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The Slayer

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Summary: Apparently, Sunnydale falling into a giant crater was only the second biggest news story in California that day.

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > AnimorphsCaminusFR1835,0333162,6674 Jun 096 Jun 09No

Chapter One

Animorphs was written by K.A. Applegate and is probably owned by Scholastic or somesuch beast. Joss Whedon created the cool incarnation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but who knows who owns the franchise now with reboot rumors circulating about. I wasn’t involved with either of these.

Spoilers: All of BtVS cannon minus comics, and all of Animorphs, the action picks up during chapter 4 of the final book, #54.

This could possibly end up being a one shot, but I think it actually has some life in it to be a more full bookish style of thing. Because I don't know how to disable the arrows normally used by html tags, thought speech will be presented like {This}.


My name is Marco.

Rachel was going to die. It was impossible, because she was Rachel. She was like some primal force of nature, a whirlwind of rage and power that didn’t stop until the fight was done. And at the same time, there she was, only human, facing down the polar bear and the rest of the Yeerk zoo.

A polar bear is unbelievably strong and tough, as well as being surprisingly fast. I should know, since I’ve been one before. The strongest human ever is nothing compared to a polar bear. If polar bears arm wrestled, the combined forces of the five greatest arm wrestlers in human history wouldn’t stand a chance. As the bear swiped at Rachel, I knew she was already dead. I knew she was dead until I saw the look in her eye. I’ve seen that look in her eye before. I’ve seen it in the eye of the elephant and the eagle, in the eye of the dolphin and the grizzly. I’d never seen it in the eye of the girl. It was the look Rachel gets when she knows, without a shadow of a doubt, that she’s going to win this fight. With her left hand, Rachel reached up from her position lying on the ground and caught the bear’s massive arm.

I imagine at this point that everyone involved in the proceedings was pretty shocked. I can’t actually say this for sure, as my eyes were locked squarely on Rachel and the spectacle that was about to unfold. The unreal scene of the Visser standing there defeated and listless with his Pool Ship captured and his mortal enemies on its bridge was nothing compared to Rachel’s impossible display on the viewscreen. Jake had been forced to send Rachel on a suicide mission to stop Tom’s Blade Ship from killing them all on the disabled Pool Ship and escaping from the Solar System. The battle for the Pool Ship was all but over, and it was floating dead in space, unarmed and engineless. The Animorphs had all stood on its bridge, watching helplessly as Rachel fought a desperate battle against Tom and four morphed Yeerk cronies. It had been all but over, as even in killing Tom his cobra morph’s poison had forced Rachel to demorph to human or die. And yet Rachel, who looked so small lying on the deck, was clearly somehow stronger than the bear.

If the two lions and the buffalo had been anything but utterly shocked, they probably would have done something in the half second of complete stillness, as the polar bear’s arm backed by hundreds of pounds of muscle was held immobile by Rachel’s prone form. The moment passed, and Rachel spun herself around the arm in some gymnastics move that looked like it was straight out of a carnival and smashed both her feet into the polar bear’s face. There was a sickening crack as Rachel rebounded with a summersault and landed on the other side of the bridge. The bear went down, its neck twisted at a broken angle. It wasn’t getting up.

{That’s Impossible.} As Visser One broke the silence, his thought speech eerily calmer than I was used to hearing from the erstwhile megalomaniac, the bridge of the Blade ship exploded into violent motion. The two lionesses leapt at Rachel simultaneously, but after they’d crossed the six feet to her position she simply wasn’t there anymore. Moving with a speed I’d previously associated with her cheetah morph and not her human body, Rachel rolled under them and jumped onto the buffalo’s back. The lions got hopelessly tangled up with each other for a couple of moments, leaving Rachel alone with the water buffalo.

{Is this a normal human function? Perhaps it has something to do with puberty? I saw a program about it on television. It causes many changes in the human body.} Ax sounded less than confident about his theory.

“I think my mom would have told me if super strength was part of being a teenager. It’d be a lot less awkward than the whole birds and the bees talk.” Cassie said.

Rachel gouged her index fingers into the eyes of the buffalo. It totally freaked out and started bucking around the bridge destroying various consoles, but it couldn’t shake Rachel from its back as she dug her fingers into its eyes. Rachel started laughing at this point, as she wildly grabbed a destroyed shard of a panel and drove it straight through the morph’s skull and into its brain.

“Who’s next? You’re dealing with Super Rachel now, apparently.” The lionesses had finally recovered and came for Rachel again, more cautious now, trying to surround her. Occupied with dodging one of them, the other landed a solid blow to Rachel’s side and sent her flying across the room, into one of the few remaining undamaged computers on the bridge.

Cassie gasped, thinking Rachel was surely hurt from the blow. “Don’t worry. She’s definitely getting up from that. Apparently she’s somehow managed to turn into Xena.” I don’t know how I was managing dialogue at this point. Of all the crazy things I’d seen over the course of the War, this somehow took the cake. It wasn’t an inexplicable alien or a wacky machine or even a interfering higher being. It was just Rachel, in her own body and stronger than her grizzly morph.

True to my words, she got right back up, a new piece of wreckage in hand, and dove back into the fight. A cut, a slash, a spin almost blurring with speed, and one of the lions was dead. Then the other tried to run, but it was too slow, and a kick and a slam and somehow a throw, across the room and into an already sparking mess of machinery, and Rachel stood alone on the bridge.

{Quickly. You must lock the bridge. Go to the console on your left and push the large yellow switch.} Amazingly, there was still something working left in the room. It looked like a bunch of superheroes had had a fight in it, which was basically what had happened.

“Rachel…” Tobias was still in human morph, but his eyes were all hawk, staring at the screen as if he was trying to zoom in with his vision and see how she was somehow still alive. She flashed Tobias a great big smile and looked happier than I’d ever seen her before in my life.

{She’s alive.} It was all Jake could say.
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