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The Devil May Cry in Sunnydale

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Summary: Dante, Trish, and Lady from Devil May Cry accidentally end up in sunnydale during Halloween.

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KingHawkeFR18813,336046,8921 Jun 091 Jun 09No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Chapter 4

Disclaim all I want, but I still don’t own anyone from this story. Moving on

Next morning:

Lady cleans her guns with expert ease with her feet on the table. “Are you joining them for Halloween?” She asks her silver-haired companion who is still lying in bed.

Dante groans, “I’ll think about it.” He rolls over and covers his head with the pillow.

“I’m going,” Trish calls from the bathroom. She brushes her long hair slowly. “That Xander guy is fun to talk to.”

“You mean, he’s fun to tease into unconsciousness,” Lady retorts, checking the ammo for her pistols and bazooka.

The blonde strolls from the bathroom in a miniskirt and strikes a sexy pose. “There’s a difference?” she asks teasingly.

Dante sighs and decides that it is pointless to stay in bed with both girls up and about. He rolls out of bed and collapses into the nearest chair next to Lady’s. “What would you go as?” he inquires, rubbing his temples to relieve his headache.

She grins and flicks her hair over her shoulder. “I will just go as myself…but I might buy nicer clothes for the occasion.”

“What is the real reason for going, Trish?” Dante says bluntly. Her smile vanishes under his gaze and is replaced by a solemn face.

Trish meets his gaze unflinchingly. “Something bad is going to happen within the next couple of days. I recognize the scent that is building in this town. It smells of—“

“Chaos,” Lady finishes, holstering her pistols and pulling the bazooka out of nowhere to examine. “You don’t survive as a demon hunter and not recognize that smell.”

Dante sighs as he grabs his sword and stands. “I was hoping that it was my imagination playing tricks on me. We should tell Shorty and the Brit.”

“They don’t trust us,” points out Lady. “They won’t believe us unless we have proof. Let’s keep it to ourselves until we have solid evidence of chaos at work here.”

When she receives reluctant nods from her coworkers, Lady announces, “Then it’s settled.” She snaps her bazooka together and it disappears. Dante shakes his head, forcing himself not to try to figure it out.

Later in the Day:

Buffy whines, “Hasn’t Snyder ever read the definition of ‘volunteer’?”

“I wish that Principal Snyder was less mean and…Snydery!” mumbles Willow. She looks to her childhood friend for support.

Xander drapes his arm around the short redhead’s shoulder in a brotherly fashion, completely missing her blushing and wide smile. “Don’t worry, Wills. We’ll be there guiding the munchkins through the streets on Halloween right alongside you!”

Buffy forces a smile and says with more confidence then she feels, “That’s right! It’ll be fun to go as we aren’t and relax.”

“Do you have any patrols to make?” Xander asks her, forgetting to let go of Willow, but she doesn’t mind.

The slayer shakes her head, “Nope, Giles says that Halloween is a night that is dead for the undead. Something to do with how commercialized it’s become.”

Xander finally remembers where his arm is and releases Willow, for once noticing the disappointed look on her face. He hesitates but moves his arm to his side, deciding to ask Willow about it later. Xander declares loudly, “Besides, it is our duty to pass down negotiating tips to the next generation of trick-or-treaters!”

“You mean your tips on sleazing more candy off of people?” Buffy inquires with a raised eyebrow.

He grins sheepishly, “Buffy, it always sounds bad if you say it with that attitude.” Willow giggles and Xander says, “Oh, I found this new costume shop that just opened up! It’s supposed to have great deals according to some of the kids that went there for their costumes. Want to meet after school and go find our costumes? It’s called Ethan’s.”

They agree to meet up for the afterschool costume shopping.

After School:

The Scoobies meet up in the library to head to the shop when Trish and Dante show up. “Where’s Lady?” asks Buffy suspiciously when she sees them.

Dante shrugs, “Oh, she’s probably out blowing up some demon or other. She gets pretty pissed off when she kills demons and isn’t getting paid for it, so she vents by killing more demons. It’s a vicious cycle, I’m telling you.” Buffy glares at him, his bored tone grating on her nerves.

Trish stalks up to Xander and grabs his arm possessively. “Hey, hotshot. You never showed me around town like you said you were going to,” she teases. She instantly feels Willow’s glare burrowing into her.

“I-I said I was going to?” Xander stutters, his face completely red.

“Of course!” she purrs, rubbing her chest against Xander’s arm playfully.

“Xander,” Willow says frostily, “Who is this?”

She turns to the redhead and smirks, “I’m Trish the demon hunter. Are you one of the Slayer’s little friends?”

Xander pulls away from Trish and frowns darkly, “I will tolerate a lot, Miss Trish, but insulting Willow is not one of them!” Willow’s face flushes and Xander puts an arm around her shoulders again.

“Leave her alone, Trish,” Dante states. The blonde tries to protest but his glare silences her. “I said, leave the girl alone.” Turning back to Buffy, he smiles, “So, where are we off to?”

“Willow, Xander, and I are off to the costume shop for Halloween,” she replies, her brain trying to balance between his standing up for Willow and her hate of him.

“Great!” Trish exclaims cheerfully, “We’ll come too.”

Xander’s blush and Willow’s glare appear simultaneously. Buffy sighs, “Well…you can come along, but you better not start any trouble!”

Dante smirks, “Shorty, do I look like the kind of guy to start trouble?”

“Yes,” she retorts. The Slayer turns on her heel and storms from the library, followed quickly by her friends.

Trish remarks with amusement, “She’s a little firecracker, isn’t she?”

“Who?” Dante asks lazily.

“The Slayer, of course. Though the redhead seems to have a bad crush on the boy,” she says, tying her hair into a ponytail. Dante grunts noncommittally.

Giles clears his throat and walks down the stairs from the bookshelves. “I would appreciate it if you would leave my slayer and her friends alone,” he says firmly.

“Oh, so she’s Your slayer now?” Trish smirks. Dante’s glare shuts her up again.

He turns to the Watcher, “Hello, Mr. Giles. You said something about being a Watcher, right?” Giles nods slowly. “So, is there some sort of group of Watchers in case you die?”

“There is the Watcher’s Council,” Giles says slowly. He mutters under his breath, “Bunch of stuckup egotistical morons.”

Dante and Trish both smirk, clearly hearing his muttering. “Well, we kill demons for a living, Mr. Giles,” Dante explains. “And while we’re here cleaning up the town, we are missing out on business.”

Giles frowns, “You want the Watcher’s Council to hire you to kill the demons and vampires? We already have a Slayer.”

“The Slayer doesn’t have bazookas and swords that can cut the biggest demon alive in half,” Trish replies curtly.

“Think about it,” Dante says as he walks towards the door, his sword strapped to his back. “Or find someone to hire us to kill demons, or we might just refuse to work without pay.” Trish nods in agreement and they both leave.

Giles cleans his glasses and sighs, “What have we gotten ourselves into with those demon hunters?”

At Ethan’s Store:

Buffy looks through the superhero section and pulls off a fairly skimpy red costume. She holds it up to Willow and announces, “It looks great on you!” Willow opens her mouth to protest, but Xander inserts, “Agreed!”

“It’s settled then!” Buffy says happily, already having chosen her costume. She pushes the costume into the bag holding hers. Xander picks up a pair of goggles and plain looking clothes.

Willow asks curiously, “Um, Xander, what are you going as?”

He grins, “Oh, you’ll see!” He checks the pockets of the costume, finding knives and strange looking guns. Xander picks the costume up and buys it. Ethan examines the costumes being bought and stifles a wide grin.

“Is that all?” Ethan asks cordially. Trish and Dante walk in through the door. They instantly tense at the strong scent of chaos permeating from the storeowner. They exchange glances and seem to come to a decision. “Do you need any help finding costumes?” he asks them, handing Xander his costume back.

“No,” Dante says lazily. “I think we’ll just go as we are this Halloween. I’ve never been big on holidays.”

Ethan insists, “But, sir, you’d look dashing in several of these costumes!” He goes to the different sections and grabs a wolverine outfit, complete with claws. “This would go well with your sword!”

Killer intent fills the air as Dante states firmly, “I am fine, Mister. I have my costume. Where do you think I got the sword from?” Ethan manages a disappointed smile despite being nearly frozen by the killer intent’s intensity.

“Well, the store is open until Halloween night, if you or your lady friend change your minds,” he says quietly.

Trish smiles dangerously, “We will keep that in mind.” The group leaves the store.

Ethan collapses into a chair behind the counter and murmurs, “Chaos is going to be rampant, even with that guy going as he is!”

Dante hears the murmuring from just outside the store with his hypersensitive hearing and smirks. “So it is his doing,” he whispers. Trish’s eyes narrow and lightning sparks from her fingertips. “Not now, Trish,” he warns. She tilts her head in confusion. “I want to catch that slick bastard red handed. He hasn't done anything yet,” he explains. She frowns but nods.

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