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Like Father, Like Son

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Summary: Dean/Buffy friendship w/ hint of a crush. Some John/Mary. Hint of Joyce/Mary friendship. Death of character.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Theme: FriendshipAmesWhiteFR13104,677155,8833 Jun 0914 Dec 09Yes

Strength, Determination, and Anger

Disclaimer: BTVS, Supernatural and all characters and related elements are properties of their genius creators, Joss Whedon and Eric Kripke. FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY no infringement intended. I own nothing.

John quickly glanced at his oldest son through the Impala’s rear view mirror. His son had been strong the past couple of years. Dean ever complained and always kept an eye out for Sammy. Sometimes, though, John wondered whether he was a terrible parent. It was his job to care for his boys, but life, unfortunately, was never simple or easy. He had done the best that he could do and ensured his boys would be strong.

They must be strong. They need to survive.

Dean, at seven years old, was tough and resilient. Sometimes, it seemed he was too tough, though. It made him wonder how Dean had somehow managed to develop a tough exterior like his old man. How did he manage to fool the world that he wasn’t fragile and broken? It made John guilty, knowing that Dean had taken his lead in this façade of bravado and fearless attitude. Dean was too young to be strong and brave.

If only Mary hadn’t of died and left a gaping injury in their spirits. Only little Sammy would be spared this pain, even it is a mixed blessing. While Dean and John would miss Mary with every fiber of their being, Sammy would only wonder what she had been like, but he wouldn’t feel the aching, gnawing pain of her passing. It was this grief that linked father and son together. It was this searing rage of an unknown monster that made the two very much alike. Sam wasn’t and would never be like them. Or, at least, John hoped not. To be like them, it meant giving up a part of your self to the Hunt and the mission of revenge. Yes, Sam would be taught how to protect himself from evil, but he would not know the touch of the red, hot poker of hatred at the hidden darkness of this world.

Dean didn’t know that John saw the determination and anger in his eyes, but it was so very clear. Perhaps, John was a poor father and shouldn’t be raising his boys to be soldiers, but what other choice did he have? If an alternative is to let his boys be raised in ignorance and in false safety then that plan can go to hell! Dean understood that what John did was necessary. He knew that saving people from evil son-of-a-bitches was more important than an actual home and an actual normal life. His boy was brave and smart, for that John felt such pride at Dean.

John took one more glance at his son before he started his car to take them away to another town and another hunt.


Dean looked up from the comic book he was reading.

“You did good taking care of your little brother Sammy.” John told his son gruffly.

Dean beamed at his father and puffed out his chest.

“Aw, Dad. Sammy’s easy to take care of. Nothing too hard about him.” Dean declared proudly.

John frowned when he heard those innocent words of his oldest son.

It shouldn’t be easy. You shouldn’t have to be the one to take care of him.

John signed and backed out the parking lot of one of the many motels they have stayed in for the past three years.

Note: I have finally concluded my story. As you can see, John and Dean in many ways are alike with how they grieve and how they live. Both wish to be strong, but in order to do that they had to create a tough persona of sorts. Also, I wish to let you know that I will eventually will create a sequel. It won't be started until sometime during my Christmas break, though. Thanks for your patience!!

The End

You have reached the end of "Like Father, Like Son". This story is complete.

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