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The Devil May Cry in Sunnydale

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Summary: Dante, Trish, and Lady from Devil May Cry accidentally end up in sunnydale during Halloween.

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KingHawkeFR18813,336046,8921 Jun 091 Jun 09No

Chapter 8

Disclaimer: I still own nothing, or I’d be really, really rich. But, who’s keeping track.

In Sunnydale’s Graveyard:

“Buffy, help us bury these!” Willow calls to her, lifting another box and dropping it into a grave. Everyone from Halloween helps haul the boxes full of pieces of King Kong and bury them throughout the graveyard, except for the Slayer.

She smirks, “Sorry, but I have to protect all of you while you bury the pieces. We wouldn’t want any vampires to catch us off guard, would we?” Willow glares at her and tosses another box into the grave.

As a vampire erupts from the dirt, an arrow impales it and sends it back to the grave. Buffy scowls at the elven Amy who is sitting in a tree. “That was mine!” Buffy yells.

“All is fair and love and war! This is war!” Amy calls back while she readies another arrow. Jonathan and Andrew shake their heads and tosses two boxes each into the graves they dug for Ethan.

Five Hours Later:

They finish burying the last of the graves and collapse against the different tombstones. Warren breathes heavily through his respirator and polishes his lightsaber. “I hate today,” he mumbles.

“I hate Halloween,” replies Spike, resting against his staff.

Dante, Trish, and Lady look over the changed teenagers with interest. “If they stay like this, we could really use them,” Trish grins.

Lady drawls, “Especially Xander the Furyan?”

“I just happen to like younger men,” Trish says fondly. A sai slams into the tree behind her. She follows its path back to its owner. Willow glares at her dangerously.

“Stay away from Xander,” she warns menacingly. “Or I will take out a contract on you.”

Trish’s fingertips flash. “Bring it on, red,” the blonde offers.

Nearby, Larry glances at Harris. “Hey, Furyan, don’t think this is over just because the spell thingy ended. You will still die.”

“If you say so, Necromonger,” Xander answers tiredly with his eyes closed. “I honestly couldn’t care less.”

Dante calls to the original Scoobies, “You know, I’ve been wanting a spar with you three, and now it’ll be on even grounds. What’da say?”

Buffy cracks her neck and stands from her tombstone, “You’re mine, Dante.”

“Not yet,” he smirks. She slides out her pistols and aims at him, only to find his pistol pointing to her forehead with the sword against her throat. He stares down her barrels and says, “No guns.”

Buffy growls, “I’m getting déjà fu here. Did you ever watch Tomb Raider?”

“Yes,” Dante grins. Her guns slam together around his and she throws them away. She draws a small knife and kicks him back a few feet. He gets into a fighting stance and lunges at her. She easily evades his sweeping blade and deflects the sharp edge with her knife. She twists the blade around and slams the sword into the dirt. She jumps onto the sword and runs at him. She pulls a small pistol from her midback and shoots at him. The bullet goes deep into his arm and he throws her off the blade. “What did I say about guns?”

Buffy retorts, “You’re talking to a tomb raider.” She dodges his long strikes and leaves small cuts along his arms, barely drawing blood.

Trish and Willow watch them briefly before turning to each other. “Care to dance?” Trish inquires playfully.

Willow snaps, “Love to!” Trish blinks a few times as a wave of nausea rushes over her. She ducks under the redhead’s kicks and punches at her knee. Willow twirls in the air and kicks off her chest, landing smoothly. “You’ll have to do better than that.” She grips her sai and lunges at her again. The demon deflects a punch and stops the sai a centimeter from her nose.

“You’re one to talk,” Trish retorts, snapping the girl’s wrist. Willow yanks her hand back, pops it back into place, and grunts loudly in pain. She rolls under Trish’s next punch, grabs her sai, and tries to get her again, only to be deflected and pushed back.

Lady and Xander eye each other from their places on their tombstones. “Feel like fighting?” Lady inquires, heaving her bazooka onto her shoulder.

Xander smirks, “Not especially, Lady, but I wouldn’t mind just talking for awhile. You seem like an interesting kind of girl.”

“Since when have you been so bold?” the demon hunter says with a raised eyebrow.

Xander grins roguishly, “Since I became a hot-blooded Furyan. How about that talk?”

Lady thinks about it, glances at the fights, and looks back at him. “Fine, let’s talk.”

Nearby, Warren taps Giles on the shoulder. “Yes, Mister…Vader?”

“The name is Darth Warren, but Dante requested that I allocate the funds from the Watcher’s Council for helping to take down the chaos demon. Since I helped, I’m getting a cut in the pay,” Warren states while he looms over the seated librarian.

Giles cleans his glasses and asks absently, “What makes you think that I will pay you a single…” He grasps at his throat and claws at the invisible hand that is choking him. Warren stands over him with his fingers very slowly closing.

“I grow impatient, little man. You don’t know the power of the Sith,” Warren states coldly. “I will be back in one week for the money. Discuss the matter with Dante for the exact amount. Do not disappoint me.” He releases his force hold on Giles and storms away. Giles pants for air and rubs his throat, shaking slightly as the realization of how close to death he really was, had Warren been just a little more true to the Sith ways.

Giles mumbles to himself, “I truly despise Halloween.”

Now that the work is over, the swim team starts a party around the tombstones with loud singing and exchanging of body parts. The Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland, which was actually Drusilla’s new cat before being dressed up, is proud of the weird looks they receive. It murmurs from the tree that it is perched in, “This should be more fun than Wonderland ever could be!” It hums and slowly fades one stripe at a time, until only the smile is left before that too fades into nothingness.

In Drusilla’s Hideout:

The insane vampiress is inconsolable at the loss of ‘daddy’ to the spell. She cries loudly, the other vampires scared to try to comfort her. The cat slowly materializes nearby, one stripe at a time. In a sobbing heap, Drusilla picks up the feline and cries into its fur. The purple striped cat snuggles against her and whispers soothing words in her ear, though she does not appear to think anything is wrong with having a cat talking to her.

Back at the Graveyard:

The fights end with Willow holding a sai to Trish’s forehead while Trish holds a sparking hand to the red-head’s throat, resulting in a draw. Dante ends the fight once his partner’s ends. He slices Buffy’s weapons to fine metal shards and pins her to the wall with his sword through her shoulder. The Slayer persona in her cries out in pain as the sword keeps it from moving. “I win,” Dante states.

The swim team calls over their...whatever their heads are next to, “We’ll see you around! Call if you need any help!” The body parts spread out into different directions with the people trying to find the run away parts.


Angel wanders away from the group and strolls down the dimly lit street to think in silence. A hat-wearing, short man appears next to him. “Hiya, Angel! I work for the Powers that Be and—” Whistler collapses to the ground without a head and the mutant continues walking forward as his claws retreat back into his hand.

He growls, "I hate demons like him." Any passerbyers are wise enough to stay away.

Above the Earth:

The Powers that Be frown deeply at the loss of their prime messenger boy. “You! Come here! You are our new messenger!” they call to a passing spirit.

The person glares at them and snarls, “Why would I want to go back to Earth?”

“We’ll let you go to Hell if you just work as a balance demon for a few hundred years,” the PTB offers.

Groaning at the tempting offer, the spirit states, “Fine, but if you don’t uphold your end of the deal, things are going to get nasty.”

“Have a safe journey, Angelus,” they reply. The spirit fades from heaven and is sent back to Earth.

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You have reached the end of "The Devil May Cry in Sunnydale" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Jun 09.

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