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In My Place, Point Place

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Summary: There was a deviation in the slayer line years before Buffy and Faith. Another slayer died and came back, but covered up her return to the living with the help of her watcher, Roger Wyndam Pryce. X-over with That 70's Show.

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Prologue - Ghosts On My Back

Title: In My Place, Point Place
Summary: There was a deviation in the slayer line years before Buffy and Faith. Another slayer died and came back, but covered up her return to the living with the help of her watcher, Roger Wyndam-Pryce. X-over with That 70's Show.
Set: Angel Season 5 (Set before Lineage)/That 70's Show Season 8
Disclaimer: I do not own Angel/BtVS or That 70's Show.

Prologue - Ghosts On My Back

There were two boxes in his office. Two boxes which kept creeping into Wesley's peripheral vision as he tried to pay attention to the work in front of him. There was nothing particularly special about them. They were average cardboard boxes sealed shut with thick black tape. But what they represented and the reason behind them being here was making it hard to focus; his father was dead.

There's a part of him, which Wesley considers ninety five point five percent of him, that thinks he shouldn't be this affected by his father's death. He was an absent father after all, and on the rare occasion that he was there Wesley always ended up wishing he wasn't. But after attending the funeral and returning back to work at Wolfram and Hart and finding the boxes his mother had packed and sent to him it's hard for Wesley not to notice the difference between absent and dead.

Absent implied that he was present somewhere else and dead was gone and gone was forever as his father had told him, at the age of six when he caught him trying to resurrect a bird which had flown into a window. He told him that every living thing must die, that this was the natural order of things and trying to change it would only create havoc and there was already enough evil in the world.

Wesley contemplates leaving them unopened and storing them in one of Wolfram and Hart's archives. Out of mind, out of sight. Forever locked away and forgotten. Just like it felt his father wanted and succeeded in forgetting all about him, his disappointment of a son.


It takes three weeks for Wesley to open the boxes. He rips the black tape off slowly and pauses before lifting the sides of the first box. Even now, no matter the years gone by, his father's influence is felt, Wesley still feels like that little boy who was forbidden to touch his father's belongings.

He lifts out and piles on his desk book after book. His father's collection, his research, his papers and dissertations. The last item he finds at the bottom of the box is a notebook with a worn out black leather cover. It's small and thin but the loose pieces of paper that are jammed within its pages give it a fuller appearance.

It surprises Wesley at how cluttered and messy the little notebook is. It doesn't reflect his father at all. His father was organized, precise, and despised disorder of any kind. Before Wesley can open it he hears Angel yell his name, the disruption catches him off guard and the notebook falls from his hands and onto the floor, releasing the loose notes and scattering them around. For a brief instance, Wesley is brought back to his father's study and being caught somewhere he was not suppose to be. He quickly picks up the notebook and the bunch of loose pieces of paper and puts them on his desk. He hurries out of his office and away from the memories.

It takes Wesley another week to notice the folded pink piece of paper with white unicorn shapes in the background on the floor beneath his desk.


"Don't tell me Harmony is writing you love letters now?" Wesley looks up at Fred who is standing in the doorway.

He smiles as she walks into his office. "It's a letter to my father from the Slayer he was appointed."

"Your father trained a slayer?" Fred asks, "A slayer fond of unicorns?"

"She was killed less then a year into her calling." Wesley frowns at the pink stationary in his hands.

"Is something wrong, Wesley?"

"The letter was written in 1984," says Wesley. "Records show that Jackie Burkhart died in 1979."
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