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A Whale Of A Tale And It's All True

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Summary: Pax's FFA 2009

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - FFA(Past Donor)PaxFR1842,755022,0514 Jun 0912 Jun 09Yes

Paso Doble

Disclaimer: Buffy universe belongs to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and affiliates. Anita Blake universe belongs to Laurell K. Hamilton. No profit is being made
A/N: This is the first time I wrote either of these characters and they were both extremely difficult. Hopefully Edward sounds passably plausible.
FFA: Dana/Edward

He watched the girl cleaning her bloody knife on the jacket of the vampire she just killed using nothing but her fists and the blade. It had been impressive and it took a lot to impress Edward. Feeling the weight of his gaze on her she lifted great dark eyes at him and stared blankly from beneath a mass of long wild hair.

“You’re staring.”

Her voice was dispassionate and her eyes were so dark they seemed bottomless.

“What are you?”

The words slipped out on the spur of the moment, because frankly he was a little stunned. He knew pretty much all the Federal Marshalls across the states and he sure as hell knew for a fact that none of them was a vamp or a shifter, but the strength of this girl was purely inhuman. She reminded him of Anita: small, dark, pale and fierce. But it was the look in her eyes that set them apart. The wilderness in them, the practically tangible otherness made him shiver, made him want to reach for his gun. She rose up from the vampire body, dark glistening eyes searching his face and quirked her mouth in what Edward supposed passed for a smile.

“Used to be crazy.”

She said it dispassionately with a small shrug of her shoulders. Edward narrowed his eyes.

“And now?”

She flashed him a disparaging glance, sheathed her knife and tilted her head to the side as if deciding if he was worth the answer. Apparently he passed muster and she relaxed the tight coil of her stance, shrugged her bony shoulders.

“Got better.”

There was blood dripping down from her long, dark hair, but she didn’t seem to notice as it fell into the grass. Edward watched her turn towards the mansion, scenting the air like a predator. Watched as she tensed, as a shiver ran through her body as she opened and closed her hands. Turning back to him she grinned and Edward couldn’t help but grin back because the madness he saw dancing beneath her skin, the sheer violence vibrating in every molecule of her small body was like looking in the mirror.

“I’m Edward.”

She nodded, eyes aglow, only half listening, already walking towards the house.

“Four inside.” She picked up speed and Edward hurried to keep up. “They’re afraid.” She threw a toothy smile over her shoulder at him and he saw – saw! – the predator roar in glee just beneath the surface of those dark mad eyes.

They were at the door when she stilled suddenly, eyes going serious.

“I am Dana.”

Her kick sent the door flying and Edward was already shooting at the enraged vampires as they burst into the house, her hands and feet and her blade whistling through the air.

He heard her laughter and then a warm breath of air at his back.

“Good hunting Edward.”

A vamp burst through the wall beside him and there wasn’t time for thinking.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Whale Of A Tale And It's All True". This story is complete.

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