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We Belong

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Summary: Glory's reappearance brings Ash and his warriors to Sunnydale starting off a chain of events which no one could ever imagine.

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Chapter Nine - Take Two

As usual nothing belongs to me and sorry that it's been a century since the last update.


It was a dream...that was the only explanation.

It had to be...there was no other plausible explanation for what she had done. She wasn't the kind of girl to jump someone in a graveyard and ride their brains out...nope, you would never catch Buffy doing that.

Or rather...that was exactly what she did....well technically she didn't get around to the actual riding part but she definitely saddled up in preparation for the journey.

Up until last night, she would never have imagined she would ever be the kind of girl who would do something so…Faith like. She did have the one night thing with Parker the poop at the start of college but in her defense, she had been dealing with all the Angel fallout at the time and had been too wrapped up in trying to show that she could be Jane Normal that she hadn’t figured he was taking her her on a trip until she found herself in the gift shop on the way out. Then there was the weeks of ...urrgh-ness afterwards that had her swearing she would never jump in head first again.

And she didn't. She had definitely learned her lesson with Riley. He might have been cute but she was determined to wait until they were a proper couple before she invited him into her bed.

But last was like someone else had taken over her body and programmed it to behave like a big ol' slutty ho bag.

It just didn't make any sense. She could understand if she had thought he was hot...which okay he was but she hadn't actually thought of him in that way and as far as she was aware, Acheron seemed to just tolerate her and nothing more. When they were first introduced, he had been the one to help her but somewhere along the line, he seemed to have turned into a complete butthole that she wouldn’t pee on even if he was on fire....or maybe she would just to find out if shit really could burn like the saying went.

She just couldn’t work out what she had done to make him turn on her like he had. Yes, she had kept her knowledge of knowing Zarek a secret but it hadn’t been intentional. Technically she hadn’t known about Hunters…that was something she hadn't lied about. Zarek had told her wasn’t human and he hunted evil but it wasn't as if he gave her a copy of his bio or anything and in all honesty, she hadn't really cared. She had needed help and he had helped...end of story. It wasn't until Bobby Big Head explained everything that first night in the Magic Box that she began to piece everything together.

Maybe if he stopped treating her like a infant who wasn't allowed to play with the big boys then she would have been more willing to tell him stuff. She might not be as old as dust like he was but she wasn’t a child either...regardless of her behaviour last night. In retrospect, she maybe could have handled it better but she had always hated being talked down to and Ash especially seemed to be able to press her button like no other could. She had known exactly what she was doing when she answered back but there was no way even a magic eight ball could have foreseen what happened next.

Getting carried away in the heat of the moment was one thing and sure, it wasn’t the first time her lips had ended up somewhere they shouldn’t but by the time she realized what was going on, her evil twin had taken over.

Fighting got her hot, she admitted that. Faith had been telling the truth about the whole hungry and horny aftermath of a good patrol and she normally dealt with it by going home, raiding the fridge then going to her room and showing herself some love in a way no one else could.

It wasn’t technically a fight they had had and Acheron wasn’t the type of guy that she typically went for. Admittedly, she would have to be blind not to find him attractive but she couldn’t truthfully understand why so many women fell for his charms. In her opinion Vane was sexier but it hadn’t mattered though. From the minute his lips touched hers, the adrenaline kicked in and all she had wanted to do was throw him to the ground, strip him naked and demonstrate just how pliable a Slayer could be.


Maybe that was all that it had been a while since she got to flex her muscles. Not that it was ever earth shattering with Riley but at least it had been regular.

She was reluctant to say her sex life was tame but it sure as hell wasn’t what a twenty year old college student should be experiencing…never mind a Slayer who had managed to fuck the soul out of a vampire.

Even so it had been…well…she was being generous by saying it was okay. She wasn’t totally inexperienced but compared to Angel’s past in both human and demon years, she truly was the trembling virgin.

Darla had managed to make a career out of lying on her back when she was human so god knows what she was capable of when she had been turned. It was safe to say they weren't limited to missionary with the lights off and she so didn’t even wanna guess what that freakoid Drusilla was willing to do…either way, it had pointed to one thing, there was a lot to live up to.

In the end, he went away with a lot more from the experience than she did in more ways than one. She knew a person’s first time wouldn’t be much to write home about but she figured him being a vampire, he would have some tricks that the humans weren't capable of but the only time she even came close to having her world rocked was when he smacked her head off the wall and the idiot thought her moan had been one of pleasure rather than the ouchie it actually was.

At the time, she had been too wrapped up in her Angel loving to think anything was wrong but looking back, she found it hard to believe he had actually managed to get a happy ‘cause she sure as hell didn’t. Maybe her grandmother had been right when she told her men were too easily satisfied.

Then came Riley…well, that was…

Unlike the others, he had actually managed to get her off before himself and the bonus was he was still there in the morning. It wasn’t toe curling…but he was sweet and treated her well. As far as she was aware, they were happy. She wasn't skipping through the streets going tra la la but that hadn't mattered because she had someone who loved her just as she was...or so she thought.

Everything changed the minute he realized that she had been holding back with her and after that, he was like a dog with a bone trying to prove how manly he was but she had already been down that road with Owen and wasn’t willing to take the same trip twice.

When he finally gave up, she figured he had finally seen sense but as she later found out, he was actually getting his thrills elsewhere. As pissed as she had been when she found out, she was more upset with herself as it finally brought to the surface something she didn't wanna look too close at.

It had first started during the faux engagement with Spike. They had fooled around but never actually crossed the line into sex. Now, their relationship had progressed, she was happy as a pig in crap but at the time she had been pissed. It was as she was sitting on the edge of Giles’ bathroom cabinet warming Spike’s ears with her thighs that it started to play around in her head. Spike’s growls as she clenched around him were of the happy but if it had been a human then not so much.

It only got worse when Dracula turned up. The night he bit her still played in her fantasies from time to town. Nothing else had happened but she had a feeling that given the chance, she would have been all over him.

Their little ‘chat’ in his castle underlined it. He finally spoke aloud the words she had tried to deny for so long. If she wanted to be completely satisfied then she would have to turn to someone who could handle a Slayer and that meant someone non-human.

When Riley left, she knew she couldn’t deny it any longer and she only had two options…well three actually but she really didn’t wanna go the celibate route so tit was back to two. She could try taking a walk on the other side of the tracks with a fellow Slayer or find some non-evil demon guy to snuggle with and since she didn’t relish the two hour journey for a bunk up in a cot with Faith surrounded by her cell mates every time she needed her itch scratched then it looked as if she was gonna have to look through door number two.

Unwittingly, her thoughts drifted back to Ash. He wasn’t human so she knew she could truly let go with him without causing any permanent damage and from the way he acted last night when she took a hold of him, he didn’t mind a little pain thrown into the mix. But on the flip side, there was no way she would be able to face him afterwards and as much as it stuck in her throat to say it, they did need his help against the Hell bitch so she didn’t wanna screw things but by…well screwing him.


Speaking of snuggling….

She glanced down and saw an arm sprawled across her waist and since both of her own were currently propped under her head and this one was of the more manly undead variety, it seemed that a certain vampire was playing Goldilocks in her bed.

Biting back a smirk, she removed one of her hands far enough so she could reach down and pinch the bit of skin nearest her.

“Bint!” the grumble came from behind. “You could’ve just asked me to move it.”

“Where would the fun be in that?” the smile refused to move as she extracted herself enough to turn around and face him. “Not that I’m complaining but why do I have a sleepy vampire in my bed?”

“Can’t remember to be honest,“ he mumbled into the pillow, his eyes still closed. “It got a little competitive in Willy’s and we kinda cleaned out the whole bar out.”

“You mean you all got wasted?” she moved a stray curl that had fallen over his face, not surprised to see him in the bed.

This wasn’t the first time she had woken to find him using her as a blanket. It usually overlapped with the odd occasion that he drunk so much booze that he actually managed to black out. The first time had been not long after they had their air clearing talk in his crypt. He was supposed to be helping her with patrol and hadn’t turned up. She went looking for him and was searching his crypt for signs of dust when she got a phone call from Willy telling her to get her ass over to the bar ASAP as he was scaring away all the other customers.

She walked in to find him lying on top of a broken table surrounded by what looked like a dozen smashed bottles. After threatening Willy for letting him get so ratted in the first place, she managed to get him back to the house and after patching him up, she left him on the couch to sleep it off. She was woken about an hour later to find him sharing the covers and too tired to do anything but shrug, she went back to sleep.

He reluctantly admitted the next day that he had, had a run in with Riley. Usually the vampire wouldn’t give a shit about captain tithead’s opinions but at the time, he was still with the confusion over whether he would be able to hack fighting for the white hats. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when he went to Giles genuinely needing some advice. The problem was, at the time Giles was refusing to see him as anything more than a monster and went to great lengths to tell him how much he wasn’t trusted and that he should do everyone a favor and leave. What had really got to him was when he claimed that Buffy was only helping because she felt sorry for him. There was no way a Slayer would willingly fraternize with a demon that was so far beneath her.

Knowing about Cecily, she understood why he had been so upset and she could have quite happily kicked Giles around the whole of Sunnydale. The two men were friendly now but at the time she had had lord knows how many arguments with him over treating Spike unfairly just because of what Angel…sorry Angelus had put them through. No matter how much he refused to believe it, she knew the vampire would be a powerful and useful ally to have in their corner and now, she was glad to say she had been right.

The big surprise came when Spike admitted that he was the one who asked Willy to phone her just before he blanked out. She knew it took a lot for him to admit he trusted her with his back, especially when he was defenseless. Vampires usually moved around in packs – i.e. the Scourge of Europe. Now that Spike was part of the Scoobies, his demon now saw Buffy…or the Slayer as his new pack leader and had for a while. It was why he went to her that Thanksgiving because he knew, she would keep him safe.

Last night had been the same. He obviously hadn’t meant to get that pissed and didn’t trust them enough to sleep among them so he came up here instead and became her roommate once again, knowing she would look after him until he was fit enough to watch himself.

“Nope, “he wrinkled his nose, growling when he heard the giggle. “I mean we literally drank the whole bar dry. He just got new stock in for the month and we pissed the lot against the wall.”

“How is that possible?” she sat up against the headboard, earning a grimace for disturbing him and to pay her back, he decided to use her lap instead, deciding it was a hell of a lot more comfortable than a pillow, especially when she started to play with his hair.

“Think about it pet,” he answered. “You’ve got the big bad, Vane’s a wolf, and your pops is an ex Hunter but still with the strength and Ash is….” He trailed off when her heart started beating quickly. “Slayer?” he risked a look and as soon as he saw her face paling, all thoughts of sleep quickly disappeared. “Buffy…did something happen with the nibblet?”

“No,” she shook her head. “But I think I’ve really screwed up though Spike.”

“With Ash?” he needed clarification. Something had happened between her and the newcomer…the question was what?

“Yeah,” she answered. “We were patrolling. He said he wanted to clear the air but then he got in my face and….”

“Did he touch you?” he growled as his human features were quickly replaced with his demonic mask. It didn’t matter that she was the Slayer and could kick his ass. If that bastard had even raised his hand to her, he would rip every last bone out of there before sticking them up his arse…sideways. “I’ll fucking lay him out, Hunter or not!”

“No he didn’t,” she shook her head. “It wasn’t physical…well it was but the argument wasn’t physical…I mean.”

“I swear one of these days, I’m gonna see if Red can conjure up a Buffy translator. What the bloody hell are you talking about woman?” he dropped his hands.

“Slayer!” he snapped his fingers in front of her to regain her attention, noticing that she had zoned out.

“We…well we…kinda….” She looked down at her hands but her face reddening was enough to clue him into exactly what had happened.

He looked towards her, trying to Gage what she meant, sorting through what she had said; a smirk appearing when realization came over him. “You fucked him?”

“Pig!” she screeched, punching him on the arm. “No I didn’t.”

“Jesus Slayer I’m just messing with you,” he sighed, leaning back, copying her pose, his arms crossed against his chest. “Start from the beginning pet, what do you mean?”

“Well, we…got into this argument over me not telling him that I already knew about Hunters and somehow it went from him saying he wanted to put me over his knee to his tongue doing the Macarena down my throat.”

“And?” he urged her.

“I didn’t stop him,” she muttered. “One minute I wanted to rip his throat out, the next, my hands were down his pants and we were half way through our own re-enactment of Buffy does Sunnydale. I was just about to…well you know when a vamp popped up and interrupted us.”

“Broke the spell huh?” the smirk was still present.

“Shut up,” she mumbled before answering. “He said he wouldn’t mind a go then all of a sudden poof.”

“What, he started shagging him instead?” he was starting to get confused again.

“No, poof as in Ash saw the vamp being all Mr Voyage guy, he got mad and then the demon turned into millions of itty bitty pieces.”

“I think you mean he was being a voyeur Slayer,” he answered offhandedly. “I still don’t see what the problem is?”

“What he did was…I’m not sure Willow’s even capable of doing something like that,” she admitted. “Anya thinks he might just have a few extra powers because he’s one of the older Hunters.”

“I’m guessing you don’t agree?” He watched her as she leaned over to grab something he couldn’t see.

“My spidey sense was already going tra la la,” she straightened back up with a book in her hand that she handed to him and pointed at the page she had been reading before she fell asleep. “But then I read that!”

As he scanned the part she had indicated, she got out of bed and went over to her wardrobe, quickly flinging on a skirt and a white vest covered by a lacy top before walking back over to the bed and reaching over to grab her boots.

“So what do you think?” she looked over.

“You weren’t kidding were you luv?” he nodded, surprised after what he had read. If this was true then the Slayer might be right. There was no way he was just a Hunter with what the book was suggesting. “Does he know you have this?”

She shook her head. “Nope, Anya called in a favor from someone hoping it would help us. I figured that I would give him a chance to explain it before blowing….”there was the smirk again. “Up at him!” she finished with a growl as she stood up, just in time to duck the jeans he had now taken off.

As much as she liked a cuddle buddy now and again, her one rule was she didn’t mind topless Spike but naked Spike was a huge no.

She shook her head, mumbling about stupid vampires who acted as if her room was a hotel even as she picked his jeans up and folded them before placing them on the chair. It was as she moved to grab her brush that she noticed that the jeans weren’t the only things of his scattered across the room. There were a few sets of his clothes in her wardrobe as well as some of his crappy Cd's placed among hers beside her stereo and she knew for a fact that most of the DVDs on top of the unit weren't hers.

“You know, you have so much of your crap in here…I don’t know why you don’t just move in.” She wondered aloud as she finished by slipping her tresses into a pony.

“Mum was actually talking about it before she and the nibblet went on their trip,” he turned his head to look at her. “She said she was gonna sound the two of you out about it.”

“It would make sense since you’re here most of the time anyway,” she noticed the look of surprise on his face at her acceptance but chose to leave it. “Another set of eyes for Dawnie is always of the good. I swear that girl could cause trouble in a padded cell….anyway, I’ll see you tonight. We still meeting at the Magic Box before patrol yeah?”

“Yeah pet,” his voice was muffled. “I’ve got the mobile on if you need me for anything.”


She had just placed a foot on the stairs when her door was yanked open and she was greeted with a nearly naked Spike, covered only by a sheet, holding her bag out towards her.

“You forgot this Slayer.” He grumbled. “I’ll be buggered if you come in like a bull in a bloody china shop and waken me up again!”

“Bite me Blondie,” she took it from him, reaching up to kiss his cheek in thanks before making her way down to the kitchen.

“Was that Spike upstairs?” Dawn asked through a mouthful of cereal as soon as she entered the kitchen, not even offering a hello as she spoke, “What was he being all yelling-guy at now?”

“He stayed over again,” she answered with a grimace at her sister’s lack of manners. “I forgot my bag…jeez, you walk in on someone once and they never let you forget it.” She walked over to the cupboard and took out a bowl before sitting at the table, smiling at Sunshine who was sitting there too before addressing her sister. “Mom’s talking about him moving in by the way.”

“Cool.” It wasn’t a surprise to know her sister was doing cartwheels over the news but seeing as how she was president of his fan club, she already knew what she would say about him becoming a more permanent member of the household.

“Yeah,” she grabbed the cereal, emptying some into the bowl before pouring the milk over, finally noticing how quiet the kitchen was. “Is everyone else still sleeping the sleep of the undead like Mr grumpy vamp?”

“As far as I’m aware, Zarek is the only one still in bed,” Sunshine answered, sipping her honey tea. “Your father is in the basement and I think Vane and Ash are upstairs.”

“I thought they got razzled?” Dawn queried as she stood, moving over to the sink with her plate.

“As drunk as they were last night, I’m assuming the liquor in the bar is not as potent as what they usually drink. It’s so strong that literally one drop can inebriate a human; I’m not sure about you though... I would assume being the Slayer; you might have a better tolerance.” she nodded towards Buffy earning a snort from the younger Summers'.

“Considering lightweight over there gets the giggles from a glass of shandy then I’m guessing the stronger brew would blow her back to the dark ages?” Dawn smirked, ducking the spoon Buffy sent her way as she grabbed her bag. “I’ll see you all later.” She leaned over to give Buffy a kiss on the forehead , opening the door just as Talon walked in and after a quick goodbye, she left for school.

“She’s in a rush isn’t she?” he asked smiling at his daughter as he took a seat beside her.

“She one of those freaks who actually like school,” she answered while pouring a glass of juice. “She’s talking about doing some Watcher training when she graduates…she’s already starting to learn Sumerian and Latin.”

“You didn’t like school?” Sunshine asked, not so surprised considering who her father was.

“It wasn’t so much the school I didn’t like,” she grimaced. “It was more the butt-munch of a Nazi leprechaun whose hobby it was to follow me around in the hope he would catch me doing something he could get me in screw me over with.”

“Excuse me?” Sunshine laughed at her description. The girl did indeed have a way with words.

“Snyder, he was our principal,” she explained. “Well one of them. The first got eaten when Xander and some others were possessed by Hyenas. Snyder was his replacement; I’m not sure why he chose to be a teacher though because he hated all of us. It’s kinda like someone who’s a member of Peta getting a job in a butchers…anyway, like I said, he hated everyone, me especially. In fact, the only time he cracked a smile was when he expelled me…although the look on his face when the school board told him he couldn’t stop me from going back is one I’ll keep till I’m old…well I’ll probably be dead before that happens but it’s one of the last things I’ll remember anyway.”

“Sounds like a nice guy,” he answered while silently fuming. His little girl had, had to put up with so much already with being the Slayer. She didn’t need a little bastard with delusions of grandeur giving her hassle. “Does he still teach?” he asked, mentally making a note to find out where the school was so he could pay the little bastard a visit.

“Nope,” she smiled. “The mayor had an ascension my senior year and Snyder was the first thing he eat when he turned into the demon…and as a bonus, I got to blow the school up.”

“I’d say that was a result.” He had to agree.


She had just been about to leave the house, deciding to visit the Magic Box since she had the day to herself when her father had stopped her in the hall.

Vane needed to go back to New Orleans on some family business and he was going along with Sunshine and wondered if she wanted to tag along, figuring it would be a good time to introduce her to some of his friends in the city. He didn’t actually use those words but in the time they had known each other, she had come to realize the way he worked and could tell he was itching to show her off to everyone. If she was being honest, the little girl who begged for attention that still resided in her was more than a little thrilled, knowing it would be for something other than being the Slayer. Plus, and this was the major reason for agreeing, Ash wouldn’t be there. She had been lucky enough not to see him all morning and was happy for that to continue for the rest of the day.

She had gone upstairs to tell Spike of her plans and naively thinking they would be flying there, she changed into something more suited for the journey only as she was soon about to find out, she was very much mistaken.

Instead they were gonna use something called a Rytis, some kind of portal…or energy waves or something that Weres used to move around quickly and undetected as it took a quarter of the time that normal journeys did.

She had already started having second thoughts as she changed but both her father and Vane promised that if anything happened, she would be back in an instant so, after a quick call to the shop to inform them where she was going, she, Vane, Sunshine and her father set off.

After they stepped through onto the street, Vane had said his goodbyes but not before making arrangements to meet them in something called Sanctuary after he had sorted whatever he needed to do, saying he would bring his brother with him to meet her.

“So…what’s Sanctuary?” she asked her father when they started moving, not having a clue where she was going although she had to admit the place really was beautiful and all she had seen so far was a huge square that seemed like some kind of market with old fashioned booths, stationed all the way through it with a few that seemed to be tarot stalls, something she had never been keen on. With the way her life had panned out, she really didn’t feel the need to know what was around the corner. Whatever surprises were coming, she would prefer they would remain that way.

As she soon found out, Sanctuary was a safe haven of sorts. It didn't matter if you were demon, human Hunter or Were - as long as you
stuck to the rules you were welcome in the building. If not, they would rip you apart…literally. As the sign read above the door – Don’t bite
me, and I won’t bite you, an order she had every intention of following.

It was underlined when she saw who it was that was guarding the door. She had heard Spike use the expression that someone was built like a brick shit house a few times but never understood it until she was introduced to the guy…or rather he introduced himself as Dev Peltier. It was his parents that ran the club and he along with the rest of his brothers and sister helped out.

He had obviously sensed that she was stronger than the average girl from the way he stiffened when she approached but seeing who she was with, he obviously figured she was on the up and commenced with the flirting which she really didn’t mind because he was kinda cute. She knew it was part of his job to butter up the women who entered the building but it still felt good to know she was pretty enough. Of course it took literally seconds for her dad to go protection mode and warn him that he could look but if he touched, he would feed him to Beth whoever that was and although the flirting continued, it was downgraded.

As soon as she walked in, she could sense the energy that surrounded the place. There were a handful of humans but the rest of them were animals of one sort or another. Her father took her arm and moved them over to a table and after pulling out a seat and waiting for her to take it, he did the same for Sunshine then sat himself down, nodding a hello to someone she couldn’t see until he moved and she was surprised to see a man at the bar that was the spitting image of Dev.

She was just about to ask what the hell was up with that when she sensed someone approach the table, looking up just as a pretty blonde girl of about her age came over holding a pad and a pen. She wasn’t identical to the doorman but there were enough similarities for her to assume that they were related, more than likely siblings.

“Talon…Sunshine, how are you?” she nodded to each of them with a huge smile on her face.

“Hi Aimee,” Talon answered back, introducing Buffy to her before getting down to why they were here. “Are your parents free to talk, there’s something I need to see them about?”

“They are in the back. I’ll go see if they are busy.” She stated before walking towards the double doors and moving through them.

As they waited, her father pointed out a few of the people he knew, informing her what kind of animal they were at the same time. There also seemed to be what looked to be an actual monkey hanging out of the apron of a busboy cleaning a table across from them who after noticing he had their attention, nodded a hello before moving on.

“Is there anything I should know?” she asked her face void of any expression as she looked around the club, careful not to stare too long in one place. “Anything I need to stay clear of?”

“You’ll be fine princess,” he patted her hand. “Nicolette and Aubert are the two to go to if you’re here in New Orleans. If they decide you can be trusted then they will make it known to the others. We don’t want anyone finding out about you and getting the wrong end of the stick. He’s okay but she’s a little sterner if you like…she’s nice enough though. Just don’t try and threaten either her or her family or she WILL rip your throat out."


A short while later, Aimee reappeared with an older woman who looked to be in her late thirties at most and resembled the girl in enough ways that she was probably her mother. Like Aimee she was blonde but her hair was pulled back in a bun and she was dressed in a black pant suit rather than the top and jeans the younger woman was sporting. Next to her was a giant of a man. Blonde as well, his hair was pulled back in a band. If she had to guess then maybe he was Aimee and Dev’s older brother.

“I believe we have something to talk about Hunter.” The woman spoke with authority when she made her way over, taking a seat opposite along with the man while Aimee was told to go and fetch some drinks for everyone.

“Of course, “Talon nodded and when everyone was comfortable, he began the explanation.

Half an hour later, he was finally finished and rather than scoff like she assumed they would at the news, the two who she now knew were Aimee and Dev’s parents had sat and listened to every word he said, only interrupting to send a question her way now and again. For bears…yeah they were frigging bears, they were being a hell of a lot more polite than she would have been if in their place. She had a feeling that they were having their own little conversation while speaking with her and her father because more than once she had happened to look over at Papa bear as he had asked her to call him and he had been looking at her funnily.

“So you were not aware of our Hunters until their arrival in your town?” Nicolette asked.

As they had been talking, she and Aubert had conversed mentally over what should happen. On first impressions, the girl did seem to be genuine. Talon believed that she could be trusted and while there were times that they had clashed with the Hunter, on the whole, his judgment was sound.

There were times during the discussion that the girl seemed to be overawed and she did ask a few questions but she kept them concise and polite.

It was soon decided that they would give her the benefit of the doubt. They would watch for any signs of falseness but something was telling them both that she was what she said she was so neither could see a problem.

“No,” Buffy answered with a shake of the head, finishing the last of her meal before continuing. She had admitted being peckish and when asked what she would like, she had requested a sandwich to which Nicolette scoffed before asking for a bowl of Gumbo to be brought to the table ordering her in a way that only mothers can that she needed meat on her bones, something a sandwich would not achieve. “I have known Zarek for a few years ago but...well you know what he’s like for keeping things to himself. I didn’t know the full story until dad and the others came into town and they…well Ash explained everything.”

“Very true,” she added. “Well Buffy, you have our word that you will not be harmed while in our establishment and I will make it known about your status but can you guarantee the same thing in return? I understand that you are a vampire Slayer and it is your destiny to slay anything that isn’t human and we as bears come under that heading…most of the visitors to this bar do in fact so will they be at risk in your presence?”

“I may be the Slayer ma'am but I only perform my duty on those who deserve it,” she answered, a little pissed that she had to defend herself even though she knew why she was being asked. “I am friends with several demons who I have no need to harm because they have done nothing wrong. Vane, yourself and the others are the same as far as I am concerned. As long as you don’t give me cause then I’ll be your bestest friend but step over the line and you are gonna find out that my claws are just as sharp!"

Nicolette didn’t need to look in Talon’s direction to know he was proud over the answer she gave. “It’s acceptable,” she finally answered, satisfied. “I will tell you what I tell everyone, girl, pay attention to the sign and all will be well,” she added, getting up. “It was a pleasure to meet you Buffy and I hope to see you again but unfortunately, I am needed elsewhere so I will say goodbye.”


A while later, Vane called to inform them that he would be delayed so they used to time to introduce Buffy to some of the others
including Wren who the busboy from earlier and Marvin his monkey as well as a really nice woman called Cherise whose son Nick was
King Ash’s gofer for want of a better word who she could tell would get on brilliantly with her own mother.

Surprisingly, not one of them had as much as raised an eyebrow when they found out who she was…or rather who her father was and instead congratulated him as well as pledging to her that if she needed anything then all she had to do was ask.

As soon as Cherise, her father and Sunshine started a conversation, she excused herself and went over to the bar to sit, not wanting to be rude but really not interested in what they were talking about.

Aimee came over and said that she was due a break but would need to finish one last table so while she waited; she picked up the copy of Rolling Stone that was lying on the bar and started flicking through it.

“You want another drink?” the gruff voice had her looking up in surprise.

“Yeah, thanks,” she nodded with a smile, watching him as he poured her soda. “I don’t mean to be rude but you’re not Dev are you?” she asked hesitantly.

“Nope,” he pushed the glass over to her. “He’s the moron who thinks it’s funny to try and screw with people. I’m Remi.” He mumbled before walking away.

“Wow,” she mumbled to herself remembering he would be able to hear her no matter how quiet she thought she was being.

“He’s not being an ass is he?” Aimee came up from behind, slamming the tray down.

She glanced up from the magazine. “Nah, I know someone like him back home,” she noticed the frown on the girls face. She was obviously miffed about something."Tell me to but out but are you okay?"

She shook her head. “I should be used to it by now," she threw the cloth down with a sigh. “She’s just the latest in a long line of graduates who think just because I work here that I’ve only got a double digit IQ.” She nodded at someone behind Buffy and she turned to look, noticing a crowd of women that reminded her of Cordy and her sheep back in Sunnydale High. The redhead who was holding court was obviously top bee as she had the rest of them gathered around her flies in shit.

“You know, normally I don’t even blink but today…I’d like to see her look down her nose at me when I’ve ripped the thing off!” She continued, finishing with a growl.

“I was a waitress too…for a while so I get where you’re coming from, “Buffy admitted. “I worked shifts at this crap hole that even the rats turned their noses up at. It was mostly bikers and truckers who came in and they always ended up at my table.”

“That must have been fun.” She empathized.

“A laugh a minute,” she nodded, watching Marvin try to grab what looked like a piece of sliced carrot from Wren’s pocket without him noticing. “Some of the things they asked me to do would make a whore blush. I was asked round the alley about ten times a day. It’s funny how quickly they change their minds when you agree but only if it’s their asses that get stretched.”

It started off as a giggle but eventually she couldn’t hold it in anymore. Aimee could just picture some old perverted biker leeching over Buffy only for her to turn the table on them. “I would say that I’ll have to remember that but if anybody tried that in here, they wouldn’t have an ass left by the time my brothers or father were finished with them.”


“Talking of brothers,” she used the change of subject to try and worn some information out of her. “Do you know Fang, Vane’s brother?”

“Yeah, I do, he’s a nice guy.” She answered, suddenly looking everywhere but at Buffy as she made a show of cleaning up.

“Is he anything like Vane then?” she asked, gaging her reaction with interest. “Vane’s bringing him in later for me to meet him and apart from knowing they are related, I got no idea what he’s like.”

“Lord no,” she shook her head, a little too quickly. “Fang’s the complete opposite. Vane can be a little stuffy at times which I guess he has every right to be seeing as how he is the eldest and has to take charge but Fang see’s the funny side in everything. He doesn’t like things getting him down...although saying that he has a hell of a temper but as long as you don't try anything with him or Vane
he should be okay with you."

"Why do you ask?” she continued, trying to go for nonchalance but not quite pulling it off.

“Do I sense some warm and fuzzies?” she whispered low enough so no one else would hear.

She didn’t answer at first, not sure whether or not she should. Then again if Buffy was anything like her father then she knew
she could trust her even with only knowing her for a short time. As much as she loved her parents and brothers, she wished
there was someone that she could talk to...someone who she could reveal her secrets too without worrying that they would
go running back to her parents with the news.

“The word you’re looking for is complicated,” she sighed, taking the seat beside Buffy after pouring herself a glass of soda. “Do you know about our customs?”

“The whole mating thing you mean?” she answered after taking a sip. “Vane explained some bits and bobs but he never really went into detail. Let me take a shot at it? You have a happy for him but you’re family aren’t having It because he's a different...animal?”

“Got it in one,” she nodded. “He’s the sweetest guy and… god, it doesn’t matter anyway, my parents would never allow it.”

“Never say never,” she answered honestly. “Just because something isn’t plausible right now, doesn’t mean it will always be that way. If the two of you are supposed to be then somehow you will find a way....”

She trailed off as she felt the usual tingles appear that said a vampire was near but it was a lot stronger than what she was used to back in Sunnydale. With the normal vampires and demons, it felt like thousands of tiny pricks, continually jabbing into her body
one after the other but this…it felt…pain was something she was indifferent to now. She had been stabbed, drowned, battered and hit by everything
in between so not much fazed her anymore. This though…it was…

“You know it’s a little smoky in here,” she plastered a smile on her face, hoping the other girl would fall for it or at the very least, play along. “I think I’m gonna get a bit of fresh air.”

You sure that’s a wise idea?” Aimee countered. She knew Buffy had wicked fighting skills being the Slayer but she also knew the girl
had never come across a Daimon before and she didn’t want to see her get hurt or worse. She may have only met the blonde an hour
before but she had quickly came to realize that the two of them had lots in common right down to the over protective parents. She
had a feeling that the pair of them could become good friends in the future. She had always wanted a friend to confide in and with
Buffy her family would no doubt come to trust her.

“I’ll be fine Aimee,” she answered honestly. “It’s not the first time I’ve went out for a play in the alligator pit. I've managed to taken down Fyarls so the inbred cousin of a vampire shouldn't be too much hassle.”

“Just be careful okay.”

“I always am.” She smiled, quickly slipping outside before her father or Sunshine could notice her.

“After a quick glance around the area, she couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. For comfort more than anything,
her hand went into her pocket to grip her stake as she ventured further into the alley, closing her
eyes and opening her senses, moving forward in the direction she could feel the sensation coming from, stopping when she located them.

It turned out Vane’s earlier description of them had been spot on. There were three of them…all men and they did indeed look as if they had stepped out of the pages of Vogue but ….there was also an overwhelming sense of evil that seemed to be emanating from
them, something that she had never felt in all her years as a Slayer.

She had faced down everything you could imagine and some you couldn't but these THINGS in front of her were something else altogether. She felt sick to her stomach just from standing within their reach.

Then she heard it…it was a merely a whisper at first but the murmur kept building up until it became a roar. It took her a second to translate what she was actually hearing but then it hit her full on just what it was. It was screams she was hearing...the noise of the souls that the daimons had taken into themselves...the victims crying out their agony, begging for someone to help them.

The three bastards were watching a young family passing along the path as if they were food on a menu – a mother, father and their children, a girl of about eight and a tiny boy no more than two at the most. Why they would take children, she had no clue.

As warped a notion as it was, at least vampires just drained you.. You might end up dead but at least your soul was free to go to Heaven or wherever they ended up.

“Don’t suppose you’d do a girl a favor and stop would ya?” she walked further into the alley, announcing her presence.


As the three of them turned, surprised at the audacity of this tiny human, an unseen observer watched the display with avid interest from the rooftop opposite.

He had been forewarned about the petite whirlwind and from first impressions, nothing had been exaggerated. Although in all honesty, he
had assumed he would be witnessing a towering Amazon but instead the girl was five foot if that. Not that it mattered though as she more
than made up for it in other ways and he out of everyone knew you should never judge a book by it’s cover.

He continued to watch, unashamed of his interest as she finally seemed to bore of orally defeating them with her sharp tongue she began the physical part of the battle. He had seen Slayers dance before but what he was watching was so much more. She didn’t fight like someone of her stature normally
would…no, instead it was a dance as she played with them, pirouetting from one to another, striking with what she could and making sure not to leave herself defenseless.

He silently showed his pleasure after she completed a spinning kick which quickly turned into a roundhouse, managing to connect her limbs with all three at once but her dismount was just a slight second off and one of them managed to catch her face with his fist, instantly splitting her lip open but instead of running scared like they arrogantly thought she would, she proved her worth by whipping out a stake and thrusting it into the nearest daimons chest, disintegrating him so quickly that the smirk that had been on his features over the small victory had still been in place as he disintegrated and without missing a beat, she repeated the movement with the creature beside him.

The last remaining daimon quickly summoned a bolthole, not wanting to share the same fate as his cohorts but unfortunately for him, he never reached his destination. Figuring what he was about to do, she sent the stake hurtling towards him, hitting the target perfectly just as he reached the portal and instead of him leaping into it, his remains scattered instead.

Making sure no one was lurking, her fingers went to her lip, wincing when she touched the cut, just knowing it was going to bruise.
Slayer powers or not, there was no way this was going heal tonight which meant she would have some explaining to do to the others.

“Are you okay Miss?”

“Huh?” she jumped at the voice, surprised that the stranger had managed to sneak up on her.

“I apologize for scaring you,” he put his hands up. “I meant no harm. It’s just that I was walking past and heard the sounds of a scuffle and…” he went into his coat pocket and came out with a white handkerchief, hesitantly walking over and gently dabbing the blood that was now collecting on her lip.

“You decided to be a gentleman and come see if there was a damsel in need of help?” she smiled, flinching when the movement reopened the cut yet, she didn’t care. She was more interested in the fine specimen in front of her. She would say he was cute but he was too masculine to be cute. He wasn’t handsome either…he was so much more.

In fact, she was pretty certain a word hadn’t been invented that could describe him so for now; she would stick to the tried and tested. He was sexy, hot as hell, finger licking tasty, all of the above. Yep, he was definitely worthy of a spot in her dreams all right. He was tall as well, Ash tall at that…and why the hell was she thinking about Ash when she had Mr Drop Dead Gorgeous standing in front of her.

His clothes like him also seemed to be classy. He was wearing a black suit and shirt which accentuated his dark hair perfectly. The only snag was he was wearing shades so she couldn’t see his eyes but since the rest of him was so perfect she figured they would follow suit.

“What can I say, my mother raised me well,” he shrugged, seemingly embarrassed, dropping his hand when she took the rag. “Did someone try and attack you?”

“You could say that,” she nodded. “I guess they didn’t expect me to fight back though. I’m glad I was talked into those self-defense classes now.”

“No offense but they probably figured you wouldn’t be much of a challenge.” He walked over to the small wall and took a seat on it. “I get the feeling that there’s more to you than meets the eye.”

She followed him over, stopping as she reached him. “Maybe but seeing as how I’ve known you all of two minutes and don’t even know your name yet, I’ll be keeping it to myself for now."

“My apologies,” he held his hand out. “I’m Kerr.”

“Buffy.” She replied, glad he couldn’t sense how fast her heart was starting to beat. “And before you say anything, I know it’s of the kooky.”

“It’s different, I’ll give you that but mine isn't exactly in the top ten of the year either,” he conceded, the gentle smile on his face indicating that he was being genuine rather than teasing her or so she hoped. “But then, wouldn’t you rather have an exceptional name that is YOU rather than have a moniker that everyone in your street has?”

“Isn’t that a eye glass or something?” she questioned, the words out before she could shut herself up and she cringed waiting for the now inevitable brush off when he realized how stupid she really was.

“The word you’re thinking of is monocle,” he answered before changing the subject. “So are you from the area then?”

“I’m actually visiting with my father,” she took a seat beside him, close enough so that their shoulders almost touched. “He wanted to bring me here to see the sights and I have to say from what I've seen, it's beautiful."

“That’s not the only thing.” He murmured, surprising her by bringing his hand up to play with a lock of her hair.

“You’re awfully sure of yourself aren’t you?” she answered softly even as her insides did acrobatics.

“I’m of the belief that you have to seize the day.” He shrugged, letting go, rewarding her with a smile and instantly she knew she was in trouble. “Tell me about yourself kooky Buffy?”


Alexion hesitantly made his along the corridor that led towards the main hall, reluctant to take the final few steps.

From what he could hear coming from inside, his boss was pissed about something and that was never of the good as far as he was concerned.

It had started this morning when Acheron appeared out of the blue. He was supposed to be away for a few weeks helping another warrior in some backwards town so his appearance had been the first surprise. Simi had been happy enough when she popped off him, saying hello before she quickly rushed to her room but the Atlantean had ignored him and walked away and centuries of experience
told him that when Ash's behaviour turned in that direction, it was best to give him space and shit loads of it.

As usual when in this mood, he had immediately made his way into the great hall, slamming the door behind him, dropping on his throne and materializing
up one of his favourite guitars before proceeding to do his impression of Cobain as he strummed what seemed to be every depressing song
that he could think of but it wasn’t until he heard him start on The Smiths back catalogue that he knew something was really up.

Thinking Simi would know, he went in search of her, finally finding her watching QVC in her room and about to order a Platinum friendship bracelet for her new bestest friend called Buffy whoever that was. He had known he wouldn’t get much out of her but tried anyway. An hour later, he was still none the wiser and figured it was finally time to locate his stones up and find out what was going on from the man himself.

Moving before his nerve left him; he tapped on the door before reaching for the handle and walking in, not surprised to see Acheron sprawled over the throne, an episode of what looked like South Park played on the many screens as he strummed.

“I wasn’t expecting you back so soon.” He closed the door behind him, hesitating before walking over.

He took so long to answer that Alexion figured he wasn’t going to.

“I wanted some time to myself.” He answered simply.

“Did something happen?” he took a seat on the ledge in front of him; far enough that he wasn’t crowding him but close enough that he didn’t need to raise his voice.

He vanquished the guitar before giving Alexion his full attention. “I was introduced to a girl called Buffy…she’s the one that I need to help.”

“Is she hot?” he asked automatically, not really expecting an answer so he was surprised when he was given one.

“You could say that,” he answered with a sigh. “And she thinks I’m a dick.”

Alexion was genuinely surprised. Nearly every woman in existence thought Acheron was perfection…hell, more than a few men did too.

“And the cherry on the cake is she is Talon’s daughter.”

“Talon as in Speirr…the Hunter?” his eyebrows shot up, seriously not expecting this.

With a sigh, Ash rolled into an explanation over what had happened from the moment he landed in the town.

“She sounds like a little spitfire,” Alexion answered after he finished. He didn’t say anything but reading between the lines, it was obvious that this woman, whoever she was, had gotten under Ash’s skin.

“She is that alright,” he nodded, a smile appearing as he thought of her but then the image of what he had seen that morning came back to him and the joy soon disappeared. “Simi loves her; she thinks she’s her new best friend.”

“Yeah, she was ordering a bracelet from the TV for her when I looked in earlier.” He added, leaning back.

Ash nodded but wasn’t really listening, his head wrapped up in other thoughts.

After he eventually joined the others last night, he had tried to put her out of his mind but no matter how many units of alcohol
he ingested, he couldn’t seem to get her or what had happened out of his head. It didn’t help when Spike and Xander passed the
time by telling them some of the stuff they had got up to over the last few years.

He still didn’t understand what the fuck was going on. She wasn’t anything special…not really. She might be a caring, brave, pretty girl who protected the world but he knew a thousand Hunters who did the same so she wasn’t that special

If he was being honest she was an arrogant little bitch at times. It was her way or no way and god forbid anyone who tried to tell her any different.

So why had he spent every second of the hours since they parted trying to think up ways in which he could spend more time with her?

Even the hours spent in the company of Morpheus had done nothing to lessen his desire for her and if anything, the dreams he had undertaken had only made it worse.

This morning he had only one mission on his mind. He had to…no, needed to talk to her.

She might not want anything to do with him anymore but he had to try and explain what had happened. It wasn’t like him to jump someone like that and he needed her to know that. From her reaction when she came to her senses, it was obvious she hadn’t been happy about what had happened between them.

If he was being honest, it had stung a little. He was so used to everyone falling over him and because she didn’t, he actually had no clue how to handle it but either way, he needed to clear the air.

So, he had bitten the bullet and had gone up to her room ready to do just that only to be met with the image of a near naked Spike coming out of the room to greet her, something she didn’t seem to mind if the kiss she gave him was anything to go by.
The two of them were adamant that there was nothing between them but you could see the chemistry.

He had been so thrown at what he had seen that he had immediately flashed here to Katoteros for fear of what he would have done if he had stayed. What he had seen was the equivalent of not only being sucker punched but having an unwanted bonus of being stomped on the balls added into the mix.

He had never experienced this emotion before and certainly not to this degree. He was jealous….stomach turning, gut wrenching jealous. If he could get away with it, he would have dusted the limey demon bastard in a second but he couldn’t do that to her…he couldn’t cause her that kind of pain…no matter what she did to him.

He was now royally fucked.

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