard. I’m the god damn Sorcerer Supreme.”

Neron slams his fist forward only for Xander to catch it, Neron’s eyes widening.

“Now then, this is the power of a guy named Bruce Banner.” Xander smirks hitting Neron in his face, slamming him back, breaking Neron’s nose.

“THAT!!!” Neron grunted, getting up.

“Was not funny…” Getting up slowly he rammed himself into Xander. The two start exchanging blows.

The power of powerful blows shake the entire ministry, which is felt not only by those above, but by those fighting in the Department of Mysteries.

“Guess…what…” Xander groans taking a punch.

Shaking off another punch to the face Neron just groans trying to get another punch in.

“I cheat.” Kicking Neron in the crotch, Xander starts unleashing blasts of cosmic magic against the demon.

Staggering back with each pulse, beaten and bloodied Neron falls to all fours, coughing up blood. He attempts to make it to his feet, but again stumbles back. On one knee Neron throws up a magic force-field just to have it crack under the expertise of the Sorcerer’s final attack. The shield crumbles with a blast of pyrotechnic light throwing Neron to the floor .

“Ugh… impossible, he said there was…no one here who could stop us…the bastard…” Before Xander could finish the job, the man disappeared, burnt up supposedly into a burst of green flame.

Finishing the spell he bans Neron from ever again entering this dimension.

Xander smiles, staggering a bit. Sitting down he gives a tired grin.

“Hey Doc? I’m going to sleep now…” And promptly falls unconscious.


Xander yawns, stretching as he looks at his current surroundings. Many weird tools, contraptions, and portraits frame the room as Dumbledore came into his focus.

“Ah you’ve finally woke up.” He smiles, eyes glittering a bit.

“Ugh, well I just went three rounds with a bodybuilder who thinks green armor makes him look cool…”

Dumbledore nods.

“I figured there was something else that…held you up. As soon as I saw you when I arrived I sent you home to Hogwarts with a port key.”

“Ugh…that explains where I am…” He rubs the back of his head. “So what happened?”

Dumbledore shakes his head and sits down.

“I failed. Harry fell right into Voldemort’s trap. It was my fault for not watching closer, and as a result, Sirius was hit by the killing curse.”

“Oh…it went that well eh?” Xander asks as Dumbledore nods.

“There’s more to the story, but right now I want to ask you, what happened with your own battle.”

“It seems…someone else is helping your Dark Lord, the guy who hammered me before I got the upper hand talked about working with someone. Not to mention the N’garri, other dimensional beings are being put into the mix.”

“I assumed so, Voldemort’s gathering allies from many other places…” Dumbledore looks down and shakes his head.

“It just means one thing. I guess I’ll have to come back next year…” He smirks.

The door burst off its hinges and into the far wall as three young girls entered the room with weapons held for battle. Another three girl’s teleported through Hogwarts shields as if they never existed. One other woman appeared quietly the same way.

“XANDER,” The honey blond yelled as she saw his bruises and other wounds.

Rushing to his side, she quickly assessed his cuts and bruises finding them non-life threatening.

“Hey Tara long time no see,” he said reaching up for hug.

“Kennedy, good to see ya, what’s up?”

“Alexander, you forgot about the safety spells didn’t you?”

“Oh boy…caught me…again. Sorry. By the way this is Professor Albus Dumbledore.”

Continuing with the introductions and slight conversation, Tara smiles shyly explaining that Xander needs to recuperate at home. Kennedy calls for the other slayers and Tara waves goodbye as they teleport away.

A confused Professor just stands there for a second thinking about the future…


“RAHHHHH!!!” Lord Voldemort blasts the table apart, spreading the few followers around him out. They quickly flee the room, fearing his wrath. The lights dim as he seethes.

Moving to a mirror he growled.

“He failed, your powerful ally failed, how could that have happened!!!”

His reflection moves, shrugging.

“There’s something completely…different here. Something we both haven’t counted on. I sense a power similar to a…foe of mine.”

Voldemort growls pacing.

“Then I require more help if you want my follower’s souls…”

“Don’t worry; when Mephisto makes a promise, it happens.” The reflection takes on a red fiery cast before fading out.

The End?`

The End

You have reached the end of "Strange Magic". This story is complete.

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