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Avoiding inFamy

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Summary: Set during Buffy S5, after the events of a good playthrough of the PS3 game inFamous and post Assassin's Creed 2. Cole readies himself to face the Beast, and Xander unlocks the true power of the Dagonsphere, their paths intertwining in Sunnydale...

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TheHeartistFR1833,189073,09012 Jun 0930 Dec 09No

Chapter Two: Let the Games Begin

A/N: I just re-read this for myself and decided to pursue it a little more. So, here goes I guess. The parts won't be massively long, but probably many if I'm honest. Treat it like a comic book, the story moving along in short, to-the-point bursts. Anyways, enjoy. Oh, and I'm adding another fandom. Because I can.

Disclaimers at the start of Chapter One. Disclaimer for the new fandom at the end of this chapter.


The wind was a odd thing. At his current level of control, he wasn't really capable of harming anyone unintentionally. That is to say, had he gained say, fire mastery, he would have accidently set plenty of things on fire by now. As it was, he'd blow some of Giles's books off the table, or Willow's skirt, erm...up. Tara giggled everytime, mentioning something about a Freudian slip being involved. At least the gang could joke about it. Xander also sensed a feeling of optimism, hope amongst the group. If this Dagonsphere had been created to battle Glory and it had apparently served its purpose by bestowing Xander with powers, then perhaps things were starting to look up? As much as he liked the fact that the gut feeling of dread had seemingly disappeared from everyone else, it still hadn't left him. After all, he was the one with these powers. And after years of yearning for more, of wishing he could be a key player, he suddenly realised that it might not be all it's cracked up to be. It certainly made him respect Buffy a lot more.

In any case, Xander had never been one to shirk from the fight; powers or no, and having gotten them under a decent amount of control, he had started to patrol with Buffy. At this point, he could make razor sharp air slices, concentrated blast of wind strong and pointed enough to punch holes through stone (and demon heads) and when he really focused, miniture whirlwinds that swept up vamps and immobilised them so Buffy could stake them. Talk about teamwork.

It was on one of these patrols, that the plot decided to thicken considerbly. Buffy and Xander had cleared out one graveyard and were walking through the gates of their second graveyard and final stop of the evening when they heard screaming.

"Alright Robin, superhero time?" Buffy said, once again dazzling Xander with more superhero wisecracks. Since he had gotten his powers, they had been relentless.

Simply nodding, the pair dashed through the assorted gravestones when they saw three vamps circling a dark blond man in slack and a white sweater who lie on the ground. Buffy spied something on his wrist, but before she could get a good look, Xander called out.

"Hey, evil dead. You guys adding preppies to your ranks now?" Xander said, making the three turn to face him and Buffy.

The middle vampire looked at him, cocked his head to the side and then simply led in with a punch. Xander reacted, blasting him back with a gust of wind and knocking him on his ass, before Buffy stalked forwards and staked him good. Turning, she lunged for the vamp on the left to see his legs being swept away by another gust of wind, allowing Buffy to follow through with another death blow. That was when she felt the hands on his back, the third vamp had reacted quicker than she had expected. Xander could do nothing, Buffy was in the way and his powers were too relient on his position at the moment. As she felt the vamp's breath on her throat, she suddenly heard the tell tale sounds of a dusting and she was free of his grasp. She turned to see a man in a black outfit standing there, a black cowl covering most of his face besides his mouth. He had an assortment of daggers on his person and a straight sword with a curved grip, Middle Eastern looking weapon, strapped to his back. She also caught a glimpse of a pair of blades retracting into his decorated metal bracers. This guy looked as if he could do some serious damage, basically.

"So, do I get a name for my white knight?" Buffy asked.

"Hey, I thought I was your white knight?!" Xander exclaimed.

"Xander, not now!" Buffy whispered out harshly, not taking her eyes off the stranger. Quickly looking past him, she could see that the man in the preppy outfit was gone.

"For now, you can call me...Ezio. I'll be seeing you again soon Slayer," the man said, as he then turned his gaze from Buffy to Xander ", and especially you, Conduit. And try not to get into any more trouble, I can't be around to save your necks all the time."

As he finished speaking, a smoke bomb went off. Xander quickly summoned the wind to blow the smoke away, but their mysterious ally was long gone.

"At least Deadboy had the decency to wait till you were turned around to go all disappear-y," Xander said, as they both cough due to the smoke.

"I guess another Scooby meeting is needed. Come on, the others are at the Bronze," Buffy said, as the two left the graveyard for their favourite haunt.


Cole watched them as they left the graveyard and then retreated, getting into Zeke's specially made van. it was rubberised, so Cole could ride around in it without it blowing up, Which was handy, especially if you were Zeke.

"Looks like we need to move the timetable up. The kid'll have to be thrown in at the deep end...the Assassins are already here," Cole said, as Zeke's eyes widened.

"And if they're here, the Templars are prolly not far behind...shit brother, we need to get our guy in the game, soon," Zeke replied ", well, at least he'll have help...fancy that, he just happens to be already involved with weirdness, won't be too difficult to convince him of the rest of our screwy story."

"'s not convincing him that worries's keeping him alive, that's gonna be the tough part," Cole replied, as Zeke started the van and they pulled away.


The assassin watched from the rooftop across the street as the Slayer and the Conduit entered the local nightclub known as the Bronze. He had not wanted to reveal himself quite yet, but that Slayer would have gotten herself killed otherwise. Right then, he wondered how she had survived this long.

"So," came a female voice from behind him ", Ezio? I think someone has spent too long in the Animus."

Desmond Miles turned and pulled his hood back to see his fellow Assassin Lucy had snuck up on him. Still, when it came to all out stealth, she was the best they had. Still, it showed that he had to train.

"I couldn't them my real name, I hear they have a Watcher and a computer whiz. If Abstergo could find out about my past, so could they. and they'd link me with the Assassins. And we aren't ready to show all our cards yet," Desmond said.

"Fair enough. So what now, oh fearless leader?" Lucy asked.

"We wait. Something is bugging me. Their Piece of Eden, it's power has been displayed quite publically. The Harris kid is using it to help the Slayer take out the nightlife. Yet the Templars haven't made a move on this town yet. Mere vampires wouldn't stop has to be something else," Desmond said, replacing his hood ", well I guess we should bug out for the night. Tomorrow is going to be eventful."


The knight could smell the evil that lie within Sunnydale the moment he got off the bus. His goal: contact with the Slayer, to discern her as ally or enemy. Then find the Key...and destroy it. In Byzantium's name, The Beast not be allowed to succeed, it would put his bosses' plan in complete ruin. And as history had shown, whatever the Templars wanted...the Templars got.


A/N: So yeah, the second fandom is the Assassin's Creed franchise. Please, reviews are great, lemme know what you think :)

The End?

You have reached the end of "Avoiding inFamy" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Dec 09.

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