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When You Least Expect It

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Summary: While in Washington DC Faith meets a woman in a bar and her life are changed in way she never thought possible. Cross over with Bones. Warning: Fem slash in this story in case this is not your kind of story.

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Disclaimer: I did not create nor do I own the characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Bones. I only borrow the characters for my amusement. I only own the story line and the characters that I create.

A/N: This is my first Buffy crossover with Bones so please be gentle when you review. This is also my first time writing for Bones. Please review and make me happy.


It had been a long plane ride to Washington DC from Rome and after Faith had checked into a hotel she had immediately found a bar to get a couple drinks in her. She had been sent to DC to locate a couple slayers that Willow said were here somewhere, but she figured her long plane ride had given her the right to have one night of relaxing. It would not have harmed anything anyway since she had yet to hear from the red Wiccan on the exact locations of the slayers. Faith hopped onto a bar stool and told the bartender to pour her a shot of the strongest liquor they had and to keep it coming. The down side of being a slayer was that she had to consume a pretty high amount of alcohol to even feel buzzed. Though now that she was on the pay roll for the watcher’s council she could pretty much get wasted every once in awhile and let the Council pay for it. Faith downed the shot as soon as it was placed in front of her. Faith noticed his name tag said Jim.

“You might just wanna line up a couple shots for me J-man,” Faith said as she winked at the cute bartender.

“Do you give nick names to all the bartenders you meet?” Jim asked with a grin.

“Nah, just the ones I like,” Faith grinned.

He laughed as well before pouring her four more shots and placing them in front of her. Faith downed all four shots consecutively before she took a look around the bar while she waited for the bartender to take care of other customers. A group of people walked in the door just as she looked over but all she could see was this brunette. She didn’t know what was about the woman, but there was something that immediately drew her attention.

“I wouldn’t waste your time,” Faith heard Jim the bartender say behind her.

Faith turned around and noticed he had poured her four more shots without being asked. She looked at him innocently pretending to not know what he meant.

“She comes in here with her friends almost every night,” he told her, “She has every man and woman in the bar after her, but she never takes anyone home.”

“There’s a first time for everything,” Faith told him with a grin before she turned around to watch the woman again.

She heard Jim laugh a little before he had moved on to help other customers. She downed a shot as she watched the woman with her group of friends sit around a table. She figured they were talking about what they wanted to drink because the next thing she knew the woman was standing back up and heading over to the bar. Faith turned around fast and pretended to be interested in her drink again. She wondered what had happened to her. The old Faith would have gone up to her as soon as she walked in the door and would have gotten her to leave with her right away. But somewhere along the years she had changed and she wasn’t that “see, take, and have” girl she used to be. Faith downed another shot just as the woman came up next to her to order her drinks. She downed the next two shots one after another and she noticed out of the corner of her eye the woman staring at her amused.

“If you liked that you should see me when someone challenges me to a drinking contest,” Faith told her with a grin.

“From what I see I bet you drink them all under a table,” the woman told her.

“You would be correct.”

“Angela Montenegro.”

“Faith Lehane.”

Faith was stunned that she actually revealed her last name to someone when it was the first time they had met. Faith had known Buffy since Buffy’s senior year in high school and it was not until she was on the Council’s pay roll did they learn her last name. Jim came back over and took Angela’s order. While Angela was asking for her drinks Faith looked into the mirror across from her so she could size up who exactly this woman had come in with. Angela had come in with three guys and two girls. She was hoping that it wasn’t a couple’s night out because that would mean that Angela was unavailable. That could be why she had never taken anyone home like Jim had warned her. But as she observed the group behind her she only noticed two people acting anywhere like couples.

“Where are you from?” Angela asked Faith after the bartender went away.

Faith looked at her wondering how she had known right away that she was not a local girl.

“I’m from all over,” Faith replied with a grin deciding to play mysterious.

“I can understand that,” Angela told her just as Jim came back with the drinks that Angela had asked for, “I’ll see you around.”

With that Angela left Faith to stare after her as she went back to join her friends. Faith still could not put her finger on it, but after meeting her there was just something about her that caused Faith to want to go after her. Faith wanted that girl so bad. She had never wanted someone as much as she wanted Angela Montenegro.

“Impressive,” Jim said from behind her.

Faith turned around confused at what he meant. Jim just pointed at the bar. Following the direction he had been pointing she discovered a small piece of paper with a number written on it. She knew that had not been there before. She had not even realized that Angela had written anything at all. She had been paying so much attention to what Angela had been saying instead of what she had been doing.

“No one’s ever gotten her number here,” Jim told her, “You are one lucky woman.”

Faith decided she was going to play it off like it was no big deal. A part of her, however, was telling her that it was a big deal. Faith had never had high expectations when she was picking up people in a bar. Maybe that was why it had always been so easy. But this time she had wanted Angela even though she knew it was going to be hard work and that she probably would not end up in bed right away with the woman.

“I told you J-man,” Faith said with a grin as she pocketed the number, “There’s a first time for everything.”

It was right then and there that Faith knew that her vacation in DC was about to be extended.
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