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There is another end to the stick, you know.

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Summary: At some point Buffy will learn to let go.

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Supernatural > Dawn-CenteredSIDURAFR71896031,1716 Jun 096 Jun 09Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no-one, really wish I did but that is another story I suppose.

“Look I am sure you heard her wrong okay,” Dean said getting in the pissed off slayer’s face hoping to buy a few precious seconds.

“Get out of my way Winchester or it will not only be your brother that will be losing pieces of his anatomy tonight,” she stated causing Dean to hesitate for a second.

“Hey, hey we don’t have to do this,” Willow said calmly trying to defuse the situation. “I’m sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation.”

Buffy’s whipped round, “What perfectly reasonable explanation can you see for my baby sister spending the night in his brother’s room?”

Dean cocked his head to the side; he pursed his lips before he noted the look on the witch’s face which told him "Don’t you dare!”

Instead he shoved his hands in his pockets as Buffy turned back round to face him. “I don’t know, maybe Sammy’s asked her braid his hair?”

Buffy narrowed her gazed before she took down the corridor again.

“Sam Winchester, open this goddamn door right now!” Buffy said as she banged the door to the room in the slayer house that had been given over to the younger member of the Winchester family.

“Even if they were…” Dean started to say as Buffy took a step back preparing to open the door by other means. “Not that I’m saying that they are, though Sam could use some help cleaning the pipes.”

“So not helping the situation,” Willow interjected seeing Buffy’s ire grow at Dean’s last remark.

“I’m saying they are both adults, okay Dawn may have some back story, but they both can go buy beer, so why don’t we just let them do what they are doing,” Dean stated. “You can do the inquisition about my brother’s intentions tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” Buffy asked. “You think that I am leaving my baby sister in the same room over night with….”

“Look at it this way,” Dean said jokingly. “It could be worse.”


He raised an eyebrow as he put himself between her and the solid oak door, “Ehm….she could be in there with me?”

“Get out of my Dean, before I use your head as a battering ram.”

Willow put a comforting hand on his shoulder, gently leading him away, “You tried.”

She turned to her friend who was currently preparing to take a running start at the thick door in front of them, “Can you at least see if it locked before you do this? For Xander’s sake please, he spent weeks sourcing those doors.”

Buffy nodded taking a determined step forward to try the handle, “He better have clothes on.”

The sight the three of them found wasn’t exactly what they were expecting.

“Duh? Can I help you?” Dawn asked book in her lap as she turned off her iPod.

Dean scratched his head looking to the other side of the bed Dawn was sitting on, to the large passed out form gently snoring under a couple of large tomes. “Ehm…we were wondering if you guys wanted…. to watch a movie?”

“Yeah, a movie,” Willow said as Buffy just glared at her sister.

“Buffy?” Dawn asked.


Dawn sighed, “Seriously sis, you are as subtle as Andrew and one of his man crushes. I’m working and Mr Giganto here has almost cleared out the library and I don’t know where he has put half of the books he’s taken. Quicker to get him to find what I want, okay? Satisfied?”

As all faces focused on Buffy she seemed to concede defeat, “Not really but I’ll suppose I will live.”

“So are you guys going to let me get back to this or am I spending more nights sitting on this big comfortable bed making Sam here doing exactly what I want?” Dawn asked mockingly.

Dean stifled a laugh as Buffy stood there trying to find an appropriate response.

“We’ll let you get back to your research, though if you need any help,” Willow said

“I’ll shout,” Dawn said with a smile, before poking an unconscious Sam in the ribs causing him to fail his arms a little before he turned on his side, all the while not waking up. She turned to Dean, “You know you need to get someone with your research that has some stamina, your brother has no staying power.”

“I’ll make sure he knows that,” Dean said as he snorted his amusement as he followed both Willow and Buffy out of the room while Dawn turned her iPod back on and turned her attention back to her book.

“See totally innocent. They are just doing research,” Willow said as Buffy closed the door behind them. Dean was trying to hide his amusement, though he was a little relieved at what they had found.

Buffy stood in silence for a moment as they awaited her response, still fired up a little with righteous indignation, “Fine, research. But tomorrow all of those books he has taken go back to the library.”

“I can live with that,” Dean said with a big grin. “Though, what does that mean we’ll do in the mean time?”

Buffy narrowed her gaze, “Go find Faith, Dean. I’ve already told you, I’m not playing.”

“Faith?” Dean said. “Please, she’d eat me alive and if I really had that much of a death wish I’d just ask your sister out.”

The End

You have reached the end of "There is another end to the stick, you know.". This story is complete.

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