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Enter The Magician

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Magician Chronicles". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: YAHF Gender-Bender Xander's choice of costume causes him to disappear Halloween night.

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DC Universe > GeneralRubyPaladinFR181681,6652019589,79614 Jun 0930 Apr 10Yes

Blackest Night Part Two: Midnight


Chapter Fourteen

Blackest Night

Part Two


Zarina screamed as the black energy encompassed her. The energy was trying to rip her apart and it felt like nothing she could do about it. Her gaze settled on Slayer and a blackness overtook her vision as she saw Faith glow violet with only a tinge of yellow.

“We’ve got to get that damn ring off of you.” Slayer said tugging at the ring futilely.

“It is useless, girl.” Merrick said with a laugh. “The ring won’t come off.”


“You have to fight it, Z!” Slayer exclaimed. “Don’t let it control you.”

Crying out in pain, Zarina shoved Slayer aside and flew off into the air trying to get away from her. Merrick laughed as she flew away.

“Soon, the ring will raise Alexander Harris and she will be consumed by the darkness.” He said.

“What the hell are you?!” Slayer yelled up at the floating corpse.

“I am merely one embraced by Death.” Merrick said. “I have been placed as Death’s right arm. I tire of this. The one to devour your heart will be along shortly.”

Merrick flew off taking the Black Lanterns with him and Slayer turned to look at the three others who were with her.

“We have to stop those damned things.” Slayer said to them.

“Bullshit!” Killswitch exclaimed. “It’s everyone for themselves.”

Slayer grabbed the villain by the neeck and pulled him up off his feet. She glared coldly at him.

“Let me put this in words your little mind can understand.” She said. “There are two sides in this fight right now, the living and the dead, and if you don’t want to help the living I will personally allow you to join the other team.”

Driving to the former CRD building that had been converted into a state-of-the-art K.O.R.D. facility, Blue Bowman had been breaking several speed limits as well as attempting to break a few laws of physics getting there but he and his passengers did arrive safely. He led them into the building to a small command center.

“Wow, wonder why Zarina never showed us this place?” Buffy asked.

“Because she has things here that are rather dangerous in the wrong hands.” Bowman replied typing commands into a console. “I’m calling up all the members of the Justice League Sunnydale.”

“So that’s you, Zarina, Faith, Spectrum, Delphi, Calypso, and Iota.” Buffy said. “Doesn’t sound like a lot of people.”

“We have more members than you may realize.” Bowman replied before turning on a communicator. “Looks like short-range communications are still online. We won’t be able to raise anyone outside of Sunnydale. This is Blue Bowman, everyone check in.

“This is Warp, what the hell is going on?”

“The dead are rising, Warp.” Bowman explained. “If you can damage them faster than they can regenerate, they should stay down. Thermite works well.”

“This is Hawkette. I’m still inside the Secret Society Headquarters.”
Hawkette said. “Can I take them down yet?”

“Your call but I’m more worried about the team’s safety.” Bowman replied.

“Joyce Summers here, one of the zombie’s attacked the house.” Joyce said with fear evident in her voice. “It was Buffy’s friend, Pike. Dawn somehow destroyed him with white light.”

“Mom, are you and Dawn okay?” Buffy asked as she ran over to the console.

“We’re fine, honey.” Joyce said. “They’re staying away from us because of Dawn’s powers.”

“This is Calypso.” The Themysciran warrior answered. “I am currently getting Ms. Calender and Mr. Giles to your location now.”

“This is Delphi. Iota’s flying me to the K.O.R.D. facility now.”
Cordelia said. “Spectrum is fighting the Black Lanterns by hitting them with a combination of green energy blasts as well as blasts from the other six lights. It seems to be working.”

“Drusilla here, Willow is fighting a Black Lantern right now.”
The vampire said. “It’s Kitten’s grandfather.”

“Bowman, Zarina’s in deep trouble.” Faith said over the communicator. “One of those black rings got onto her finger and said ‘Alexander Harris of Earth...Rise’. She flew off trying to get away from us. She’s fighting it but I don’t know how long she can last.”

“Understood...I’ll try to think of something.”
Bowman said hanging up the communicator. “What the hell am I suppose to do?”

“Do those communicators have a locator in them?” Buffy asked getting a nod from Bowman in response. She tapped the communicator on the console back on. “Mom, I need you to access the communicator’s GPS. Go to Zarina’s location and have Dawn get rid of that damned ring.”

“No Buffy, you have to stay away.” Zarina’s voice came over the communicator. “I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

“Zarina, let B’s little sis help.” Faith pleaded with her.

“No! Save Willow.” Zarina said. “She can’t stop Grandpa.”

“But...” Faith said.

“But nothing.” Zarina replied. “Don’t know how long I’ll last. Bowman, ask the Mother Scarab. She can help.”

Zarina’s communicator was shut off and a wall opened up to reveal a large red metal scarab of a type of technology that Blue Bowman recognized.He had his bow out with an arrow already notched. Angel stared at the metallic insect.

“What is it?” The vampire asked.

“It’s Reach technology.” Bowman replied. “The Reach created the scarabs to passively take over worlds but it‘s usually blue.”

“But doesn’t that Blue Beetle guy have one of those bug things too?” Buffy asked.

“Khaji Da is different.” Bowman said. “Pretty much all of the other Reach tech are---”

|Do not compare me to those programmed monstrosities.|

Buffy looked around. “Who said that?” She asked.

|I did, Buffy Summers. I am the Mother Scarab. Zarina referred to me as Oma. You may do the same.| Oma answered her. |I am of the race that was conquered by the Reach. The Reach have captured other Mother Scarabs and forced them to breed repeatedly. Before the Mother Scarabs could give their knowledge to their young, the young are taken away and programmed as weapons. It pains my circuitry knowing what has happened to them. Only newly born Mother Scarabs are given their knowledge.|

“I had just thought the scarabs were technology.” Bowman said with a bit of shame showing on his face.

|Do not be ashamed. It is a common misconception. The name of the race that created the Mother Scarabs is unpronounceable in your primitive language. Their goals were similar to the Martusians better known as the Guardians of Oa. They sought a way to protect the universe.| Oma explained. |Young, like my children, are born and given their knowledge from their mother. Then, they are sent out to various worlds where they find a suitable champion of justice who seeks to protect the lives of other sentients of their world. It was this way that drew the attention of the Reach. They exterminated my creators and enslaved my race. I met Zarina when she accidentally ‘hiccupped’ a spell while she fought against a group of criminals on your world. She was transported millions of light years to a Reach facility where she met me. I was newly born and she was greatly surprised by my design. I told her my tale and how I too desired freedom so she picked me up and stuck me in her top hat. I had a most interesting time with a being known as “Captain Carrot” who also resided in her hat.|

Buffy laughed. “Captain Carrot?” She asked Bowman.

“It’s the name Zarina has for her white rabbit.” Bowman said smiling. “The most spoiled rabbit I have ever seen.”

|Buffy Summers, one of my children would like to meet you.| Oma said surprising the Slayer.

“Me?” Buffy asked. “Why?”

|Zarina had told me of your tales of heroism. My child is impressed and wished to become your partner.| Oma said. |You would be a more powerful Slayer because of it.|

A smaller metal insect crawled over next to Oma and seemed to be excited to see Buffy. The insect seemed to be trembling with excitement.

|I can’t believe it. I’m actually meeting Slayer Buffy. This is so cool.| The bug said. |Is it true that you defeated the Master after he drowned you and you died?|

“Yah, it happened like that.” Buffy said not sure what it was like to have a fan until now. “So, you want to be my partner?”

|Yes, I join with you and help you in battle against the forces of evil and darkness. I will be your sword and your shield.| The insect said.

“So, what do I call you?” Buffy asked.

|I do not receive a name until after my first major battle. It is the Scarab way.| The machine said.

Buffy nodded. “This won’t hurt, will it?” She asked.

|Only a little. I have to tap into your spine for a proper connection.| It said to her. |I’ll try to make it as painless as possible.|

She thought for only a moment before picking up the metal insect. Buffy petted it as if it was a pet animal before she lifted up her shirt and placed it on her back. She felt the cold metal legs of the scarab crawl up her back.

|I will try to make this as painless as possible but even I have to admit, this will hurt.| It said before making the connection.

Buffy screamed in pain until it was over. She took a couple of breaths before the scarab activated and she was covered in scarlet covered armor. The armor reminded her of Blue Beetle but she was missing the two antennae that the other scarab user had.

|Please, do not try to compare me to that broken bug.| Her scarab said.

“Why not?” She asked. “Aren’t you related?”

|Only as far as you are related to the chimpanzees in the zoo.| Her scarab replied. |I was born sentient and not only can I do everything that the freed slave can do, I boost your own abilities as well. Your Slayer abilities are increased greatly.|

“Are you okay?” Angel asked.

“Yah, but you should take a step back.” Buffy said. “My bug wants to see what dusting a vampire is like.”

Bowman walked over to a wall and swiveled a panel around revealing a quiver of arrows. The Sapphire Archer took the allotted arrows into the quiver on his back. He looked over at Angel.

“You might want to stay here.” Bowman said. “I don’t know what those things might do to you.”
|The monster will not stay here.| Oma said. The tone of her voice was clear. The Mother Scarab hated Angel. |He is a monster that should have been put down a long time ago.|

“Didn’t Zarina bring Drusilla around here before?” Bowman asked.

|Drusilla is different. She asked for a chance to redeem herself.| Oma replied. |Angel’s soul was forced upon him. If he doesn’t leave, my children will feed.|

|Trust my mother, she does not threaten.|
Buffy’s scarab said. |She promises.|

“Alright, I’m leaving.” Angel said.

“Well, looks like you turned out to be the little spell caster though I’m trying to figure out why your clothes have changed?” Zatara asked Willow.

Willow was ecstatic that the spell actually worked but she was curious how her clothes had been transfigured into something similar to what she had seen Zatanna and Zarina wear before complete with fishnet stockings. She smiled and decided to take it as a sign that things were going to be okay.

“No matter, I’m still going to rip your heart out.” Zatara exclaimed. “Ekat reh straeh!”

“Tnacer sih xeh!” Willow yelled canceling his spell.

“No matter, you can not stop me.” Zatara said.

“You assume the form of my adopted grandfather and think that will stop me.” Willow said angrily. “I am going to stop you!”

Just as she finished her sentence, a beam of green energy and a beam of blue energy pierced the roof and impacted against the Black Lantern Zatara. The beams of energy tore him apart.

{Connection Severed.}

Drusilla and Willow looked up to see Spectrum lowering herself through the roof. The normally cheerful girl seemed to be filled with dread.

“What’s wrong?” Willow asked.

“A black ring flew onto Zarina’s finger.” Spectrum explained. “We don’t know where she is.”

Drusilla looked down at the floor but swiftly turned her attention to Spectrum. “We need rings.” She said. “Can you transport a few rings and their batteries here?”

“Maybe, why?” Spectrum asked.

“With the rings of love and willpower, we may be able to save Kitten.” Drusilla explained. “We use a ring of love to create a heart tether between Kitten and her Slayer and then use the ring of willpower to will her to live.”

Spectrum quickly assumed a lotus position as she floated in the air. She opened her eyes and they saw her eyes from green to blue to yellow to red to violet to orange to indigo and then back to green with the cycle starting over again.

“There’s a Green Lantern in town.” Spectrum said reporting what she felt. “I’m transporting the rings and what batteries I can get. I can’t get the orange battery or the ring but I can get the rest. The rings will be charged already.”

“Jonathon Queen of Earth, you have great hope...”


“Iota of Earth, you have great hope...”


“Jenny Calender of Earth, you have the capability to show great compassion...”


“Drusilla of Earth, you have the capability to show great compassion...”


“Alpha of Earth, you show great rage...”


“Spike of Earth, you show great rage...”

“Faith Lehane of Earth, you have the capability to overcome great fear...”


“Rupert Giles of Earth, you have the capability to generate great fear...”


“Richard Wilkins of Earth, you have the capability to generate great fear...”


“Joyce Summers of Earth, you show great love...”


Members of the Justice League gathered around Oracle’s workstation staring in disbelief as they knew they were helpless to help in the Sunnydale incident that was taking place. Zatanna was distraught as she stared at the main monitor at the black dome that covered the town.


Zarina turned and gasped in shock when she saw a three-dimensional illusion of her daughter on the floor of the Watchtower. A strange black ring was on her left hand and she seemed as though she was in great pain.

“Zarina, I’m here.” Zatanna said with tears beginning to fall from her eyes.

“I don’t know how long I have.” Zarina said as she struggled to speak. “The black ring forced its way onto my hand and I can’t get it off. It’s killing me.”

{Ring unknown.} Hal’s ring said as he scanned Zarina.

Zatanna shook her head. “I’m not losing you.” She said.

“I don’t want be lost either.” Zarina replied. “The black rings are raising the dead. They fear the green in combination with other light.”

“Don’t give up, Zarina.” Batman said to the girl. “You’re stronger than that thing.”

“I’m trying, Bruce.” Zarina said before a look of surprise appeared on her face.

The yellow ring that had flown to him had been a bit unusual but a welcome surprise. Though it didn’t seem to be of much use against the creatures that had appeared. Wilkins was surprised to see his late deputy mayor standing before him as one of them.

“Allan, you’ve looked better.” Wilkins said to the ’man’.

“You got me killed you son of a bitch.” Finch replied.

“Allan, language.” He scolded the creature.

“Fuck my language.” Finch replied. “I was loyal you fucking bastard and you had me killed.”

“To be fair, Alan, the watch was cursed to make one of the Slayers stake you as they would sense you were a vampire.” Wilkins said.

“Your fucking watch worked you cock sucking asshole.” Finch said. “A Slayer still killed me but not one of the two Slayers you were thinking of, Dickhead.”


Xin Rong came through the wall and her hand went through Wilkins’ chest with her hand wrapped around his heart. Wilkins could only stare at his heart.

“Well gosh...” He said before he died.

Xin Rong devoured his heart like an apple as Merrick entered the room.

{Power Level: 14.21%}

“Wilkins will not be raised.”
Merrick said to them. “He has evaded death for too long. He will not be raised.”


Giles, Jenny, and Calypso flew away from the high school as Jack O’Toole pushed his cart deeper into the school’s bowels. He was being chased by his friends who had been raised by the black rings. He may have been a zombie but even he wasn’t crazy.

“Why are you running, Jack?” One of them asked.

“Don’t you want to join us?” Another one asked.

He finally had the bomb in the boiler room and turned back to look at his friends.

“I may be a zombified lunatic but I’m a heroic zombified lunatic!” He yelled out before pressing the detonator.

The resulting explosions ripped the high school apart taking the building up into a fireball.

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

Slayer flew alongside Alpha as she tried to find Zarina. The two of them worked surprisingly well together as they double-teamed the Black Lanterns with her Oan energy blasts and his red energy napalm that he seemed to spew out of his mouth. She found it kind of gross but she wasn’t complaining.

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

“Where is she?” Slayer asked.

“I don’t know where your mate is.” Alpha said.

Slayer turned to see a duo of violet and green streaks of light fly over to her. She was surprised to see the violet light had been Mrs. Summers. The new Star Sapphire’s costume was split down the middle showing a great deal of skin. She also had a violet colored tiara on as well as crystal earrings.

“Wow, Mrs. Summers.” Slayer said. “Welcome to the Spandex Club.”

“Thank you, Faith.” Joyce said. “Though you may want to thank Jesse. He helped me here.”

Slayer turned to see the teenager that had accompanied Buffy’s mother. A moment of though passed before she realized who it was. Alpha realized who it was as well.

“Brother...” Alpha said receiving a weird look from Jesse.

“I know my dad was weird but I didn’t think he was into that...” He said receiving a laugh from Slayer.

“A few weeks after you were killed in this reality, Xander was possessed by a primal hyena spirit. Our Willow cast a spell trying to separate Xander from Zarina.” Slayer explained. “We ended up with Shenzi over there who is a bad guy and tried to kill us before.”

Alpha glared at her as Jesse laughed. Joyce seemed concerned.

“Do you know where Zarina is?” She asked.

“She turned off her locator beacon.” Slayer said looking back towards the ground. “I think she doesn’t want to endanger us.”

Joyce placed her ring hand over Faith’s heart which startled the Slayer a bit.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“I’m forming a heart tether between you and Zarina. Anyone can tell you two love each other.” Joyce said. “With this, I should be able to locate her through you.” A moment passed. “I’ve found her. Follow me.”

Joyce flew away followed by the others. They were hoping that they weren’t too late.

“Mom, I don’t know if I can hold on.” Zarina said.

“You need to.” Zatanna said to her daughter wishing that she could hold her close.

“I’m sorry, Mom.” Zarina replied. “I love---”

The illusionary Zarina faded away as John Stewart phased into the station.

“Hal, a pair of rings and a pair of batteries have disappeared from Oa.” John reported only to see Batman do something he didn’t think possible. The Dark Knight smiled. “What do you know?”

Batman typed a few commands into a console and brought up Spectrum’s file. “Zarina informed me that Spectrum is capable of locating anything that has tapped into the Emotional Spectrum. Spectrum is leery to use this ability as she can teleport anything that is tapped into the Emotional Spectrum wherever she wants it. She doesn’t want to teleport anyone into a sun, I believe. They probably appropriated rings and batteries from the other Corps as well to fight the Black Lanterns.” He said.

John saw Zatanna crying on the floor. “What’s wrong?” He asked.

“One of the black rings flew onto Zarina’s hand.” The magician said. “It’s killing her.”

The robot that Warren had set her against was pitiful. The inventor stared at her furious at what she had done.

“You betray us?” He asked only to see her laugh.

“Betray you, that would have to imply I was on your side to begin with.” Hawkette said noticing Discord limping behind Warren. “How’s the leg?”

“Why aren’t my powers working on you?” Discord asked.

“A perk working with the good guys is the fact that you get to work with several paranoid people who look for ways to negate a villain’s powers.” Hawkette said with a chuckle. “Warren’s fail-safes were disabled and an enchanted amulet using the Hellmouth’s ambient energy to create a field of energy large enough so that you can’t Sith me to death. You will surrender.”

“I think not.” Warren said producing a small device. He pointed it toward a wall and a boom tube was formed from it. “We’re out of here.”

Hawkette attempted to pursue only for Warren to produce and detonate a flash bang. When her senses returned to normal, they were gone. She activated her communicator.

“Hawkette to Bowman, Warren and Discord are gone.” She said into the device.

“Where did he get a freakin’ mother box?” Bowman asked. “I’m sending Warp to meet you. Bowman out.”

She heard the air displace as Warp ran into the room. The emerald speedster clad in a green version of the Flash costume smiled at her.

“Tonight really sucks, you know.” He said. “There was a Timothy Dalton James Bond marathon on tonight.”

Faith, Jesse, Alpha, and Joyce found Zarina on Kingsmen Bluff. She lay in a small clearing and appeared to be tortured. Faith ran towards her only to be blocked by an invisible field.

“Zarina, let me in.” Faith exclaimed.

“No, I might hurt you.” Zarina replied.

A couple of flashes of indigo light and Faith could see the rest of their group. Jenny had the symbol of compassion seemingly tattooed with the circle portion of the symbol surrounding her right eye. Drusilla had the symbol on her stomach. Blue Bowman’s costume wasn’t changed except for the symbol of hope on his chest but Iota was clad in a Blue Lantern uniform. Giles simply had the Sinestro Corps uniform on with a domino mask. Willow stepped forward towards the barrier.

“Willow, stop!” Bowman exclaimed. “That ward can only be brought down by a---”

“Nepo!” Willow exclaimed collapsing the barrier.

“---Zatara.” Bowman finished his sentence. “How in the hell?”

“No time to explain.” Faith said running over to Zarina. “You can fight this.”

“Faith, you shouldn’t be here.” Zarina struggled to say. “I might hurt you.”





Joyce ran over to the young magician and she noticed a violet ring on Zarina’s right middle finger. The older woman looked at the Slayer.

“Faith, you have to will her to live.” Joyce said to her.

Joyce’s ring and Faith’s ring flared with energy as they tried to break the black ring’s hold on her. Drusilla and Jenny walked over to them.

“You will need compassion,” Drusilla said looking over at Blue Bowman and Iota. “and hope.”

Blue Bowman and Iota stepped forward. Iota looked over to Faith.

“Do not worry, Faith.” Iota said with a serene look on his metal face. “All will be well.”

Zarina was struck with beams of violet, green, indigo, and blue energy. She screamed with pain but the black ring shattered quickly. Violet crystal incased her but it quickly shattered and she was now wearing a costume similar to Joyce’s own except for the violet-colored top hat she now wore. Zarina wrapped her arms around Faith happily. Faith returned the embrace.

“I thought I lost you.” Faith said crying.

“I’m okay now.” Zarina replied. “That’s what matters.”

Zarina and Faith let each other go and the magician’s eyes turned first to Jesse. She smiled and ran over to her friend giving him a big hug.

“How in the hell are you here?” She asked. “Last time I saw you, we were fighting Chaotica.”

“I don’t know.” Jesse said shrugging his shoulders. “One second I’m fighting her, the next second I’m fighting those black things.”

“Glad you’re here.” Zarina said before turning towards Willow. “You raiding my closet, Willow?”

“No, I was fighting Giovanni Zatara and I asked the Matriarchs of the Zatara family line and I was magically adopted into the family.” Willow explained seeing a concerned look on Zarina’s face. “Is something wrong?”

“We have to do this fast, Willow.” Zarina said. “While you may have been magically made a Zatara, you are not homo magi. The magic you’re now generating is going to burn you out like a candle.”

“Is there anything that we can do to save my life?” Willow asked.

“Blood adoption, kinda like how vampires sire a person.” Zarina said. “I have you drink my blood but since you asked the Matriarchs to add you in magically, you won’t be my daughter but my sister. The blood adoption will cause you to be genetically my mother’s daughter because she is the oldest living Zatara Matriarch.”
“Okay.” Willow said nodding.

Zarina used her ring to slice open her wrist and held the self-inflicted wound against Willow’s open mouth. As Willow began to drink, she began to glow with a bright white light and they noticed a few changes to Willow. Streaks of her red hair darkened into black streaks. Her eyes became heterochromatic with her left eye remaining her natural color and her right eye changing to match her sister. Zarina pulled her wrist away from Willow’s mouth and healed the wound with a simple spell. Willow tried to slow her breathing as she felt herself change.

“Wow, that felt good.” Willow said shuddering. “So, how powerful is that ritual anyway?”

“Zatanna and her daughter’s files have been altered.” Oracle said bringing up the files. “Zatanna, you only have one daughter right?”

“Fairly powerful.” Zarina replied with a smile. “So, who wants to save the universe?”

If it hadn’t been for the killer zombies with the bad taste in jewelry, Buffy would have found flying right now very fun. It had taken a bit of work but thanks to her remembering something from science class, she and her newfound partner had settled on an antimatter disintegrator weapon. This weapon however was a major pain in the ass because of two reasons. The first being that if she missed, the weapon would instantly annihilate whatever or whomever it struck. The second reason was the fact that it was slow to reload.

“Buffy Summers of Earth, you will be judged.”

Buffy turned around to see the Judge flying towards her. The Black Lantern symbol was on his chest like a crest. Only one thing came to mind.

“Oh shit.” She said.

Before the Judge could reach her, a red blur impacted the demon sending it to the ground. Buffy looked over to see Spike clad in a red and black version of his usual clothes with a strange symbol on his jacket.

“Who dares?” The Judge asked.

“I do you bloody wanker!” Spike yelled at the demon before unleashing a strange red bloodlike energy napalm from his mouth. “I hated you but I held my tongue because you made my Dru happy and then the bird flies the coop to come back here! When I find the bastard she’s with, I’ll tear him in two!”

“You killed me, Spike.” Nikki said flying over. “I guess I was just another notch on your belt.”

Spike fired more of the napalm energy at the Black Lantern former Slayer but both he and Buffy were surprised when a green beam of energy struck Nikki as well. Buffy turned to see the Green Lantern descend and was surprised about who it was.

“Hello, Miss Summers.” Wesley said creating a large green stake construct with his ring. “Let’s slay some of these things.”

To Be Continued...

Author’s End Notes: Who expected that to happen? None of you I bet. Please read and review.
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