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Summary: Xander/Wesley; Xander runs into Wesley at the Hyperion

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Wesley/XanderSilkenSkyFR1818481102,26610 Jun 0910 Jun 09Yes
Author: Sky
Title: Choices
Pairing: Wesley/Xander
Rating: R; there's some fooling around, and some mention of sex, but nothing graphic
Word Count: 751
Feedback: Loved and adored
Concrit: Would be absolutely super
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Joss Whedon, and everyone else responsible for Buffy and Angel
Warnings/Squicks: Nothing really; some angst, some fluff, no real spoilers
Summary: Not set in any particular time; Xander runs into Wesley
Notes: Written for the Xander round at maleslashminis on livejournal; She wanted a pairing with Wesley, an unexpected meeting, a text, and a loss; no death or non-con; I got all those things in, so I hope this is acceptable. I've had this hanging around for a while, but I'm trying to get all my stories posted here.

“What are you doing here?” Xander asked, frozen in place.

“I work with Angel now,” Wesley replied quietly.

“Oh.” Xander shifted his weight uneasily. “Giles had said that you’d been in touch, but he never said…”

“He didn’t know,” Wesley replied. Both men just looked at each other, wondering who was going to break the silence.

It was Xander. “You didn’t even say goodbye,” he whispered. “I woke up, and you were just… gone.”

“I know,” Wesley said hesitantly. “I was… ashamed.”

Shock, hurt, embarrassment and then resignation showed lightning-fast on Xander’s face before being replaced with a carefully blank mask. “I see,” he said stiffly.

“No! No, not ashamed of you!” he said desperately. God, of course Xander would think that. “Never you! That night was… it was amazing.” He thought frantically of how he could explain it, how he could wipe that horribly blank look off Xander’s face.

“Right,” Xander snorted bitterly. “Amazing. That’s why you left, without leaving a note, anything! You didn’t even call Giles until two weeks later. I thought you were dead!” He quieted. “Of course you were ashamed. You could have had Cordelia, but you settled for me instead.”

“No Xander, that wasn’t it. It was just… You’re so young,” he whispered. “And you were hurting after your father…” he trailed off.

“Killed himself driving with a blood alcohol level of .18?”

“Yes…. It was… inexcusable of me to take advantage of you like that-“ he was cut off.

“You didn’t take advantage!” Xander shouted angrily. “I wanted it, wanted you!” He stalked towards Wesley, closing the carefully maintained distance between them. “How could you just leave like that?” he asked, his voice breaking.

Oh God, the hurt in his voice. Wesley felt like someone was driving a steel spike into his heart. “Xander…” he whispered, bringing one hand up to cup his face, half-expecting Xander to move away. He didn’t. “It wasn’t you,” he whispered fiercely. “I swear Xander, listen to me. I was not ashamed of you, of what we’d done. I was worried that… that you hadn’t been thinking straight, that you were going to regret it when you woke up.” He gently traced Xander’s bottom lip with his thumb. “I couldn’t bear to see regret in your eyes when you woke and saw me, so… I left.”

The look on Xander’s face was almost a smile. “Stupid watcher-guy,” he whispered. “That was definitely not the first time I’d thought of doing that.” His face broke into a real smile at the surprise that showed on Wesley’s face. He leaned forward slowly, hesitantly, his smile fading.

“Oh Xander,” Wesley whispered brokenly, before he closed the rest of the distance and met Xander with a fierce kiss, his eyes fluttering closed as the half-remember taste of him came flooding back. Xander was pushing him towards the couch in the lobby of the Hyperion and they fell on it in a tangle of limbs. Wesley was pushing his hands up Xander’s shirt and Xander was fighting with Wesley’s pants. He had just succeeded in opening them when Angel rounded the corner into the lobby.

“Wesley? Have you seen Xander? Giles just called and he-“ Angel broke off abruptly. The two men were half-unclothed, tangled together on the couch. Both of their faces were flushed -with arousal or embarrassment, it was hard to tell- and they were breathing heavily. The three of them just stared at each other.

Again, it was Xander that broke the silence. “Deadboy! Good to see you. Giles sent me for a book. A text. It was called… huh. Something. Grimy Terminal… no that’s not right.”

“Grimoire Terminus,” Angel interrupted. “Giles just called.”

“Oh. Well that’s good.” More silence. “Was there something else?” Xander asked, exasperated. “Because, in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m kind of in the middle of something here.”

Angel could hear Wesley holding in laughter. If he’d eaten recently enough, he’d be blushing. “Yes, I’ll just, I’ll find that text.” He left as quickly as he could.

Wesley and Xander looked at each other, and burst out laughing. “Come on,” Xander said, offering Wesley a hand up. “Let’s find somewhere a little less open that the lobby.”

Wesley took Xander’s hand, and looked carefully at the boy he’d managed to fall in love with, and the man he was turning into. “I think we can find somewhere.” He gave him a quick peck on the lips, then they were running up the stairs, laughing the whole way.

The End

You have reached the end of "Choices". This story is complete.

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