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When You Least Expect It

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Summary: While in Washington DC Faith meets a woman in a bar and her life are changed in way she never thought possible. Cross over with Bones. Warning: Fem slash in this story in case this is not your kind of story.

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Chapter One

A/n: Sorry for the long wait. Here is another chapter. Hope you enjoy it and please make me happy and review. Thanks to everyone that reviewed the Prologue.

Chapter One

The next morning Faith awoke to the sound of her cell phone blaring into her ear. Normally she would have rolled over and ignored the sound but this morning she knew that it was probably Willow calling. She still needed the information on the two slayers she was supposed to approach and she still needed to head over to the Washington DC Council to get these two girls assigned counselors. She was hoping that Dawn was available because she had quickly become the best Watcher that the Council offered besides Andrew. Dawn had not been a shock to Faith, because she had always known the younger Summers girl was smart. However, she had been surprised when Andrew had become a watcher because had not realized the guy could mature enough to be one.

“Yeah,” Faith mumbled into the phone after she had fumbled blindly for it in the dark.

“Faith its Willow,” Willow told her.

“Yeah Red,” Faith told her, “I figured it would be you with the info.”

Willow could tell that she was still to sleepy for having even small talk so after so she quickly told Faith the information that she would need before getting off the phone. Faith dropped the phone back onto her bed after Willow hung up and reached over to turn the light on in the hotel room. She grabbed a pen and paper and wrote down all the information that Willow had told her before she forgot it. Beside the pad of paper Faith noticed that the number that Angela had given her was still laying on the night stand. Faith wondered when would be a good time to call. Faith decided against calling for now and opted to take a shower instead. After a quick shower she quickly dressed and got ready to face the day. She left the hotel in a hurry and after grabbing a quick breakfast at the local diner she was off to the Washing DC Watcher’s Council Head Quarters. She pulled her rent a car up to the security gate and flashed her ID.

“Have a good day Ms. Lehane,” The guard told her with a smile as he opened the gate for her.

After the gate it was only a two minute drive up a street before she came to the parking garage. Since she was one of the two head Slayers she had her own parking spot at every single Head Quarters that the Watcher’s Council. Whether it is in England or in New York she had her own spot to park that was close to the elevator that would take her up to the offices. Though the best head quarters in America was in Washington DC because along with the offices they also had a school to train American Slayers. This school was run by Buffy Summers herself. Faith took the elevator up and ran into the one person she was looking for. Dawn Summers turned the corner just as the elevator doors opened up for Faith.

“Dawnie,” Faith called out seeing as Dawn had her head buried in a book.

Dawn looked up from her book and grinned when she saw Faith walking over to her. Faith brought the young girl into a quick hug.

“How have you been Faith?” Dawn asked.

“I been okay,” Faith replied, “Just been traveling for Red to find those slayers.”

Dawn nodded assuming that was why she was there.

“I came here to tell you about two new slayers here in town,” Faith told her, but knew what Dawn was thinking, “And I had to take the assignment from Willow so I could come visit you.”

Faith knew that even though Dawn had grown up to be an amazing Watcher she still loved to see her family. Dawn considered Faith to be part of her family. Faith knew it was hard on her when Faith was constantly traveling around the world, Willow and Giles were in London, and Xander had gone to Australia.

“Well I’m free for a little while,” Dawn told her, “You want me to help you round up some new slayers.”

“I was hoping you’d be free,” Faith told her with a grin, “Let’s hit the road.”

Faith and Dawn spent the rest of the afternoon tracking down two slayers that Willow had found in the area. They found the first one, Michelle Parker, playing tennis in a park by her house. She took the news pretty well and since she was nineteen they had not had to get parental permission when they enrolled her in the local school. She was actually really excited because she had just lost her job and had been struggling to get another one. The second slayer, Tina Jenson, was a bit more difficult. She was only seventeen and even though she accepted her destiny her parents were a little mistrusting since they came from a poor neighborhood in DC. It been Faith who had been able to convince her parents to let her go to the school. Faith understood where they were coming from because she too had grown up in the slums of Boston. Running around all afternoon worked up a pretty big appetite for Faith since she had only had a small breakfast that was unfit for a slayer.

“You sure you can’t go to lunch?” Faith asked as her stomach grumbled.

“Wish I could,” Dawn said sadly, “But I really gotta get back to the office so I can register these two for the school.”

Faith nodded understanding that registering these two new slayers for the school so they could start as soon as possible was a higher priority than lunch with an old friend.

“But don’t you dare leave town without us meeting up for lunch or something again,” Dawn threatened her with a grin.

“I promise I won’t be leaving for a while,” Faith told her, “I decided I want to take a little vacation before I head back on the road.”

Dawn happily agreed before she headed back to the office. What Faith had failed to mention was the reason she was suddenly taking a vacation had nothing to do with needing time off, but wanting to get to know a certain woman she had met at the bar. After a quick call to Willow asking for the time off she wandered into a local diner. She immediately placed her order of a cheeseburger and cheese fries with a chocolate milk shake. Faith was starving and she didn’t care that she looked like a pig ordering so much food. Her milk shake was brought to her almost immediately and while she sipped at the frosty beverage she noticed Angela walk in the door with three others. She immediately recognized them as the people she had been with the night before. She chatted happily with a woman while two guys followed behind. The woman was almost as tall as Angel but with paler skin. She was thin and she wore business attire. The man behind her kind of reminded Faith of Angel except that he was out in the day walking around. The other difference was he was wearing a black suit. The last man that had walked in with Angel looked younger and was wearing a blue suit. He was just as tall as the angel look alike and had a similar hair color although it was just brushed back as opposed to the other man’s hair which looked gelled. Faith wondered if Angela would notice her sitting there. Just as the waitress placed the food in front of her she noticed Angela look in her direction with a smile gracing her lips.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "When You Least Expect It" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Jun 09.

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