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The Devil May Cry in Sunnydale

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Summary: Dante, Trish, and Lady from Devil May Cry accidentally end up in sunnydale during Halloween.

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KingHawkeFR18813,336046,8921 Jun 091 Jun 09No

Chapter 3

Disclaimer: Keep looking at chapter 1, you’ll figure it out.

Blood explodes in three warehouses throughout Sunnydale. Gunshots and bright flashes of light echo through the large buildings. Dante rushes forward, quickly jabbing his massive sword into the throat of a vampire, it poofing into dust. “Wow, that’s neater,” he mutters before swinging the blade around and slicing into a small yellow demon covered in orange spots. Saliva drips from its fangs and eats away at the concrete.

“You’re not the Slayer,” it rasps, staring at the large blade in surprise.

The demon slayer smirks, “Nah, I’m just passing through.” He yanks his blade up and out, tearing the demon in half messily. Vampires rush at him wildly as demons run with their claws extended from the opposite side. He grins and does a backflip over their heads.

“Kill him!” a vampire shouts to his companions. The silver haired man falls onto the creatures, his twin pistols blazing noisily. He ducks under a demon’s arm and punches its elbow hard enough to shatter it. He sticks the gun nozzle into the demon’s open mouth as it yells in pain.

Dante grins, “Goodbye.” The demon’s eyes widen a split second before his brain matter rains down on his companions. He spins in a circle, filling the demons and vampires alike with bullet holes. The demons collapse in the usual bloody heaps, but the vampires growl and roar in response.

He raises an eyebrow as he backpedals frantically, a knife barely drawing blood from his stomach. A wild look that makes the vampires nervous appears over his face. The vampires are knocked back with bullets through the head, but they keep coming anyways. He growls and pulls out his blade again, flinging the demon blood into the vampires’ eyes with a smirk. He rushes forward, slicing them in half and stabbing their necks, passing between them with ease. Dante twirls on his heels and drops to the ground barely dodging a slow-moving bullet from a sniper on the other side of the room. The bloody messes that are the vampires poof into piles of fiery dust.

“I hate smart demons,” Dante mutters under his breath. “But, they add some challenge to the job.” He rolls to the side as the sniper fires again, returning the shots with both pistols. The demon hunter zooms forward, covering ground quickly to the dismay of the vampiric sniper. He leaps into the air, pushes off the wall and tackles the sniper, taking a bullet in the shoulder as they fall through a window. He lands with his feet firmly on the vampire’s chest, cracking several of the creature’s ribs as they land. Before the vampire can try to continue the fight, he pushes his sword deep into the vampire’s throat. A gurgled sound escapes the vampire’s mouth before she explodes into a cloud of fiery ashes. He rises slowly, his shoulder bleeding. “He ruined my coat, the bastard,” he grunts, stomping off the dust from his boots.

“You like blood, don’t you?” Buffy says with her arms crossed. She glares at him from across the empty street.

He grunts, satisfied with the frown he’s receiving, “Not my own.” Dante turns and walks away. He reaches into his shoulder and yanks out the smoking bullet with a loud grunt of pain. “There, good as new,” he pants. Buffy shakes her head slowly, twirling a stake between her fingers.

A loud explosion echoes through Sunnydale noisily. “Friends of yours?” the Slayer asks, making it sound more like a statement than a question.

“Something like that,” he replies, flashing her a dangerous grin. A bolt of lightning crashes across the sky from a hole in the roof of one of the warehouses, followed by girly screams of vampires trying to escape.

Inside the library, Giles sighs disapprovingly as another explosion is heard. He slams a book shut. “What are they doing out there?” he snaps. “I’m going to check it out.” The British watcher slides on his jacket, gets into his car, and drives to the nearest warehouse, another bright flash of light flashing through the windows.

He opens the door and his jaw drops at the sight. The dark haired woman is sitting in the rafters holding a smoking bazooka. Vampires and demons alike run like chickens with their heads chopped off as she picks them off one shot at a time. “Hey, Librarian, you finally showed up, huh?” she shouts while blowing another demon into the next life.

Giles just stares at the carnage and the casualness that she has while killing them.

Near the other warehouse, Xander Harris meanders down the street, hoping to catch Buffy on patrol. He follows the piles of dust to a large warehouse. “From the sound of it, she’s still inside!” he exclaims happily. “Maybe she’s hungry and we can have a midnight snack or something.” The young man wanders into the warehouse cautiously, trying not to draw any attention from its inhabitants.

He watches in awe as the most beautiful woman he has seen in his life fires away at demons and vampires with a pistol, doing acrobatics to offset them and kill them. The lightning erupting from her free hand fills the air with the smell of ozone. He tiptoes closer to the scene, trying to get a better look at the mystery woman.

Suddenly, a vampire grabs him from behind and pulls him into the opening. “Stop shooting, or he dies!” the vampire yells to the woman. She lands around the corpses and dust piles of the vampire’s companions with her back facing them. She slowly turns and looks at him. With a flick of her finger, a bolt of lightning zips past Xander’s ear and vaporizes the vampire behind him. The young Scooby is frozen in place and some of his hair is singed from the blast.

“Um, thank you, ma’am,” he stammers shakily, staring at her in wonder.

She smiles and slowly approaches him, “What are you doing outside all alone in a town like this? Don’t you know it’s dangerous around here?”

He nods quickly, “Yeah, it’s dangerous, but I was looking for my friend Buffy. Do you know her?”

“Blonde hair, short, likes pointy objects and has a librarian as a helper?” she questions, reloading her gun expertly. Xander is confused, but nods again. “Yeah, I saw her. She’s okay, I guess, if you hunt vampires for a living. But, I don’t know how she survives in this town with all the demons too.”

Xander responds defensively, “She can take care of herself just fine! Even demons fear her!” finally getting over his shock.

“Sure, she can,” the woman smirks. “By the way, I’m Trish. Do you have a name, young man?” He blushes at her seductive tone.

“Yeah, Xander is me,” he manages to say. “I mean, I’m Xander. Xander Harris.” He blushes more as she laughs alittle.

She smiles, “Well, Mr. Xander Harris, let’s see if we can’t find that friend of yours.” Trish takes his arm and guides him from the bloody warehouse to the street and walks with him. Occasionally, she flicks a lightning bolt into a passing alley and is rewarded with a yelp of pain as an audible poof. “If you stare much harder, you might burn a hole in my clothes,” she teases.

“S-sorry!” he answers quietly, his face a deep red. She inwardly smirks at his embarrassment but enjoys teasing him too much to stop just yet.

A tall man with silver hair and a huge sword strapped across his back walks down the street towards them. Xander pales when he notices the bullet hole in the man’s shoulder. “Trish, I didn’t know you were into younger men, you sly vixen,” he calls.

The woman tightens her grip on Xander’s arm, only serving to deepen his blush. “Oh, I don’t know,” she says playfully, “I think this one might be feisty in the right circumstances.” With that, the said teen almost faints from the amount of blood rushing to his head.

“Stop teasing him,” the man chuckles. “He looks like he’s about to pass out.”

She stops and looks down into Xander’s eyes. “Yeah, I think so too. But it was fun. Maybe more fun tomorrow night?” she teases, winking at him. Xander’s eyes roll to the back of his head and he passes out onto the street. “Maybe I took the joke alittle too far,” she whispers, picking him up and slinging him over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

“I told you to stop,” Dante points out as he lifts the boy’s chin and looks him over. “Well, he’ll be all right. Just passed out, luckily. I have a feeling Shorty knows this kid.”

Buffy runs up to them and gasps, “Xander!” She draws her stake and growls at Trish, “What did you do to him? I swear if he is hurt I’m going to—“

“Protective, isn’t she?” Trish says to her companion, ignoring the Slayer.

Dante snorts. “You could say that. Did you know that you can’t get a decent strawberry sundae in this town?”

“Ah, poor baby, you make me want to cry a river for ya,” Lady says as she walks up behind Dante with Giles in tow.

Giles mutters under his breath, “Where did that bazooka go? She had it a minute ago!”

The two demon hunters laugh and Dante replies, wiping a tear from his eye, “Like I told Shorty, don’t ask. You Really don’t want to know.”

“I am not that short!!” Buffy screams at him furiously. “And what did you do to Xander?”

Lady sighs as she looks at her female cohunter. “You didn’t.” The smirk widening on Trish’s face is her answer. “You did,” she sighs. “He’ll wake up soon, though I doubt he’ll want to with the dreams he’s probably having thanks to little Miss Too Friendly here.”

“Feel better?” Dante asks Lady as she starts to walk away.

The short haired woman shrugs and straightens her blood-covered shirt. “It was refreshing. Not as hard, but enough to make it a decent workout.”

“Really? I barely got my blood pumping!” Dante replies lazily.

Buffy glares at him, “You have a bullet in your shoulder!”

“Nope, sorry to disappoint, Shorty, but I took it out awhile ago.” He smirks.

The blonde slayer picks him off the ground by the collar and growls, “Wipe that smirk off your face before I do.” He glances at his companions and when they nod, he slaps away her hands and thrusts his hand against her stomach, knocking the air out of her.

“You couldn’t if you tried, Short stuff. But, we’ll see you all tomorrow. I’m going to check into the local motel. Trish, leave the boy toy.” The long haired blonde looks almost sad but hands him to Giles. The trio head for the motel.

Giles says as he cleans his glasses habitually, “Interesting group, aren’t they?” Buffy staggers to her feet and snaps, “When I get my hands on pretty boy over there, he’s going to be in a world of hurt!”

“Well, get some sleep, Buffy,” Giles continues calmly. “Halloween is in a few days, and you teenagers seem to like to dress up for the holidays, no matter how silly they are.”

She grunts and walks home, muttering threats on Dante’s life. Giles chuckles and puts his glasses back on before heading back to the library to close up for the night.

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