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Two and Only

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Summary: Willow visits Jean Claude.

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Two and Only

Title: Two and Only
Author: Candle
Category: Buffy/ Anita Blake Crossover
Pairing: Willow/Asher
Disclaimer: I do not own the character's of Anita Blake or Willow. They are owned by God...otherwise known as Joss Whedon and Laurell K. Hamilton.
Distribution: Anyone who wants.... "Want... Take... have."
Rating: Pg-13 (lots of naughty language)
Spoilers: This will be futuristic Buffy, and Anita Blake after Narcissus in Chains.
Summary: Willow is in St. Louis visiting Jean Claude.

Part 1

Willow sighed and continued to pace outside of Spike's house. It had been built right over the high school library. Spike wasn't taking any chances since the Closing. It had been a long year. She had managed to get over Tara buy only by throwing herself right into work. Or research if you wanna get technical. Everyone had laughed at her until she had found away to Close the Hellmouth forever. She would be able to erase all the negative energy that surrounded the town as well. Some had thought it was just a reason to use her powers again. She had exorcised her demons. Why would she open them again just to play with the Hellmouth?

The final battle had been hard on everyone. They had come out alive and together. Well, those who had been alive to begin with. Although there had been a few changes. Xander was now werewolf, a damn powerful one. He had become Ulfric of the new pack at Sunnydale without a fight. Oz had stepped up as his Skoll, and Anya was named Lupa. Anya was still a demon...although now a very pregnant one. No one was sure what species the baby would be. So no one was even hazarding a guess. Angel and Spike had become vampires. Real ones. Not of the soleabstencia version, but the kind that maintained their souls. Which was great for Angel, at least when Cordelia was on Earth it was good. She spent a lot of time dimension hopping, but so did Anya. Buffy had gone to England with Giles and Dawn. Apparently, Dawn was now dating a rugby player. Go Dawnie!

Willow had done what she said she would. The demons around the Hellmouth had become more peaceful. The vampires were now of the normal kind. She had even cured the Master's line, giving them back their souls and making them into vampires. Drucilla had given her personal thanks before trying to kill everyone and having to be destroyed. Sunnydale was not a preternatural hot spot. The University had become practically all preternatural study majors. Willow would have joined if she hadn't done something really stupid. When Drucilla had come back trying to eat everyone, she had suggested something to Xander and Spike. A triumvirate. Now, she was forever linked to Spike and Xander. She couldn't die unless they did. Great, if you didn't count the fact that Spike's new girlfriend was pissing her off, and Xander's constant sex with Anya kept her in a damn near constant state of arousal. Sometime the two would time it so that they were both sleeping with their girlfriends at the same time.....she was pissed at them both. They had done it just last night.

Willow raised her hand to knock on the door. Instead she changed her mind and just pushed the door open. She was a third of the group. No one could stop her if they wanted to. At least no one in that house. Maybe the leopards, but certainly not the vampires. Spike could call the leopards. Apparently, they were his specialty. Now, he had the pard practically living in his house. They were still absent a leader. A spot Willow refused to take. Oh, yeah. She was now a wereleopard necromancing witch. Giles said that a necromancer who was also a witch was rare. Probably why she had been so powerful.

Whatever. Willow passed some of the kittens as she walked down the hall. The looked so lonely. Maybe she would become Nimir-Ra. It was just kind of hard to control her own powers let alone help them with theirs. Spike had give her a year to think about it. Then he would start looking for a leader.

"Hello Willow." A teenage boy rubbed himself along her legs. She reached over to smooth his hair. She probably wouldn't be a bad Nimir Ra, but her potential for trouble also stopped her from accepting.

"Hi, John. Aren't you supposed to be in school today?"

"I'm nineteen."

"Did you graduate?"

"No. Kinda hard to explain that you couldn't go to school around the full moon. Back when Sunnydaler's were ignorant and all."

"Yeah, well, now they are not. So, tomorrow I'll take you in to school. Pass it around to any of the others. I want you all to have an education." With a last rub, Willow sent John out to find the others. Damn but she wanted to protect them. She might not be their leader but she was the only alpha in town.

Willow knocked on Spike's door. A small blonde opened the door and stared at Willow with big eyes. "Hi, Kat." That girl had been cursed from the start. She had lived up to her nickname, becoming a wereleopard only a year ago. But still a cat. She didn't have enough power to lead the pack or else Spike would have put her in charge. Spike had fallen in love with her from the first. Maybe it was her penchant for nudity. But then again, all of the pack had that. Even her.

"Hi Willow. Spike's asleep. He told me to wake him up when you got here. Unless you wanted to do it?" That's what got on Willow's nerves. She was to damn submissive.

"No, Kat. I'll be waiting in the office." Spike with an office. Willow still couldn't believe it some days. Once he had become Master of the City, a bigger deal than most would think with such a tiny town, he had built an office. Said, "I want to do it bleedin right, k?"

Willow plopped down on the black leather couch, only to be joined by a dark male a few years her senior. He placed his head in her lap and purred. Willow began to cuddle with him. It had taken less than she thought to get used to being a leopard. Her bisexuality had cured her of most of her sexual inhibitions. Being a little bit domineering in bed helped her control her aggression too. The nakedness had taken the longest to get used to but wearing leather had helped. Channeling her evil self, maybe.

"How are you Felix?"

"When are you gonna become Nimir-Ra?"

"You didn't answer my question."

"I'm fine. When are you gonna become Nimir-Ra?"

"Felix, leave Willow alone. Go play with the other kittens."

"Spike, we're not playing. We're cuddling. He can stay."

"Do I make you uncomfortable?"

"You know that you do. Getting these marks has made us to close for our own good. Now, what do you want. I have a shop to run."

"Business doing well?"

"You sound like Anya. Yes, business is fine. It has been since the Closing. Everyone wants to buy from me. They think I'm special." Willow snorted and batted at Felix when he growled at her.

"I agree with the kitty. Stop demeaning yourself. I wouldn't be sending you to St. Louis if I didn't think you could handle yourself."

"You're sending me where?"

Part 2

Willow looked at both of her body guards. Yeah, right. More like traveling companions. Felix didn't have the power to be an alpha, but she guessed he would stop anyone from hurting her. Or at least try. John was another story. He was there only because she wanted him to see and learn what he could. The school had said he was too old to join. Apparently he was nineteen. He could apply for a G.E.D. But that was about it. Willow decided to just teach him herself. She had been a teacher in high school after all.

Then there was Gunn. He had become a vampire during the final battle. Apparently Angel had done it to save him. Gunn hated it, but he had been happier when Spike had turned Fred for him. Now they were free to be together forever. Somehow, both had managed to be pretty damn powerful. Most vampires and creatures created the day of the Closing were ten times stronger than their counterparts. Apparently Willow hadn't gotten a handle on all of the energy involved in the spell. Some of it had entered the fledglings.

"Hey girl. Are you comfortable like that?"

"Like how?"

"You look like you're being smothered in kittens." Fred giggled and pointed at John and Felix. John had his head in her lap, and Felix was lying so that his head was against her knees, and the rest of his body was pressed against her legs. Thank god, Willow had begged for a private plane. One call to Angel had been enough. The fact that she was friends with the Master of Los Angeles was not lost on Willow. She had spent a lot of time in L.A watching the trials Angel held for the Wolfram and Hart members still left in the city. He had bought the building and burnt it to the ground. They had thought of having smores, but decided it might cheapen the moment. So they had those later at the Hyperion.

"You wouldn't understand unless you were a cat." Willow flashed her eyes at Fred and laughed when Fred flashed her own back. It had been the only thing about the Arelius line that she hadn't been able to cure, the yellow eyes. Didn't seem to bother Fred and Gunn though.

"We're almost there, ma'am."

Willow smiled at the man in front of her. "Can I ask you a question?"

The man gave her as strange look and then nodded his head. "Why would a wereswan want to fly a plane? Wouldn't it be more appropriate to pilot a boat?"

The swan laughed. "Like I have never heard that one before. Only another ten minutes, Ms. Rosenburg."

"Thank you." Willow began to run her hands through the kitten's hair. John was on her list of people who she wanted to protect. She hoped Spike wasn't throwing her into the middle of something too dangerous. She might have to kill him for putting her pard in danger. Her pard? Shit!. She already was the Nimir-Ra. She just had to tell the other kittens. If she made it back to Sunnydale.

Part 3
Spike had said that there would be a car waiting for them when they
got there. She did not expect a limo. John practically bounced up
and down. In fact, he did. "Willow! Is that ours? Do you think it
has a TV? Or what about a computer...."

Willow laughed as John continued to babble. The limo did look
wonderful. A white horse in the middle of the night. Gunn and Fred
both stood right behind her. It was still weird having body guards.

"Miss Rosenburg?"

Willow felt her beast react. This man was a werewolf. She let her
eyes burn black...then she remembered the Master of the City
controlled werewolves. It would make sense to have one as a pet.

Willow let herself relax completely.

"That's me."

"I'm Jason. I will be your driver for this evening. Ummm, do you
think you can control your kitten?"

"John? Stop sniffing the nice werewolf driver. You might piss him

"You'll rescue me."

"Yes, but than I would kick your butt."

"Oh, okay." John stopped investigating and stepped in as close to
Willow as he could. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay. I'm not mad."

"Are you guys done playing furry? It's gonna get light out sooner
than later and I would rather not be able to fit into a dust buster,
thank you."

"Gunn, honey. You know we don't dissolve into ashes anymore

"Yes, Fred. But we do still die with the sun. This Master of the
City guy promised us coffins and I would like to find one before

"Aren't we the impatient bodyguard?"

"Did you ever think the sooner we meet this other trium-whatever, the
sooner I can relax?"

"Oh, right. Sorry. I didn't really think about that. Where's

"Right here. You almost forgot your lap top, Nimir Ra."

"Thank you, Felix."

The Scoobies and LA gang were quiet. Jason only stared at them all
with minor indifference. "What is it now?"

"You didn't say 'I'm not the Nimir-Ra.'"

"Cause I decided I would be."


"On the plane. Can we go now?"

Felix and John knelt down beside Willow and rubbed their heads
against her hands. Willow sighed and petted their heads. "Just
don't tell the others yet. I want to tell them. Okay?"

"Fine, mistress."

"No, mistress stuff. Willow is just fine." The werewolf
snorted. "What?"

"I think you and Anita will get along just fine.... You're not armed
are you."

Willow made sure Gunn and Fred were safely behind her. She pulled
out her Star of David and Wiccan symbol. "Only with these. Your
master told us we couldn't bring anything more."

"Good." Jason opened the doors to the limo and they piled inside.
There was more than enough room for all. Jason got into the front
and leaned over the divider. "I would have hated to have to take
weapons from you."

Willow's eyes flashed black again. "You could try, little wolf, you
could try. Only problem is...this little red riding hood has claws."
She sat back into her seat and allowed her beast to be calmed by John
who was purring at her feet as he played with the remote to the

"See, TV."

Willow smiled and relaxed. The accelerated heart beat in the front
seat told her that her power emissions had put her point across. She
wanted to make this a peaceful trip but if they were going to push
her she would push back.

Short. Longer will be coming soon. I am almost finished with
Lunatic Cafe. (I'm working my way backwards)

Part 4

"I don't like this Jean-Claude!"

"I'm sorry mon petite that this is not to your liking. But was it not you who suggested I seek out a non-hostile triumvirate to share information with? This group from Sunnydale is perfect."

"Perfect? Perfect how?"

Asher had entered the room at the last question. "The master vampire was a soul less one. He received his soul back less than a year before his kind was transformed. Have you heard the tale?"

Anita shook her head and sat down across from Asher. He was a good storyteller and she needed to calm herself down before their 'guests' got there.

"You know what the Hellmouth was?" Anita nodded the affirmative. "Well, the triumvirate was part of a group that helped to close it. The magical energy released from the blast increased all of their power. One of the group was turned into a werewolf. His power was so great that he is now Ulfric of their pack. Two of the vampires on scene became Masters. Angelus the Master of the City of Angels. Spike became the Master of the Hellmouth. Any 'monsters' created that night became either alphas or masters. The one coming to see us is the third piece, the necromancer. But like you, she is much more than that. She is also a witch and the alpha leopard in her pard."

"Isn't inviting someone with that much power into your territory a little dangerous?"

"Not really. I have a treaty with both her vampire and the Master of the City of Angels. Both have threatened my life if I hurt her." Jean-Claude held up his hands to stop her protests. "They have also promised me that she and her party will not harm any of ours unless attacked."

Anita looked at Jean Claude for what felt like forever. She turned her eyes back to Asher. "How do you know so much about this girl?"

"Jean Claude had made me Her guide for while she is in the city. I am to make sure that she and her group stay out of trouble."

"Then why aren't you with Jason?"

"Mon petit, we have to show them some trust. Now, don't we?"

"Can I at least where my guns?"

Jean Claude sighed and hung his head. It was a strange gesture for him. Almost made him look human. "Yes, but keep them hidden. She will have guards who will no doubt not like the fact that you are wearing weapons."

"Well, too bad for them then. I'm gonna go wait for Richard. He better not be late."

Anita stalked out of the room. "I hope things go better when she meets the girl. I hear she is just as stubborn as our Anita."

Asher turned towards Jean Claude slowly. "She will never be ours, Jean Claude. Only yours." Asher turned and left the room leaving a tired Jean Claude behind.

"Some days, I don't know why I bother rising." Jean Claude shook his head and made his way upstairs. Someone had to keep the peace.

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