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Avoiding inFamy

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Summary: Set during Buffy S5, after the events of a good playthrough of the PS3 game inFamous and post Assassin's Creed 2. Cole readies himself to face the Beast, and Xander unlocks the true power of the Dagonsphere, their paths intertwining in Sunnydale...

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TheHeartistFR1833,189073,09012 Jun 0930 Dec 09No

Prologue: Back at ground zero

Disclaimer: Buffy and co. are property of Whedon and Mutant Enemy, and Cole, Zeke and anything else from the PS3 game inFamous are property of Sucker Punch Productions. I just drew too many parallels (that will become apparent) playing this game to ignore this idea.


Empire City - Day 31 of the quarantine

'So this “Beast” was coming huh?' Cole thought to himself, as he left the crater of ground zero after the confrontation with his future self. Kessler. He had wanted to shape the past version of himself into a weapon, to be ready when this Beast who wrecked his future self's life finally appeared. Unfortunately for Kessler, it had worked too effectively. Cole had struck back and defeated Kessler, ending his manipulations for good. The Raysphere, the ancient artifact that had given Cole his powers of electricity, was destroyed for good, and the gangs being pulled by Kessler's strings were dying out as the chaos of the past month began to subside.

Emerging from the rubble, Zeke approached him. His best buddy through this ordeal, their relationship had been strained by the events of the past thirty one days. Still, Zeke was his best pal, and when it counted, he had come to stand by him in that final battle against the manipulative Kessler. It had damn near got him killed, the crazy bastard, but if it hadn't been for Zeke, he'd almost certainly be very very dead.

“Holy Jesus on a barbecue stick Cole! You took out Kessler for good?” Zeke asked, as he brushed the remaining rubble from the destroyed car park he landed in off his survivalist coat.

Cole had always joked that Zeke looked like an Elvis impersonator with a paranoia complex most of the time. The part about the paranoia complex was right. Zeke was your classic survivalist case, spouting mostly nonsense about government conspiracies and aliens out to get us all. Recently though, starting with the government blockade of Empire City, and leading up to now, it had seemed not everything Zeke had often sounded off about was nonsense at all.

“He's gone. And now I think, I need to go somewhere for a while and rest. It looks like this isn't over,” Cole replied.

“Isn't over? Well I'd best get polishing my guns then hombre, and get together all my cashola! There's no way we'll rest in this city, the press'll hound you like a rock star!” Zeke declared with a big smile.

“Road trip it is,” Cole said with a smile “, and don't ask me why...but I think I know just where to go.”


Sunnydale, two days later

Buffy sat in the Magic Box and looked down at the sphere the dying monk had given her.

“He called it the Dageysphere, or something,” Buffy told Giles, he grasp of the English language its usual lax self.

“You mean the Dagonsphere?” Giles said, opening a book to a page about the ancient artifact.

“Strange,” Giles thought aloud “, it details the history of the sphere, but doesn't give an inkling as to what function it actually performs.”

At that point, Xander entered the shop with his usual cheery bluster.

“What's the what people? Any news on super bitch?” Xander asked.

“Nothing yet. We found something on the Dragonsphere though!” Buffy replied.

“DAGONsphere Buffy, and something sure, but nothing of any use,” Giles said, his frustration at being able to find out anything about this Glory becoming very apparent.

“Relax Giles, we'll dig up the dirt, beat the big bad, save the world right? It's what we do,” Xander said with an easy smile.

The ability of Xander to put even the most worried mind at ease was often a welcome asset to the group dynamic. More often than not the boy would clam the minds of the rest of the group and allow them to focus at the task at hand. Giles had often speculated that the group would have self destructed by now if not for his calming influence.

“I suppose so...could you take this to Anya? Perhaps she might know what it is,” Giles asked him, handing him the Dagonsphere.

“Sure thing,” Xander replied, taking the sphere and leaving the shop.

As he crossed the street, he looked down at it, and it began to glow with a green energy, vibrating and buzzing in his hands. His eyes widening, he could do nothing as there was a massive flash, and Xander lapsed into unconsciousness.


A/N: So there you go. Lemme know what you think, I thought I should get this prologue up there to lay claim to this idea before someone else did tbh! Feedback is very much welcome :)
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