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Full of Grace

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Summary: A prophecy that pertains to a certain souled vamipire send Middle Earth into a bit of confusion

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-CenteredFallonFR1821,179062,6113 Oct 033 Oct 03No

The winter here's cold and bitter

Chapter 2 : The winter here's cold and bitter .

"Buffy !" a girls loud scream erupted through the summers household , waking everyone up , even the bleached blonde on the couch , who appeared dead

"What is it ?" Buffy came running down the stairs , her eyes wide , trying to adjust to the light , ready to fight what ever it was that made valerie scream like that .

The frightened girl was sitting in the kitchen , her eyes wide with terror ,and she appeared to be breathing heavily . Xander was getting her a glass of water . Slowly everyone who was in the house started to walk in , Willow , Kennedy , Anya , Giles , Dawn , and last but not least , Spike .

" I saw something , a - a demon of somekind , but it wasnt like any demon i've ever seen. It was dressed in all black."

" Well describe it !" Said Buffy impatiently .

"I cant , all i can say that it was wearing a black robe , and when i laid my eyes on it , it felt like -- like i would never be happy again ." Valerie Shivered in rememberance .

"Maybe you were hallucinating ?" asked Willow

" No , i felt it too , i was here with valerie , i had my back turned to the window though so i couldnt see it , but i could feel it ." Answered Xander

" It sound's like death has came to visit ." drawled Spike from the corner . Everyone glared at him ." What , havent you ever heard of death ?".He yet again recieved glares from everyone " Come on , all the sayings that death is someone in black robes , well its true . I thought you people would know that afterall the crap you've seen over the years "

" How would you know this spike , and not us? " asked Willow

"Well i've seen him ,of course"

"Like when? "

"Hello , Vampire ! I saw him when dru was draining me . You can only see him when your about to die , or when you see someone die ."

" Who have you seen die valerie ? "asked Buffy

" My grandma , i was in the room with her ."

" Well why would he be visiting now , wouldnt that mean that someone is going to die ?" Asked dawn , her eyes widening in fear

" In a nutshell." said Buffy .

"What are we going to do ? " Asked Amanda

" I dont know , fight it i guess " answered Buffy

" You stupid gits , you cant fight off death , death is inevidable , no matter who or what you are !" Yelled Spike

" So what do you suggest we do ?" asked Kennedy

" Wait "

" What !!" everyone's eyes widend ,
"Are you serious ?" asked Buffy

"Yes , you cant stop death Buffy , if a persons meant to die , then death visits ." answered Spike in a very serious tone .

" I never saw death when i died both times " Said Buffy

"And you were brought back both times werent you ? You have a calling Buffy , even death can't ignore that "

" I never saw death when Tara died ." stated Willow with tears in her eyes .

"Well i guess Tara was never meant to die then . You see , death only comes when your suppose to die ."

" Well then i guess its settled , we wait . " Buffy said in her end of conversation tone .
At that they all headed off to bed , trying not to think that this might be their last few moments of life .But no one went to sleep that night , each and ever eye was open , thinking about what was to come .

I know suckie chapter , but i had to kill time because soon i have to intergrate to storyline of lotr into buffy ...... And by the way This whole * death * deal is because i had to have the scoobies mistaken a black rider for something , and death came to mind .
Should i have one of the scoobies die ???? vote on it ..... Yes or NO

The End?

You have reached the end of "Full of Grace" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Oct 03.

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