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Full of Grace

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Summary: A prophecy that pertains to a certain souled vamipire send Middle Earth into a bit of confusion

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Full of Grace

Full of Grace


Note : I don’t own anything !!

Listen as the wind blows

From across the great divide

Voices trapped in yearning

Embers trapped in time

The night is his companion

And solitude his guide

A blonde maiden his desire

With the ancient one’s strength

His power hidden until his choice is proven

His power is good , and his will is great

His strength shines through his soul

And power shines just before the Dark Lord second reign

Through this world he’ll stumble

So many time’s betrayed

Trying to find an honest word to fight

The truth enslaved

He’ll speak to you in riddles

And he’ll speak to you in rhyme

From the Valley of the Sun he will shine.

Gandalf read the prophecy once more , drinking every word in , memorizing it . Taking one last inhale of his pipe , he walked away into Elrond’s chamber . There he found the ancient elf sitting in his chair , deep in thought .

“ I hope I am not interrupting anything? “ asked Gandalf .

“ No , your not , what is it ?” asked Elrond

“ Something very pressing , my Lord .”

“ Well go on ? “

“ Yes , well I have come across a prophecy , I am afraid is even more ancient than you .”


“Yes my Lord , it speaks of a savior , well read it first “ said Gandalf , handing over the brittle piece of parchment to the elf lord . Elrond read it over , one , twice , trying to figure out what it meant . But still he didn’t understand what the prophecy was pertaining to . But one thing frightened him to the core .

“ I don’t understand , this makes no sense , how can Sauron have a second reign ? He is gone , the ring is gone . “ Elrond looked at Gandalf , expecting an answer .

“ Yes , his body is gone , but his spirit isn’t , it still resides in Morodor ,where his will to find the ring growing stronger with each passing second “

“And this talk of a savior? Where did you find this Gandalf ?”

“ I found it in the ancient book of Lluvatar , it dates back to the first age .”

“ Well do you know if the ring is in safe hands?” asked Elrond

“ No my lord I do not .”

“ This is not good , not good at all gandalf . A second reign of terror , middle earth is still recovering from the first . And that was thousands of years ago !” Elrond was now getting upset .The thought of another war troubled him , the land that he loved and the people that he loved could be in jeopardy again.

“ Well it seems as if there is nothing we can do my lord , we don’t know where the ring of power is , if its in safe hands none the less , and plus I have heard no word of an army growing in the east .First we must be certain of that , and go from there .”

“Your right Gandalf , I shouldn’t have gotten upset . “

“ It’s a very unsettling thing to see a elf get upset , but when It comes to you , master elf , its quite amusing .” Said Gandalf with a twinkle in his eye.

“ Ah Gandalf , things never do get you down , do they ? “

“ You have to look on the brighter side of things in order to see the possibility’s to changing the bad things , my friend .”


This takes place about 3 years before Frodo leaves for his journey …….. I should update soon
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