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Summary: Dawn and Draco share a piece of candy courtesy of a twin pair of Weasleys.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Draco Malfoy(Site Founder)JinniFR1511,411062,2537 Oct 037 Oct 03Yes
Title: Trick

Author: Jinni (

Rated: PG13

Pairing: Dawn/Draco

Disclaimer: All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, et al. All things HP belong to JK Rowling, et al.

Distribution: The normal places.

Notes: For Rosy's birthday.

Notes2: Don't ask. I have no idea where this little bit of twisted fluff came from.


"Want a bite?"

Draco looked down at the bit of candy between his girlfriend's fingers. Purple. Probably a berry something or other. One of those little Muggle treats that she liked so much. He took it with a grin, popping it into his mouth. The flavor hit his tastebuds and he smirked. Grape.

Turning his eyes back to her, he watched as she placed the other half of the candy into her own mouth. But that side was white, whereas his had been purple. He froze, eyes flying to the wrapper laying on the table as she began to chew. Even from here he could see the triple 'W' that marked a piece of candy well known in the wizarding world. It wasn't just a tasty treat - it was a Weasley's Wizard Wheezes treat, guaranteed to be nothing but trouble.

"Where," he swallowed. "Did you get that?"

She shrugged. "Found it in some things your friends sent over last time."

Draco groaned, wondering what they were in for. So far nothing felt wrong, or off. His skin wasn't turning colors and he didn't feel like getting of the couch and dancing or singing. He watched Dawn carefully as she swallowed her portion of the candy.

The room shifted suddenly, violently. He felt like he was being torn in two and shoved back together all at the same time; the most curious feeling of pulling and pushing that he'd ever experienced. He moaned, shutting his eyes and praying for it to pass quickly.

"Dra. . ." Dawn whispered before her own groan of displeasure pierced the air. He tried to reach a hand to her, to squeeze and reassure that it would be alright. But he didn't have the strength. Everything felt topsy turvey, even now as things were slowly calming down.

Sucking in a breath from between clenched teeth, the wizard slowly opened his eyes, hoping that whatever was supposed to happen was over and done with. The room wasn't spinning, nothing seemed abnormal. . .except --

Hadn't he been sitting on the -other- side of the couch?

A chill ran across his spine. Glancing down, Draco bit off a curse, closing his eyes tight. This couldn't be happening. There was no way those twin morons had managed to come up with something this complex.


Dawn's . . .no -his- eyes flew open. . .mouth working slowly in shock as she, too, began to notice what had happened.

"What the fuck?"

So weird to hear his voice saying that, with her inflections. Completely American, but still his voice.

He sighed, leaning back and shutting his now brown eyes. Dawn's body felt weird, lighter and more dainty. Nothing he wanted to get used to. "I'm going to kill those Weasels once and for all. And you." He opened his . . .-her- eyes. . .and glared at his all too familiar face. "Havent I warned you about eating the things that come in the boxes?!?"

"Hey!" Dawn cried, stumbling up to her feet. She glanced around, seeing everything as if for the first time through -his- eyes. "How was I supposed to know that the innocent little candy was one of your fucked up friend's idea of fun?"

"Don't call the Weasels my -friends-, Dawn." He warned testily, standing as well. He wobbled, getting the hang of her body shakily as he tried to balance himself in a situation that was frightening to say the least.

"Fine then," she snapped, arms crossing. "Your fucked up -acquaintances- from back home!"

There was nothing he could say to argue that point. They were definitely his acquaintances and not hers. She had only met one, Ginny Weasley. And that was only for a short time, whent heir entire Auror division had originally come to survey the Hellmouth. He had stayed on permanent placement, and the rest had gone back to their lives overseas. Every now and then Potter or Granger would pop in for a visit, much to his annoyance.

So, yes, they were his supposed 'friends', but not those bloody twins. And definitely not now.

"Calm down," he drawled, the words coming out awkward with her mouth. "This should wear off soon - all their annoying little pranks do."

"Soon?" She hissed, but it was a near-growl in his own deep voice. "How soon is soon? I love you Draco, but this is much, much closer than I ever wanted to be to you."

He snorted. "And you don't think this is an inconvenience for me? Traipsing around in your little girl body? What if something comes up right now and your sister needs my help? I really doubt my wand is going to work in your tiny little hands."


Dawn felt ire course through her, quick and swift. "My body is not defenseless, you know."

He smirked, twisting the lips of her face into an expression that looked somehow disgusting on her face.

"Don't," she snarled, taking a step back. "Just don't say anything. We're both pissy because of this whole. . thing. Don't say something you'll regret."

"My, my - being the reasonble one for once." Draco purred, the smirk giving way to a half-smile. "Maybe being me for an hour or two will do you good."

She flopped onto the couch, patting the spot next to her. "Oh just sit down and stop it."

He snorted, but did as she asked, sitting so close that their legs were brushing against one another. She realized, with a start, that she really was quite cute for being too tall and sort of thin.

"What're you grinning about?"

"Nothing." She shrugged, wiping the expression of her face.

"Well, don't then. Malfoys do not -grin-. Smirk - yes. Sulk - yes. Look cool and aloof - double yes. But we never grin."

"And Summers do not do any of those things - so lighten up a little." She chided. He sighed, nodding, but said nothing else. The silence stretched out until nearly five minutes had gone by without a single word, as if they were sitting there just waiting for the little 'trick' to reverse itself. "So - whaddya wanna do until this wears off?"

He looked over at her, rolling brown eyes. "Sit here, Dawn. I'd like to just sit here, if you don't mind."

She pouted, wondering how ridiculous it must look on his face. "But that's boring."

"Yes, well. I've had enough excitement for the day, if you don't mind."

"But I do." She giggled, stopping almost immediately. That -definitely- sounded wrong coming from Draco's mouth.

He groaned, eyes shutting tight, as if to block out the unreality of the entire situation. "Fine - what is it that -you- want to do?"

She paused, at a loss for words. There really wasn't much that they -could- do without leaving the house. And she definitely didn't want to actually go outside like this. It would be far to awkward if they ran into anyone they knew.

"We could. . .shower?" She suggested with a shrug. The day had been long and hot and she knew for a fact that her body, at least, could use a good rinse.


"Yeah!" She chuckled. "I wanna see this body naked."

"Dawn - you've seen me naked more times than I can count." Draco pointed out slowly.

"Never from -this- angle, though." She pointed out with a wise nod of her head. "And my body is grungy. C'mon, I'll even help you with the washing. . ."

She felt her face color, realizing what she'd just offered to do. Help Draco, who was inside her body, wash that same body while she was in -his- body. It all seemed really. . .

"Twisted." Draco smirked, standing up quickly. "You coming or not?"


Two Hours Later. . .

"Well that was. . .kinky." Dawn giggled, pleased to hear that her own perfectly womanly voice hadn't been damaged by Draco's time in her skin.

"Tell me about it," the Slytherin murmured, yawning. He rolled over in the bed, propping himself up on one arm to look down at her. "You tired me out, you know."

"And you, me." She snickered, tracing the angles of his face with her thumb. "Still. . .that was amazing. . .it felt so. . ."

Draco smirked, grabbing her hand. He laid a gentle kiss in the palm, remembering all too well what he had felt and experienced while in her body. "So - I should be contacting the Weasels, I take it?"

Dawn laughed.

"Definitely. A whole case of those candies oughta keep us busy for a while, dontcha think?"

~*~End Fic~*~

The End

You have reached the end of "Trick". This story is complete.

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