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From the Ashes and Stars Fanart

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Fan Art

Summary: This story is a challenge response and I have been making Fanart for it. Summary: Conner has so far had three homes. One with Angel, one with Holtz, and one with the Reilly's. Whats one more, can't get any more strange... Can it? Slash. Bart/Conner

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Smallville > Connor-CenteredTouchoftheWindFR154161111,32012 Jun 0912 Jun 09No

Fanart 1, Challenge Banner

This was the original banner I made for the idea.

Connor Kent

The challenge was:
Smallville Xover

Pairings: ConnorMale Character (could be Oliver, Bart etc...) Clark can be with anyone but Lana.

When Connor is given a new life he become Clark Kent's younger brother. However Connor's memories start to come back and scared Connor doesn't let anyone know about his true past.

The full challenge can be found here: The Ultimate Connor Family Challenge

Disclaimer: I own none of the pictures used and do not recieve any profit making these pictures. All pictures belong to their respective owners.
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