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The Devil May Cry in Sunnydale

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Summary: Dante, Trish, and Lady from Devil May Cry accidentally end up in sunnydale during Halloween.

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KingHawkeFR18813,336046,9161 Jun 091 Jun 09No

Chapter 7

Disclaimer: I don’t own Halo, Labyrinth, Lord of the Rings, X-Men, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Devil May Cry, Star Wars, Elektra, The Chronicles of Riddick, Godzilla, and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Basically, I don't own anything. :(

Recap: Ethan laughs, “Quite right! Nobody can stop me now!”

He hears a polite cough behind him. He turns around to see the blood covered form of Dante. “I beg to differ,” he states. A moment later, the champion of chaos flies through the wall of the costume shop, followed by the demon slayer. “And right now, I’m fracking pissed that you were stupid enough to use Chaos on the Hellmouth!” he shouts at Ethan, who is now scrambling to his feet. End Recap

Ethan runs past Dante, who grabs onto his collar and tosses him back out onto the street before he can grab anything. “You are really starting to tick me off, Mister!” screams Ethan as he tries to stand up again. Dante draws out his massive sword and stabs it into Ethan’s shoulder, pinning him to the ground. Blood leaks from the wound.

Dante grins, “The sword hurts you, meaning that you aren’t human anymore. This makes things a lot more fun.” He yanks out the blade and stabs Ethan’s left knee, blood spurting out noisily. Dante laughs, “This is too easy, Chaos demon! Fight me!” He pulls out his blade and takes several steps back. “Tell me when you’re ready.”

The former shopkeeper pulls out a bottle of sparkling liquid and sprinkles it over his shoulder and knee. The skin pulls itself back together and he slides it back into his belt. “That was a special little concoction I made once I got my powers.”

“The problem with making deals with the devil is that the devil never keeps his word,” Dante smirks. He lunges forward, slicing off Ethan’s arm with ease. The Chaos Avatar grabs onto a glass shard on the ground and forms it into a long crystal blade.

Dante easily shatters it with his sword and nicks Ethan’s throat enough to draw blood. Ethan forms a crystal shield around himself from another shard of glass, only to have it shattered again by Dante’s sword. The Englishman unleashes and lightning bolt at the demon hunter, only to have him absorb it with his long blade. “Does that blade block everything?!” shouts Ethan. At Dante’s smirk, he roars, “Let’s see you block this!” He slowly backs up and starts growing. Dante’s smirk turns into a wide grin as Ethan transforms into a several story tall giant. Ethan slowly transforms into an armored Godzilla. He roars and glares down at Dante. Dante pulls out a large gun with one hand and holds his sword with the other hand.

“Finally, something interesting,” grins Dante.

Lady and Trish arrive and stare at Ethan. Trish’s fingers sparkle with electricity, and Lady states bluntly, “I’m not getting paid enough for this.”

“We’re not getting paid until it is dead,” Trish replies, her eyes never leaving the creature.

Dante grins, “Well, ladies and gentlemen, get out of here. This show is not for children.” He rushes at the Godzilla with his gun blazing and sword swinging. Lady pulls out her bazooka from who-knows-where and levels it at the monster. Trish rushes forward with her lightning bolts blazing.

“I’m helping!” Amy yells after them, readying her bow and arrow as she leaps up the large scaled monster with ease.

Spike sees the Godzilla rise nearby and erects a magical shield around everyone in the alley. “What in the world is that?”

“Ever see television, Spike?” retorts Buffy. “That’s Godzilla!”

Master Chief Jonathan, Darth Warren, and Elite Andrew huddle together and start formulating strategies. Xander, Buffy, and Willow exchange glances and start walking towards Godzilla. “What are you doing?” the newly Clawed Angel inquires.

Buffy glances over her shoulder and holds up her guns, “Believe it or not, love, we’re still the Scoobies, and we’re going to take down the new big bad.”

The Nerd Three hurry and catch up with them. Spike sighs and lets them all out of the barrier before bringing it back up. Angel grabs Spike by the throat and extends his claws, “You’re helping end this. Come on or I’ll decapitate you.” Spike frowns, but since he has no choice in the matter, he decides that it is in his own best interests if the Godzilla monster was put down. He runs to catch up with the Scoobies and erects a mobile magical barrier around them. They see explosions and gun fire occurring at random spots across the huge beast as four figures leap around on top of him.

Ethan roars, “Get off of me, you pests! I will kill you all!” Dante’s sword slices through the thick scales and yank out of his skin, making small paper cuts all over the huge lizard. Bazooka shells bounce off the dinosaur and make small craters on the ground as the ammunition is being thrown around Godzilla’s head and tail. Trish zaps anywhere that she feels a sensitive spot, causing Godzilla to shake his head and tail and turn around in circles, trying to shake them off. Buildings are leveled in all directions, the citizens of Sunnydale flooding into the streets and running away.

Once they get close enough, Warren and Jonathan jump onto Ethan’s huge left foot and stab at it with lightsabers, Halo energy blades, and plasma rifles. “This is fun!” yells Warren as the foot goes up and down. He uses the force to stay on. Andrew adjusts his footing, thanks to precise instructions from Cortana on where to stand and where to strike, and releases a loud war whoop as he stabs away at the scales. Ethan roars furiously. They look up at the monster they are stabbing and exchange glances before resuming their stabbing faster.

Buffy and Willow throw ropes up the side of Ethan, the grapples hooking onto the scales. They scale up the monster as quickly as they can with the constant movement of the giant lizard hindering their climbing greatly.

The Wild Gang stares at Godzilla/Ethan in awe and sit in the alley to watch the fireworks.

Standing near Godzilla’s tail, Xander and Larry exchange sour glances. “I slice first,” Xander states. They duck and the tail passes over their heads.

“No, I get the first blow,” growls Larry.

Xander snorts, “Whatever, Necro.” He runs after the moving tail.

“Get back here, Furyan heretic!” shouts Larry, chasing after Harris angrily. Xander leaps onto the tail and straddles it, stabbing at the tail to no affect. He stabs his knives between the scales and tries to pry them apart. Larry does a front flip, lands on the tail, and stabs between Xander’s blades into the barely unprotected skin.

“Cheap shot,” mutters Xander darkly. He glares at Larry and kicks his legs out from under him. The football player drops onto his back, bounces off the tail, and rolls onto the ground. Xander grips the tail tightly with his thumb blades as the tail becomes airborne once more.

A lone figure walks up the street towards the rampaging Chaos Avatar. His clean business suit remains remarkably spotless despite the destruction and fires around him. He stalks up to Godzilla and glares at him. “I am Mayor Wilkins!” shouts the figure. “I don’t know who you are, who sent you, or who you work for, but I will not tolerate this disturbance in My Town! Get out!”

Principal Snyder hurries behind him and yells weakly, “What he said!” Godzilla gazes down at him impassively. His large back scale plates glow brightly and the air surrounding them starts to shimmer. Ethan smirks and opens his mouth widely while he feels the power build throughout his body. He aims his mouth at the Mayor and Principal and unleashes a thick beam of radioactive fiery energy.

When the smoke clears from the crater, the Mayor stands back up, his suit in tatters, but his skin completely unharmed. Snyder is nowhere to be seen. Mayor Wilkins shouts furiously, “That’s enough out of you! You ruined my best suit, you are ruining my town, and you have been given a warning! Destroy him!” Demons and vampires of all kinds swarm from the sewers and few standing structures and pounce on the legs of Godzilla and start climbing. The demon slayers, Buffy, Willow, and Amy immediately start slaughtering the demons and vampires. The overwhelming numbers ignore them despite their attack and focuses on taking down Godzilla. The gigantic monster growls loudly and opens its mouth again, the scales powering up and sizzling several of the less fortunate creatures climbing up the “apparently easy path”.

The Mayor storms back towards Godzilla, shaking his fist angrily and shouting threats. The beam of destruction knocks him off his feet and sends him flying across town. The Mayor bounces a few times and lands in a heap. He stands up quickly, pushing his arms, legs, and neck back into joint. He pulls small things out of his pockets and stuffs them into his mouth. “I am going to take you out myself!” Wilkins declares between chews, green goop dripping out of his mouth along with some strange looking spider legs. He swallows them and stuffs more into his mouth, only clad in his somehow indestructible boxers(probably due to a spell or something).

Godzilla powers up for another attack, swatting at the pesky people covering him. A handful of demons that finally managed to reach Ethan’s face fall into his mouth and are instantly vaporized by the sheer heat of the beam directed at the Mayor again. The Mayor runs around it, the beam following like a homing beacon. As he gets closer, he sheds his human skin into a human/snake hybrid. He sheds his skin again and becomes more snake-like with tiny arms and legs. He sheds his skin a third and final time to reveal a huge snake demon. Dante watches the transformation with the rare expression of excitement covering his face.

Dante watches as the Snake Demon wraps around Godzilla’s left leg and slowly slithers upward like a boa constrictor around a prey. He climbs higher, carefully avoiding the huge claws on Godzilla’s short arms. Wilkins slithers up around his throat and tightens rapidly. Ethan claws at his throat helplessly, unable to charge for another attack or breathe.

Buffy, Willow, and the elven princess slice through the remaining vampires and demons with amazing teamwork, their battle instincts coordinating their attacks perfectly. Lady and Trish pause long enough to admire the teamwork before going back to causing damage across Ethan’s back with lightning bolts and Lady’s bazooka. Xander keeps holding onto the tail, his Furyan blood pumping hard with the effort. Larry somehow manages to get back onto the tail several times, but Ethan’s frantic struggling continues throwing him into nearby structures. If not for his armor and Necromonger ability of not being able to experience pain, he would be crippled from the pain and his broken bones would be beyond comprehension. Yet, despite his constant defeats, he continues trying, determined to not be shown up by a loser like Xander.

Finally, Ethan drops to his knees and morphs into King Kong. He pulls the Mayor off his neck and stares into his eyes, growling loudly. He stretches out the mayor, swings him around several times, and releases him. The mayor flies into the horizon. Unfortunately for the new Avatar of Chaos, his plan to get rid of the mayor has a few flaws. The flaws would include three demon hunters, the Scoobies, a few transformed warriors on his feet, and a certain Furyan still clinging to the fur around his backside along with the Necromonger slashing at the back of his legs with his double bladed axe.

A few seconds later, the colossal gorilla falls flat on his back, covered in huge gashes and holes from head to toe. Xander and Larry manage to drop to the ground and roll to safety between Ethan’s legs before he can crush them. They lay on their stomachs, side by side. They glance at each other tiredly, at the surrounding wreckage, and burst out laughing at having just survived the night. The other fighters stand on top of the defeated gorilla tiredly.

“I guess we did it,” Buffy pants.

Trish smiles at her, “Yeah, I guess we did. Good work. I can see why you’re called the Slayer.”

“Ditto,” Buffy murmurs breathlessly. Dante looks almost…hyper at having had to exert himself against such a huge opponent. “The question now is: what do we do with the body?” The fighters all exchange glances before looking over at Giles who is hiding behind his car, which remained remarkably untouched throughout the entire fiasco.

Miles Away:

A pack of vampires living out in an old shack in the desert stare in shock at the sight of a giant dead demon snake sticking out of the hole that used to be their house. “I guess we’re on the move again, eh?” the guy vampire inquires.

“Totally, dude,” the girl vampire says happily. “I hated this bogus shack anyways.”

“Excellent! So did I!” the guy replies. They walk towards the nearest town hand in hand.

In the Realm of Gods:

Janus leans over a cloud and watches his/her new champion being defeated. The Powers that Be sneer, “See? I told you my champions would beat yours!”

The God of Chaos grouches, “We’ll see next time. Just you wait! Plus, now you have to deal with all these crazy people with powers. Have fun with that!” Smirking, Janus stands up and walks away, leaving the Powers that Be and their friends with a stunned expression once they think about what Janus just said.

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