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Summary: FFA Entry- One Shot. Boy walks into a bar.

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Television > Prison BreakshellcFR1312,0850485813 Jun 0913 Jun 09Yes
TITLE: Happiness
PAIRING: Buffy Summers / Lincoln Burrows
Rating: FR13
TIME LINE: Up to Mid S5 for Buffy and S2/3 for Prison Break
DISCLAIMER: Both shows belong to their respective owners.
NOTES: Minor Character death/vamping
SUMMARY: One Shot. Boy meets girl in a bar.

Lincoln bit back a groan as he entered the bar. He wasn't expecting the Hilton but this was the pits, he was expecting a cockroach to tap him on the shoulder and ask him outside. Scratch that, even a roach wouldn't be seen in this dive.

Didn't matter though, as long as it served alcohol it was fine with him. He was only going to be in town for a few hours anyway, it was nothing more than a stop over before he left for Panama to try and find Michael.

"Give me a beer." He walked over to the bar and leaned on it, glancing at the others as he did. it was empty apart from two men in the far booth but they had their heads down.

"Your new, I haven't seen you before?" the weasel gave him the once over as he opened a bottle.

"I'm really not in the mood for twenty questions," he glared at him. "Give me a bottle of whiskey as well."

" problem." He bent down and picked one up from the shelve and handed it to him. Lincoln brought out a couple of twenties and flung them on the bar before taking a seat in the nearest booth, as the bar tender went to the phone.

He could feel all eyes on him but he could not give a shit, if they wanted an argument, they could look elsewhere. He was more interested in finishing the bottle.

Half an hour later he was three quarters of the way through it when the door opened. He looked up to see a perky blonde dressed all in leather walk in. She was pretty enough but he wasn't on the look out for anything. Still, there was nothing wrong with window shopping and he watched her ass sway as she walked up to the bar tender and greet him with a look of disdain.

Whatever he said, made her turn her head and lock eyes with him. With a final warning about using his spine as a belt, she turned and walked over to him.

"I'm guessing your new!" it wasn't a question.

"You the welcome committee?" he looked her up and down.

"The reason I'm asking is no one from this town is stupid enough to walk around at night on their own and no one is loco enough to come in here."

"I can handle myself." He glared at her.

"That‘s not what I mean," she shifted. "I’m thinking not only are we not on the same page, I doubt we're even in the same library!"

"Get out Barbie, I'm in no mood for this tonight," he warned her, if she didn't listen it was her own fault. "Shut your pretty mouth and walk away!"

"You know what you are, your an ass. Here I am trying to save you, and you start with the insults…"

"I said, back off!" he stood up and pushed her, not enough to hurt her but it would get the message across.

If anyone asked later when he realized he'd make a mistake, he would say it was when she grabbed a hold of him and smashed his head into the table but truthfully it was when he saw the mask slip from her face. The petite girl had left the building and all that was left was a pissed off fighter.

"I repeat... your new," she lessoned the grip but didn't let go as she bent over and looked him straight in the eyes. "So I’ll let you away with that. The next time they'll need to call for your dental records, do you understand?"

He nodded, knowing when he was out of his depth.

Maybe she had been too tough but life was suck worthy just now. Glory was still after Dawn and her mother had just got out of hospital. So on top of looking after the house, she still had to patrol every night. She didn't even have the luxury of Spike helping anymore. As soon as he had revealed that he loved her, she told him to get out of town before she staked him. And for once the demon had did exactly what she asked.

With a sigh, she let him go. "So why are you here? I'm sure it's not for the dazzling nightlife."

"Just passing through." He straightened his shirt and sat back down, opening the bottle as he did.

Something was familiar about him but she couldn't put her finger on it. "What's your name?"


That's when it hit her. He was Lincoln Burrows. He had been arrested for some murder and put inside the pokey, only problem was he didn't do it. God must have been smiling on him though because the truth came out and he was released.

"You just get out of jail and you come to Sunnydale," she slid into the seat opposite him. "No offense but I'm starting to think you are one crumb short of the full cookie."

"You know who I am then?"

"You've been on every news program for the last few months. Your bigger than Madonna just now," she replied. "Although I gotta say I would much prefer seeing you writhing on a bed than her!"

He shook his head with a smile. "So why the fuss about me being here,” he looked over at the barman who realizing he’d been caught, looked the other way. “I’m guessing your who weasel boy was calling earlier?" he looked over at Buffy.

"Weasel boy...I like that," she stopped as if to think it over then with a smile added. "Yeah, he had an unlike him moment of sympathy and phoned me ,” the smile left her face. “ I meant what I said before. Sunnydale is not a great place to be at night."

"I can.."

"Believe me you can't," she stopped him from repeating himself. "I'm not talking thieves and rapists, think more demony that that."

"Excuse me?"

"Sunnydale sits on top of Hell itself. We have more vampires here than humans!" she bit back the smile at his expression. God he was cute, it was a pity life was so hectic at the minute.

"Your telling me Dracula lives here?" the usual sarcasm that usually followed someone finding out appeared.

"Live no. But he did visit a few months ago."

With a snort, he took another slug from the bottle.

"Fine then," she craned her neck to see who was still in bar. Sensing the vamp, she whistled to get his attention. He flipped her off and continued his drink.

With a sigh, she got up and made her way to the table. "That was rude!"

"Slayer, we're not doing anything so get lost." The older one spat out.

She took the stake out of her back pocket and laid it on the table. "Can you guess the one word you shouldn't have said there Einstein?"

"What do you want Buffy?" the newbie who up until now had kept his face covered, looked up at her. She bit back a lump in her throat when she saw the demon version of Jonathon looking back at her.

"Just want to prove something, that's all," she hid the tremor in her throat. That was the one thing that would get her killed. Jonathon or not, he was a demon now. “Can you help me out?"

He nodded standing up and following her back to the table with the stranger.

"This is a vampire?" he gave him the once over when they reached the table. Who was she kidding, this guy was smaller that she was but she expected him to believe he was a monster.

She shook her head as he took another drink. "Nope, this is Jonathon," she nodded and he went into game face, causing Lincoln to spurt the contents of his mouth over the table. "This is a vampire!" she answered before turning back to Jonathon.

"You need to get out of Sunnydale. Because you've helped me a few times, you've got a free pass. But if I see you again, we'll meet professionally. Do you understand?"

He nodded and without another word, he walked out of the bar.

In all the commotion, she had forgotten to pick up her stake and vamp no2 was sneaking up on her, dreaming up all the ways he would be respected when he told everyone he had killed the almighty slayer.

Lincoln shot up, ready to grab him but with a roll of the eyes, Buffy, using the table as leverage round housed him, grabbing the stake as it fell and ramming it into him.

She grabbed the bottle and took a shot as he turned to dust.

" Okay, call me stunned but that was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen." He took the bottle back from her.

She held out her hand. "Hi Stunned, I'm Buffy!"


"It sucks being the older one," Buffy nodded. "I swear if I hear Mom say she doesn't know any better one more time, I'm gonna put my head in a oven!"

After finally, getting him to admit what he saw was real, he persuaded her to stay for a while and the pair of them opened a bottle, before comparing stories. While not a fighter in the slayer sense, Lincoln still had her amazed at some of the things he had done. Which had led them onto Michael and Dawn and the problems they faced, bringing them up.

"Michael wasn't too bad. He spent most of his time in his room, reading books and inventing things. I always figured he got my share of the brains as well as his."

"There's a place in life for us as well," she patted his shoulder. "You can't have brains without the brawn. It's like having night without day or..." she stopped and looked at the bottle she had been drinking from. "How much have I drunk?"

"Not enough you are a lightweight Summers." He mocked her.

"And on that note, I think I better split," she nodded over at the clock. “Dawn will be up in an hour for school."

"I better get going too, I got stuff to do before my flight," he sobered up at the thought of the fight ahead of him. “Don’t supposed you want a trip to Panama do you?"

"Really wish I could," she snuggled into his side. "But I got enough trouble here without adding to it. Beside’s you don't need me annoying you while you try to help Michael."

"Who said you'd be annoying me?" he whispered into her hair.

"I would eventually, that's the way my relationships go. I'm either too strong for them or not enough invested. Too many Buffy's spoil the broth!"

"The Buffy who's sitting hear is enough," he turned her face to look at her. " She's pretty special if you ask me."

He leaned down and kissed her lips with a softness he didn't know he had in them. "Your a hell of a woman Buffy Summers, don't let anyone ever tell you different!"

She couldn't say anything even if she tried, so she settled on a nod.

He claimed another kiss then stood. "I really have to go."

She copied his movements, then picked up a beer mat. "Willy you got a pen?"

Without even looking she caught the one he threw at her, and wrote something on the mat. "This is my address and number. You need me for anything, give me a call. I can't kill a human but I can rough them up better than anyone."

"Thanks." He gave her one last kiss on the cheek then turned and walked out the door.

"Your welcome." She said to herself then after a beat, she picked up her coat and put it on.

"If I’ve learned one thing about living on the Hell Mouth, it's expect the unexpected," Willy came up behind her.” If the two of you are meant to be, you'll meet again."

"I never had you down as a romantic?" she arched an eyebrow.

"Can't risk anyone knowing." He answered as she walked to the door.


"Yeah?" she turned around.

"Just remember, you might be a slayer but your still a girl who deserves some happiness."

"Thanks Willy." She nodded before walking out the door, leaving him to clean up.

The End

You have reached the end of "Happiness". This story is complete.

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