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New Life

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Giles' New Watcher begins his New Life on Earth. Part 2 in the New Watcher series.

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Chapter 7

Disclaimer: I do not own any work by Joss Whedon or JRR Tolkien. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

Dawn rose early the next morning after only a few hours sleep...she couldn’t wait to get to the Angel Academy to continue her magical education and training. After she showered and put on her clothes, she walked to the Council Headquarters to have breakfast.


Buffy informed everyone at the Slayer Compound the night before that she’ll be accompanying Dawn to the Angel Academy the following morning.

“Hello kid,” Whistler said, when he appeared.

“Hello Whistler,” Buffy replied

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“Yes I am,” she answered.

Whistler snapped his fingers.


While everyone was waiting for Buffy to arrive, David, Angela, Aral and Maril said their goodbyes to Giles and Maglor.

Dawn was pacing back and forth.

“After Whistler returns Buffy to the Slayer Compound, he’ll return here with the books from Mrs. Evans,” Angela told Giles.

“Thank you,” he said.

“Patience Dawn,” Aral said to her.

“She’s excited,” David told him.

“I can’t wait to go,” she said, smiling.

Buffy and Whistler then appeared in the parlor of the New Watchers’ Council Headquarters.

“I’ll see you at the end of August Giles,” Dawn said, and gave him a hug.

“I’ll see you then,” he replied, smiling at her, hugging her in return.

“Is everyone ready to go?” David asked.

“Yes,” they answered.

“Whistler,” Angela said, and they all disappeared.


Angel Academy for the Gifted and Talented

“I’ll see you in the morning Dawn,” Maril said, when they arrived at the Academy.

“Okay!” she said, and watched as Aral and Maril took their leave.

“I’m going home to my wife and children,” David said, and disappeared in a flash of white light.

“I’m Mrs. Helen Evans, Head Mistress of the Angel Academy for the Gifted and Talented,” the lady said, when she walked up to Dawn and Buffy.

“I”m Buffy Summers and this is my sister Dawn Summers,” Buffy replied.

“Hello Buffy and Dawn,” she said, shaking their hands. “I’ll give the two of you the tour of the Academy and after we’re through, Angela will show Dawn to her room so she can change. Right this way.”

Buffy and Dawn followed Mrs. Evans.


Mrs. Evans showed them the classrooms, dojo rooms, library, labs, assembly room and dining room. After the tour, she took them to her office and had Buffy sign admission and insurance papers for Dawn.

They saw Angela waiting for them in the foyer.

“Angela will take Dawn to her room,” Mrs. Evans said, and walked down the hallway to her office.

“How was the tour?” Angela asked, leading them to a spiraling staircase.

“Great!” Dawn answered, grinning from ear to ear.

“This is a nice place,” Buffy said, observing her surroundings. She noticed the marble floors, paintings, flowers and columns as Angela lead them up the staircase and around the corner. They stopped at a door and Angela opened it.

“This is your room Dawn,” she said, when they entered.

“It’s beautiful,” Buffy said, when they walked into the room. They both noticed the crown moldings and elegant decor, which was a mix of modern and traditional. The furniture was modern and the architecture was traditional.

“Gosh,” Dawn said, looking around the room after they entered. She saw a sitting area with a sofa and coffee table with a flat screen television above the fireplace near the balcony, and laptop computer and cell phone on the desk. The bed was a double bed.

“The computer and cell phone are yours Dawn. The computer has internet access and e-mail. Your cell phone has my number, David’s number, Buffy’s number and Mr. Giles’ office and home numbers,” Angela told her.

“Thanks,” Dawn said, and walked to her desk.

“This is your cell phone Buffy, with Dawn’s, Mrs. Evans, David’s and my number...and this is Dawn’s e-mail address at the Academy.” Angela told her, and handed her a cell phone and piece of paper with Dawn’s e-mail address.

“What’s my e-mail address?” Dawn asked, turning and looking at Angela.

“You’ll find it under your cell phone along with your daily schedule,” she answered.

Buffy put her cell phone and the piece of paper in her purse and watched as Dawn pick up her cell phone and found the piece of paper with her e-mail address and daily schedule.

“These cell phones can only be used to call the persons already in your contact list and no one else, due to the spell on the phones,” Angela told them. “Dawn, you can only e-mail Buffy and Mr. Giles...and your cell phone and computer will stay here when you leave and they’ll be here when you return.”

“I can only contact you, David, Mrs. Evans and Dawn?” Buffy asked.

“Yes,” she answered. “These cell phones and computers belong to the Angel Institute.”

“Oh...,” Dawn said, explaining to Buffy that these cell phones and computers are only used by the Angel Institute and no one else.

“Only you and Dawn can use your cell phones and only Dawn or someone from the Angel Institute or Academy can access her computer,” Angela told them.

Buffy nodded her head in understanding.

“Here’s the balcony,” she said, and lead them to the french doors which opened to the balcony.

When they stepped onto the balcony they noticed a table and two chairs.

“The grounds are beautiful,” Buffy said, looking around with her slayer eyes.

“Look at the trees and flowers Buffy,” Dawn cried. “I can hear and understand what they’re saying.”

Buffy noticed the flowers in bloom and all the trees surrounding the property. She also heard a small stream flowing in the distance.

“Here’s your closet,” Angela said, when they stepped back into the room and she opened closet doors. “The clothes and shoes are in your size.”

Dawn tried on her shoes and sneakers, which fit perfectly, and looked at her new dresses, skirts, blouses, slacks and jeans.

“Your tops, underwear, bars and sweats are in the dresser drawers,” she said, and watched as Buffy and Dawn opened each drawer and inspected each item. She then showed them the bathroom. “This is your laundry bag, and your dirty clothes will be picked up every Tuesday and Friday for washing or cleaning and will be returned to you the same day.”

Dawn and Buffy saw the toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, q-tips, cotton balls, deodorant, lotions, soaps, towels, hand towels, wash cloths and 2 bathrobes hanging on the back of the door. They also noticed everything in the bathroom was marble, including the floors.

“This is great,” Buffy and Angela heard Dawn say.

They both smiled at her.

“Lunch will be served soon and I suggest you change. Buffy and I will be in the sitting room,” Angela said.

Dawn went to the dresser and took out a pair of sweats and returned to the bathroom to change.

“She’ll be fine Buffy,” Angela said, while they were sitting on the sofa waiting for Dawn.

“I’ve never been separated from her and I’ve always protected her,” Buffy replied.

“I know, but she’ll be heading to Oxford in the Fall and you can’t protected her there, but she’ll be well protected here. Dawn has to learn to fight her own battles, that’s why she’s here,” Angela told her.

“I know,” Buffy said.

“I’m ready,” Dawn said, when she walked into the room and hung up her clothes and put her purse on the closet shelf. She tied her hair back and put on a pair of sneakers.

“Let’s go down to the dining room,” Angela said.

When they entered the dining room, a few students turned and stared at the Longest Living Slayer and the Key. They smiled and waved at them and Buffy and Dawn returned the smile and waved.

“It’s our lunch time, and we’ll be served by the staff,” Angela said, and lead them to a table for four.


“That was delicious,” Buffy said, wiping her napkin across her mouth.

“Thank you,” Angela replied. “The teachers are coming over to introduce themselves.”

Buffy and Dawn turned and saw the Academy teachers walking towards their table...and introduced themselves when they arrived.

“My name is Professor Donald Graham and David and I will be your martial arts instructors,” he told Dawn, holding out is hand.

“Nice to meet,” Dawn said, to the tall, muscular, baldheaded black man, after she shook his hand.

“I’ll see you tomorrow at 4:00 p.m.,” he said, and turned and walked out of the dining room.

“I didn’t know David would be teaching me martial arts,” Dawn said to Angela, after the other Professors walked out of the dining room.

“Surprise!” Angela said.

“You knew?” Buffy asked, with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, I did,” she answered. “David is very well versed in the martial arts.”

Whistler appeared in the Academy dining room.

“I think it’s time for me to leave,” Buffy said, and got up from her chair.

Angela watched as Buffy and Dawn gave each other hugs and said their good-byes.

“It was nice meeting you Buffy and I’m sure we’ll see each other again,” she said.

“I have a feeling we will,” Buffy replied, with a smile. “Whistler.”

Whistler snapped his fingers.


Whistler appeared in Giles’ office after returning Buffy to the Slayer Compound. “Here is the package from Mrs. Evans,” he said, and handed the package to Giles.

“Thank you,” Giles replied.

Whistler disappeared.

Giles immediately went to his suite and put the books away in a secret safe in his closet.

The End

You have reached the end of "New Life". This story is complete.

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