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Enter The Magician

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Magician Chronicles". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: YAHF Gender-Bender Xander's choice of costume causes him to disappear Halloween night.

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DC Universe > GeneralRubyPaladinFR181681,6652019589,81114 Jun 0930 Apr 10Yes

Blackest Night: Part Three: Dawn


Chapter Fifteen

Blackest Night: Part Three


Smoke rolled away as Buffy stared at the Black Lantern Judge who laughed at her. Her attack had done nothing to the demon.

“That should of worked.” She said.

|I know.| Her scarab said. |Why didn’t it work?|

Spike fired red energy from his mouth at the Judge as Wesley blasted the Old One again with a stream of green energy. The Judge was shrugging off these attacks until he was struck by a white beam of energy struck the demon in its chest. Roaring in what sounded like pain, Buffy fired her anti-matter weapon at the Old One to destroy him.

{Connection Severed.}

Buffy turned to see someone she hadn’t been expecting but she did recognize her sister in Halloween costume that she had worn the night Xander had became Zarina. Her little sister had dressed up as the hero known as Dove.

“What are you doing out here?” Buffy asked her costumed sister.

“Duh, trying to help save the freaking universe.” Dawn replied as if the answer couldn’t be more obvious.

A Black Lantern came down from the sky and Dawn lifted up her right hand to firing another white stream of energy at the zombie destroying it instantly.

{Connection Severed.}

“I’m not exactly defenseless here.” Dawn said.

“Why aren’t you home with Mom?” Buffy asked.

Dawn rolled her eyes. “Maybe it has something to do with the violet ring that Mom got.” She said.

“What violet ring?” Buffy asked.

“After I re-killed your old friend Pike...” Dawn said before her sister interrupted her.

“Pike’s dead?” She asked sad at the thought.

“Apparently.” Dawn said snapping at her sister. “After Mom went with this Green Lantern named Jesse, I put on my old Halloween costume from two years ago and I went to find you. I’m surprised it still fits.”

“I wonder if Zarina has any clue how to stop these things.” Buffy said receiving a glare from her sister. “What?”

“I was wondering when you would mention the fact that you knew actual superheroes particularly my favorite magical superhero.” Dawn said.

“I’ve been busy.” Buffy replied.

“With what?” Dawn asked. “Going out with your vampire boyfriend?”

“That is none of your business.” Buffy said.

{Connection Severed.}

Buffy and the others looked up to see her mother as well as Faith, Wesley, Zarina, Alpha, Blue Bowman, Iota, Jenny, Spike, and Drusilla. The Slayer was surprised at what her mother was wearing.

“What the hell is going on?” Buffy asked.

Twirling a violet prop wand construct in her right hand, Zarina smirked. “Whatever could you mean, Buffy?” She asked. “Didn’t it seem kind of obvious even though it isn’t May yet.”

Joyce raised an eyebrow. “Why is May important?” She asked.

Iota chose to answer that question. “It would seem that May is when the most dramatic apocalyptic event occurs in this town.” The android said. “During her sophomore year, Buffy Summers battled an ancient vampire known as the Master. Last May during her junior year, Buffy fought Angelus who was attempting to open Acathla to suck this world into a hell dimension.”

Blue Bowman let out a small laugh. “You are definitely a braver man than I could ever be.” He said to his android friend.

“I can be reassembled easier than you can.” Iota replied.

“Wait, if May is when the most dramatic apocalyptic event occurs and this is what is happening now...” Joyce said causing them all to shiver at the thought.

Black Lanterns raced towards them and Faith impaled them with green carrot constructs. Zarina smirked at her girlfriend before attacking the group of Black Lanterns with violet rabbit constructs.

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

“Mom, you need to tell Dawn to go home.” Buffy said.

Joyce walked over to her youngest daughter. “Dawnie...I want you to do what you think is right.” She said to her daughter.

“Thanks Mom.” Dawn said as she noticed Zarina was waving to her.

The teenage girl walked over to the magician who smiled at her.

“When this whole mess is over, we need to talk.” Zarina said.

“About what?” Dawn asked.

“You have great potential and I would like to help you reach your fullest potential.” Zarina said.

“Really?” Dawn asked trying to believe it. “This sounds like the part when you hand me my father’s lightsaber and tell me I could be a great Jedi.”

“Trust me.” Zarina replied. “I don’t have a lightsaber...yet.”

Finding white phosphorus grenades was incredibly tricky but fortunately, Hawkette had remembered that Warren liked to stockpile everything he could get his hands on. Warp ran with a bundle of the grenades managing to ram a grenade into each Black Lantern he had came across while pulling the grenades’ pins at the same time. The Black Lanterns erupted in a blast of flame.

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

Warp opened his mouth to say something but Hawkette glared at him.

“I swear if you make one comment about going point five past light speed; I will shove a hand grenade up your ass!” She exclaimed.

Buffy blasted Black Lantern after Black Lantern with the antimatter disintegrator trying to eliminate them as quickly as she could. She couldn’t believe how many black rings had brought people back as twisted as they were. Training her weapon on the nearest Black Lantern, her jaw dropped when she recognized who it was.

I’m so disappointed in you.” Merrick said.

She shook her head. “It’s not him.” She said to herself. “It’s not him.”

It is and I am disappointed in what you become.” Merrick said.

Merrick rammed himself into her sending the two of them through the Bronze’s roof. Her scarab was screaming at her to destroy the Black Lantern but she was gripped by three things that were holding her back.




“I can’t.” She said as tears fell from her eyes.

Of course, you can’t do anything about it.” Merrick said. “You could never do anything! You couldn’t even save me!”

Merrick delivered a pair of hard punches to her chest before hitting her with a haymaker on her chin. Buffy stumbled back paralyzed at the sight of her late Watcher standing before her.

“You’re not him.” She said again. “You can’t be him.”


You keep telling yourself that.” Merrick replied with a laugh. “You might believe it one day.”

Buffy fired the antimatter disintegrator at Merrick who easily dodged the attack. The antimatter blast struck the wall opposite of the stage where bands normally performed and blew apart in a spectacular display of light. Buffy would have thought it was slightly pretty had her situation wasn’t so desperate.

Never trust a dumb blonde bitch to aim.” Merrick said with a laugh. “You are such a disappointment. You’re suppose to be fighting and slaying vampires, not fucking them like a little whore!”

Merrick kicked her hard in the ribs sending Buffy back to the ground. Buffy cried out in pain as she felt as though a rib or two might have been broken.

But instead of fighting the darkness, you end up in bed with it.” Merrick said. “Did my sacrifice mean nothing to you! I died to save you from Lothos and this is how you repay that sacrifice! By fucking one of the most feared vampires in history!”

Merrick stood over Buffy. “Let me be the first to say, Buffy Anne Summers of Earth...Welcome to the Black Lantern Corps!” He said raising his hand before sending it towards her chest.

Merrick’s attack was halted as a yellow beam of energy hurled him off of her. Buffy looked to where she saw the attack come from to see Angel with a yellow power ring on his hand fire another beam of energy into Merrick’s chest. The symbol of the Sinestro Corps was on Angel’s yellow shirt though the rest of his costume resembled his normal attire.

That’s not going to work, vampire.” Merrick said forming a black energy construct stake. “I think this will stop you though.”

A violet energy beam struck Merrick in the chest and Buffy saw her mother fly through the opening that she had accidentally created.

That won’t work either.” Merrick said.

“How about this?” Dawn asked from the back of the club firing a blast of white energy towards the Black Lantern.

Merrick quickly dodged the attack but found himself tackled by Buffy who managed to throw him into the white stream of energy coming from her younger sister.

{Connection Severed.}

Buffy collapsed in pain as her family and Angel went over to her.

“Are you okay, Buffy?” Angel asked.

|Three cracked ribs, a hairline fracture of her tibia, as well as a broken collarbone.| Her scarab said.

“Why am I not in as much pain as I should be?” Buffy asked.

|I am lessening the amount of pain you should be in but I would highly recommend seeing the appropriate medical personnel.| The scarab said.

“Thank you for saving me.” Buffy said.

“Why do you need to thank us?” Dawn asked. “You would have and probably already have saved us in the past.”

“Anyone up for saving the universe?” Buffy asked.

“Always.” Was the reply.

Blue and green light blew apart Black Lanterns as Blue Bowman, Iota, and Jesse flew down the streets. Jesse was shaking his head.

“We’re going too damn slow.” Jesse said. “We’ll never stop the Black Lanterns at this rate.”

“Do not worry, Jesse.” Iota said. “All will be well.”

“I hope so.” Jesse replied.

Blue Bowman allowed himself to laugh. “You do realize that Iota and I are part of the Lantern Corps of Hope right?” He asked.

“I do.” Jesse said.

As do I.”

The three of them turned to see a Black Lantern version of Jesse fly towards them. The Blue Lanterns and the Green Lantern looked at each other before blasting the Black Lantern with beams of their respective energies.

{Connection Severed.}

“That was disturbing.” Iota said.

“Damn it, how many freaking people did you three vamps kill?!” Faith yelled as she blasted Black Lanterns away from herself.

“At least one a night for the last hundred years or so.” Drusilla replied.

Spike rolled his eyes. “I think the question wasn’t meant to be answered, Pet.” He said.

“I’m not yours any longer, William.” Drusilla stated coldly. “I am with Jason now.”

“Can we can this until we book you on Springer?” Alpha asked before drenching a cluster of Black Lanterns in the red energy napalm.

Wesley and Giles did not know how but the Judge had rose again and their combined efforts were not damaging the demonic Black Lantern.

Your weapons are useless.” The Judge said. “You will be judged.”

“Not by you.” Giles said embedding a yellow construct sickle into the demon’s back.

“And not by any demon from any world.” Wesley replied before spotting Spectrum.

He flew over to her and noticed she was attempting in vain to destroy the demon as well. He recognized how powerful this girl was but had little to no idea on how to stop the creature.

{One known entity may, in theory, be capable of destroying the Black Lantern Judge.} Wesley’s ring said.

“What entity?” Wesley asked.

{Parallax. It is split between the power batteries of Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and Kyle Rayner.}

“How could it be released?” Wesley queried his ring.

{If all four batteries were brought together, a Sinestro Corpsman may be able to free the monster.}

Wesley turned his attention back to Spectrum. “You can transport power batteries here, right?” He asked her.

“Yah.” Spectrum replied a little confused.

“Bring the batteries of Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and Kyle Rayner here now.” He ordered her.

Spectrum did as she was told though a bit confused and Giles flew over. He glared at the Watcher.

“What the bloody hell is going on?” Giles asked.

“Simple, we need something to take the Judge down. My ring said that you could free Parallax so get on with it.” Wesley said.

Spectrum’s eyes widened as she recognized the name. “Don’t!” She yelled but was too late to stop the yellow stream of energy from Giles’ ring that intersected with the other power batteries.


“Do you have any idea what you have done?!” She yelled at the Watcher.

“I freed the one being that can possibly destroy the Judge.” Wesley said.

“That thing is Parallax, the embodiment of fear itself.” Spectrum explained. “That thing has killed millions of innocent people.”

Wesley flew towards the entity and Giles looked down at the ground.

“What have I done?” He asked himself before flying after Wesley.

Wesley’s flight towards the fear demon was halted as a yellow lasso was attached to his right ankle. He looked to see Giles pulling him back. Wesley created a simple sword construct with his ring and severed the yellow rope but was struck quickly by a blast of yellow energy. Before he could recover, Giles delivered a swift right hook to Wesley’s jaw.

“What are you doing?” Wesley asked demanding an answer.

“Stopping you.” Giles said. “You are not merging with that thing.”

“You aren’t either.” Wesley said delivering a swift kick to Giles’ left side. “I am a failure as a Watcher. You are a better Watcher than I could ever be and Buffy and Faith will need your help to survive in the future.”

Knocking Giles to the ground with a mallet construct, Wesley flew up to the fear demon and grabbed it by the neck.

Faith, I’m still cold.”

Faith turned in midair to see her late Watcher, Diana, come towards her. The Green Lantern Vampire Slayer could also see a Black Lantern Gwendolyn Post flying towards her as well.

You let me die, Faith.” Diana said. “I thought you cared.”

She killed me as well.” Gwendolyn said. “Rather painful too.”

How about we share her heart?” Diana suggested.

Delighted to.” Post replied.

Fear gripped at her as she backed away from the two Black Lanterns but found her ring hand have another ring hand wrapped around it from behind her.

“Let me help you help them rest in peace.” Zarina said.

The loving embrace from the magician gave her the courage to fire her ring in a split energy blast at the two former Watchers. Coupled with Zarina’s violet power ring, the two Black Lanterns were destroyed.

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

Zarina gazed into her lover’s face. “Are you okay, Faith?” She asked.

“I’m fine, Z.” Faith said with a slight smile. “How many Black Lanterns are left?”

“Is a shit load a number?” Zarina asked with a grin.

“Hard to quantify.” Faith replied.


Faith and Zarina turned to see Wesley and Giles fight each other. Wesley slammed Giles to the ground before flying up to a demon that Zarina recognized.

“How in the hell did they release Parallax?” Zarina asked.

“Who’s Parallax?” Faith asked.

“The embodiment of Fear.” Zarina replied.

“Shit.” Faith said.

They were too late to stop Wesley from merging with the demon of fear and a menacing laugh could be heard as the yellow light from the merging died down. Getting a good look at Parallax, Zarina saw the demon of fear had taken his normal form that looked like Hal Jordan. Parallax laughed at the Judge.

What are you suppose to be?” Parallax asked.

I am the Judge.” The Black Lantern said in response.

You are no Judge.” Parallax said ramming the Judge in the left side with a massive yellow green hammer construct. You were a pathetic demon with illusions of invincibility and you’re not even that anymore.”

You only exist physically inside a human shell and that is your weakness.” The Black Lantern Judge replied. “My power will destroy your shell.”

The Judge let out a stream of energy from its eyes that collided with Parallax. The fear demon began to laugh at the Black Lantern.

Oh, that tickles.” Parallax said with another laugh. Your powers have no effect on me.”

Parallax grabbed the Judge by the demon’s throat and pulled him into the air. A grin crossed his face as the two flew higher into the air.

My powers work on you though.” Parallax said laughing again as he hurled the Judge towards the ground.

Before the Judge hit the street below, two massive yellow and green railroad spikes were embedded into the Black Lantern’s chest. The demon Black Lantern looked up to see Parallax charging his left hand with yellow energy and his right with green energy.

Time for you to be destroyed!” Parallax yelled before blasting the Black Lantern with the charged energies.


Parallax laughed at the smoking crater that had once been the Black Lantern Judge. He turned his attention to the black field that surrounded Sunnydale. The only indication that one could see that the field existed was the strange and random shimmering that could be seen that indicated the field’s presence.

Time for me to leave.” Parallax said blasting the barrier with yellow and green energy. The field wavered but did not fall as the demon of fear thought it would. Well, looks like I’ll have to take out the Black Lanterns before I can go anywhere.”

Green and yellow streams of energy raced away from Parallax like homing missiles striking every Black Lantern in the city. Explosions rocked Sunnydale as the Black Lanterns were destroyed.

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

{Connection Severed.}

Every member of every superhero team that was native to Earth waited outside the field watched as the field fell but were surprised when the first thing they saw was Parallax flying higher into the air. The demon of fear was quickly seen being restrained by several chains of various colors but was shaking off his pursuers as the energy construct chains began to snap from the strain. Superman focused his vision in to see who the ring wielders were. Batman, of course, was able to deduce who at least one of them were.

“Zarina’s using a Star Sapphire power ring.” The Dark Knight said.

The heroes charged in to help combat the embodiment of fear. Zarina pulled herself off the ground from where Parallax had thrown her. She looked up to see Parallax and Spectrum fire energy beams at one another which collided. Parallax’s yellow beam and Spectrum’s emerald colored one seemed evenly matched for a few moments before Parallax’s beam began to win out. Beads of sweat began to form on Spectrum’s face from the strain she was under.

You could be so much more powerful than you are but I know what your deepest darkest fear is.” Parallax exclaimed. You’re afraid of the power. You’re afraid of what might happen if you lose control.”

The beams of energy detonated and Zarina knew without needing to look that Spectrum was out of the fight. She knew of another emotional entity besides Ion that could possibly fight Parallax on an even plane but she didn’t think that she could possibly summon it. Her hand quickly became forced when she saw the fear entity grab hold of Faith’s throat.

As for you...” Parallax said to Faith.

Acting quickly, Zarina slit her right wrist and used her blood to draw not only the symbol of the Star Sapphires but also a spell. .rotaderP ,em ot emoC

“I hope this works.” Zarina said after healing her wrist. She pointed her power ring at the symbol. “.thgirf fo lluf dna tsol gnol straeh roF” Saying this backwards was rather difficult. “.thgiN tsekcalB ni enola esoht roF” “.thgif ruo nioj dna gnir rur tpeccA” Zarina hoped this would work. “!thgil teloiv htiw lla sreuqnoc evoL”

A violet energy beam hit the Star Sapphire symbol made with her own blood. The symbol glowed brightly and the magician knew that it had worked.

A violet energy blast collided with Parallax’s chest forcing him to let got of Faith. She rubbed her throat as it did hurt from the fear entity’s grip. Faith fired a green energy blast into Parallax’s chest and turned in the direction the violet energy attack had came from and was shocked by what she saw. It was Zarina but she was wearing strange armor that looked like something a cross between the Themysciran armor she had seen pictures of, courtesy of Calypso, and the green armor that Parallax wore though her armor seemed to be made out of a violet crystal. It made her look rather menacing.

Hey, Parallax!” Zarina yelled at the fear entity. Faith noticed that Zarina’s voice seemed layered like Parallax’s voice was. Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?”

Faith watched as Parallax and Zarina began to trade blows with energy blasts as well as physical attacks with energy constructs. She flew down to Zatanna who was standing next a Green Lantern.

“Zatanna, do you know what the hell Z’s up to?” She asked.

“Somehow, she summoned the Predator here.” The Green Lantern said.

It was obvious to Faith that the Green Lantern wasn’t John Stewart. She liked the guy because of what Zarina had told her after she had met him and learned his identity. She also knew that it wasn’t Guy as she had met him when Zarina took her out to Warriors on her birthday. This had to have been the other two Green Lanterns she had heard about. Judging from his age, she had an idea who it was.

“Predator, Hal?” She asked producing a construct similar to the alien hunter from the movies.

“Not like that though I’ve encountered them.” Hal Jordan said. “Hollywood got a little too realistic there. This Predator is the Love Entity. It’s in control, not Zarina.”

“Like Parallax and Ion?” Faith asked receiving a nod from Hal. “Damn.”

Love will not defeat me, Predator!” Parallax yelled blasting the Predator with more yellow and green energy.

It will, demon.” Predator said creating multiple chains which were sent into Parallax’s body. The entity screamed in pain. Because love will tear you out of the Green Lantern you possess.”

RELEASE MEEEE!!!!” Parallax screamed as he was torn away from Wesley.

Wesley’s fall was halted when Giles caught him with a baseball glove construct as everyone’s attention was turned to the Predator and its hostage, Parallax.

Parallax, the last time you were captured, you were sealed within four power batteries of the Green Lantern Corps.” Predator said. Let’s see if I can do better.”

Parallax screamed as the chains tore him into pieces. Power batteries being brought up in violet energy fields floated into the air and the chains began to deposit the pieces into the twenty eight power batteries that had appeared.

Seven pieces for the green, seven pieces for the red, seven pieces for the violet, and seven pieces for the blue.” Predator stated. Let’s see him get out of that.”

The power batteries disappeared and the Predator began to rise into the air. Zatanna glared at the entity that was possessing her daughter.

“Release her now!” She yelled up at it.

No, I finally found that special somebody. Parallax had Hal Jordan. Lucy has Larfleeze. Ion has Sodom Yat and I have Zarina Zatara.” The Predator said smiling. I like it here.”

Drusilla flew over to the Predator. “But you can not stay there.” She said to it. “You won’t allow yourself to.”

I think I can.” Predator replied a little annoyed.

“You are the Love Entity, are you not?” Drusilla asked receiving a nod from the Predator. “Look into Faith’s heart. Who do you see there? Then, look into Zarina’s heart. Who do you see there?”

The Predator lowered her head and held out her hand to Drusilla who took it. Drusilla pulled slightly and Zarina was yanked free of the Love Entity. The Predator spared one last look at Zarina before flying away. Weakly, Zarina looked over to Drusilla.

“How did you free me?” Zarina asked.

“It was simple.” Drusilla replied. “I made the Predator let you go.”

The pair flew back down to the ground where Zarina was tackled by the Green Lantern Slayer. Kissing her girlfriend repeatedly, the Slayer seemed frantic and rather enthusiastic.

“Don’t you ever fucking do that to me again!” She exclaimed between kisses.

“I’ll try not to but I think Mom might try to kill me.” Zarina said.

Faith released Zarina only to have Zatanna wrap her arms around her daughter. The embrace was rather strong.

“I’m so glad you’re safe.” Zatanna told her daughter.

“I am too.” Zarina replied.

Giles pulled off the yellow power ring he had on and dropped it to the ground where it was destroyed by Jesse. Jenny had already transported Angel back to his home where his yellow ring would be destroyed as well. The former Watcher noticed the sun coming up over the horizon and smiled.

“That’s a beautiful sight.” He said to himself.

Author's End Notes: Just the epilogue left to write and Enter The Magician will be complete. I will be writing a sequel.
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