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New Life

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Giles' New Watcher begins his New Life on Earth. Part 2 in the New Watcher series.

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own any work by Joss Whedon or JRR Tolkien. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creations.

After Rupert Giles, Angela Simone, Maglor and Whistler appeared in Mrs. Evans’ office, Whistler disappeared. When Angela let go of Maglor’s hands, he looked around the office and saw a mortal woman sitting at a desk and bowed to her.

“Hello Maglor, I’m Mrs. Helen Evans, Head Mistress of the Angel Academy for the Gifted and Talented,” she told him with a warm smile, when she got up from her chair and walked over to him.

Just then a butler walked into her office.

“This is Mr. James and he’ll show you to your room where you can bathe and change before dinner. Afterwards, he’ll show you to the dinning hall,” she told him.

“Thank you,” he said, and bowed to her again and followed the butler out of her office.

“After dinner, the three of you will meet me in my office,” she said. “Why don’t the two of you shower and change before dinner.”

Giles and Angela knew a dismissal when they heard one and left her office.


This is a very strange place, Maglor thought, as he followed the butler down a long hallway and then us a winding staircase to his room. He was surprised to see that the females wore short dresses and he could see their legs.

“This is your room sir,” he said, when he opened the door.

When Maglor entered the first thing he saw was a large bed, two chairs and what the butler called, end tables, lamps and a dresser. The light in the ceiling was called a chandelier and the floors were wood.

The butler showed him how to use the light switch and how to open the doors to the terrace. Maglor stepped onto the terrace and noticed a table and two chairs; and when he looked up at the stars, they were very different. He could also see the many trees surrounding the property, and by the chill in the air, he knew it was winter. When he walked back into the room, the butler opened the closet doors and he saw 3 magnificent dark blue elvish cloaks, fine tunics, which were different from the tunics he used to wear, leggings and six pair of elvish boots, also very different from the ones he used to wear.

The butler explained to him how to wear the shoes, suites, pants, shirts, sweaters and evening wear; along with the underwear, socks, pajamas and the like. The butler then escorted me into the bathroom, which larger than the ones he remembered; and explained to him how to use the wash cloths, shower, toilet and toilet paper, and to flush the toilet every time he used it. He also explained to him how to use the faucets, toothpaste and toothbrush.

Maglor watched as the butler ran his bath and while the water was running, the butler showed him the dirty clothes hamper and told him how to use it. After Maglor took off his clothes and put them in the hamper, the butler picked up his shoes and walked out of the bathroom and closed the door.

When Maglor stepped into the warm soapy water, it felt good against his skin and gave himself a good scrubbing and washed my hair. After his bath, he put on his bathrobe and slippers; and when he entered the bedroom, he noticed his clothes were laid out on the bed. The tunic and leggings felt good against his skin and the boots were a perfect fit. After he finished dressing, Mr. James brushed his hair, which came down to his waist. When he looked into the mirror, he saw a different elf – one who was clean.

Mr. James then escorted him to the dining hall.

Maglor noticed the students when he entered and that all the tables were round and there was no high table. The butler escorted me to the table where Mr. Giles and Eru’s Herald were seated. He noticed Mrs. Evans sat with other males and females at a round table across the room. A chicken dish was served for dinner with an excellent white wine. Maglor found the new spices were very pleasing to his palate and the dessert tasty.


Rupert Giles was not a stupid man, he’d been a Watcher too long and knew there was something not quite right about Mr. James when he entered Mrs. Evans’ office. When he escorted Maglor to the table, Giles had a funny feeling there was more to Mr. James than met the eye.

After dessert, another butler walked up to Giles and told them Mrs. Evans was ready to see them in her office. When they entered her office, they saw her sitting on one of the love seats and Mr. James was sitting next to her. Giles was intrigued, to say the least.

Mr. James nodded at Giles and Giles returned the nod. Mrs. Evans waved her hand for Giles and Maglor to sit on the other love seat across from her and Angela sat in one of the chairs. The butler served Maglor and Giles tea, which Mr. James was also drinking. Mrs. Evans had an after dinner drink and Angela had water, then the butler departed the office.

“Maglor, as you know, Lord Eru gave you the gift of human magic that’s practiced here,” Mrs. Evans said to him.

“Yes,” he replied.

“What Angela didn’t tell you – because she didn’t know – was that Lord Eru also gave you the gift of elvish magic, which is very different from the elvish magic practiced in Aman,” she told him.

Maglor was surprised to hear this, but didn’t show it outwardly, and Angela nearly chocked on her water. Giles was surprised to hear this as well.

Mr. James smiled at Maglor.

“Is elvish magic different from human magic?” Giles asked.

“Indeed it is Mr. Giles, very different,” Mr. James answered.

Mrs. Evans then mumbled a few words in a language no one understood, except Angela, and Mr. James appeared in his true form.

Maglor immediately get up from the love seat and bowed. “Well met,” he said.

“My name is Aral,” he said, with a masculine and musical voice and returned the bow.

Giles’ suspicions were confirmed – there was more to Mr. James than met the eye.

Aral’s 6'3", had brown eyes, black hair, which came half-way down his back and was tied with a leather strap in a single warrior’s braid. He had broad shoulders, was medium build and his waist was not a slim as the elves in Aman, but he was just as gorgeous as any elf. His body type was more like a man’s than an elf.

Maglor noticed he had on the same style tunic he had on with the same leggings and boots.

“Maril,” Mrs. Evans softly said.

When Maril walked into her office, she walked over to Aral. She’s 5'11", with a slender to medium build, has brown eyes, and her black hair was also tied in a single warrior’s braid half-way down her back in a leather strap. She too had on an elvish tunic and leggings.

“Maglor, I would like to introduce you to my wife, Maril,” Aral said.

“Well met, Maglor son of Fëanor,” she said softly, in her lovely voice and bowed.

“Well met,” Maglor replied and bowed in return. He noticed they were not as tall as the elves in Aman and their skin was darker.

“The elvish cloaks, tunics, leggings and boots are a gift from us to you Maglor,” Aral told him.

“Thank you,” he said, as he sat back down. Maglor was extremely happy to see two more elves and realized he had not seen another elf since the end of the Third Age on Arda.

“The Avalian Elves are also from another dimension and they train our students in weaponry,” Mrs. Evans told Maglor. “We’ve also known them for thousands of years.”

Maglor nodded.

“The Avalian Elves don’t speak Quenya or Sindarin Maglor. We speak what we simply called Elvish, so we must communicate in English,” Aral told him.

Maglor again nodded his head in the affirmative.

“The elvish magic that was gifted to you is the magic we practice on our world and I’m also a healer,” Maril told Maglor.

“Whistler,” Mrs. Evans said, and Whistler appeared in front of Maglor and snapped his fingers, then walked over and stood next to Angela.

“You can now speak either Quenya or Sindarin when you use your elvish magic,” Mrs. Evans told him.

Maglor was pleased to hear it.


“Mr. Giles, the Lord knows Willow’s teaching Dawn magic and He doesn’t want her teaching the Key anything. He wants Dawn to be taught by Maril and He’s given Maril the gift of wand magic and Latin...and Maril will also teach Dawn elvish magic,” Mrs. Evans told him.

“The High Holy One has taken all the magical knowledge Willow has taught Dawn away while she slept tonight,” Whistler informed Giles.

“There aren’t any wizards or wand witches on Earth that I know of,” Giles said, surprised at what Whistler just told him, but hid it well.

“They’re no more than few hundred on Earth Mr. Giles. Most people don’t know about them because their numbers are so few and that number has remained constant for thousands of years,” Mrs. Evans told him. “They also live in their own community and don’t brother others.”

“Do you know why the Lord doesn’t want Willow to teach Dawn magic?” he asked.

“You know why Mr. Giles,” Mrs. Evans answered. “When you return with Maglor to England, Maril, Aral and Angela will be going with you. They’ll make this offer to Dawn and if she accepts – and I believe she will – she’ll return with them within two days to the Academy and begin her lessons. Dawn will also be taught martial arts by one of our Masters and Aral will test her to see what weapon she’s best suited for, and she’ll learn how to use that weapon properly, along with her daggers. We know she’s out of school and helping you rebuild the New Watchers’ Council and she wants to be a Watcher. Angela is going with you to talk to Dawn about the school and deliver a message to Willow,” she answered.

Giles raised in eyebrow and knew the message Angela will deliver to Willow will not be pleasant. “Her sister might not let her come,” he said.

“We know Dawn’s still a minor and we’ll need Buffy’s consent, and if she agrees, we have a consent form for Buffy to sign. Dawn will be hunted all her life and her sister can’t protect her forever, and we know Dawn will start classes at Oxford at the end of August. She’ll return to England a week before her classes begin. Many students here are 17 and 18 years and it will be good for Dawn to meet students her own age and make some life long friends. When the students here graduate, they still continue their training and magic lessons through the end of the summer before they go off to college or work for the Angel Institute. Dawn will have plenty of company while she’s here and they all know she’s the Key,” Mrs. Evans told Giles.

Giles knew Mrs. Evans had a point about Dawn being hunted all her life and thought it would be good for Dawn to meet and socialize with teens her own age. He was surprised to hear the students knew Dawn was the Key, but remembered where he was. “What would Dawn need to bring with her?”

“Only her passport, money and purse. We’ve provide everything she’ll need, including clothes and shoes,” she answered.

“These are Dawn’s wands Mr. Giles,” Maril said, and produced two wands from her tunic. “I’ll teach her how to properly access the power of the Key and how to control it. The Key’s core can only be accessed with a wand because it’s inside her and must be pushed out with a wand.”

“Hand the wands to Mr. Giles and Maglor,” Mrs. Evans said, and Maril handed the wands to Giles.

Giles took a wand in each hand and noticed they were 12 inches long (30.48 centimeters) and made of dark brown wood. He didn’t understand the word on each wand and then handed them to Maglor.

Maglor took one wand in each hand and saw a script he didn’t recognize, then handed the wands back to Maril.

“The script on the wands is simply the word Key,” Maril told them.

“Mr. Giles, only you, Maglor, Maril, Aral, Dawn and Members of the Angel Institute will be able to touch these wands. No other human can touch them, including Buffy and the slayers, without being rendered unconscious for a day. When they awake, they’ll have no memory of the wand or wands. If a demon touches one, they’ll die instantly. These wands were made especially for the Key, who happens to be Dawn, and were made in Heaven. If she loses one in battle, it’ll automatically come back to her hand. She can also call them to her anywhere in the world and they’ve also been hallowed. When she dies, they’ll return to heaven,” Mrs. Evans told Giles and Maglor.

They were surprised to hear this.

“Dawn also has the ability to use magic without a wand; that’s why I’ll also teach her elvish magic. She’s what you call a rare bird, I believe that’s the expression,” Maril said, and smiled at Giles, who returned the smile.

“The High Holy One has given Dawn all the knowledge of elvish and wand magic He wants her to learn...and that magic now lies dormant in Dawn,” Whistler told Giles.

“She can’t access it until I teach it to her and it won’t take long for Dawn to learn wand magic or our magic. I hear she’s a very smart young woman...and if she accepts, I’ll teach her both magic’s for the next five months. After she finishes her studies at Oxford each year, she’ll return to the Academy each spring for more training in weapons, martial arts and her magical education,” Maril told Giles.

“Here’s a list of the magic courses Dawn will learn,” Mrs. Evans said, and handed Giles a piece of paper.

Giles took the paper and read the list of courses Dawn will take: Elvish transfiguration, human and elvish potions, human ancient runes, human divination (a crystal ball), human charms, human and elvish spells and human and elvish healing. “It’s an impressive list,” he said. “Healing?”

“Yes Mr. Giles, Dawn will learn how to use her wands for basic human healing; such as cuts, bruises and broken bones. She’ll also learn elvish healing, using herbs and the like. She can now speak, read and write in Elvish and Sindarin,” Maril answered.

Maglor was thrilled to hear he could speak to someone in his own language and she could also read and write Sindarin as well.

“All the words Dawn uses when using her wand will be in Latin. When she uses elvish magic, she’ll speak and think in Elvish. Some of our magic is used with the mind and some with the hand. As elves, we’re closer to nature than humans and Dawn now has the ability to hear and understand what trees are saying and she can communicate with and understand birds. She’ll also learn how to use the air to her own advantage, such as moving it with her hand to listen to what others are saying,” Maril told him.

“What will happened during the holidays when she has her school breaks?” Giles asked, still reeling from this information.

“She’ll continue her training at the Academy,” Maril answered.

“The Powers also want you to take Maglor, Aral, Maril and Angela to the Cleveland hellmouth before you return to England and introduce them to everyone. When you get there...,” Mrs. Evans told him.

Giles nodded his head.

“This meeting is over,” Mrs. Evans said. “Mr. Giles and Angela please stay.”

Everyone else got up and left her office and Giles noticed Whistler didn’t leave.


“Do you mind if I have a drink?” Giles asked.

“I was wondering when you were going to ask, and yes you may,” Mrs. Evans answered and laughed, while Angela smiled.

Giles got up and poured himself a stiff drink and sat back down.

“Mrs. Evans I...”

“Just call me Helen,” she said.

“Call me Rupert,” he replied.

“Rupert it is then,” she said, with a smile. “The Powers only want Maglor and Dawn – when she’s ready – to use magic on the hellmouth, along with Maril, if necessary. Maril will also change the spells and wards on all of the Watcher Council properties, including the house where the slayers reside on the Cleveland hellmouth; the slayer compound, and the New Watchers’ Council headquarters. All these spells will be elvish spells and only the elves, including Maglor, Dawn and members of the Angel Institute will be able to change those spells,” she told him.

“Willow’s been neutralized,” he said, relived.

“Yes,” Whistler answered.

All of a sudden, a man appeared in Mrs. Evans’ office. He was 6'0", had broad shoulders with a medium build, short blond hair, hard cold blue eyes and was wearing a wedding band. The Angelic Power was rolling off him in waves. Giles guessed he was in his mid-twenties.

“This is David Alexander Rupert,” she said.

“Hello Mr. Giles just call me David,” he said, and held out his hand.

“Hello David,” he replied, and stood up and shook his hand.

“Hello David,” Angela said.

“Hello Angela,” he replied, sitting next to Mrs. Evans.

“As you know by now, David and others were present when Willow started to call up Proserpexa and she was never going to succeed,” she told him.

“We knew how to destroy Proserpexa and if need be, we were going to kill Willow,” David stated matter-of-factly.

“Now you know why Willow’s been neutralized,” Mrs. Evans said. “When you take Angela with you to the hellmouth and England, David will also be going with you. Willow can never go near the hellmouth again for any reason,” she told him.

“If she does, I have orders to kill her on the spot Mr. Giles,” David told him.

Giles looked into David’s eyes and knew he meant every word.

“Willow’s magic is also dormant,” Whistler said to Giles.

If Giles was surprised to hear that, he didn’t show it.

“Tomorrow morning you, Maglor, Aral, Maril, Angela and David will have breakfast with me in my private dining room. We have more to discuss,” she told him.

Giles put his drink on the coffee table and stood up. “Good night,” he said, and walked out of the office back to his room.

“Good night Rupert,” she replied.

Angela and David said good night and departed.

Whistler disappeared.
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