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Together Again For the First Time

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This story is No. 2 in the series "A Girl and Her Time Lord". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Doctor and his new companions (a one-time ex-mystical key, a seven foot tall lizard and a vole) don't quite arrive where they were aiming for.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Dawn-CenteredMoragMacPherson + 1 otherFR15159,84235719,2808 Jun 0922 Jun 09Yes

Part 15 – Origins and Endings by Booster

“Ah. This ring. Yes, well, funny story there, Doctor,” said Dawn, hurriedly dropping her hand down. “I was halfway through buying it when the world fell out from under me. Then I kinda thought…. What with the Judoon and all…. And the whole thing…. It’s all Jack’s fault!”

The Doctor blinked. “All I meant was, where did you get that ring – it looks like a particularly rare type of precious stone, and not one I’ve seen very often.” He looked over at Captain John, who’d doubled up with laughter by now, practically banging his fist on the TARDIS console, howling and wheezing. “Don’t do that, John.”

John raised a quivering finger and pointed at Dawn. “Jack convinced her all those Judoon were after her for shoplifting,” he managed to get out before exploding with laughter once more. “All that shooting and charging around…. Bwahahahaha!”

Dawn flushed. “I changed my mind,” she said mulishly, “I don’t care why he looks like my Spike anymore. Can we kick him out now?”

“We’re thhill in the Time Vortex, Dawn,” remarked Clark, raising an eyebrow.

“Don’t care,” Dawn pouted and stuck out her tongue at the no-longer laughing Captain John.

“There will be no kicking out of people into the Time Vortex, children,” the Doctor said firmly, moving to the TARDIS console and starting to set new co-ordinates. “And as for your friend’s resemblance to John, there’s a simple explanation.”

“There is?” chorused Dawn and John together.

The Doctor paused and looked far away, deep in memory. “Assuming you’re from the same starting time frame as Jack, and given everything I know about Jack…. Don’t forget to wipe his memory of this by the way, John. Your precious timeline demands that much at the very least.”

John nodded. “My word on it, Freck… Doctor.”

“Anyway,” the Doctor continued after regarding John for a moment, “It’s a little known fact that the pleasure world of Karfaros 69 is descended straight from some of the oldest institutions from Old Earth herself. Specifically, gambling and some associated support systems.”

“Wow,” said Dawn, “That’s got to be one crowded solar system with almost seventy celestial bodies floating around in it. How do they manage to navigate around?”

Clark grimaced. “There are four planeth in that thythtem total. Not that I’ve ever been there mythelf oth courthe.”

“Then how come….oh. Shutting up now.”

John and the Doctor both smirked and Dawn buried herself in looking after Emort, refusing to make eye contact with anyone else. “Anyway,” the Doctor continued, “Some of the more unfortunate gamblers tended to sell what they had left, which a lot of the time could be blood plasma or tissue samples or other body fluids. These would get stored away if necessary and formed some entirely different business ventures at times.”

A light was starting to grow in John’s eyes. “So when the great wars started, and the mass emigrations began, they took the whole old stock, kit and caboodle and moved it offworld?”

“Precisely,” beamed the Doctor. “So, it’s quite possible that an old sperm sample from Dawn’s time on earth could have survived and been instrumental in your conception. Unlikely, I grant you, but I’ve seen longer shots make it before.”

“Sperm sample?” repeated Dawn blankly. Then her eyes widened in shock. “Ewwww! Ew ew ew! I so wish I’d never asked now!”

“Hmmm…” mused John, “Maybe I should spend a spot more time visiting the dark ages if I’ve got a direct ancestor back then.”

“No! No no no!” babbled Dawn. “I don’t even want to think about what you two would get up to together!” She stopped suddenly, and started to grin. “Although…. I guess that this means that Xander was right all along; Spike is a wanker!”

Everyone cracked up at that one, and any remaining tensions quickly disappeared.

“Well now,” the Doctor eventually said, “I assume John can find his way home from wherever and whenever we land now, so any requests from anyone else?”

“Letth jutht thee what happenth,” said Clark after quickly glancing around at the others.

The Doctor grinned like a madman, fingers flying across the console at high speed. “Now, you’re getting it! Into the depths of time and space we go!”

“To infinity and beyond!”


~ + ~

Never the end!

The End

You have reached the end of "Together Again For the First Time". This story is complete.

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