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Enter The Magician

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Magician Chronicles". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: YAHF Gender-Bender Xander's choice of costume causes him to disappear Halloween night.

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DC Universe > GeneralRubyPaladinFR181681,6652019589,81114 Jun 0930 Apr 10Yes

Blackest Night Part One: Nightfall


Chapter Thirteen

Blackest Night, Part One


Five men dressed in black were inside the Sunnydale Art Gallery. Security had been easy to breach and they were certain that the Justice League Sunnydale weren’t going to interfere with the heist.

“Hey Paul, sure we can pull this off?” One of the men asked the leader.

“Of course, what could go wrong?” Paul asked.

“I could show up.” A feminine voice said from behind them.

They turned to see a woman dressed in a black costume that covered her body with a black domino mask. It was obvious that the costume had to be some sort of body armor but they didn’t recognize her as any of the other capes that could be seen in the small town. The fact that such a town did have so many heroes was rather strange.

“I know you do not know of me but I know of you. You are here to steal from the fluffy little girl’s mother which I can not allow.” She said. “Surrender and I’ll be merciful and quick. If you do not, I’ll get to have fun.”

One of the criminals pulled out a small hand gun and fired at the woman who was able to easily dodge the attack by dropping to the floor next to a chair which she hurled at the assailant. He dropped like a ton of bricks. She attacked the remaining criminals who were easily defeated. After she finished tying them up for the police, she walked towards the door.

“Who the fuck are you?” Paul asked.

“I don’t know yet. Perhaps I will be given a name later by the friendly people who comment on these events.” She said before leaving.

“Alright Habib, give me all the money in the register!” He exclaimed with the shotgun not too far from the gas station clerk’s head.

‘Habib’ began to fill the man’s bag frightened for his life. He never had much luck and this proved the trend he was having.

“BOOT TO THE HEAD!” Slayer yelled.

He looked back over at the robber to find the man unconscious on the ground and he was relieved to see the criminal was unconscious. A young woman in a gray and black costume had begun to tie up the criminal while another young woman in a magician’s costume was holding a cup under the slushee machine dispensing out a grape concoction.

“Slayer, what flavor did you want?” She asked.

“Orange.” Slayer answered.

The magician filled a second cup with the orange flavored ice drink and walked over to the attendant who hadn’t left his station.

“How much?” She asked with a smile.

He quickly rang up the drinks. “$3.43.” He replied.

She placed a five dollar bill on the counter. “Keep the change.” She said taking the two cups off the counter.

A squad car had just pulled into the lot as Slayer and Zarina exited the station. Slayer gestured towards the station and the two officers went inside as the two heroes left the scene. Taking a sip from her orange slushee, Slayer looked back at Zarina.

“So, when is our headquarters suppose to be completed anyway?” Slayer asked.

“It’s only a quarter of the way done.” Zarina replied. “Dinah is modeling it after the Hall of Justice in Detroit. It should fit in here.”

“It’s been kinda slow.” Slayer remarked. “Wonder what everyone’s plotting?”

“Who says we’re plotting anything?” They hear Killswitch ask.

They turn around to see Killswitch and Alpha had managed to sneak up on them. With a sigh, Zarina and Slayer chucked their slushees at Killswitch. The villain was surprised and paid the price when the grape and orange drinks splattered against his face. Alpha laughed when the electrical villain’s powers were shorted out.

“Offensive uses of gas station drinks, I approve.” He said laughing.

“Then, I guess you’re going to approve of this.” Slayer said pulling out a stun bola.


With a bright flash of light, a creature seemed to have teleported in front of Slayer and Zarina and roared at Killswitch and Alpha. The creature looked like it had been carved from obsidian into the shape of a dragon. Slayer looked over at Zarina.

“I didn’t know you got a pet, Zarina.” She said.

“I wasn’t looking for a dragon.” Zarina replied. “I’ve always been partial to a cat though I haven’t found one that seems to be the right one for me.”

The dragon slashed at Alpha.

“WHERE IS MY SISTER?!” The dragon bellowed out his question.

“I think I would have remembered someone as ugly as you.” Killswitch retorted.

A spell she had tried with a girl named Anya had went wonky. Something about it was creepy and this was coming from the daughter of Felix Faust. Amelia felt something tingle her magic and she looked up. Her jaw dropped as she saw the portal open in the sky.

“What have I done?” She asked.

There were many universes being accessed by the portal. One of them was waging war against the darkness and one of the darkness’ weapons had been sent through the portal. The black ring found its way to a semi that was transporting a body for the Mayor.

I was a Field Watcher being given the honor of being assigned to watch over a Slayer. Her name is Buffy Anne Summers and she was a typical American teenager who had fell through the cracks in the system the Council has in finding new Slayers. I taught her what she needed to know about her destiny and I felt like I was finally fulfilling my purpose. Unfortunately, destiny has a way of biting you on your ass when you feel like your purpose was fulfilled.

A master vampire by the name of Lothos had found us. My Slayer fought desperately to stop him but he was too strong. To save her life, I had to sacrifice my own.


{Merrick Jamison-Smythe of Earth...RISE!!}


Joe, the driver, screamed when he saw the decaying man pull him through the window of his truck. The decaying man seemed to be smiling and the driver could see a white inverted triangle on his chest with five white lines extending from the top of the triangle.

“This is rather ironic for me.” He said.


Merrick tore his hand into Joe’s chest and ripped out the man’s heart. Devouring the organ as if it was an apple, he was quickly done with it.

{Power Level: 0.01%}

Merrick tore the man’s head off and used a black knife energy construct to remove the excess flesh till all that was left was the man’s skull. The Black Lantern could feel something blocking him and did not know what it was. For some reason, the only Black Lanterns that could be raised had to be known by the residents of those who lived in Sunnydale or had resided there at some point. Until the residents of Sunnydale died, no one would know they were even there or be able to interfere. The skull flared with black energy.

“The Blackest Night Falls Across The Sky. The Darkness Grows As All Light Dies. We Crave Your Hearts And Your Demise. By My Black Hand, The Dead Shall Rise!” He exclaimed as black rings flew from the skull’s eyes.

I was a Slayer. It was the 1970s and I was good at my calling. My Watcher, Bernard Crowley, was like a father to me and the only person who could be considered the grandfather to my son, Robin. I was a rarity as Slayers went as I had the chance to have a child.

Unfortunately, I never got the chance to even see my son start school. It was 1977 and I had tracked a vampire that was reportedly one quarter of the group once known as the Scourge of Europe. His name was Spike. Our battleground turned out to be a subway train car.

It wasn’t fair! I was the Slayer! It shouldn’t have been me! The vampire snapped my neck and I died on that train. Before the darkness finally claimed me, I could feel my leather duster being removed.


{Nikki Wood of Earth...RISE!}


I was the head of the Watchers’ Council. I was superior to those who felt like they knew better because of it. Our main tool was the Slayer. A girl gifted with the powers of the Slayer. It irked me when I found out that her Watcher was disregarding tradition and I resolved to stop it.

My actions led to my downfall as the world’s greatest assassin had decided to show me the error of my ways....slowly.


{Quentin Travers of Earth...RISE!}


I was a high school principal. I tried to be the friend of my students in Sunnydale High School. It didn’t seem like too much to ask.

I remember being confronted by a few of my students. They were acting very strangely. I can still remember how it felt when their teeth tore into my flesh.


{Robert Flutie of Earth...RISE!}


I was a demon hunter but I ended up cursed into a ventriloquist's dummy. This was ridiculous. I...


{Sid of Earth...RISE!}


{Power Level: 0.02%}

Merrick raised the skull up at the body of the young man named Pike. A black ring flew out of the skull.

{Pike of Earth...RISE!}

Pike’s body took a decayed appearance as he stood back up with the Black Lantern symbol on his jacket.

“Looks like we need to go to Sunnydale.” He said.

My name is Xin Rong. I was a Slayer during the 1900s in China. A vampire named Spike had killed me but I left him with a reminder thanks to the sword I had wielded. He would carry that scar always.


{Xin Rong of Earth...RISE!}


Willow was sitting in a very comfortable chair in Jason Blood’s study reading a book that Jason had borrowed from Zarina. She was reading a section involving magical adoptions when Drusilla set a cup of tea down. It was clear from how she was dressed that she had just came in from a patrol.

“She means it you know.” Drusilla said to her. “When she said that she felt the same towards you that Xander did.”

“That I was like a sister to her?” Willow asked receiving a nod in response from the vampire. “Somehow, I doubt sisters would have cast the spell that I did on her.”
Drusilla shook her head. “She isn’t cross with you.” Drusilla said. “She considers you family.”

“Well, since my granddaughter considers you like a sister...” A voice said before a dark cloud of smoke billowed up. “ABRACADABRA!”

Drusilla and Willow leapt to their feet to see the zombie magician standing before them. His costume was adorned with an inverted white triangle with five white lines running up from the triangle. Drusilla sneered at him.

“He reeks of death.” She said.

“You wound me, my dear. I guess I could take that as a compliment coming from one quarter of the Scourge of Europe that I heard of so much as a child.” He said before turning his attention back to Willow. “Since my granddaughter is soon to be quite busy, I’ll simply remove your heart out, girl, for daring to even think you were part of the family.”

“I’ll stop you.” She said defiantly causing the Black Lantern to laugh.

“You couldn’t stop me, child.” Zatara said with a cackle. “You are merely a practicing witch reliant on pleading power from the gods. I have more magic in my pinkie than you do in your very being.”

Willow smiled. “Then, I guess I just need to invoke my right to get added into the family.” She replied. “You said it yourself that your ‘granddaughter’ considers me to be a sister to her. All I need to do is ask the grand matriarchs of the family line...” She then found herself showered in white light and she smiled. “and I think they magically added me.”

“That won’t save you, child.” He said. “You may be a Zatara by magic now but not by blood and flesh. That won’t save you. Ekat reh traeh!”

Truth be told, a million spells came to her mind as she had a second to think about how to counter the curse sent at her but she only needed one and she threw a great deal of confidence behind it.

“Odnu sih xeh!” She exclaimed.

I was Mayor Wilkins’ mole within the high school to help him monitor the ‘pests’ that I had to endure. Being his mole meant I was protected from anything this town had normally offered that had endangered the general public. My predecessor did not enjoy the same protection and was eaten by his ‘lovely students’ that he cared so much about.

However, metahumans did not seem to be something that the Mayor’s protection extended to when that blonde bitch killed me...


{Armin Snyder of Earth...RISE!}


I am the Judge. I was the greatest destroyer and one of the most feared demons ever to walk this pitiful Earth. With a gaze or a touch, I could burn humanity or anything that had anything remotely human within it. Against any weapon forged, I was invincible. I could not be killed by any weapon forged.

Because of this, a group of paladins had dismembered me and scattered my pieces to different points on the Earth hoping that I would never again be reassembled. What they didn’t count on was an insane vampire wanting me for a “birthday present”. I was reassembled and I began to grow in strength.

Like the paladins before, another group of humans dared to stop me. However, they found a weakness in my armor. My last words were rather fitting considering the time that had past.

“What’s that do?”


{Judge of Earth...RISE!}


My best friends were two very different people. Willow Rosenberg was the smartest person I knew and tolerated the fact that I wasn’t as smart as she was. I might have asked her out had I didn’t know that she had been wanting to date my brother in all ways but blood, Xander Harris. I did have my eyes set on one girl in the school.

Her name was Cordelia Chase. She was beautiful, sexy, a cheerleader, sexy, rich, had a tight ass, did I mention sexy? She had everything a guy could dream about but she would have had nothing to do with me, no matter what I tried.

Xander had fell for the new girl at school. I think her name was Buffy. At the Bronze that night, I had gotten lucky as a hot blonde chick had actually started talking to me. In retrospect, I should have ran away from her.

She took me deep within the ground and I quickly realized that she wasn’t human. Her fangs tore into my neck. Before I lost consciousness from blood loss, I tasted something coppery dripping into my mouth.


{Jesse McNally of Earth...RISE!}


Buffy rammed the stake into the vampire’s heart and smiled when she saw the vampire burst into dust. She turned to see Angel stake a pair of vampires with a pop-out stake gadget he had attached to each of his wrists. He turned towards her.

“Buffy, does tonight feel weird to you?” He asked.

“No, why do you ask?” She asked.

Before he could answer, an arrow whizzed by his head. Angel turned to see the attempted attacker only to hear a loud explosion from where the arrow impacted. He saw the Blue Bowman with his bow out notching another arrow.

“What the hell are you doing, Bowman?” He asked angry at the attack.


They turned to see black streaks of energy penetrate the graves and the ground began to move as if vampires were clawing their way to the surface.

“They’re not vampires, Buffy.” A familiar girl’s voice could be heard.

“Theresa?” Buffy asked in surprise.

Theresa stood before her clad in similar style clothes that she was last seen when Buffy had visited her in the funeral parlor. If it hadn’t been for Oz, she would have been dead. Theresa’s clothes were black with a strange white triangle on her chest.




“I should know.” Theresa said. “I became one thanks to the stiff you fucked.”

Blue Bowman’s arrow flew through the air and struck the Black Lantern in the head. The arrow ignited and in a fiery blaze; the Black Lantern was consumed.

{Connection Severed.}

Buffy turned to the Blue Bowman.

“What the hell was that?” She asked.

“Thermite arrow.” He explained. “Burns till it exhausts its fuel. I’m just glad that worked but we have bigger problems.”

Buffy and Angel looked across the graveyard to see people rising from the graves. They backed up slowly.

“What the hell is going on?” Angel asked.

“Don’t know, Deadboy, but it’s happening all across town.” Bowman said.

“Got enough of those termite arrows?” Buffy asked.

Bowman rolled his eyes. “That would be extremely convenient.” He said sarcastically. “We need to get to the K.O.R.D. facility. Hopefully, Zarina’s company has lots of things that go boom.”

Joyce answered the knocking on her front door only to scream at what she saw. The corpse smiled a toothy grin at her.

“Mrs. Summers, is Buffy home?” Pike asked. “I wanted to take her out for a bite to eat. I love a hearty meal myself.”

Joyce slammed the door only for the Black Lantern to shatter the door into pieces. The Black Lantern appeared to be annoyed at her.

“I guess she isn’t here.” Pike said. “I’ll just take your heart instead.”


“Mom!” Dawn exclaimed.

“DAWN RUN!” Joyce yelled fearing for the life of her youngest child.

“Don’t worry about her, Mrs. Summers.” Pike said. “You’ll need a meal when you become a Black Lantern as well.”

“MOM!” Dawn yelled out.

Joyce was blinded by a bright flash of white light and the scream of the Black Lantern. She only heard one other thing.

{Connection Severed.}

Iota knew one thing at least. The date he had with Cordelia had not ended the way he thought it would. The date had been an attempt made by her to show him a more human experience. Unfortunately, the zombies with the black rings had made their appearance. He tried using his wind powers to keep them at bay but they were able to quickly regenerate despite behind tore apart by the high winds into dust.



“I’m sorry, Delphi.” He said. “I do not think we will survive this.”





“We have to, Iota.” Cordelia said.

As the Black Lanterns drew closer to them, green and red constructs burst through every available opening inside the Bronze. Cordelia recognized the constructs as appearing to be replicas of the Greek Spartans in full combat gear. The construct Spartans charged the Black Lanterns with a red Spartan and a green Spartan double-teaming each Black Lantern.

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

A Black Lantern leapt at Cordelia only to be destroyed in a pair of green and blue energy blasts. Cordelia saw Spectrum fly down into the nightclub through a hole created in the roof.

“Are you okay?” She asked her friend.

“Yah, what are those things?” Cordelia asked.

Spectrum reached down and picked up one of the shattered black rings. The look on her face spoke volumes of the disgust she felt just by holding it.

“They are not truly who they appear. These rings wear the bodies of the dead.” She explained. “Like a computer, they somehow download the memories of the people they wear. If that person has any powers, so does the Black Lantern. For some reason, they are being drawn here. For some reason, this is their beachhead.”

“What do you mean that damn black dome is impenetrable?” Zatanna asked.

She was up in the Watchtower watching as Batman and the Martian Manhunter were analyzing the data they were collecting. Jason had been on the Watchtower as well having recently returning from a mission.

“I mean exactly what I said, Zee.” Batman said. “The unknown energy has disrupted communications with the town and all ways in seem to be blocked.”

She collapsed into a chair. It didn’t take a telepath or a detective to know that she was concerned about her daughter.

“Zarina will be okay.” Batman said trying to reassure her. “My goddaughter is one of the strongest teenagers I know. She gets that strength from you.”

“I know, Bruce, but I’m still worried.” Zatanna replied.

Finch was knocked to the ground by the zombie Chinese girl. He didn’t understand her language but he caught her name, Xin Rong, a Slayer killed by the vampire named Spike during the Boxer Rebellion. Another undead girl threw her off of him. He recognized this girl as another Slayer that Spike had killed, Nikki Wood.

“You’re not a vampire.” She said. “Yet something about you is trying to convince me that you are.”


“Looks like I’ll get a snack though.”
Nikki said before tearing his heart out of his chest and devouring it.

{Power Level: 0.23%}

Xin Rong began to say something before Nikki glared at her.

“SPEAK ENGLISH!” She yelled.

“What’s going on?” Killswitch asked as the sky became unnaturally dark.

“I don’t know.” Zarina responded.

“What are you still doing here?”

The odd quintet turned to see three Black Lanterns descending down towards them. One of the Black Lanterns seemed to be the leader because of a skull he held.

“Hey, Zarina.” Slayer said. “Why is my Slayer senses going berserk on these guys?”

“I asked a question.” The one with the skull said. “What are you still doing here?”

“Matriculating.” Zarina said smiling weakly.

He held up the skull and a single black ring flew out of it. The ring guided itself onto Zarina’s left middle finger. Zarina could hear the ring speak.

{Alexander Harris of Earth...}









Author’s End Notes: Well, I thought that would be the perfect cliffhanger so that I was sure to get people’s attention. I’m writing Blackest Night: Midnight right now so TAO can call off the evil mafia bunnies.
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