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Culture Clash

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Summary: Xander goes to meet the parent's of his new lady love...

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Cartoons > GargoylesBytchzillaFR1316290143,42131 May 0931 May 09No
Culture Clash

By: Bytchzilla

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Aldora and Xander are going to New York to meet her parents.

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or Disney's Gargoyles. They are own by the respected creator and companies

Aldora Masa-Wyvernclan was a most unusual slayer. Caramel skinned green eyed beauty of very mixed racial heritage and a born and raised New York girl. She was studying at Queen Margaret University Edinburgh, Scotland to learn more about her father’s homeland when the Bringers attacked her for being a potential slayer she was able to slay them before they could kill her. She was located months later and taken to the Slayer HQ in Scotland for training, which see didn’t need much since she was a black belt in two martial arts and had handgun training for years. When asked, she said her mother had been a NY Police Officer and made sure she was well able to defend herself. She was one of the few “baby slayers” that could go toe to toe with Buffy Summer or Faith Lehane.

It was a Slayer HQ where Aldora first meet Alexander (Call me Xander) Harris. Xander may have shared a named with her childhood friend Alexander Xanatos they couldn’t have been more different than night and day. Alex with his Strawberry-Blonde hair and model good looks and airy charm could not hold a candle to Xander in Aldora eyes. Battle-worn and ruddy from his time in Africa Xander reminder her of father, he was also a warrior and defender and in that moment she was in love.

It had taken months to go from that initial meeting to learning about one another to loving each other. She had told him how her Uncle David was the one who had given her parent her name, Greek for winged beauty. About her Uncle Hudson and his training her with swords as a little girl and how her grandparents met on a reservation in Nevada. She told him everything….except that her father wasn’t human but one of the famous NY Gargoyles.

They could not move further in their relationship until she could share this part of herself with him too, so they were now on their way back to the good old USA to meet her parents. The rest of the journey passed quickly and Xander was waiting outside the hotel ready to escort her to her parent’s place. Aldora initially found it very difficult to remain look fully human at night but was delighted that now it came so easily to her. The stress of doing anything for the first time always bothered her. She was a girl to have a great deal of confidence in herself and the way her life had opened up. It was beyond her wildest dreams and she hoped that Xander would be able to accept her secret and her family.

As for marriage and a family, she had long ago accepted that she wouldn't have one and if the prospects with Xander fell away she would miss him but she'd still have a life and something which she enjoyed. She scarcely breathed when she thought about things advancing further and that was not likely to happen if he could not accept every part of her. And she hoped he could because she was tired of holding back and burned to be with him.

David Xanatos looked over the motley crew currently gathered in his study. His beautiful wife Fox and son Alex were sitting quite calmly watching the other occupants of the room. Elisa Masa and her husband Goliath of the Wyvern clan. Elisa was trying in vain to calm Goliath he was pacing the small study occasionally flexing his wings or clenching his fists. No daughter of his would be tied to a demon hunter he had a hard enough time letting Angela go with her mate when the time came it would be doubly hard to accept this interloper.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Culture Clash" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 May 09.

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