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From the Ashes and Stars

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Summary: Connor has so far had three homes. One with Angel, one with Holtz, and one with the Reillys. What's one more, can't get any more strange... Can it? Slash. Bart/Connor

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Chapter One

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own any of this, other than the plot. Connor and the Angel group belong to Joss Whedon, and Smallville belongs to.... well, whoever owns Smallville.

Author Note: This is set about a month after 'Justice' and it's probably AU from there. And, in this universe, there was no vampire sorority.

Connor Kent

Connor looked out of the window, sighing and watching the cornfields pass by. It looked like life was going to be pretty boring from now on. He coughed loudly trying to get the attention of the lawyer and driver in the front. “Y’know, you could answer me.”

The two of them ignored him, pulling to a stop outside a farm. The lawyer quickly jumped out, locking the doors and walking up to the main house. A few minutes later the door opened and after a brief conversation there was a blinding flash of light. The driver turned around for the briefest second, and smirked. “I’m doing you a big favour here, don’t mess up.”

Connor looked shocked for a split second, before reality went murky. “Cordelia?”


“Connor!” came a loud voice from downstairs, for the fifth time this morning. The pile of blankets shifted slightly, mumbling something that sounded like a cross between begging and swearing. Finally, after a few minutes that seemed to drag on forever, Connor’s head poked out from underneath the blankets, bleary eyed. Muttering angrily, he quickly opened his draws and picked out some set of clothes.

Finally he rushed down the stairs, jumping the last few and almost swinging into the kitchen.

“Morning, Mrs. Kent,” he said politely, sliding into one of the seat, as she put a plate of food in front of him, “thank you,” he said, smiling gratefully until he heard the kitchen door opening.

“Clark,” he said shortly, his smile dropping instantly. Clark smiled and nodded at Connor, before turning to his Mom.

Martha Kent smiled at her son and kissed him on the cheek. “Morning honey, sleep well?” she asked, going back to cooking something.

Clark nodded sitting down next to Connor. “Yeah, I was planning on going into metropolis with Chloe this afternoon. Anything I have to do before I leave?”

Connor rolled his eyes before checking his watch. “I’m going to be late,” he said, quickly finishing the plate in front of him, before putting it into the sink.

“Thanks,” he said, before rushing towards the bus stop. Clark and Martha shared a look, before going back to the shopping list.


Connor walked through town, deep in thought. School had been ... well school-y. He wasn’t sure where he was going really, just wandering to avoid going back to the farm. Occasionally he’d see somebody from school, who would smile and wave, and he’d put on a fake smile and wave back, before speeding up ever so slightly, to avoid actually talking to them.

He turned a corner, and accidentally barged straight into Clark and Chloe, who were coming in the opposite direction. Connor briefly considered turning around and walking back the way he came, before they realize it’s him that walked into them, but that plans quickly dropped, when Chloe fell to the floor hard. Immediately Connor was down on one knee to help her up.

“Sorry, Chloe,” he said with a sad smile as he pulled her to her feet.

Chloe smiled and brushed herself down. “No harm done,” she said, before looking over his shoulder.

“Where’s the fire?” She asked jokingly, making him blush.

“Well.... You know how it is, people from school, they follow you everywhere.” He joked, drawing a grin from her. She hooked her arm through his, almost forcing him to walk along with her.

“Clark and I were going to the Talon, want to come too?” she asked kindly, but in a tone that told him that he didn’t really have a choice.

“Sure, it could be fun,” he said with a smile, as the two of them walked off leaving behind a confused Clark.


Connor sat listening to the two of them talking animatedly, about something or the other. This wasn’t how he wanted to spend his day. He let out a quiet sigh, before drinking down the coffee that he had ordered. The liquid burnt at his throat for a second, and when he looked back to Chloe and Clark they were looking at him expectantly.

“I agree with Chloe,” he said quickly, and then blushed at the looks they gave him, “that’s not the right answer. Sorry, I got ...distracted.”

Chloe rolled her eyes and smiled at him, making him shift uncomfortably.

“Sorry, I...I have to go,” he said quickly standing up as he felt a tug at the back of his mind, calling him outside.

Chloe nodded and smiled. “Well, we’ll see you later?”

Connor nodded. “Maybe. It was nice to talk to you Chloe. Clark,” he nodded towards Clark, before weaving his way out of the Talon, and into the flow of people outside.

Chloe sighed and looked at Clark. “You made him fell welcome,” she said slightly sarcastically, smacking him on the arm and making him jump in shock.

“I didn’t say anything to him!” he said, defending himself.

“Exactly. It’s been months since he’s got here, and you’re never spending time with him, or making him feel welcome. I understand you want to keep him at a distance because of the whole,” she dropped her voice to a whisper, “alien thing.”

Clark shook his head. “It isn’t that, he just... I don’t think he likes me. He never listens to me, can’t stand to spend time with me. He gets along with you, Ma, everyone except me.”


Darkness was starting to spread over the countryside. Connor continued walking through the cornfield, completely caught in thought. He hated it here. He wished he was back in California, back with his old family, but he couldn’t do that. All that he had heard was that his parents had been killed in a horrible accident.

He knew he had loved them. His Mom was a nurse, his Father a business man, and they had both loved him, but didn’t seem real. It felt like it was all a movie that happened to someone else. He was there though; he could see the sights, feel the emotions, and remember his thoughts.

They had brought him out to the Kent Farm, and Martha Kent, the godsend she was, took him in. A friend of the family supposedly, who was named in the will as the person who they wanted to take him in. Martha had accepted, quickly, fussing around him and checking him over. When he was a baby she used to look after him whilst his parents were away on holiday. He remembered that he liked it there, but he didn’t remember her son. Her son...he didn’t like him.

It started the first time that they met. Connor walked around a corner, the morning after he had arrived, clad in somebody else’s clothes whilst Martha waited for his to be washed or arrive from his old house. He’d expected to find another boy his age, maybe older, but as soon as he saw this guy; there was a nagging feeling at the back of his head. He had to get away, this thing wasn’t...right.

Then all of a sudden, it hit him, and he felt sick. He nearly fell over, only to be caught by someone’s arms. He felt sluggish, like all of his senses had been cut in half. He’d blacked out and woke up in bed, with the guy sat above him on one side, and Martha on the other side.

I don’t know why I don’t like him Connor thought, as he passed into a graveyard. He’s a nice guy; He’s never done anything to me. But it’s like... I need to talk to him about why he doesn’t feel right. Maybe if I discuss it with him, I can move past it. No. I can’t, they’d think I was crazy. It’d be like telling them that I was attacked by a vampire on my way home.
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