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Rings Of Destiny

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The Two-Dollar Green Lanterns". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Three months have passed since the battle on Zamaron and Dawn is now training with Arisia, will the Scoobies be able to handle what's to come?

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DC Universe > Green LanternRubyPaladinFR1311,092072,9168 Jun 098 Jun 09No

Rings Of Destiny


Ruby Paladin


“This is Green Lantern Arisia reporting of the training of Lantern Dawn Summers and Lantern Daniel Osbourne after three months time. While I can say one of my students will most certainly be an exceptional member of the Green Lantern Corps, the other if he even manages to stay on schedule with his training will more than likely to be sited for more violations than Guy Gardner and that is saying something.”

“Dawn Summers has devoted almost every waking moment of her free time to her training. Her constructs are quite superb and she is excelling in the other aspects of her training. If Kilowog was still alive, I think that he’d be impressed with her.”

“Somehow, she’s even joined the Teen Titans. From what I’ve heard, they’ve accepted her quite easily. It might have something to do with the fact that she came to the rescue when they were being ambushed by some criminal group. According to a few sources, Ravanger aka Rose Wilson, has ‘adopted’ Dawn as the little sister she never had which right now could be considered a good thing.”

“I’m concerned about Dawn’s home life. Her mother understood the circumstances that her youngest daughter was placed in and adapted quite well. It’s her sister that is the problem for Dawn. Buffy may not realize it but Dawn idolizes her sister but the older sister had distanced herself from her. Dawn has tried every way she could think of to get her sister to accept what she is doing but to no avail. I’ve even seen Dawn in tears before training sessions and I know that she’d seen Buffy beforehand.”

“I think I understand though why Dawn keeps up with the training though. I think that she trying to prove herself worthy of the ring. Green Lantern Xander Harris’ sacrifice hit her quite hard and I think she’s trying to live up to the image she has of him as a Lantern. While attempting to live up to an image is one thing, denying oneself because of that image isn’t healthy. I hope she realizes that.”

“Mr. Osbourne however, would have infuriated Kilowog to no end. While he does have excellent emotional control, his lack of commitment is what distresses me. He misses regularly scheduled training sessions to play in his band or spend time with his girlfriend, the Blue Lantern, Willow Rosenberg. I just hope no Alphas come after him for that.”

Arisia finished her report by the time she had reached the door. She was a little nervous about this but then remembered that he wasn’t involved with that computer teacher anymore so he was available. She knocked on the door and Giles opened it with a smile crossing his face.

“So, what’s this about a great Italian restaurant?” Arisia asked with a similar smile on her face.


Knight set the Orange Power Battery down near the feet of Queen Aga’po. Looking down at it, she returned her gaze at Knight.

“And the power ring?” She asked.

Knight dropped the Orange Power Ring to the ground along with the hand it was still attached to. A few of the Star Sapphires grimaced.

“That’s just creepy.” Carol Ferris stated.

Drusilla however giggled a bit from the sight of the severed hand. She walked over to Knight with a slightly crazed smile on her face.

“Very good, sir Knight, but our lethal sister will be needing your help when she finally finds her dark architect. Because the bad green lights don’t want her to forgive him.” Drusilla informed him and then curtseyed before him.

“I hear and obey.” Knight said. His voice seemed more like a pair of voices overlapping upon themselves.

Knight bowed to Queen Aga’po before walking out of the throne room. Carol looked over at one of their newest Star Sapphires who she could swear was still insane. She didn’t quite trust her and the level of control that she seemed to have with Knight didn’t help either. Knight’s abilities were similar to Ion and Parallax but he also held a few more abilities. Like the Star Sapphires, he seemed to be more powerful when he fought alongside them and he made them more powerful as well when he fought alongside them. He seemed to be able to teleport himself great distances whenever they required his aid. It wasn’t good that one Star Sapphire could command him to the level Drusilla did. Something would have to be done.


Enyos had been berating her for the last two hours about how she had failed her clan, her family, and all of her ancestors by allowing a particular vampire to be dusted by a Star Sapphire. It had been a reasonable act to pretend that she had any feelings for her uncle but the truth was that she didn’t nor did she have any feelings for any member of her “clan”.

“What do you have to say for yourself for your negligence?” He asked.

She shrugged and reached out to her side where her power staff formed in her hand. Quickly, she blasted her uncle with a mild indigo blast. The blast knocked the older man to the floor and she planted her staff against his chest.

“Listen to me, ‘uncle’. I was not raised by you vengeance loving fools. I wasn’t even raised on this planet even.” She informed him. “When my biological mother and father died in that fire, I was found by my real family. I don’t belong to the Kalderash clan. I am a member of the Indigo Tribe. Being raised on the value of compassion instead of vengeance made me into a better person than you could ever be.”

He looked up at her in fear and she decided to continue her rant.

“I’m being quite compassionate with you right now.” She continued. “I merely bound your magic. If I were you, I’d get out of Sunnydale before some of this town’s less compassionate denizens decide to greet you.”


The black clad humanoid pulled the picture of his target out. A teenage human female with blonde hair was seen in the picture. He didn’t care the reason why but he knew she had to die. Opening his mouth, he swallowed a power disc and seemed to flare with purple energy.

“Now, time to introduce the Slayer to the Corpse.” He said before flying deeper into space.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Rings Of Destiny" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Jun 09.

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