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No One

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Summary: No one's gonna change her world.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Drama(Past Donor)lucidityFR1316700379113 Jun 0913 Jun 09Yes
Disclaimer: Not a cross, so just the whole ‘BtVS ain’t mine’ thing. Oh and the quote is from the Beatles, of course.

Setting: Sometime season 6.


“Nothing’s gonna change my world,” she uttered softly to the No-one in the distance. No-one responded by not. The silence spoke volumes.

Buffy wandered past a grave, then another, and … on and on and on. Cemetery after cemetery. The No-one followed her and she sometimes, from the corner of her eye, caught a glimpse of him. But not really. No, you can’t see No-one.

Ignorance was not really possible, but she’d tried. She’d tried forgetting the heavenly calm. She’d tried hiding her true expressions and her true feelings and all she’d ended up with was the expanding distance between her and her … not friends. No, she wouldn’t really call them friends anymore. Her allies. Because between her problems and theirs, there was a world of difference between the movie-night-having, post-slayage-at-the-bronze-partying, support-and-defend-at-all-costs friends of the past and … whatever Willow and Xander were to her now. Allies, but … not even that. Not really.

They hadn’t bothered to help her patrol in a long time. They couldn’t stand being around her anymore than she could stand them. But the No-one, he was around, wasn’t he? No matter how she tried to ignore him. Why wouldn’t he leave her alone? Frustrated, she returned to ignoring her stalker. He was No-one, after all. Just another bad man.

Buffy sighed, letting the tip of her sword graze the tops of the grass blades. She was alive, and she was fighting, and nothing was going to change that. She was alone, and being with someone wouldn’t change that. Nothing could. She would go through each day trying not to let her despair shine through her dead eyes and she’d spend each night trying not to let her blood-lust show. Because she was the bringer of death. Nothing would ever change that.

She heard his boots skitter a stone from the top of a crypt, and the barely audible thud of his panther grace as he hit the ground. She could smell his tobacco. He didn’t care enough to stay down wind. No, the chase wasn’t any fun if the prey wasn’t aware it was being chased, was it?

She knew he wasn’t trying to frighten her. He was trying to befriend her. But how could she? She was past being capable of making friends, of having friends, of keeping friends. No one had ever stayed and she was sure, after the past few months of cold shoulders, that she would soon loose even the company of her allies.

Except, maybe, for him. The No-one who refused to leave her be. He hadn’t left her, even though she’d made herself quite clear.

Suddenly attacked by a fledge, she did her job. Spike stayed back as she fought. She lunged and swung and dusted and another bad guy disappeared. Poof. “Typical man,” she whispered.

Spike, though - he was not a typical man. She snorted as she thought, “vampire, duh”. Maybe that was it, though. He was dead. Dead like Buffy.

Maybe that was why he wanted her, too. Dead like Spike.

She turned her head toward him, the epiphany making her forget the whole ignorance plan. As she stared into the bleakness, his lighter flared. A smirk crawled along her lip. Silly vampire, blasting his way in with such a cliché: A light in the darkness.

She turned and walked on. He followed her back toward his crypt. She led him there. She walked in and waited for him to catch up to her. No one was ever gonna change her world. But, maybe, someone could understand it.


A/N: I just wrote this. It’s not my fault. Blame my fingers, or the fact that my husband put the CD in. Anyway, it’s nice to think that somehow, no matter what we go through, there someone out there that can kinda understand, even if they can’t change anything.

So there’s that. Goodnight, all. Thanks for reading:)

Reviews are love.

The End

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