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The Devil May Cry in Sunnydale

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Summary: Dante, Trish, and Lady from Devil May Cry accidentally end up in sunnydale during Halloween.

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KingHawkeFR18813,336046,8921 Jun 091 Jun 09No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Chapter 2

Disclaimer: I still don’t own Buffy, Devil May Cry, or Riddick

The library doors nearly fall off their hinges as they slam open. The blonde slayer is covered in a thin layer of blood. “Giles!” she shouts. The demon hunters walk past her and take up chairs around a table. They set their guns and blades in the middle of the table in a heap and lean back, putting their feet up.

The British librarian slowly walks from the bookcases, his nose buried in a book. “Did you have a good time slaying?” he asks before looking up. “Buffy, what happened to you? You’re covered in blood!”

“Thanks for noticing,” she grumbles, wiping some blood from her shirt. “This was a brand new shirt too!”

He drops the book on top of a book shelf and hurries to her, looking her over for injuries. “Why were you wearing a brand new shirt for slaying? And why are you covered in blood?”

“The new shirt was to show off to Angel afterwards! It’s not a crime to spend time with him; he has a soul! But, those three,” Buffy points to the trio accusingly, “They blew up a space hole jumping thingy demon and the blood got all over me! They came through the hole thingy too!”

Lady whispers to Dante, “You think he’s her father?”

“Nah,” he murmurs back. “More likely her trainer or weapons supplier. I noticed several racks of weapons in the back of the building since we’ve been sitting here. He carries himself like a veteran warrior, so it could be both.” The blonde lightning-wielding woman merely stares at the two non-demon hunters over her sunglasses.

Giles approaches their table after getting over his shock at the number of guns and blades on the table, especially the bazooka and Dante’s sword. “Where are you from and what are you doing here?” he asks cautiously while Buffy glares at them.

“We were just going for a stroll when we found a pack of demons,” Lady says innocently. “So we chased him and we ended up here!” Dante yawns and looks at them with a bored expression.

Buffy interrupts before Giles can continue, “So you are demon hunters?”

“I think we clarified that already,” Trish states calmly.

Dante looks the librarian over curiously, “What do you do around here, other than collect dust on books?”

“I’m an able bodied librarian!” Giles says indignantly. “There’s nothing wrong with that!”

Dante raises an eyebrow, “I don’t believe you.”

“He’s my Watcher. I’m the Vampire Slayer,” Buffy responds bluntly.

Trish finally answers, “I’ve never heard of a Vampire Slayer, and I’ve been around for thousands of years in the human world and in the demon world.”

Giles tenses as Buffy drops into a defensive stance in front of him. “You’re a demon?”

“Yes, but, I’m a good demon,” Trish smiles.

Dante sighs, “She worked with my dad. I’m half demon and half human. I hunt demons. You got a problem with that?” He lifts his blade from the tabletop and thrusts it straight down into the floor next to him. It slices into the tile floor like a knife through butter and stands straight up. The blonde slayer gazes dreamily at the massive blade. The skull on the handle and the curved metal moving away from the skull in both directions shine in the library’s lights. Trish smirks at her gaze.

Giles frowns but shakes his head. “I’ll have to consult some old friends and see if they have heard of you or know what to do.”

He turns to walk away when Dante calls, “You won’t find anything! We’re not from around here.”

Giles states, not looking at him, “Then I suggest you familiarize yourself with the town. Be careful; vampires and demons alike roam Sunnydale. We’re on a Hellmouth.”

Lady lifts her bazooka and it seems to disappear somewhere on her clothing. Buffy watches them put their guns away. “Where did the bazooka go?” Buffy inquires, folding her arms across her chest.

Dante stands to his feet, yanking the sword from the floor. “You really don’t want to know, little girl,” he says. “It’ll just leave you more confused before she’s finished.” He strolls past her casually, bumping her aside with ease.

“Who do you think you are?” she shouts after him angrily.

The two female demon hunters join him. The male demon hunter glances over his shoulder and smirks, “I’m Dante the demon slayer. And by morning, your town isn’t going to have a single demon in it.”

Lady adds with a knowing smirk of her own, “Yeah, we have some frustrations to work out.”

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