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Enter The Magician

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Magician Chronicles". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: YAHF Gender-Bender Xander's choice of costume causes him to disappear Halloween night.

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Chapter Eleven


Blue Bowman ran after the person that he just witnessed murdering a man that he had recognized as an employee of the Watcher’s Council. Something about the way the murder took place didn’t make any sense whatsoever. The man he was chasing had tried to make it look like a mugging gone wrong but it was obvious that it wasn’t. He decided to end this chase by letting out a Canary Scream. The sonic attack hurled the perpetrator into a blue Toyota Camry. His attempt to get back up was cut short by an arrow being embedded into his shoulder that left him stuck against the car. Bowman notched a taser arrow as he approached the man. He noticed the man was staring at a leather briefcase.

“Why did you kill him?” Bowman asked.

“Like it’s any of your concern, hero.” He said.

The man pulled out a gun and Bowman let the arrow fly stunning the man when it struck him. He heard sirens and a few cars stopped. It was fortunate that he recognized who one of the officers was. She was a petite redhead with shoulder length hair named Detective Molly Sheridan who was in her early thirties. He was reminded of Willow when he first met her but Sheridan’s personality made him think of a female Dirty Harry.

“Bowman, what happened?” She asked.

There was something else about her that he liked. Most cops seemed to not like it when superheroes were present in their city. Commissioner James Gordon of Gotham City was one example of a police officer who realized the truth that several other police officers tried to delude themselves with. The truth was that there were several criminals who could not be brought in by ordinary means. These criminals could only be brought in by those who would wear a mask in order to fight them. Detective Molly Sheridan was cut from the exact same cloth as Commissioner Gordon. She didn’t care how a criminal was brought down. It didn’t matter if the criminal was brought down by another officer or a costumed hero. All that mattered to her was that the criminal was brought down.

“I was too late to save the man he murdered about a block away.” Bowman informed her.

“I’ll have the arrow removed and him transported for questioning.” Sheridan said before noticing the leather briefcase. She walked over to it. “I’m guessing he stole this from the victim.”

“Don’t touch it.” He exclaimed. “The victim worked for an organization that was very steeped in the supernatural. He may have hexed the briefcase to prevent its contents from falling into the wrong hands.”

He pulled out a pair of Nth metal lined gloves and took hold of the briefcase. Bowman turned his attention back to the Detective.

“Let’s go back to your precinct.” Bowman told her. “I’ll call in someone I know who should be able to safely open it.”

“My car is this way.” She replied.

When they arrived at the precinct, Bowman kept the briefcase with him as they walked into one of the conference rooms that were available. He set the briefcase down on the table and pulled out his communicator. She didn’t pay any attention to whom he was calling as it wasn’t her concern. A bright flash of light signaled the arrival of the person that Blue Bowman had called. She turned to find someone that she did recognize.

“Hello Miss Zatara, I’m Detective Molly Sheridan.” Sheridan said introducing herself.

“That’s sounds familiar.” Zarina replied. “Do you have a niece named Amanda?”

“Yes, how did you know?” Sheridan asked.

“Fan mail. She speaks quite highly of you as her own personal hero.” Zarina answered reaching into her hat to pull out a glossy photo and a black sharpie. She autographed the glossy and handed it to Detective Sheridan. “Can you give this to her for me? Her letter was really sweet.”

“Thank you but I need to know if the case is booby trapped or not.” Sheridan said taking the picture. ‘My niece is going to freak when she sees this.’ She thought.

Zarina let her fingers glide over the briefcase when the briefcase popped open on its own. Bowman smirked at her.

“Tell me you didn’t do that.” He said.

“I didn’t. He must have spelled it to open for me in case of his death.” Zarina said opening the briefcase fully. “I’m not detecting any hexes or curses of any kind.”

Sheridan gazed over the contents of the briefcase and started to reach out to pick up one of the items when Blue Bowman grabbed her arm.

“No offense, Molly, but the first rule in dealing with magic is to look and not touch.” He explained. “You never know what something might do if you touch it.”

“That object’s harmless, Detective.” Zarina replied. “It’s a magical version of a video camera. .yalP”

A small holographic image of the man who the briefcase had belonged to flashed up on the crystal. He seemed to be quite stressed by the sound of his voice.

“My name is Benjamin Martin. Miss Zatara, if you are watching this now then I have been murdered. That is not as important as to why I have been murdered. Quentin Travers, the current chairman of the Watcher’s Council, is intent on making certain that you can not interfere with Miss Summers’ Cruciamentum. He had first sent George Wyndham-Price to secure the services of one Deathstroke the Terminator. His bodyguards were found shot in the head. Mr. Wyndham-Price’s horribly beaten corpse was found in an alleyway some distance away. I personally believe that Deathstroke may have been toying with the man before he killed him. Further attempts at hiring assassins has failed since the entirety of the Order of Teraka has been destroyed after Deathstroke had found out they had accepted a contract against you.” The recording said. “The reason I have chosen to betray the council and alert you though is that I fear what I’m about to reveal to you will undoubtedly destroy the council but save hundreds of lives in the process. Travers has contracted with the gorilla known as Grodd to distract you in order for the tradition to take place without incident. I fear what the beast may do.”

The recording ended and Zarina put the crystal back into the briefcase. She looked over at the detective.

“Can you have this sent to the Justice League?” Zarina asked as her communicator started to buzz. She opened it to see Slayer.

“I hate to cut your little trip to help your old bud short but I got someone running around town blasting every freaking thing calling himself The Key.” Slayer exclaimed.

“I’ll be right there.” Zarina said glancing over at Blue Bowman. “Care to tag along?”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Bowman replied.


The Key continued his assault blasting at the two female heroes who had been trying to stop him. Slayer hurled a stun bola which wrapped itself around The Key’s weapon. Electricity crackled from the bola forcing the super villain to hurl his weapon away before it could explode. Spectrum blasted him into a wall knocking him out as Zarina and Blue Bowman arrived.

“It’s funny.” Slayer said. “You always find your keys in the last place you look.”

“Bad joke.” Zarina said despite beginning to laugh.

Before Slayer could reply, a cold blast of wind stuck them. It didn’t hurt but they turned to see where it had come from. The villainess was clearly recognizable by her blue skin.

“Killer Frost, so not a pleasure to meet you.” Zarina said. “What are you doing here?”

“Isn’t it obvious, girl, I’m here to beat my record.” Killer Frost said. “Although, I’ve never wiped out an entire suburb before.”

“Don’t you care about the people you’re going to kill?” Spectrum asked slightly horrified at the callous nature Killer Frost had.

Slayer shook her head. “She’s a whack job, Spec.” Slayer said. “No use trying to talk her out of it.”

Killer Frost laughed at the remark. “She’s right. I’m criminally insane. Want to see my note from the doctor?” She replied.

“No, but you’re going to need one.” Slayer said cracking her knuckles.

“Funny, you should get off a good one-liner before you die.” Killer Frost exclaimed.

“You’re outnumbered four to one.” Bowman said notching an arrow. “It’s over.”

Killer Frost spread her arms out as frozen air shot away from her hands and ice robots were formed. The robots towered over them but they weren’t gigantic though they were about nine feet tall. Zarina let out a breath and shook her head at the blue-clad hero.

“Rule Two, never let the enemy know what they’re forgetting.” She reminded him.

The ice robots charged at the quartet of heroes but they didn’t get too far. Bowman fired the trick arrow at one of the robots and they watched as the arrow bounced off each of the robots before returning to him. He flipped open the top of the trick arrow to reveal what appeared to be a detonator and pushed the button. Explosions destroyed the ice robots to the bewilderment of Killer Frost. She was about to say something when a stun bola wrapped itself around the cryo-kinetic criminal and shocked her unconscious. Slayer smirked as she held up another stun bola.

“I love these things.” She said.

Spectrum’s eyes began to glow brightly which started Blue Bowman. He looked over at her.

“Something wrong?” He asked.

“Yes.” Spectrum said. “I detect fear.”

With that, she encapsulated herself and her friends in a green bubble as yellow beams of light blasted against the shield. They could see in the air were ten members of the Sinestro Corps. Slayer didn’t feel any fear from the yellow ring wielders.

“Let’s kick their asses!” She exclaimed before an old Buick was hurled at them.

They turned to see a walking behemoth of a man wearing a black and white mask with tubes running throughout his body. Zarina let out a sigh.

“Fuck, it’s Bane.” Zarina said.

“How bad can he be?” Slayer asked.

“He broke Batman’s back.” Zarina replied.

“Okay, no one messes with my favorite male superhero and gets away with it!” Slayer yelled before charging Bane.

Zarina shook her head and looked over at Spectrum. “Think you can handle the yellow rings?” She asked.

“Please, they might as well give up now.” Spectrum said grinning. “It’s like they’re trying to use a normal 45. against Superman.”

“Have fun.” She replied before the girl flew off to fight the ring wielding menace.

Slayer kept leveling hard punches and kicks into Bane while dodging his attacks. She didn’t find him to be the speediest opponent she had faced. Bane ripped a streetlight and swung it like a bat. He managed to strike Slayer with it but she got up from the blow rather quickly.

“You think you can defeat me!” He yelled. “I broke Batman’s back!”

“And I am going to break you.” Slayer said.

Slayer hurled a stun bola at Bane hoping to end the fight. The bola wrapped around his massive right arm and crackled with electricity as it tried to shock the behemoth into unconsciousness. Bane merely flexed his bicep and the bola was ripped off by the tension.

“Damn it.” Slayer said checking her utility belt. She pulled out a couple of round balls. “Let’s see what these do.”

She hurled them at Bane and the round balls emitted some kind of gray smoke that Bane merely brushed off. Slayer shook her head.

“I gotta read that fucking manual.” She said.

Blue Bowman notched a standard arrow with his bow pointed in the direction of the behemoth. He seemed a little unsure as to where on Bane to aim at.

“Aim for the tube that’s connected to the back of his head. It’s the main line for Bane’s Venom.” Zarina explained.

He lined up his shot and let the arrow fly but Bane moved at the last second allowing the arrow to miss by a hair’s width. Bowman cursed himself for the missed shot but was awed by what he saw next. Slayer delivered a powerful uppercut to the goliath and a female figure appeared to sever the cable with a short sword. Bane fell to the ground as the light finally shown her clearly and he found her to be quite stunning which he realized why he was reacting like he did. The armor and weapons she had were clearly Themysciran in origin and since they appeared to be rather new; it could only mean the dark-skinned beauty was an Amazon. Zarina recognized her and ran over to her.

“Calypso, what are you doing here?” Zarina asked smiling like she was reuniting with an old friend.

“I was visited by both Athena and Artemis.” Calypso explained sheathing her sword. “They told me to come here to take part in a great battle.”

An explosion overhead drew their attention to the battle overhead. The Sinestros continued to fire at Spectrum who merely laughed in response. They paused in their attack unsure about what to do.

“Do you have any idea who I am?” Spectrum asked. “I control every light of the Spectrum. Your attacks are meaningless against me.”

Spectrum raised a hand and ten beams of light shot out of the yellow rings. From the looks on the faces of the Sinestro Corpsmen, Spectrum was draining their rings of power. They fell to the ground as their rings were drawn to her. Spectrum destroyed the rings before enveloping the Sinestro Corpsmen in green light. When the light faded, the Sinestros were gone and Spectrum went back to the ground beneath her.

“Remind me not to get you angry.” Bowman said.


Cordelia let herself into Zarina’s house as she had been doing every morning. She knew that Zatanna was on a mission with the Justice League so that should mean that only Zarina and Faith should be here. What she didn’t expect was the shirtless hunk walking down the stairs who she did recognize but his name was not what immediately came to mind.

“Hello salty goodness.” She said before catching herself.

Jonathon smiled. “Hello to you too, Cordelia.” He replied. “You’re probably wondering why I’m in Zarina’s house without a shirt on.”

Cordelia shrugged. “I guessed you had a threesome with her and Faith.” She replied only to receive laughter from him. “What did I say?”

“Zarina’s like a sister to me.” Jonathon said laughing. “No, I stayed over last night because we were all tired after fighting The Key, Killer Frost, and Bane. Spectrum fought off like ten Sinestros which was really cool.”

“Doesn’t explain why you don’t have a shirt on.” Cordelia replied.

“Well, I was in the bathroom getting dressed when I had it explained to me that if I didn’t get out of the bathroom I was running the risk of having a magician, a Slayer, an energy being, and a Themysciran warrior shoving my quiver up my ass.” He said gesturing with his right thumb over at his costume.

Cordelia’s eyes widened. “Oh my freaking god, you’re Blue Bowman.” She said. “Why’d you reveal your identity to me?”

“I figured to do it now rather than wait for you to brush against me and your powers reveal my identity, Delphi.” Jonathon said showing his Titans communicator. “Cass told me the last time I was at the Tower.”

“Wait, did you say a Themysciran?” She asked.

Almost on cue, Zarina, Faith, Aura and Calypso walked down the stairs. Zarina and Faith were dressed as they were dressed normally. Aura wore a red blouse and blue jeans but it was Calypso that Cordelia didn’t know. She felt like she should know her. The dark skinned Themysciran smiled when she looked over at Zarina. The smile seemed to be one reserved for a true friend.

“You were right, Zarina.” Calypso said. “Not all men are worthless.”

Jonathon held up his hands. “Hey, I will be the first to admit that I submit to female domination.” He said. “That didn’t come out right, did it?”

Faith shook her head. “Nope.” She said laughing.

Someone could be heard knocking on the door. Zarina looked over at the door as if she knew who it was.

“Jason, you know you don’t need to knock.” She said towards the door.

The door opened and Jason walked in. Jonathon shifted his position into a military-like salute and received an elbow in the ribs for his effort from Zarina.

“What?” He asked. “He’s a Knight of the Round Table. That kinda deserves my respect.”

“Thank you, Mr. Queen, but the reason I am here is most appalling.” Jason said. “While Buffy was on patrol last night, her powers were mysteriously negated.”

“Fuck, we’re too late.” Zarina said. “Jonathon called me to Star City where a member of the Watcher’s Council had been murdered. The Watcher left a message behind stating that Travers contracted with Grodd to keep me busy.”

“You don’t think Giles knows about this, do you?” Cordelia asked.

“I don’t know but I’m going to find out. Are Buffy and him at the library?” Zarina asked Jason who nodded. “Unless you want your identity revealed, Jonathon, I’d suggest changing.”


They teleported into the library to see Buffy was sitting down moping at the main table of the library. Giles came from out of his office.

“Is something the matter?” He asked.

“Nothing much unless you count the Watcher’s Council hiring the Legion of Fucking Doom to keep us busy while B undergoes the Cruciamentum.” Faith said snapping at the Watcher.

That comment got Buffy’s attention as her gaze went up to Faith. “What do you mean the Legion of Doom?” She asked.

“She means that Giles’s boss, Quentin Travers, has contracted with Gorilla Grodd to disrupt my ability to help you during this time.” Zarina explained. “Slayer and Spectrum took down the Key when Blue Bowman and I shown up. After Killer Frost was taken down, ten Sinestro Corpsmen shown up as well as Bane.”

“Clearly, you survived.” Giles said as Calypso walked into view. “Kendra?”

The dark skinned Themysciran shook her head. “I believe you are mistaken.” She said. “My name is Calypso.”

Zarina looked inquisitively over at Giles. “Giles, what are you talking about?” She asked. “This is my friend, Calypso. We met on Themyscira.”

“The Slayer that was called after Buffy died temporarily in the Master’s Cavern was Kendra.” Giles explained. “She was reportedly killed when the cruise ship she snuck onboard after a demon sank with reportedly all hands lost.”

“That makes some sense.” Calypso said. “They said they had to remove something in order to make me into a Themysciran.”

“Who removed what now?” Buffy asked.

“Artemis and Athena, Buffy.” Zarina said. The patron goddess of the Themyscirans as well as the hunt and the goddess of wisdom and war, respectively.”


Sometime in March...

Zarina walked down the beach as she had done frequently to let off some steam after a sparring session. It had been a few months since she had came to the island and she couldn’t be happier. As she walked, she noticed something strange further up the beach and ran towards it. It was a dark skinned girl that was about her age. Quickly, she began to check the girl’s vital signs before administering CPR. It didn’t take long before the girl took in a sharp intake of air. Weakly, the girl looked up at Zarina.

“Where am I?” She asked.

“You’re on Themyscira.” Zarina replied. “Can you tell me your name?”

The girl slowly shook her head. “I don’t remember.” She said. “I don’t know who I am.”

Zarina helped her up to her feet and began to help her walk to Artemis’s house which was the closet place that the mysterious girl could rest and recuperate. When they reached their destination, Zarina got her some fruit.


“So, we’ve got three Slayers now.” Buffy said. “Looks like your luck in saving Slayers is still intact.”

Zarina shook her head. “Calypso isn’t a Slayer, not anymore anyway.” She said. “Artemis and Athena must have removed the Slayer Essence and divided it among you and Faith. They then made her into a Themysciran. A Themysciran has certain blessings given to them by goddesses such as Artemis and Athena that essentially would make them like a walking cross if they come into contact with a vampire.”

“What we have to worry about is to what ends Grodd will do to make his money.” Blue Bowman said.

“But hey, you’re here right.” Buffy said. “So, everything’s cool right?”


A bright white flash of light blinded the group momentarily before it faded to reveal five people with two pairs of them clearly were the opposite sex as the fifth member wore long brown robes that hid their figure. Zarina recognized the other four from the Justice League files.

“Brainiac 5, Phantom Girl, Dawnstar, and Wildfire.” Zarina said. “What are you doing here?”

“Escorting me.” The robed figure spoke up. “I told them that they weren’t really needed but they insisted. So I at least insisted on those who could be helpful.”

The robed figure’s right hand glowed green before a stream of energy impacted against Buffy knocking her to the ground. Calypso and Slayer were about to counterattack but Zarina held up a hand.

“Don’t, they’re good guys.” Zarina said. “Meet the Legion of Super Heroes from the thirty-first century.”

“Now we know where you get your good sense from.” Wildfire said looking over at the robed figure.

The robed figure walked over towards Zarina and Giles. As she approached, only a feminine mouth could be seen.

“Zarina, Giles, it’s so good to see you again.” She said.

“Who are you?” Giles asked.

The robed figure pulled down her hood as Buffy got back to her feet in shock.

“Dawnie?” She asked in disbelief.

Dawn smiled at her sister. She only appeared to be at least ten years older than what she did normally but her age seemed to be carried in other ways. This Dawn no longer seemed to have the spark of youth but now seemed to have the flames of wisdom instead.

“Hello Buffy, it’s been a while.” Dawn said.

“Aren’t you risking a paradox?” Zarina asked eyeing the girl.

“Not at all, records indicate that the five of us were here.” Dawn replied. “Plus, being one of the founding members of the Legion tends to give considerable clout when it comes to missions.”

“What did you do to Buffy?” Zarina asked.

“Merely reactivated her Slayer powers.” Dawn said. “Do not be angry with Giles, Buffy, it was Wesley’s fault. Travers ordered him to do it after informing him that Deathstroke killed his father.”

“Why did Slade kill Wesley’s dad?” Zarina asked only to get stared at by Giles.

“You are on a bloody first name basis with the world’s greatest assassin?” He said in disbelief.

“Slade’s an okay kinda guy. He’s got a strict set of morals and he tries to do what he believes is best for his children.” Zarina said. “It may not seem sane to us but it makes sense to him.”

“Enough of this.” Brainiac 5 said. “We’re here because Dawn said that we were needed.”

“I said I was needed but you crazy kids won’t let one old lady get out of the house without an escort.” Dawn said with sarcasm evident in her voice.

“You carry your age well.” Dawnstar said.

“Grodd is going to attack soon with an army of robots.” Dawn said before looking over to Slayer. “Human sized robots and not big giant robots. He had help assembling them from another Bang Baby in Sunnydale. I’ll let you find out who on your own considering you’ll encounter him later.”

“I’m guessing the League isn’t able to show up then.” Zarina said getting a nod. “Great, anything else I should know?”

“You are the one who teaches me to control my powers.” Dawn replied. “It will be easier once you tell my younger self who you really are.”

Buffy shook her head at the older version of her sister. “You’re going to love that.” She said. “You know how my sister is.”

Before Zarina could respond, Dawn said. “She would not know as the spell that reunified her took out anything that didn’t belong.”

“What do you mean by that?” Buffy asked.

“I did not exist until a few months ago.” Dawn said. “A group of monks chose to hide the Key in human form and sent it to you to protect. The best way to make certain that you would want to protect me was to make me your sister.”

“Why would they send you to Buffy?” Zarina asked.

“Well, it was to protect the Key from a hellgoddess named Glorificus aka Glory.” Dawn said. “Turning me into the daughter of one of the members of the JLA would have been cool as hell but it would have been to high tier to do. They didn’t anticipate Zarina training me to tap into the powers of the Key. With that training, I literally erased Glory from existence after she tried to capture me.”

An explosion could be heard in the parking lot and Slayer ran over to the window to look. She turned back towards the group.

“None of us are Kryptonian, are we?” She asked. “Cuz I think Metallo is blowing up cars in the parking lot.”

Metallo blasted through the outer wall and stepped into the library. The kryptonite powered android seemed to smile when he looked at Zarina.

“There’s a large price on your head, little gir---” Metallo began to say before an explosion struck him in the back. He turned to face his attacker. “What are you doing here? Trying to get the bounty?”

“No, I had thought that I had made it clear to the Watchers but apparently they can’t follow simple instructions.” Deathstroke said dropping the grenade launcher he was toting.

While he was distracted, Dawn enveloped the kryptonite powered android in a green energy field and Spectrum tore the android’s power source out of his chest. The android slumped over from power loss and Zarina looked over towards Deathstroke.

“Thank you.” She said.

“I currently have a vendetta against the Watchers.” He said. “Thank you for the information.”

“I think you proved that when you distracted Metallo. I guess Grodd really is pulling out all the stops to try to ‘distract’ me from Buffy’s Cruciamentum.” Zarina replied. “I bet the worm is in town now.”

Dawn walked over and handed the man known as the world’s greatest assassin a note. Deathstroke’s eye could be seen reading the note before he nodded folding the note back up.

“The information will be quite useful.” Deathstroke said.

“Without it, you would end up killing thirteen people to get to him.” Dawn replied. “I did not want you to get tired when you finally reached him.”

“Now you had to ruin my fun.” Deathstroke said before leaving.

Dawn began to laugh a bit from Deathstroke’s comment which drew her some bewildered looks from the other people in the room. She shrugged her shoulders.

“What?” She asked. “I haven’t seen that twisted sense of humor in a few hundred years.”


Grodd could not believe the round of horrible luck he was having. It should have been quite easy but he was beginning to realize that these children he had been paid to distract were more trouble than they were worth. The villains he had paid to attack the small town were being defeated left and right though he now had an idea about some of the other powers the group possessed and he had to admit that he was impressed. The Zatara girl was just as powerful as her mother but in a way, more imaginative. Slayer seemed be reminding him of a faster and stronger version of Batman but without the training to suit it. If Slayer had gotten trained by either Batman or Richard Dragon, he would never want to encounter the girl again. Blue Bowman was just as annoying with a bow as his father and as bad on the eardrums like his mother. Spectrum frightened him over the level of control she had over her powers. She couldn’t be fought using any similar energies and that left few options on how to deal with her. He was glad that he was merely being paid to distract them. He did not relish the idea of having to try to destroy them.

“Grodd, the robots are complete.” The teenage human he had found in the town said.

The teenager, Warren Mears, had developed an unusual metagene that allowed him to construct whatever he might imagine if he had the right materials. Even if this endeavor failed, taking the boy under his wing, so to speak, would more than make up for the effort. The human’s lack of morals helped with the ideas that could be made into reality.

“Send them.” Grodd said.


The robots were yellow with triangular shaped legs and hands that had three barrels in each of the hands. An army of these metallic foes flew into the town and opened fire on anything that moved. Spectrum flew into the air enraged with her anger being shown in the red energy blasts she fired at the assault robots. Blue Bowman fired explosive arrows at the robots as well as Zarina, Slayer, and Calypso got people to safety. When Wildfire, Dawnstar, and Dawn joined the battle, it was over swiftly. Dawn called the Legionnaires over to her.

“We’re going back.” She said to them.

“But, they still need our help.” Wildfire replied.

“This is their moment, Drake.” Dawn said to the encased hero. “The battles they have been having leading up to Grodd will thrust them into the spotlight.”

The Legionnaires nodded and they disappeared in a flash of light. Zarina had listened to the conversation and let out a breath.

Just have to give me that info, huh. She thought to herself. This shouldn’t be too bad. I still have to train you.

She walked over to her group who seemed a bit curious as to where the Legionnaires were. Zarina raised her hands.

“Old Dawn decided they needed to return to their own time and left.” Zarina explained. “I kinda eavesdropped on their conversation.”

“Girls, I think we have bigger problems at the moment.” Blue Bowman said pointing down the street to see Gorilla Grodd standing there. “So, ran out of bananas?”

Grodd let out an annoyed breath. “Do you honestly believe you are not the first of you hairless apes that made that joke?” He asked.

Blue Bowman smiled. “No, but it’s still funny.” He said as he fired an arrow at Grodd.

Making no effort to dodge, the arrow struck Grodd in the forehead resulting in a large explosion which stunned the quintet of superheroes. The four female heroes glared at Blue Bowman who backed up a bit from them.

“What in the hell did you hit him with?!” Zarina yelled.

While Zarina, Slayer, and Spectrum were berating Blue Bowman. Calypso walked over where Grodd’s body lay and picked up one of his severed arms. She walked back over to the cringing man and thrust the arms into his arms.

“Blue Bowman did not kill the primate.” She said. “It was another robot.”

Blue Bowman held up the arm to see wires extending out of the arm. He began to laugh and it quickly became contagious as the four women he was with began to laugh as well.


Travers had heard some commotion going on within the building that he had set up Slayer Summer’s Cruciamentum and he went to investigate. He had been surprised that he hadn’t seen the girl enter but he was even more surprised when his kneecaps were shot out by a large caliber weapon. Travers yelled in pain as he fell onto his stomach.

“It would be quite useless to try to call in your assault team.” A gravely voice said. “I took care of them before you came in the building. Your exam has been cancelled as was your vampire.”

Travers managed to flip himself over to see Deathstroke calmly walking over to him. A shiver of fear coursed through him as he quickly remembered the man’s qualifications. He had not believed it was possible for anyone the entire Order of Teraka but he had been wrong before.

“What do you want?” He asked in pain.

“I intend to teach a lesson.” Deathstroke said. “My lesson is to show what happens to those who try to mess with my family.”

“The Watcher’s Council protects the world.” Travers said before another was embedded in his shoulder.

“The Council protects itself.” Deathstroke said.


Zarina was nervous as she entered Dinah’s office on the Watchtower. Somehow, it always felt like going to the principal’s office when she was in here. She sat down at Black Canary’s desk with the bleached blonde-haired woman looking back at her.

“What did I do this time?” Zarina asked.

“The Key, Killer Frost, ten members of the Sinestro Corps, Bane, Metallo, and Gorilla Grodd.” Dinah said. “Quite a rogue’s gallery that your group is accumulating.”

“Look, Travers hired Grodd to distract me during Buffy’s Cruciamentum and he used supervillains to do it.” Zarina replied. “We managed to stop them, didn’t we?”

“You did which is why I have a proposal.” Dinah said sliding a manila folder over to her. “I think you will find this appealing.”

Zarina opened the folder and nearly dropped it as she read the contents. When she finished, she closed the folder and stared at Dinah.

“Are you joking?” She asked. “Is this for real?”

“Do I look like Wally?” Dinah asked. “I’m serious about it and the proposal has already been cleared with most of the League.”

“Does my mother know about this?” Zarina asked.

“She voted in favor of it.” Dinah replied. “Your mother thinks you can handle the responsibility. It helped that Bruce had been the one to make the proposal in the first place.”

“Damn, I didn’t think Bruce didn’t like most of my team.” Zarina said.

“He changed his tune after one of Delphi’s visions was able to stop one of the Joker’s plans.” Dinah replied. “He felt that you needed more assistance.”

After discussing it further, Zarina returned to her home in Sunnydale to see her ‘team’ had gathered there. They seemed rather curious.

“What did the Blackbird have to say?” Faith asked getting a glare from Jonathon.

“It’s Black Canary.” Jonathon said.

“What did she have to say?” Aura asked.

“Three words that scared me.” Zarina answered her.

“What three words?” Faith asked. “Want, take, have.”

“Justice League Sunnydale.” Zarina replied to watch the surprised reactions on her friends.

“Mom is getting a Hall Of Justice built here!” Jonathon exclaimed. “Why does she want to do that?”

Faith got on her feet. “No way in hell am I listening to another member of the spandex club unless it’s Batman.” She said. “I doubt he’s leaving Gotham City for here.”

Zarina smiled at Faith. “Faith, look at the people in this room.” She said. “As of today, these are the members of Justice League Sunnydale.”

Cordelia glanced over to Calypso. “So, you interested in fighting against the forces of darkness?” She asked the Themysciran.

Calypso nodded. “I had previously thought that there was only one gate to Tartarus.” She said. “My duty as an Amazon says I must stay and make certain these gates remain closed.”

“What about you, Jon?” Zarina asked her friend.

“Hell Z, you know you got my bow.” He said.

“I guess we’re all in.” Zarina replied. “This could get interesting.”


It hadn’t been difficult to secure this secluded warehouse from the ‘native population’ and it was even less difficult to fortify it both from discovery as well as attack. Warren Mears laughed at how easy it was to slip away from Grodd and make off with a plethora of various technology. It was enough to make this warehouse just as impregnable as a Hall Of Justice. He turned to look at the person who had been gathering various individuals together. He saw a black clad man with white lightning all across his uniform. That must be Killswitch. Warren thought.

A smaller girl with brown hair stood off in a corner dressed mainly in red. He didn’t know what her name was yet but he had been told to run her DNA and came across something very interesting. It seemed as though a few more Thanagarians had been using Earth like an intergalactic Las Vegas. The meta-gas must have activated long dormant genes that caused her to grow wings. He knew she could fly with them and he wondered how isolated she was.

Chains rattled as the large half man half hyena tried to break his restraints. That guy was creepy. Killswitch and the boss had managed to grab him right out of Alcatraz which was too high-profile in his opinion. The only saving grace to that jailbreak was the fact that they had broke everyone else out as well which distracted the Teen Titans long enough to make the escape. The beast man didn’t impress Warren much as the guy had gotten captured by the town heroes.

“Little useless Warren, how are things?” Alpha asked laughing at him. “How does it feel to be the weak link?”

“Alpha, perhaps you have forgotten your place.” Discord said walking towards the group.

Alpha laughed at her. “You forget BITCH, your powers don’t work on me!” He exclaimed.

Suddenly, he fell to his knees as he tried to breathe but failed to receive any oxygen. Discord walked over to him.

“You forget that while the magic that gave birth to you gives your body immunity to my powers, the air surrounding you isn’t immune to them.” Discord said. “Are you going to be a good puppy?”

Alpha nodded frantically and gasped when the air was restored to him. Discord walked over to her chair. Discord’s costume was a tight material that looked at first like black leather but it was actually a non-magnetic variant of Nth Metal that had the feel of leather. She wore a simple red domino mask to offset the costume. Warren had enjoyed the night he fitted her for the costume. He did find her red eyes to be rather creepy.

“Why is the geek here anyway?” Killswitch asked. “He don’t have any powers.”

“Killswitch, have you ever heard of Lex Luthor?” Discord asked. “He is just a regular human but he is renowned as Superman’s arch nemesis and do you know why?”

“No, I don’t know why some regular human is the Man of Steel’s number one bad guy.” Killswitch said.

“Lex Luthor is one of the smartest and most imaginative people on this planet. He creates ways to destroy his enemies.” Discord informed him. “Warren does have a meta ability. His power allows him to build whatever he can imagine even if he does not fully understand everything about it. He is the one who designed every bit of our equipment as well as our costumes.”

“I still say he’s useless.” Killswitch said sparking his hands up with energy.

Before Discord could act to control her group, Warren touched a button on a band located on his right arm. Killswitch howled in pain as his power was suddenly turned against him. He collapsed to the ground gasping and Warren walked over to him. Warren delivered a swift kick to Killswitch’s abdomen and let himself laugh a bit.

“Do you think I am an idiot, Killswitch?” Warren asked the groaning villain. “Do you think that after all the work I did to construct your costumes that I wouldn’t put in a failsafe in case one of you chose to attack me? Discord needs my assistance so I trust her. The Hawkette over there seems to meek to attack me without provocation and Fido is still on his chains.”

“Enough Warren.” Discord said. “Now, I call this meeting of the Secret Society to order.”

Author’s End Notes: Sorry about the long delay but writer’s block is a real pain in the ass. I hope everyone likes this chapter and I’ll leave you to review. A special note, did anyone notice that I added a segment around the end of Chapter Nine?

PS: Does anyone else find that having Michael Shanks playing Hawkman on “Smallville” is typecasting?
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