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A New World

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Summary: Just as the Scoobies think The First has gone. An old friend reappears with a surprise that they're not gonna like.

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Chapter 10

Sorry about the long delay but hopefully from now on, I'll be posting every week/fortnight.

Disclaimer: As usual nothing is the property of me.



The familiar voice had the Slayer's head shooting upwards but as she looked around, the only other visible person beside her was her boyfriend who right at that moment was watching her every move with a worried expression on his face.

“You okay sweetheart?” Ronon’s concerned eyes watched her as his hand came up to gently rub her back.

“Yeah,” she nestled back down, moving his arm so she could snuggle underneath it, turning her head just enough to kiss his bicep. “I thought I doesn’t matter.”

“Good to know,” he rumbled into her ear, nuzzling his way down to her neck. “’Cause I’ve got an idea…”

‘Don’t even think about it…you know how long I had to wait until you finished last time!’ the voice thundered out again.

“Okay I definitely heard it that time,” her head came up so suddenly that she cracked his chin. “Will, is that you?”

“Willow…where?” he scanned the area while grabbing his coat to cover himself, his sore chin now secondary to his nudity.

“She’s not here, here.” She rolled her eyes wondering not for the first time why she always fell for the hot but brain wary men. “She’s in my head.”

“What?” he finally gave up; looking so bewildered that it was actually adorable.

“I’ll explain later,” she sat back down, kissing his chin as she cuddled back into him. “Now shh so I can figure out what Wicca girl wants?”

‘Okay Will, you have clearance for take-off, what’s up?’ she concentrated on her friend, putting a hand over his mouth when he tried to speak again.

‘Well the short story is we figured out what happened to the pair of you. Something about the Wraith threatening to cull the guy’s village or something…Sheppard said the two of you would understand what it meant. Luckily enough we were just about to go home when they came back to say you had disappeared so Teyla, Dawnie and me did a locator spell to look for you.”

‘So how come you’re not here yet?’ she grumbled. ‘Not that I’m complaining because we’ve been enjoying the alone time but I could do with a shower…and other things.’ She admitted, running her hand through her hair.

‘Yeah, well it’s been the alone time’ that held everything up,’ she answered, her tone not with the happy. ‘I did try to get in touch but and all I got back was stuff that even Xander would blush at.’

‘You mean when we were…’ she eeped as she remembered exactly what they had been doing then.

‘Mhh hmm, and it’s been locked away deep down but I’m giving you fair warning, YOU will be the one paying for my therapist missy. Anyways, back to you being all Buffy Crusoe. Now we’re all with the connections, I just need a couple of seconds or so to figure out exactly where you are…’ she stopped long enough for Buffy to relay the information to Ronon.

“Tell her to tell Sheppard it’s next to PT4433.” He answered back unaware of the storm he had just set off.

“What the hell...what about what you said last night?” she got up with a growl, crossing her arms over her chest not realizing that the whole pissed off vibe was totally undermined by the fact that she was still completely naked.

“What about last night?” his eyes never moved from her chest, not even trying to pretend that he was listening as every intake of breath revealed a nipple.

“Hey…perv boy, my eyes are up here!” she kicked the side of his thigh when she realized where he was staring.

“Yeah but you’re forgetting one thing sweetheart,” he knew she would lash out again when he answered and when she did, he grabbed her leg and brought her down on top of him. “It wasn’t your eyes that I wanted to see.”

“You’re lucky I’m tired or your ass would be so toast,” she punched his chest. “Now explain how you didn’t know where we were last night but you do now?”

“I had more important stuff on my mind last night,” hell bent down and nibbled her bottom lip earning a moan as her hands came up around his neck to keep him where he was, locking her legs around his waist to make double sure.

“Buffy Anne Summers, get your hands off him now!” the angry voice had the two of them jumping to their feet.

“Sorry Will.” She sighed, feeling anything but as she watched him sit back down. “So are you on your way then?”

“Well I was gonna but I decided it would be more fun to listen to you to for the next half hour,” she threw back, the sarcasm clear in her voice. “That and Sheppard is waiting for the co-ordinates so we know where to head to.”

‘Okay, Sheppard’s telling Dr Weir. He says it shouldn’t take too long – a few hours at most to reach you.’ She answered after Buffy finally had told here where to look.

‘Cool,’ she nodded before remembering her friend couldn’t see her. ‘Will…can you get Teyla to bring a new set of clothes for us?’

‘Why…oh…okay,’ she stuttered and Buffy just knew the redhead’s face would be as colorful as her hair. ‘I will. I’ll see you in a bit.’

“They’re on their way.” She move over and sat down on his lap, laying her head against his chest with a sigh. “She says they shouldn’t take too long, an hour at most.”

“Good,” he started nuzzling her neck, shifting them until he had her underneath him again. “It will give us time to finish what we started.”

“God, aren’t you tired yet?” she groaned even as her hands came up to thread through his hair as he made his way down her chest.

She hadn’t been lying when she said she was exhausted. To say they had made up for leaving it so long was a kinda understatement. She wasn’t a stranger to marathon sex sessions but she had always put it down to her other half being a vampire since the most Riley could manage was twice in a night and only after a rest and a snack in between.

The last few hours with Ronon had totally disproved that theory. It might not have reached double figures she had achieved with Spike in the abandoned house but it hadn’t been far off either.

“We got some time before they get here right?” he asked moving her hands so he could get to his knees.

“I really don’t care honey.” She shrugged.


“So did it take long to pull off then?”

Dawn rolled her eyes at McKay and his disturbing attempt at flirting; sure he was one-step away from batting his lashes. More sickeningly, Willow was doing nothing to stop it and gods, it looked as if she was lobbing it straight back to him.

When he had first found out about her smarts last night, the scientist had been his usual charming self and did everything but throw his pacifier out of the pram because not only was there someone as clever as him but shock…she could actually rate higher on the nerd-o-meter.

Somewhere along the line though, a switch had happened, she had managed to wrap him around her finger, and from that moment, he had literally followed her around like a puppy begging for attention. It was obvious in his mind that he had found a kindred spirit who would challenge him unlike the inhabitants of the city. Not even the fact that she was already involved or that her current partner was a girl had put him off.

Right at this moment, he was gushing about the Wicca turning the Potentials into real girls…and if she heard one more compliment, she was seriously gonna grab the rope that was hanging on the wall behind him, wrap it round his neck and squeeze until he was dead or she was happy…whatever came first.

Since she had actually been there to catch the live show, hearing what had happened for the hundredth time was as exciting as a root canal and she needed to be elsewhere and now. They didn’t even look in her direction as she got up and moved into the…cockpit, throwing herself into McKay’s empty seat, sitting back and closing her eyes while she partly listened to Teyla and John talk but it didn’t really matter, as anything was better than what Romeo and Juliet were spouting about in the back.

To be honest, now that she knew that Buffy and Ronon were okay she could have done with turning in. She should have taken her boyfriend up on his suggestion of crawling under the covers and sleeping all day but she still needed to see with her own eyes that Buffy was okay before the tick went in the pro column.

Worse still was the fact that she been stuck in the jumper for hours while they ‘gated’ there as Sheppard called it. She had never liked traveling. She didn’t mind cars but anything bigger turned her smile upside down. It wasn’t that she was seasick or travel sick…or whatever it was, you called it.

Nope, she plain just didn’t like it. She took it from their grandfather who had absolutely loathed traveling. He always said that if god intended humans to fly then he would have created them with wings and while she didn’t agree completely with him, she could see his point.

Thankfully, her and Buffy’s plane trips growing up were few and far between as their mom mostly kept them at home when their dad traveled around the country so the only long haul flights they took were for vacations or to visit their Aunt Arlene and family in Illinois.

“It looks like you’re friend has got an admirer,” Teyla’s comment had her opening her eyes. “I can’t remember the last time Rodney was so….”

“The words you’re looking for is polite…human…not -Rodney or all of the above?” Sheppard answered for her earning a smile from both girls.

“He is a little less in your face with her than he normally is,” Dawn nodded, swiveling her seat around to peek at the couple before answering. “What is weird is that Willow seems to be falling for it though.”

“I was lead to believe that she was only attracted to her own gender?” Teyla nodded noticing that the redhead did indeed look happy with the scientist’s attention.

“Tara was one of a kind," she answered. Her heart still hurt when she thought about the older girl who everyone still missed dearly. “But until Willow met her, she only dated guys....not that I really know much about her anymore. The nights of all of us snuggling in front of the TV with Ben & Jerry while we gossiped seem like a lifetime ago now.

“And so it comes,” Sheppard nodded in complete understanding. “The shines finally wore off then huh?”

“It’s not that I hate it…the people…you lot especially are nice…don’t get me wrong,” she sat back in her seat with a sigh. “I love working with Radek too, he has taught me so much but I guess I just miss the things we all used to take for granted , stupid little things like ordering pizza at any time you want to or deciding there and then to drive down to the beach and just…you know.”

“I do.” He nodded. “You know …”

“Know what?” McKay’s voice coming from behind interrupted him before he could finish the sentence.

“It’s nothing.” Dawn answered quickly sending a warning look Sheppard’s way telling him she didn’t want it discussed anymore so instead he changed the subject.

“Okay, everyone buckle up. We’re about to land.”

After finally setting down and disembarking from the jumper, Willow cautiously reopened her link with Buffy to inform her they were en route to meet them, ignoring the strange looks from Sheppard and McKay who still seemed uncomfortable with the way that the two women were mentally able to communicate with each other.

Seeing as how it was Buffy giving the directions though, she had them literally walking around in circles before they finally reached the clearing where the two of them were resting at, Ronon sitting on a stump with Buffy perched on his lap, too involved in each other to even notice them emerge.

It wasn’t until they got closer that they noticed why Buffy had asked for the change of clothes. She was wearing Ronon’s coat, which was buttoned up just enough to keep things decent, her own boots and apparently nothing else if her bare leg was anything to go by while Ronon seemed to be clad in nothing but his pants.

"I see you've still not found the off switch!" Dawn smirked when they both jerked up.

"How about we see if I can find yours?" the Slayer glared at her sister, a little annoyed that once again they had been too involved to hear anyone approaching.

The smirk turned into a grin when she saw the pile of rags that were at one point clothes. "I love the look sis, what are we calling it...bag girl chic?"

“So says the girl whose taste is so bad that even Good Will refuse to take your cast offs.” she rolled her eyes taking the bag with one hand while wrapping the other around her little sister who accepted the hug.

“You really wanna have that chat Ms ‘Pamela Anderson was my role model for freshman Through junior year.” the younger girl shot back as she handed Ronon his bag. “I’m not the one who spent the whole of high school confusing belts for skirts.”

“Whatever!” the blonde grumbled, grabbing Ronon by the hand and hauling him away muttering something about wishing their mom had listened when she asked her to swap Dawn with a turtle when she was born.


Like she had promised, the first thing Buffy did when she got back to the city was make straight for the shower and she didn’t resurface from the water until she had scrubbed all over twice.

She had just stepped out of the bathroom when the door beeped. She grabbed the towel from her bed on the way, wrapping it around her and making sure to stand back so she wouldn’t give anyone a free show as she answered it.

“You okay to talk?” Willow smiled as soon as it opened.

She nodded leaving Willow to shut the door as she went into the bathroom. “Just give me a few to change then I’m all yours.”

“Okay.” She walked over to the bed and as she sat down, she noticed the photo of her, Buffy and Xander from the year after Buffy had moved to Sunnydale and she picked it up with a giggle.

“What’s with the hyena impression?” Buffy’s mumbled voice had her looking up.

“I was just looking at this,” she nodded at the photo, noticing Buffy had now changed into a pair of jeans and a black tank top. “I know they’re us but they seem like completely different people now.”

“They are in a way,” Buffy answered moving over to look. “It was what… years ago...that’s not too long off a decade.”

“I guess,” she sighed replacing it on the table before grabbing the brush that was beside it and patted the space beside her.

“So what did you wanna talk about?” She sat down with a sigh and scooted backwards so Willow could reach her.

“We’re leaving in a few hours. Angel needs to get back to the office for some business blah that he’s doing…plus he wants to check up on Dru, he doesn’t trust her on her own for so long.” She happily started brushing; remembering the countless times she had done this during sleep over’s back in Sunnydale.

“Typical,” Buffy frowned, feeling bad for her unlikely friend. “That’s Angel all over. He makes the mess then gets all bad moody ‘cause he has to deal with it. You will come back when we don’t have pill popping creepy crawlies buzzing about though right?”

“If I can sure,” she nodded a little too eagerly, finishing the last strand and placing the brush back on the table.

“Mhh hmm,” Buffy turned around to face her, a knowing grin on her face. “And I suppose the only reason you are about to do a cartwheel is ‘cause of me and nothing to do with Canadian bacon along the corridor?”

Her answer, which was to turn beet red, told Buffy everything she needed to know.

“So what’s going on with the two of you then?” she got more comfortable. “Dawnie told me you were incredibly chummy and since I caught the repeat on the Jumper, I see what she means.”

On the way home, Dawn had filled Buffy in on what had been going on between the redhead and the scientist and she couldn’t say she was too surprised with the latest developments. After he finally admitted his interest, Rodney had approached her at the party where he continually bombarded her with question after question about her friend.

“I’m not sure,” Willow, answered honestly. “I know he’s not your favorite person Buff…well anybody’s really by the looks of things but he is nice when you get to know him.”

“Really?” she screwed her face up before realizing it wasn’t exactly best friend behavior. No matter what she thought of him, he had been the one that suggested bringing Willow and the others to the city for her birthday so that was a bonus...add that to the fact that he wasn’t Kennedy and...Maybe...well, stranger things had happened.

She took her friend into her arms. “He already has one thing going for him that gives him huge thumbs up. I’ve not seen perky Willow for a while and I’m happy she’s paid another visit…I missed her loads.”

“I missed her too.” The redhead answered honestly, bringing her own arms into the mix. “Are you really okay about this Buffy?”

“The one thing I learned after what happened with Riley was don’t do something because you want to please others...If I had figured that out sooner than maybe...” she trailed off dropping her arms as a flurry of memories came to her both good and bad. “Do what’s right for you,” she finally continued with a shrug thankful that Willow had given her the moment. “But for the record, I got used to Kennedy so I’ll figure out McKay too. Will…speaking of Kennedy though...?”

“I know,” she sighed. “What we discussed about at the party still hasn’t changed. I’m still gonna talk to Kennedy when we get home. What’s happened with Rodney has come unexpectedly but it has kinda underlined everything for me. If I was totally happy with her then I would never be interested in anyone else…it never happened with Tara or Oz…well apart from…”

“Are we talking about the slip?” Buffy offered.

“The slip,” she nodded. “The thing that’s bothering me though is the fact that…”

“He’s a guy?” she took the words right out of her mouth once again.

She nodded again, this time adding a sigh.

“Well...You have to admit, dangly bits aside, the two of you kinda go well together,” she answered after a pause. “You are both major smart and well…anyone would be better than Kennedy,” she grinned earning a glare before getting serious again. “You can’t go through life labeling yourself. After Angel I decided to be all normal-girl with Riley then Spike came along and I figured that demons were the only way to go and now Ronon…god, my love life has had more dips and twists than a coaster but it is what it is in the end.”

“I get what you mean,” she interrupted before Buffy started to confuse herself. “But, putting the fact that he’s a HE to the side…there isn’t any way we could have anything serious right?”

“I honestly don’t know,” she shrugged. “I guess it all depends on the two of you. I’ve heard of long distance relationships but this is way off the scale. It’s not as if he can phone and ask you to the movies on a Saturday night…man I miss the movies.” She added as an afterthought.

“The newest stuff we have here is whatever anyone brings back from leave.”

“So we’re talking Steven Seagal and Jean Claude then?”

Buffy nodded. “And if we’re really lucky, a little Bruce is thrown in.”

“I thought you liked it though?” Willow put her concerned face on. “According to Wesley you’re all with having the time of your life?”

“On the scale of crapness, there are worse places I could be,” she shrugged. “I’m not gonna lie Will, if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve still got Evil the First after my cute but not too big ass, I would still be in LA doing the rounds listening to Giles and his lectures wishing I was anywhere but …yet it does have some advantages.”

“Are we talking about a certain advantage?” She smirked. “Say a Six foot plus piece of perfection?”

“We are,” she smiled the smile of someone truly happy. “That is one bit of salty goodness that I don’t wanna be without.”

“So the dessert was as tasty as the appetizer then?”

“It was so yummy that I went back for sixths.” She grinned, turning it into a giggle when Willow shook her head before joining in.

“There is something I need to talk to you about though,” she said a few seconds later when they had both calmed. “I have been doing some thinking and I need you to get a message to Giles for me."

“Anything, you know that honey.” Willow answered.


“Typical isn’t it? The one time I decide to go on vacation everything happens.” Laura grumbled into her cup earning a shrug from Buffy who was sitting across from her on the sofa, her legs under her as she drunk her own coffee.

“If I had known, I would have asked the Wraith to hold off a few weeks until you came back,” she laughed when instead of answering; her friend gave her the bird.

Just as she was about to reply, the door beeped and Ronon walked in. “Sorry to interrupt but Sheppard’s decided he wants the money back I won from him last week and I can’t stand using his clubs.”

“They’re under the bed,” Buffy answered patting his leg as he passed before turning her attention back to Laura so they could continue the conversation. “So how about you, did you enjoy your time off?”

“It was good,” she nodded. “My grandparents were visiting who I hadn’t seen in forever so it was a great chance to catch up.”

“Got them,” Ronon’s rumble rang through the room as he came out of the bedroom, stopping in front of Buffy to bend down and kiss her before standing back up. “It’s good to have you back.” He smiled over at Laura.

Unsure of what to do she just nodded back.

““Bye honey.” Buffy answered, watching him leave before turning back to her friend. “What’s with the cheese impression?”

“It’s weird!” she answered honestly. “I got the heads up from Dawn and I’m seeing it all with my own eyes but it’s still all Twilight Zone-y. I don’t know what you have done to him Buffy but in all the time I’ve been here, that was the longest...correction, only time he has ever talked to me that didn’t start and end with a grunt.”

She had left the night of the party so the first she heard about what had happened to them had been when she returned to the city just a few hours earlier and it turned out that hadn’t been the only big news Buffy had to share with her.

In fact, the couple had surprised everyone with Buffy’s actions in particular causing her nearest and dearest to wonder if she had been taken over by a pod person.

Those who knew her well enough knew how hard it was for the blonde to truly be open with people and even being gifted with said openness wasn’t always enough for her to be total trust girl so to say that her announcement had been a surprise had been an understatement.

Now that the last piece of the Buffy and Ronon puzzle was finally complete, the two had been sharing all their spare time with each other and their nights were split between each other’s room. It was as she was carrying her things back one morning after sleeping at his place and had bumped into Sheppard that he suggested the two of them move into one of the couple’s quarters as there would be more space and it would spare all the running about..

The surprise was when instead of flipping out like usual, she had readily agreed and went straight to Ronon with his suggestion who it turned out was thinking the same way. So deciding to meet in the middle, the pair of them gave up their own single rooms and decided to move into the married quarters where not only did they have a room but also space to use as a lounge where everyone could hang.

When she had first told them, Dawn and Xander had been waiting on the other shoe dropping – the day when she finally realized what she had done then freak out and stick her head in the sand.

However, not only did she go through with it but she was also the one who did all the packing and unpacking as well as arranging everything when they had moved in.

There was still something she wasn’t sharing with the rest of the class though. She seemed to be happy but to those who knew her…knew what to look for…it was obvious she was keeping something to herself but it was only when she thought no one was looking that the mask slipped.

They had asked her about it but every time she gave the same answer – she was fine and everyone was worried over nothing but they knew the truth – Buffy was hiding something. Xander had even tried getting Ronon on side but he seemed to be drumming to the same beat as his girlfriend, which meant one of two things. She had either pulled the wool over his eyes too or he knew and wasn’t willing to share.

Dawn still had one trick up her sleeve though – Laura. As soon as the soldier had gated back to the city, she had grabbed her and brought her up to speed. If Buffy were going to open up to anyone, it would be the other woman.

“So anything else happened when I was away?” she started gently. She might not have known the Slayer as long as Xander or her sister but there was one thing she was sure about. If Buffy wanted to keep something to herself then Hell would freeze over twice before she admitted it.

“Not that I can think of…you do know about McKay and Willow right?”

“Yeah, romance of the century according to those in the science labs but I’m thinking more about you.” She put the cup down on the table. “Dawn thinks you are keeping something from her and she wanted me to”

The next words to come out of her friends mouth was the last she had been expecting.

“She’s right.”

“Seriously... she was right?” she clarified.

“Yeah,” she finally admitted. “But you have to promise me that you won’t say anything to her until everything is sorted when I tell you... it’s kinda like this.”


“How can you understand any of this?”

Dawn looked up from her files to see Buffy holding up some paper with a look of utter confusion on her face.

It was a day off for her team but with Rodney working on god knows what, Teyla spending the day with a friend from her village that she was adamant wasn’t her boyfriend and Sheppard and Ronon off world doing some male bonding she was at a loose end and had decided to come help Dawn in the lab...or rather keep her company while she did what she needed to.

“It kinda helps if you put it round the right way first,” Dawn turned her attention back to her work. “They are the schematics for that device Sheppard found during you’re last treasure hunt.”

With a nod, she put them back down and started to walk around the lab, leaning into the read all the screens, realizing she couldn’t understand half of them then going to another one to do the same thing.

Knowing her sister was off in cloud cuckoo land once again, Dawn took the chance to study her. Her eyes were on the screen but she wasn’t taking anything in.

“Buffy is everything okay?” she questioned.

“Yeah...” she answered offhandedly, not really paying attention.

“Okay time out,” she pushed away from the desk and moved towards her sister, quickly turning off the screen but even then, it took Buffy a few seconds to notice it was blank.

“I was reading that!” Buffy grumbled, reaching for the clipboard instead, hoping to buy herself some time. “ I couldn’t understand it but that was still very rude.”

Her thoughts were still on the conversation she had had with Laura earlier on in the day. She had asked for her opinion after she had told her of her plans and she had said the same as both Willow and Ronon had…it was time to ‘fess up.

The message she had been waiting for to tell her that everything was ready and arranged had come through this morning so there was now no reason for her not to come clean...okay that was a lie. There was a huge reason to keep quiet but she couldn’t let her selfishness get in the way.

“Right that’s it!” Dawn grabbed the board from her.


“Now...YOU tell me now what the hell is going on because I swear to god, sister or not, I...I’ll tie you up in McKay’s lab and leave you there for the whole weekend with nothing but him and his ego as company!” she slammed her hands onto the desk.

“Dawn...”she tried again.

“There’s something you’re keeping quiet about and I swear if you tell me one more time that there isn’t I’m gonna ram this thing so far down your throat that you’ll be able to get in touch with the others just by farting.” She thrust the locator towards her in a threatening manner.

She screwed her face up. “Gross much.”

“I mean it Buffy,” she sighed, the fight going out of her. “You promised me that this wouldn’t happen anymore. You swore you were going to start being honest yet boom it’s Sunnydale all over again and you’re keeping everything to yourself while leaving us all out and because we don’t have a clue, we start worrying thinking it’s something really bad.”

“I...I think you should leave Atlantis.” She spoke the words softly.

“Okay…” she dropped the locator. “I can honestly say that I wasn’t expecting that…what do you mean leave?”

“I think you should go back to Earth…back to Willow and Giles and the others.” She reached for the nearest seat and sat down. “You’re not settling here Dawnie, everyone can see that.”

“Yeah but…” she trailed off, tears filling her eyes over the words they both knew they were true. “It doesn’t matter though. I promised you Buffy and I’m gonna keep that promise no matter what.”

“I know you did honey,” she bent forward to wipe the single tear that fell before putting her arms around her. “And you will never know how grateful I’ll be for you and Xander being here but I have Ronon and Laura and the others…” she sat her on the chair beside her before taking her hand. “Do you remember that summer when Willow decided to try out for the big bad? She trapped us in the ground because she thought I would be better off being with the dead again?”

“Vividly,” she answered with a look of confusion on her face not knowing where Buffy was taking this.

Her other hand came up to Dawn’s hair, slowly stroking the locks the way she had done since they were little. “I was crying and you thought it was because I hadn't been killed again. Do you remember what I said?”

“ said that you wanted to live to see how I would turn out. That you thought..."

“Go on honey.” She urged her to continue.

“That...I was gonna be a hell of a woman.” She closed her eyes, remembered it perfectly.

“As much as you’ve done here’s nothing to what you can do back with the are capable of so much but’ll always be boxed in.” Her own eyes started to water but she was determined to get through this before bawling.

“But…the First…what about that and Xander?” she tried to find some reason…some excuse to argue with her sister but she couldn’t.

“Xander will go wherever you go sweetheart. We both know that. I think he needs to go somewhere where he feels needed. We all know what he’s capable of even with just the one eye. He saved the world…he shouldn’t be a glorified gofer regardless of his problem and as for the First…it could be years until it shows it's head again and it's not right that your life is on hold because of it."


"Honey if and when it does show, you will only be a flash all will.” She spoke over whatever argument she was about to make.

“You’ve got it all sorted out huh?” she murmured, leaning her head on her shoulder. “Is this why you’ve been all secret girl?

“Yeah,” she answered apologetically. I’m sorry if I worried you but I wanted everything sorted before I said anything. I talked to Willow the morning when we got back from our trip. She and the others have made arrangements on their end. Giles has got an apartment for you and Xander beside his and they’ve got positions for the both of you. Will said something about Xander doing some weapons thingy and you doing something Watcher-y…if you wanted to that is?”


“Sweetheart,” she moved them so she could look into her sister’s eyes. “You’re an adult now…time to stand on your own two feet. Go out and prove me and mom right. Show us that you’re just as smart as we think you are.”

She opened her mouth to answer but they both knew there was nothing else to say so instead the two of them were happy to sit just holding each other.


“You sure about…”

“That’s the tenth time you’ve said it in as many minute’s,” Dawn cut Ronon off before he could say it again. “Broken record much?”

She knew he was just looking out for her ...they all were but she didn’t mind so much with Ronon. Although the tall Saetedan had accepted them from the start even before he knew who they were, the two had grown even closer since his relationship with Buffy evolved and he started coming to her, looking for advice and pretty soon he had filled the surrogate big brother role that she hadn’t realized she had been missing.

Still, concerned or not, it was getting annoying as hell now.

Ever since the conversation last week with Buffy she had done nothing but think about what she was going to do. She went to Xander sure he would be the voice of reason but it turned out Buffy had already done the sneaky with him when he said the choice was hers but she could see clearly in his eye what he wasn’t telling her.

If she decided to stay then he would as well but he would be settling and nothing more. Buffy was right when she said he was meant for more than stock taking weapons. If it had been up to Buffy, even if he was fully blind she would still have him by her side but just because they didn’t know him as well as she and her sister did, he wasn’t trusted to deal with things he was more than capable of achieving.

Neither was she. She would always be grateful to Radek and the others for the trust they put in her but because she didn’t have the maturity of some of the others, there was so much she wasn’t cleared to do.

Back on Earth with Giles and the others...she knew it wouldn’t matter to them. Age meant nothing seeing as how the first time Buffy, Willow and Xander has saved the world, they had all been teenagers and with all the new Slayers they were finding, they needed as much help as they could get and being the sister of the ultimate Slayer, she knew she had a lot to offer them.

Nope, the more she thought about it, the more she realized there was only one choice. She wasn’t exactly suicidal staying here but the only reason was because of Buffy and her promise to her.

As much as she would like to argue otherwise, Buffy didn’t need her anymore. She had Ronon, John, Teyla...even Rodney to help her now and even though the time wasn’t right for Buffy to step back on home soil, thanks to Willow and Angel, she could come back if the urge to see her ever got too bad so the news was sent to Angel and the others so they could make all the necessary arrangements to get everything ready for them going back.

It had taken a few days and while she wished she had got more time to say bye to Buffy, she was also glad that it was happening today because the more time she spent with her sister, the more she started feeling guilty about leaving.

It was only now that she was standing in the Gate room waiting on Willow coming to collect them that she realized it was truly happening.

She needed her mind on something else.

“Hurt her and I swear they will never find your body!”

Ronon didn’t flinch but he knew without a doubt that if he was ever stupid enough to do anything to harm the blonde that the girl standing beside him would be more than capable of enacting revenge. He had already been dealt the same warning from Xander earlier but this was the one he knew he needed to listen to.

“I love her Dawn,” he turned so he could look at her, wanting her to see the truth in his eyes. “I could tell you that I will never hurt her but we both know that I can’t make that promise. All I can say is that I’ll have her back as long as she lets me.”

“I know,” she nodded, hiding her surprise at his words. The whole city knew of their relationship and more than a few had been witness to their displays of affection but the two of them never really spoke of their feelings so to hear him actually admit it out loud cleared a few of her worries. “My sister acts like she doesn’t need anyone and can handle things on her own. Slayer or not, no one deserves to be alone.”


In Xander ‘s room, Buffy was helping him pack the rest of the things giving the two best friends a chance to say goodbye privately which Buffy was really thankful for since right now, she had her arms around him, clinging on for life as she cried into his shoulder.

“I wish you weren’t going,” she sniffed so low that he barely heard her.

“I know honey,” he admitted, shedding a couple of manly tears himself. “I wish we weren’t either but that’s the way it has to be.”

“I guess,” she dropped her arms and reached over for a tissue, glad that Laura had handed her them on the way to the room. “And it’s the best thing for both of you but still...”

He took a seat on the now stripped bed, bringing her down beside him. “I know we won’t be in the same room...”

“We won’t be in the same galaxy.” She started to correct him.

“Enough with the interruptions, I’m trying to be all wise man here,” he wagged his finger. “Do you want me to continue?”

“By all means Sensei.” She motioned for him to restart.

“As I was saying, we might not be in the same place for a while but it wouldn’t matter where any of us end up. Me, you and Willow, you will always be my girls, you know that...right?”

Unable to answer with the lump in her throat, she nodded.

“You know what else I’m gonna miss...this view,” he changed the subject, hoping it would cheer her up. “I know Faith got us the apartment with the pool but it’s not exactly the same is it.”

“I don’t know...maybe if you squint with your eye?” she shrugged with a giggle before turning serious again. “You will look after her right?”

She already knew he would. She trusted the man sitting beside her with her life. If it hadn’t been for him, she wouldn’t be here now but Dawn was her everything and she needed to hear the words from his lips.

“She’s a Summers, I don’t know what it is about you women but whether it’s her, you or your mom, I seem to have this overwhelming need to look out for you.”

“Don’t forget the whole lusting too.” She deadpanned.

“Huh?” his eyes widened as the color drained from his face.

“Come on,” she giggled at the look on his face. “We all know about your crush on me, your currently dating Dawn and I saw the looks you gave mom when no one was looking.

“I....” for once in his life he honestly had no idea what to say.

“Buffy…Willow’s coming through.” Ronon’s voice came through the com, interrupting them before he had a chance to answer.

“’K we’ll be there in a minute.” She answered back taking his hand. “That was Ronon, Willow’s here.”


Hand in hand they walked through the corridors to the Gate room and by the time they got there, a crowd had gathered with everyone wanting to say bye to the couple one by one until the only ones left with them were Ronon, Buffy, Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, Laura and Elizabeth.

The Atlantis crew quickly said their farewell then took a step back leaving the older friends to say their goodbyes.

“Be careful,” Xander pulled Buffy into his arms. “I don’t want any heroics unless I’m here to save you okay?”

“Okay daddy,” she closed her eyes and burrowed into his chest. “I know this was my idea but god it’s harder than I thought it would be.”

“I know…I know.” He kissed the top of her head before stepping aside so Dawn could move forwards.

The younger Summers was already crying as she rushed into her sister arms. “Buffy....”

“I know honey…I…” she tried to speak through her own tears. “I swear whatever happens that I’ll find a way to come back…I day I will.”

“You better or I’ll come back and kick your ass.” She nodded and both girl’s let go, each walking into the comforting arms of their boyfriends.

“I’m sorry to be the Grinch but we really have to…”Willow nodded towards the Gate.

“Yeah….” Buffy and Dawn said at the same time as Xander picked up the two cases that they had been given.

“I’ll see you soon.” He smiled towards Buffy before quickly walking through, unable to stay any longer.

Bye!” Dawn nodded, grabbing Willow’s hand and following her through, Buffy's eyes never leaving her sister’s until she disappeared from sight the gate had shut down.

Unable to look anymore, Buffy burrowed her head into Ronon’s chest, looking over towards Teyla as the tears streamed down her face.

Knowing what she needed, without the words being asked, the Athosian rushed over and added her own arms into the mix.

“We’ve got you Buffy,” she promised the blonde.

“No matter what,” Ronon added.

The End?

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