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From the Ashes and Stars

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Summary: Connor has so far had three homes. One with Angel, one with Holtz, and one with the Reillys. What's one more, can't get any more strange... Can it? Slash. Bart/Connor

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Chapter Fourteen

Okay, I mentioned this in the previous chapter, but from this point out we start to get more and more of the DC universe being brought into this universe. I do not own DC comics, or Smallville, or Angel, but I DO take pleasure from twisting characters and trying to place them in the story and make their histories fit.

Also, sorry for the delay, I'm a little busy and meant to do this last week.

Chapter Fourteen:

Steven was getting annoyed at how much this 'human' was slowing him down, but he didn't want to kill someone without Father's permission. Father had already told him that he could kill any of the demons who lived on the ground, and some of the weaker flying demons. He didn't know where human's fitted into Father’s rules yet.

Bart hadn't stopped chatting since they had set off following the trail that Father had supposedly left, though Bart kept pointing out that it wasn't there. Steven hated to admit it, but 'Bart' was growing on him a little. It was different to Father who made Steven listen to whatever he said, and then answer questions on what he had just been taught. Bart just seemed to want to talk for the sake of talking.

They had finally found a cave with no other way out, where Father's trail seemed to lead. Steven silently walked into the cave, expecting to catch Father off guard, and perhaps get some food from him, before they started again.

What he didn't expect was a demon to come screeching from the back of the cave at him. His hand went for his knife, but it was too late. He closed his eyes, and felt the wind move around him. He opened his eyes to find Bart stood in front of him, holding the demon off with a long stick.

“Run!” he said, holding the demon off but not killing it despite all the openings. Connor grappled with the knife for a second, and then threw it between Bart and the demon, getting it directly in between the ribs and into the heart area. The demon screeched and dropped to the floor.


Mr. Luthor was not happy, according to the people had seen him. His test subject, the Kent boy, had disappeared, and the cameras inside the room where he had been kept showed that for a few moments they had had another metahuman in their grip, before both of them, and the Starro experiment were taken by the Green Arrow and his 'Justice League'. The cameras had caught them walking into the room before they all mysteriously shut down. Needless to say, Mr Luthor was not happy, and was taking it out on the science department, making them work quickly on bringing more of their experiments online.

The scientists in the labs had been working night and day for the past week since Mr. Luthor had restarted the Starro experiment. The best part of this experiment was that they had already got all the research and had managed on imprinting it onto a human child. The only problem was that the child had to stay in contact with the victim to stay in control. So they were working on imprinting onto a new animal. They had finally managed on activating the serum inside a creature, and were testing its abilities now.

The man stood no chance, as he looked at the small starfish looking creature, which suddenly leapt off the table and attached itself to the man’s face, over riding his brain functions and bringing him under control. However, the scientists hadn't realized that the man wasn't under their control.

In the headquarters of the Justice League, a boy in one of the cells opened his eyes and laughed maniacally, the chilling sound echoing down the empty halls.


The man had been locked into a cell which was being watched by the cameras; however, the person who was supposed to be watching had gone to get some food. The Starro possessed man was doubled over as the starfish writhed on the man's face, before spitting out what appeared to be a smaller copy of itself. Then those two split creating four- another split created eight and this continued on until most of the room was covered and they stopped multiplying. Slowly they all slithered to the door and lay in wait.

A few hours later, the doors opened to let in two guards, to take the man out of the room. Neither saw the starfish slither out of the room at an unnatural speed, and find their way down the hall. One of them paused, and in the centre of its body an eye opened. It looked at the door, and then as one pulled themselves into the holding cells for the meteor infected.


“How's he doing?” one of the girls asked, from where she was stood. She was leant slightly against the glass, her clothes smudging the glass.

Cyborg looked at her and cocked his head, “He'll be fine, he's a Titan, he won't be down for long,” he smiled at Cassie and put an arm around her.

She looked quite out of place in her school girl uniform, but with a metal belt around her waist with a gold rope hanging from one side and two metal bands on her wrists. Each of these was apparently mystical artefacts that had chosen her to be a modern day Amazons.

She was on the reserve team at the moment, because she was still in school, but was being trained up to a full time member. There was a small group of them, who called themselves the Titans (Jokingly referred to as the Teen Titans, even though Bart and Vic weren't teens). Cyborg and Bart were charged with keeping an eye on them.

Cassie had been the first Titan to answer the call, and was here as soon as she could be. She had the added bonus of being able to fly, so Oliver didn't have to send a jet for her.

They had also brought in Ertigan, a man who appeared to be able to turn into a monstrous form that looked like a demon. He was even able to breathe fire in his other form. He argued he was a demon, but since there was no conclusive evidence they ended up deciding to agree to disagree. He had been near by following a 'great, old evil'.

The three of them were standing watch over the two unconscious boys. Ertigan simply said that 'Connor' was interesting, and he wanted to keep an eye on him for the blonde 'Slayer', but refused to elaborate any more.


“There's got to be something we can do!”

“Chloe there's nothing we can do, until the telepaths get here,” Oliver muttered. They were about to restart the argument, when the alarms started going off. Chloe swung around on a chair, typing for a few seconds.

“Okay, how do we react to people with starfish on their face walking out of Luthor manor?” Chloe asked leaning back in the chair and rubbing her temples. The camera switched to one a bit further back at Chloe gasped as one of the biggest ones grabbed a tree and threw it with out a second thought. Then it leaned over where the tree had been and let loose a torrent of what could only be described as bright pink eggs.

Oliver looked for a second more before he cursed and hit an alarm on the wall. Immediately an alarm sounded through out the building. Then he grabbed a microphone that was on the control system for the Tower, “Guys! You all need to get up here. We've got a huge problem.”


“I can't believe you killed it,” Bart said again, sat on the floor next to the body. The knife had been cleaned and put back in the holster, but the blood from the creature had shot up his face, but he was yet to remove it. Bart was in shock. He'd never believed that Steven could kill somebody so casually. And he was 100% sure this was Connor- only younger. He wasn't even a teenager from the looks of him, and yet he could throw a knife and kill a monster better then people in most horror movies.

Steven had finished looting the area, and finally came over to Bart, “You should clean.”

“You... You killed it!” Bart said again.

“It was a demon, it didn't deserve to live,” Steven said bluntly. Then his features softened, and he removed his top, dabbing at the blood on Bart's face. Bart just sat there staring at Steven as he did it. Steven leaned in closer as he got the last few spots, and lingered a few seconds too long. There was an awkward moment, before Steven blushed and moved away, pulling the top back on.

“We need to keep moving. Father must have been in here recently, but left before the demon got here. There is a water holder in the back which he must have used to hide his scent.”

Bart nodded, whilst standing up, “Okay, but if he agrees I'm human, I need help to try and get home.”

“You can't leave Quor-Toth,” Conner muttered, before he stood up. Suddenly, he sniffed the air and frowned, “Stay here.”

And with that, he was agilely leaping out of the cave mouth, flipping upward and climbing up the mountain. Bart waited a few seconds, and then very slowly (for him anyway) started to follow.

Something was up... and why could he smell fire?


Author note: Okay, i know i said to guess at characters, but the two of the heroes deserve a small explanation

Cassie : Cassie Sandsmark is, to the best of my knowledge, the current Wonder Girl and Daughter of Zeus in the comic books. In this universe, her parents remain a mystery, and she gets her powers from artefacts rather than Demi-God powers.

Ertigan: In the comic books, Ertigan is a man and a Demon who share a body, and swap between by a short incantation. Ertigan has serveral demonic powers and to the best of my knowledge only speaks in rhymes.

The End?

You have reached the end of "From the Ashes and Stars" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Jun 10.

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