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Enter The Magician

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Magician Chronicles". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: YAHF Gender-Bender Xander's choice of costume causes him to disappear Halloween night.

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DC Universe > GeneralRubyPaladinFR181681,6652119689,84014 Jun 0930 Apr 10Yes

Who Taunted Murphy?


Chapter 10

Who Taunted Murphy?

“It’s not my fault-HIC!” Willow exclaimed.

“Who’s the one who tried to cast a spell while she had the hiccups?” Faith asked rhetorically. “I know that I didn’t and Boytoy doesn’t have the hiccups.”

Thanks to a demon forming a portal and a hiccupped spell made by Willow, they had found themselves in an empty warehouse. They meaning Buffy, Faith, Willow, Xander, Giles, Dawn, Spike, and Angel had fallen onto the floor of the warehouse.

“Don’t sweat it, Red.” Spike said dusting himself off. “We all make mistakes.”

Willow stamped her foot. “I’m not suppose to.” She replied.

After making sure his eye patch was on straight, Xander noticed a newspaper on the ground and bent down to pick it up.

“I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, G-Man.” He said handing Giles the paper.

“Good Lord, you’re right.” Giles said. “Sunnydale Gazette, December 28th 1998. Given the age of the paper, I’d say we’ve been transported back in time ten years.”

Buffy grabbed the paper away from Giles. “That’s got to be a mistake.” She said as she looked at the paper. “How could a hiccupped spell send us back in time?”

“I don’t know, Buffy.” Giles said. “Perhaps when Willow hiccupped, the word she was trying to say was interrupted.”

Willow rubbed the sides of her head. She felt as though something was trying to weaken her but she wasn’t sure what it was. Dawn seemed kind of eager to be here though.

“So, do I exist now or did I really come into being in a couple of years?” Dawn asked. “I’m kinda curious.”

They left the warehouse and out onto the street where a patrol car stopped in front of them. The lights were almost blinding them.

“Hey, cut that out.” Buffy exclaimed.

The passenger side door opened and an officer stepped out. He flicked on his flashlight as the lights on the car died.

“What are you doing here around here at this time of night?” The officer asked.

Dawn stepped towards the officer. “We’re just trying to find my dog, officer.” She said before turning around and yelling. “Here, Spike! Come here, Spike!”

Spike was about to say a noise when Angel grabbed him and shook his head at his grandchilde. The officer seemed a bit skeptical.

“Miss, I doubt that you’ll be able to do anything without a leash.” He replied.

“Whoops, knew I forgot something.” Dawn said smiling.

Willow felt a sudden surge of magic flow within her and her hand ignited in magical flames. It didn’t hurt but whatever was in the area was. She had a momentary spasm which hurled the flame at the squad car setting the car ablaze.

“METAHUMAN ATTACK!” The officer within the squad car yelled. “WE NEED HELP!”

The officer within the car leapt out just before the squad car exploded. Both officers stared at Willow in fear of what she might be capable of. Xander began to shake his head.

“Wills, that could have went better.” He said. “But metahuman, what is this a comic book?”

He saw what looked like a green flash of light and he realized that he’d just taunted Murphy. Murphy did not seem to like them very much. He saw three teenage girls dressed in different costumes. One girl was dressed in a black and gray costume with a cape and a utility belt. Another girl’s costume seemed to be resemble a patchwork quilt. It was red, orange, yellow, indigo, green, blue, and violet in color. She had a green domino mask on her face to shield her identity. It was the third girl that Xander seemed to be staring at most. There was something about her that seemed to say that he had to know her. She was the only one of the three not wearing a mask and she was dressed like a stage magician. Except for pants, she seemed to be wearing fishnet stockings and she also seemed to be the leader of the group.

“I’ll take the magic user.” She ordered her team. “Slayer, you know who to take. Spectrum, you’re on crowd control.”

Without an acknowledgement from her teammates, they attacked them in force. From behind the green energy barrier that Spectrum had erected around him and the others, he watched as Slayer did battle with both Buffy and Faith. He initially believed that the two older Slayers would have handed this ‘Slayer’ her ass but it seemed to be the other way around as Slayer was dodging their attacks as well as delivering some rather hard attacks of her own. Willow didn’t have much luck against the magician girl and he knew he had to try something.

“Why are you doing this?” Xander asked Spectrum.

“Why, you wouldn’t understand.” Spectrum said. “I am Rage. I am Greed. I am Fear. I am Compassion. I am Willpower. I am Hope. I am Love. I am Spectrum. As long as the lights shine within people’s souls, I will fight.”

Xander had hidden behind his back a flash bang and hinted to his group of his intent. He pulled the pin and hurled the grenade. Shielding his eye just before the blast, he heard her body hit the ground and a scream come from her.

“My eyes!” She yelled out.

The barrier dissolved and the group separated to help Buffy, Faith, and Willow. Spike tackled the magician girl to the ground and the two struggled against each other. Xander saw the girl grab Spike by the throat.

“Guess who’s joining my act.” She said to him in anger. “!TIBBAR”

Magical energy flashed from her and Spike was transformed into a white rabbit. Xander would have laughed had the situation been better. Slayer seemed to not be liking the situation either.

“Okay, I tried to fight fair but I guess the time has come for me to fight dirty.” Slayer said as she hurled a bola at Buffy.

The oldest Slayer alive wasn’t able to dodge it as the bola wrapped itself around her left arm. Buffy didn’t seem too concerned.

“Looks like you missed.” Buffy said smiling.

“Did I?” Slayer asked.

Electricity crackled from the bola shocking the blonde slayer into unconsciousness. Faith was concerned for Buffy but kept her attention on her adversary.

“I’m curious.” Faith said. “How come you hit so fucking hard?”

“My suit’s lined with Nth Metal. It’s shielded so that it doesn’t have any effect on my powers but it effects you every time you touch me.” Slayer explained. “Whenever you strike me, your mystically enhanced strength is negated and you hit me like someone who is your size. Whenever I strike you, I end up hitting you with double the force.”

Dawn grabbed Spike and they gathered around Willow who managed to teleport them away. It wasn’t far and conveniently, it was close to a motel. Giles went over to pay for enough rooms and Dawn kept petting Spike.

“Show of hands, anyone find that as weird as I did?” Xander asked.

“It didn’t seem normal.” Angel replied. “I don’t remember costumed vigilantes running around Sunnydale.”

“Anybody think Spike makes a cute rabbit?” Dawn asked lifting up Spike. Spike didn’t seem very happy but he stayed in Dawn’s hands.

“How did she do that anyway?” Willow asked. “That girl’s spells were like nothing I’ve heard before. She just said it backwards and it happened. Did she the way she was dressed? Who wears fishnet stockings to a fight?”

“Checking out her legs, Red?” Faith asked smiling.

“No, it’s just that they were so attention grabbing and...” Willow said before she realized that Faith had trapped her and she shut up.

“That Spectrum girl was powerful too.” Angel said. “How did she do what she did?”

“I don’t know.” Willow said. “Her magic was weird too.”

“Just do get hit by that ‘Slayer’. Her spandex is lined with some weird ass metal.” Faith said.


Zarina walked into the library to see Buffy, Willow, Oz, and Giles were in. She sat down at the main table and sighed. This drew the attention of the school librarian.

“Rough night?” Giles asked.

“Yep, I turned Spike into a rabbit when he tackled me while I was fighting against a slightly older Willow. Faith was kicking her own ass and had already knocked out Buffy with one of her stun bolas.” Zarina said. “Older Willow then teleported everyone away.”

“Good Lord.” Giles said. “Are you sure they were evil?”

“Not too sure but the blown up squad car was a big clue.” Zarina replied. “My guess is that they might be from Earth-3.”

“Earth-3, they’re numbered?” Buffy asked. “Who would go to that much trouble?”

“My guess is the Guardians. There were fifty-two known universes before the last Crisis happened.” Zarina explained. “Then, a lot of Earths got squished into one Earth.”

“How come I don’t get any cool gear, Giles?” Buffy asked. “Faith has all those cool gadgets.”

Before Giles could answer, Zarina replied. “That would mean the Watcher’s Council would have to get off their wallet and into the twentieth century.”

“That’s a bit uncalled for, Zarina” Giles said.

“Uncalled for, yah right. Your precious Council has money for Watcher’s Retreats and I bet you the Council isn’t strapped for cash but they can’t equip a Slayer, who they are suppose to support, with anything that wasn’t invented in the thirteenth century.” Zarina said. “Your Council knows of metals that can dust a vampire with a single strike but they do nothing to get them.”

Buffy was surprised and looked back at Giles. “There are metals that can kill vampires?” She asked.

“Certain magical swords have been known to dust vampires.” He said.

“Nth metal has magic negating properties. Themysciran Steel could dust a vampire with a scratch.” Zarina said. “Granted, Nth metal is only found on Thanagar and they couldn’t get a hold of enough Theymysciran Steel to make a needle so I do understand.”

“Like that sword I found under the tree from that Hippo lady?” Buffy asked which made Zarina laugh.

“Hippolyta, Buffy.” Zarina said. “It’s Hippolyta.”

Giles began to clean his glasses. “The queen of the Amazons sent Buffy a Christmas present?” He asked.

“Actually, she wanted me to give it to her but I would have had to explain a few things that I wasn’t ready to explain at the time.” Zarina said smiling weakly. “Diana wanted to train with Buffy a bit but she decided against it when I told her everything.”

“Why’d you do that?” Buffy asked. “You could have lied.”

“I had her wrap the Lasso around me. Not that I’d actually lie to her but to let them know that I wasn’t going to even attempt to.” Zarina said.

Buffy decided to change the subject. “So, when do I find out who Spectrum is?” She asked.

“You don’t unless she wants you to know.” Zarina said. “She’s trying to get use to being a hero, Buffy. I’m not breaching the trust she extended to me.”

“Zarina, I have to agree with Buffy.” Giles said going along with his charge. “Someone with that much power should be well monitored.”

“Giles, that is crap and you know it. If Spectrum did go evil, Buffy would be toast. The League would handle Spectrum if she went evil which she won’t go evil because she is scared of her powers. Her powers are causing her to tap into the entire Emotional Spectrum. No wonder she’s scared. The only reason she’s reasonably sane right now is the support she’s getting.” Zarina explained. “Her powers are not the Council’s business. If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get to class.”

Zarina got up and walked out of the library not letting them have the chance to reply. She almost ran into Cordelia who seemed a little surprised.

“You okay, Cordy?” Zarina asked.

“Not really, my visions are getting weird.” Cordelia said. “It’s kinda like double vision. I’m seeing two of everyone.”

“I’m not surprised. Faith, Aura, and I had a bit of a run-in last night with some doubles from some alternate universe.” Zarina replied.

“Why do you think that?” Cordelia asked.

“Xander was with them though he was missing an eye.” Zarina explained.

“Wow, one-eyed Xander.” She said. “Wonder how that happened? The Willow in my visions seemed to be struggling with her magic.”

“Fate’s binding spell on our Willow’s magic might be affecting the other Willow.” Zarina explained. “She might be close enough dimensionally for the spell to effect her. Hopefully, they might know a way to return to their universe on their own but I doubt it.”

“Patrol again tonight.” Cordelia said. It was phrased as more of a statement rather than a question.

“Yep, get any other visions?” Zarina asked.

“One off of a copy of the Daily Planet.” She said. “I told that J’onn guy about it and he let Superman know. I just hope my Aunt Lois will be okay.”

Zarina smiled almost amused by what Cordelia had said. “Is the Lois that I’m thinking of the same one I’m thinking of?” Zarina asked.

“If you mean Pulitzer-award winning reporter, Lois Lane, then we’re on the same page.” Cordelia said. “Her husband is a major freaking boy scout though. I don’t know what she sees in him.”

“Hey, I’ve met Clark.” Zarina said. “He’s cool.”

Cordelia laughed. “Why am I not surprised you know him?” Cordelia asked rhetorically. “Ran into him in Metropolis after a show?”

“Mom sent him and Lois a couple of tickets to a show I did in Metropolis.” Zarina explained. “I met them afterwards. Anyway, I got to get to class.”


Faith looked over the motel room and smirked. She shared this room with a rather grumpy Buffy but she understood why the blonde Slayer was grumpy. That bola that had shocked her would have left Faith grumpy as well.

“I think this is the same room I was in ten years ago.” She said.

“Now that the history lesson is done for today, why aren’t you in this room anyway?” Buffy asked.

“Don’t know, B.” Faith replied. “Giles thinks that we’re in some kinda screwy alternate universe.”

“I wonder if we even exist in this universe.” Buffy replied.

Faith grabbed a phone book where she remembered it was located when she had stayed in this room years ago. Thumbing through it, she did notice something was weird.

“No Harrises in here. I found you, Red, and Giles.” Faith said until she noticed a strange name at the end of the white pages. “Who in the hell is Zatanna Zatara?”

“Don’t know but it sounds familiar.” Buffy said as a knock could be heard on their door. “Come in.”

Xander came in with doughnuts and coffee as well as a few newspapers. Faith grabbed them from him as he sat down. Buffy smiled.

“Hey Xander, do you remember a Zatanna Zatara back in Sunnydale?” She asked.

Xander began to laugh hysterically and both Slayers were confused by their friend laughing this hard.

“When did you two pick up a copy of the Justice League of America?” He asked.

“She’s a comic book character?” Buffy asked. “Really.”

“Yes, and apparently so is everything else in this universe.” Xander said as he dropped one of the newspapers on the bed.

Faith picked it up and read the name of the newspaper before she began to laugh. “Oh my fucking God! B, do you know what this means?” She said.

“No, I don’t recognize the paper.” Buffy said. “Is it special?”

“B, it’s the fucking Daily Planet.” Faith replied not believing that Buffy didn’t recognize what the paper meant. “As in the hometown newspaper of the Man Of Steel? The Last Son of Krypton? Come on B, you’ve got to know this one.”

“Nope.” Buffy replied.

Xander laughed again. “She means Superman, Buffy.” Xander said. “We’re in a universe populated by the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the Justice League of America. Now, I’m not surprised that we ran into a spandex squad.”

“I think I know who that ‘Slayer’ chick might have been.” Faith said which perked their attentions.

“Who do you think it is, Faith?” Buffy asked.

“Me.” Faith replied. “I think she’s me.”

“You realize that seems a bit farfetched, don’t you.” Buffy said. “She fought better than both of us.”

“It was her voice that told that it was me.” Faith replied. “She said her suit was lined with Nth metal whatever that is.”

“In the comics, it is a metal from the planet Thanagar that is capable of negating magic.” Xander explained. “If ‘Slayer’ is you, then her Slayer abilities would’ve been negated as well.”

“She said it was specially shielded so that she wasn’t effected by it.” Faith replied. “My double has better equipment here than I did.”

“But that doesn’t explain why Zatanna is living in Sunnydale. It just doesn’t fit.” Xander said. “She has an estate called Shadowcrest. Why would she be living here?”

“Maybe to defend the Hellmouth?” Buffy suggested.

“I doubt it, Buffy.” Xander said. “Besides, Giles is going to try to talk to the only other person who could possibly understand him better than us.”


(Giles) walked through the corridors of Sunnydale with a creepy feeling running up his spine. It wasn’t that he was scared to be back. It just was strange to be back here. He walked into the library to find himself sitting at his desk. His other self noticed him and grabbed a crossbow.

“I assure you.” (Giles) said. “I mean you no harm.”

“I don’t think the officers you attacked last night felt the same way.” Giles said as he moved closer.

“Sorry about that. (Willow) experienced problems with her magic when we entered this reality by mistake.” (Giles) said keeping his eyes on the crossbow. “The magical flame was purely accidental.”

Giles set the crossbow down only to see Zarina enter the room. (Giles) was startled to see her and Giles smiled.

“I believe you’ve met last night, meet Zarina Zatara.” Giles said introducing his counterpart.

“A pleasure.” (Giles) said. “Are you the reason the Willow from my reality is weakening?”

“Partially, our Willow had her magic bound by Doctor Fate.” Zarina explained. “Your Willow might be close enough dimensionally speaking for it to effect her as well.”

“You don’t mean the comic book character, do you?” (Giles) asked in disbelief.

Zarina laughed at the remark. “He’s actually one of the most powerful magic users on the entire planet.” Zarina told the older version of the school librarian/watcher.

“Zarina, do you think you might be able to help get them back to their reality?” Giles asked.

“I don’t know.” She said. “Cross-dimensional magical travel was never my expertise despite my mother’s memories in my head. I can put out some feelers. Fate’s great niece is a lot better at it than I am.”

Zarina teleported herself out of the library and (Giles) turned towards his counterpart.

“I hope you’re advising her on her magic use.” (Giles) said.

“She wouldn’t listen to me anyway.” Giles said. “Not went she can turn to Doctor Fate, Madam Xandu, or even the principal.”

“You mean she’d go to Snyder for magical advice?!” (Giles) exclaimed.

“Good Lord no, he’s been dead for a month.” Giles explained. “No, our principal is a man named Jason Blood who is in a relationship with Drusilla.” Giles noticed his double was about to voice an objection. “She went to Madam Xandu and has regained her soul. Zarina was able to obtain a copy of the spell that Xandu had used and it allows for redemption for Drusilla.”

“Could the same thing be used for Angel?” (Giles) asked a bit curious.

“No, the vampire in question has to want their soul back.” Giles replied. “Since Angel is already cursed with his soul, he would have to lose his soul and then want it back. I highly doubt Angelus would ever want his soul back after losing it.”

“Indeed.” (Giles) replied.


(Angel) used the tunnels to get to Willy’s bar. He was looking for information on the three female superhero wannabes that they had encountered last night and he knew that Willy would probably have it. The snitch seemed to be a little nervous to see him.

“Hi, Willy.” (Angel) said. “I need some information.”

“No can do.” Willy said in a way that spoke of backbone which (Angel) knew that Willy lacked.

“Why not?” (Angel) asked a little annoyed.

A familiar voice spoke from behind him. “Because you’re already here.” He quickly realized that it was his own.

(Angel) turned around to see himself and Drusilla standing there. While his counterpart was dressed as he expected, Drusilla had taken a more modern approach. She was dressed in a red halter top and a black skirt. It made him think that she had went shopping with Buffy.

“I told you your counterpart would be here.” Drusilla said.

“Sorry I didn’t believe you, Dru.” Angel said looking at his counterpart. “Well, we seem to be in a little predicament.”

“Seems like it.” (Angel) said trying to figure out an escape route.

“I don’t think so.” Drusilla said before producing an injector and stabbing (Angel) with it.

(Angel) collapsed on the ground Angel could only stare at the injector that Drusilla had pulled out of his counterpart. She put it a purse she had been carrying with her.

“What was that?” Angel asked his childe.

“Jason discovered a compound that while it has no effect on a human is capable of knocking out a vampire with a single dose.” Drusilla said. “He’ll be fine. Let’s take him back to my and Jason’s house.”

“Okay.” Angel said picking up his counterpart when it became clear that Drusilla wasn’t going to.

Drusilla activated the spell which created an ankh-shaped portal that allowed them to return to the study in the house. The house was Victorian like Zarina’s home but the two houses were like night and day in comparison. Where Zarina’s house was bright and cheerful, Jason’s house looked like somewhere that the Adams Family would have been comfortable living in minus the lack of cobwebs. Angel set his counterpart down in a chair that Drusilla had indicated to him. Once he sat his counterpart down, restraints magically worked to restrain the vampire. Angel was a little shocked by it and Drusilla laughed at her sire’s shock.

“Jason found it in the late seventeenth century when he lived in London.” Drusilla explained. “I was a bit shocked when I found it too though Jason took advantage. Not that I was complaining.”

Angel shook his head. That was definitely information he didn’t want to know.


(Buffy), (Willow), (Dawn), (Faith), and Xander had decided that there was someone they had needed to see that they hadn’t seen alive in eight years. They stood outside the house on 1630 Revello Drive nervous. Seeing the Jeep Cherokee in the driveway told them that Joyce was home but they were still nervous. Finally, (Dawn) broke away from them and ran towards the front door. She knocked on the door rapidly as the others tried to reach her. Joyce opened the door.

“Hello.” She said as she wasn’t quite sure who it was. Joyce seemed to look over the young woman who was at her door. Realization hit her like a ton of bricks. “Dawn?”

(Dawn) smiled. “Yes and no.” She replied.

Joyce’s eyes widened when she spotted Xander and she slammed the door quickly. (Dawn) turned around and stared at Xander.

“What did you do?” She asked.

“I don’t know.” Xander replied.

(Dawn)’s eyes widened and they turned around to see the magician girl and Slayer walking towards them. The two teenage super-heroines didn’t seem happy.

“We can do this the easy way where we take you away from here or we can do this the hard way where Slayer and I hand you your asses again and drag you where we intended to take you.” The magician girl said. “Your choice.”

As if anticipating the second response, Slayer had a stun bola in each hand. Electricity seemed to crackle off of them as she almost lazily swung them around. Buffy was a little nervous where the bolas were concerned considering that she knew what they felt like personally.

“Let’s go with door number three.” (Buffy) said trying to unnerve the two costumed individuals.

“There is no door number three.” Ravager said as she approached them.

Xander gulped as he realized who the girl with one eye was. (Faith) didn’t seem to recognize her and nudged her male friend.

“Who is the one-eyed chick?” (Faith) asked.

“The name’s Ravager.” Ravager replied a bit snappy before looking over at Slayer. “Care to explain?”

“They’re from an alternate universe that wasn’t even part of the 52.” The magician girl explained.

“Okay, thanks Zarina.” Ravager said. “I wanted to ask you about that thing you left me under the tree at Titan Tower.”

“Sorry about that.” Zarina said as if she was ignoring the situation for the moment. “I left it there in case you didn’t want to spend Christmas with us. I did the research and I know I can do it.”

“(Buffy), take door number one.” Xander suggested. “We can’t take them.”

(Buffy) nodded clearly understanding what her friend meant. “Okay, door number one.” She said.

“Good.” Zarina said. “.emoh su ekaT”

A bright flash of light encompassed them and they found themselves standing in what they presumed was Zarina’s living room. Slayer pulled off her mask, revealing her identity to the Scooby Gang, and ran a hand through her hair.

“Hey Zarina, I’m going to put on something a little less skintight.” Faith said walking back upstairs.

(Faith) caught Zarina watching her counterpart walk up the stairs and laughed which drew Zarina’s attention away from Faith. The look of embarrassment was priceless.

“Hey, nothing to be ashamed of.” (Faith) said. “I do look good in those tights.”

Zarina blushed and Xander caught on to what the blush represented. He managed to keep his cool but (Buffy), (Willow), and (Dawn) didn’t seem to realize the reason why she was blushing.

“Am I missing something?” (Buffy) asked.

(Faith) walked over to Zarina with the same idea in her head that she knew that Xander had in his head.

“So, was she good?” She asked the magician whose blush deepened. “I knew it. She is me after all.”

“Oh my goddess, my gay-dar didn’t even go off around her.” (Willow) said. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

Zarina stomped a foot on the floor. “Listen, Doctor Fate’s niece will be coming soon and I need to tell you guys something before she arrives.” She said.

“What?” Xander asked.

Without a word, she went over to a shelf and pulled out what they recognized as the 1998 Sunnydale High yearbook. She handed it to Xander who noticed a newspaper clipping was being used as a bookmark. He opened the yearbook to the marked page and immediately dropped the book when he saw the clipping. (Willow) picked up the clipping and gasped bringing a hand to her mouth.

“(Willow), what’s wrong?” (Buffy) asked.

“I’m dead.” Xander answered his friend. “That’s what you wanted to tell me.”

“That’s not completely it.” Zarina replied. “Do you remember what happened October 31st, 1997?”

“Ethan Rayne did a spell that turned the costumes in his shop real.” Xander replied. “(Buffy) became a noble lady from like 1775. (Willow) became a ghost and I became Soldier Boy. Are you telling me I died that night?”

“In this universe, Xander, you were unable to get the plastic gun to go with the soldier fatigues that you had at home. Ethan offered you another costume.” She explained. “It was the costume of a magician.”

“Oh my goddess, you’re Xander?” (Willow) asked.

“Yes and no.” Zarina said. “That night, Ethan tapped accidentally into Pure Chaos. The top hat from the costume originally belonged to Zatanna Zatara. When Ethan performed the spell, Zatanna used her magic to teleport to the Watchtower. Doctor Fate found out that Ethan’s spell had cloned Zatanna’s soul. After the spell ended, Xander’s soul and Zatanna’s own cloned soul fused together.”

“So I did die.” Xander replied sitting down on the couch.

“It was a rather difficult recovery for me.” Zarina continued. “I spent a few months in Doctor Fate’s tower learning what I could. Despite having my mother’s memories, there was still much I needed to learn. Then, Diana asked me if I wanted to train on Themyscira and I jumped at the chance. After that, I went on tour.”

Faith came back downstairs. “That’s when I met her. Zarina and Blue Bowman saved me and my late Watcher from Kakistos.” She added.

“Wait, then who killed Diana?” (Faith) asked her counterpart. “Kakistos killed her in our universe.”

“It was Mister Freeze.” Faith replied to herself. “He used that freezing gun of his that killed her. She just froze...”

Faith began to cry and Zarina wrapped her arms around her trying to comfort her. The others in the room were a bit astonished and waited for the two to separate before continuing.

“Hey, Boytoy.” (Faith) said. “You make a pretty hot chick, you know.”

“I really am Fate’s butt-monkey.” Xander muttered.

Zarina closed her eyes and began to shake her head. “Did you have to say that?” She asked. “You do realize I know the guy.”

Both Faiths laughed at the faux pas that Xander had made as (Willow) turned her attention back to the magician girl.

“Have you even tried to turn back into Xander?” (Willow) asked.

“The cost would have been too high to try to reverse time to undo Halloween and there is no power that can undo what happened to me without my death.” Zarina explained.

“But Xander didn’t deserve to die.” (Willow) exclaimed.

“Don’t you think I don’t know that. I’m all that is left of him after what Rayne did his spell.” Zarina said with a few tears beginning to flow. “Damn it, every Willow I’ve met thinks I should die. Hopefully, you won’t try to kill me like the last two did.”

“Our Willow used a spell on Zarina to try to get Xander back but it almost killed her. That’s why her powers are bound and Wolf-Boy broke up with her.” Faith explained. “The other Willow is known as Chaotica. Zarina told me about her before. Not fun, trust me on that one.”

A white ankh appeared and someone that (Buffy), (Willow), Xander, and (Dawn) knew quite well. Immediately, they mauled the girl in a group hug which took the girl by complete surprise.

“Wow, Zarina.” She said. “I’d come over more often if I knew the welcomes would be like this.”

“Sorry, Tara.” Zarina replied. “I think you remind them of someone they know.”

The quartet of huggers backed away and they all looked like they were about to cry. Tara was dressed in white with white shoes and a simple white dress. She wore gold hoop earrings in her ears but the quartet knew what was different about her. Unlike the Tara that they would have expected to see, this Tara didn’t seem the quiet shy girl that they had remembered. This Tara displayed a confidence that they had rarely seen.

“We should first gather those who had came here first.” Tara said. “Knowing who and what they are will help. Do not worry. I already know that this (Dawn) is a Key as well which is why we should hurry because the two Keys will tear themselves apart and quite possibly the universe with it.”

A little unnerved, (Dawn) replied. “Well, there’s us, Giles, Angel, and Spike.”

“Spike and Angel might be a problem.” Zarina said. “We won’t be able to do the spell here because vampires can’t enter my home.”

Another ankh formed and Drusilla stepped out of it. (Buffy) pulled out a stake and (Faith) gestured towards the vampire who had entered Zarina’s house.

“Normally, vampires can’t enter my home but Drusilla is different.” Zarina explained. “She had her soul restored by my godmother, Madam Xandu.”

“I thought you would want to know that Angel and I were able to capture his counterpart.” Drusilla said.

“Why did you capture (Angel)?” Buffy asked.

“He could have been hurt.” Drusilla said. “Our Sunnydale isn’t as nice as your Sunnydale was.”

“Okay, how about Zarina and my older double go back to the motel room to grab Spike while the rest go to Blood’s house?” Faith suggested.

“How do you know Spike’s not with us?” (Willow) asked.

“Simple, don’t see no white rabbit with you so you must have left him at a motel.” Faith replied.

“Can’t argue with that.” (Willow) replied.


They teleported to the motel to see the door to the room Spike was left in had been smashed open. (Faith) turned to look at her counterpart and Zarina.

“So, what do we do now?” She asked. “Granted, I ain’t to sure about how you do things in this universe.”

Zarina flipped open her communicator. “Delphi, get Spectrum to teleport you over to my coordinates. It‘s important.” She said before closing the communicator. “It shouldn’t take too long for her to arrive.”

In a flash of green light, Cordelia and Spectrum appeared and the cheerleader was surprised to see the two Faiths.

“Didn’t you fight her last night?” She asked.

“Bit of a misunderstanding.” Zarina said smiling. “We need to find Spike. I turned him into a rabbit last night and we think someone took him.”

Cordelia nodded and headed into the room. (Faith) seemed a bit skeptical about why Cordelia was even here. Her counterpart noticed her skepticism.

“C is a Bang Baby. She has the ability to see things either in the past or the future based on what she touches.” Faith explained.

Cordelia came out of the motel room with a few white hairs in her hand. She seemed to be staring at them intently.

“Find something?” Zarina asked.

“Spike is in the warehouse he and Drusilla use to stay in.” Cordelia said handing the hairs to Spectrum.

“Give me a second.” Spectrum said closing her eyes.

Another green flash of light occurred and a white rabbit appeared in her arms. (Faith) grabbed the rabbit away from the teenage hero and looked him over.

“How do I know that this is Spike?” She asked.

The rabbit bit her on the hand and she cursed loudly. Zarina smiled at the sight.

“I guess that’s how you know.” She said. “.esouh s’doolB nosaJ ot su ekaT”

They appeared in Jason Blood’s house where the counterparts from the other universe and those from their own had been waiting for them. (Dawn) grabbed Spike away from (Faith).

“Are you sure we can’t keep him like this?” She asked.

“Put him down.” Zarina said waiting for the rabbit to be set down. “.treveR”

A white flash occurred and Spike was on the floor. He got off the floor and looked around.

“I bloody hate magic.” He said.

Tara walked over to Zarina. “I’ve got everything set up.” She said.

Spike could only stare at Tara. “Glenda, that you?” He asked.

(Dawn) tugged on Spike’s coat. “Not our Tara, Spike.” She said.

Tara led them into a room where a large ankh had been drawn on the floor. Zarina walked over to Xander with a smile on her face.

“Before you go, I thought I might show you a couple of my memories.” She said. “Seeing as we’re kinda the same, it’ll be okay.”

“Alright.” Xander said a little uneasy.

Zarina grabbed Xander’s head on the left and right sides. A smile crossed his face which made his friends wonder what he was seeing. Zarina released him and stepped away as Tara activated the spell sending them home.


Cleveland, Ohio

Standard BtVS Universe

“Com’n Boytoy, what did Zarina show you?” Faith asked.

It had been a week since they had returned to their own reality and it had been eating at them as to what the magician girl had shown him. Andrew couldn’t believe that they had even went into that universe without him. They were gathered at the dinner table without the mini-Slayers about which was a rather rare event.

“You’re not going to believe what I saw and I’m not forgetting it for as long as I live.” He said still smiling.

“What is it, Xander?” Willow asked. “This is really mean, you know.”

“Okay, I’ll tell. You know Zarina spent time on Themyscira right.” He said making sure they had been paying attention. “Did you know that they have communal bathhouses?”


Zarina was in her room with Rose. Her fellow Titan seemed a bit nervous.

“Are you sure this is going to work?” She asked.

“I’m sure otherwise I wouldn’t have even mentioned it.” Zarina replied. “Sit down.”

Rose sat down on Zarina’s bed. Zarina lit a few incense and the smoke began to quickly fill the room. Rose sniffed the air.

“What’s the incense for?” She asked.

“It has mystical properties to it that will help you, Rose.” Zarina said as she placed a hand over Rose’s eye patch. “.snoicta s’rehtaf reh ot eud tsol neeb sah tahw erotseR” A glow appeared under her hand. “.dnah nwo reh ot eud tsol neeb sah tahw erotseR”

Rose screamed and pushed Zarina away from her as she ran into the nearest bathroom. She began to splash cold water on her face when she realized her eye patch had been removed. Rose looked into the mirror and gasped. She saw two eyes looking back at her. Turning around, she saw Zarina standing by the door of the bathroom smiling.

“Said it would work.” Zarina said.


Travers looked over at the gorilla named Grodd. He knew what he was doing was quite risky but he didn’t know what else to do. After the failure of Deathstroke to accept the contract against Zarina, every known assassin had declined. Not because they were afraid of being stopped by the magician girl and her friends, the assassins were afraid of what Deathstroke would do. He had to make certain the Cruciamentum went forward without interference even if he had to pay a great deal to make certain of it.

“Are we in agreement then, Mr. Travers?” Grodd asked. “I arrange for the young Zatara girl and her friends to be distracted why you perform this Cruciamentum on the Summers girl.”

“Yes, and the price is five hundred million US dollars.” Travers said.

“Good.” Grodd said. “I’m glad we are in agreement.”


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