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Enter The Magician

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Magician Chronicles". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: YAHF Gender-Bender Xander's choice of costume causes him to disappear Halloween night.

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Uncovered Truth


Chapter 5

Uncovered Truth

Lana Lang walked into the boardroom of K.O.R.D. Industries and several of the company’s directors were gazing at her cautiously. Her reputation was well known as the former C.E.O. of LexCorp but even she wondered who exactly had recommended to Ms. Zatara. She sat down at the head of the table and ignored the few looks of contempt from a few of the directors.

“Good morning.” She said greeting them. “As all of you are aware, Ms. Zatara has appointed me to act on her behalf. She has already sent to me a few items that she would like to be implemented and...”

“Ms. Lang, I do not understand this project “Slayer” that Ms. Zatara is so interested in.” One of the directors, a gray-haired man who seemed as though he’d been in the business world since the Great Depression, said. “K.O.R.D. Industries’ best interests does not lie in the business of suppling materials to aid superheroes.

“No, but K.O.R.D. Industries’ best interests do lie in making certain that there is still a world left in order to do business in.” Lana replied. “Gentlemen, how many of you have a daughter?” She received several acknowledgments from the directors. “The Slayer is a young girl that is mystically endowed to fight against the demons, vampires, and other supernatural forces that seek to do harm.”

“Your point, Ms. Lang.” Said another director.

“They can be Called by whatever mystical force to become the Slayer as young as thirteen.” Lana replied. “After being Called, the average life span of the Slayer is six months. Upon death, the power moves on to another girl which starts the cycle over again. This has been going on for the last few thousand years.”

Audible gasps were heard from the board members. No doubt was in Lana’s mind that they were thinking about the horrors that these girls must have went through. She was certain that many of them were thinking about their own daughters being forced to go through those same events.

“According to my research, these girls have never seen their nineteenth birthday as they die long before that.” Lana continued. “On their eighteenth birthday, they lose their powers and are forced to fight a master vampire. Almost every time, the vampire slaughters the girl. If the girl survives, then those whom she trusted tend to have her killed in order to keep control.”

“They murder her after she somehow manages to get away with her life.” Another board member exclaimed. “Who in the hell would do something like this?”

“The International Council Of Watchers, a secret society based out of Great Britain that believe that the Slayer is nothing more than their property to do with as they please.” Lana answered. “They’re fighting a war they aren’t even trying to win.”

A middle-aged woman with red hair went through the folder she had in front of her. “What is this Project SLAYER that you wish for this company to devote resources to enact?” She asked.

“Essentially, it’s my plan to bring the Slayer out of the Dark Ages and take down the council.” Lana informed them. “Are we in agreement?”

Not a dissenting vote was cast.

Joyce and Zatanna were walking away from the Espresso Pump with each of them holding a cup. Both of them seemed a little hesitant to talk to the other but they knew they had to.

“Is she happy?” Joyce asked.

“She is now.” Zatanna replied. “It was hard at first, for both of us, but we pulled each other through it. Zarina is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I love her.”

“I know.” Joyce told her. “You have the same look on your face as people told me I do when I talk about Buffy or Dawn.”

“Is Buffy coping at all?” Zatanna asked. “I don’t want to think what Zarina might go through if Willow finds out. She cares so much about Willow.”

“A little.” Joyce replied. “I think she’s more worried Dawn might find out. Ever since that one live performance Zarina did on television a few months ago, your daughter has become Dawn’s idol.”

“Kinda funny. Zarina told me that she had thought Dawn had a crush on Xander.” Zatanna said.

Joyce would have replied had a huge hairy demon not landed on someone’s sedan. An orange and blue clad girl looked over the side of the building that the demon had been thrown from and it looked as though she was grinning.

“Damn, Slayer!” She exclaimed. “Did you hit it hard enough?”

Joyce could see another girl in what looked like an improvised costume. It mainly looked like the other girl had worn leather boots, leather pants, a tight leather jacket, as well as a mask that looked as though she might have stolen it from a Zorro costume. She was certain that it wasn’t her daughter because Buffy should have been in school so she knew that it had to have been that other girl, Faith.

“Seemed like a good idea at the time, Ravager.” Faith responded. “Besides, it was either that or let that thing hit you.”

“It’s getting away.” Zarina said popping up from behind them.

The demon had pulled itself from the car and began to walk away. Ravager pulled out a small round device and threw it at the demon. The device incinerated the demon and both Zarina and Faith glared at the one-eyed girl.

“What?” Ravager asked. “It’s just like you tell me, Zee. There is no such thing as overkill, only unacceptable losses. I just wish that Bug Boy figured that part out and he’d have an easier time.”

Zatanna and Joyce went over to them as the trio leapt from the top of the building. Joyce seemed a bit concerned about the height and worried if the girls were hurt. Zarina saw the look on Joyce’s face.

“Relax, I’ve fell from greater heights.” Zarina said attempting to reassure her.

“Usually, someone catches you before you broke anything.” Ravager informed Zarina.

“Hey, it still counts.” Zarina replied. “You okay, Slayer?”

“Five by five, Zarina.” Faith answered. “Zatanna, Mrs. Summers, what are you doing here?”

“Trying to figure out why you killed that particular demon.” Zatanna replied. “There had better be a good reason. I’m assuming that this was Ravager’s idea.”

“Right there, Zatanna.” Ravager said. “I saw this lady trying to burn a redhead, Zarina, and some blonde that kept reminding me of Wonder Bi—Girl at the stake because of that thing.”

Joyce looked confused. “What are you talking about?” She asked.

“Mrs. Summers, one of Ravager’s abilities is precognition.” Zarina explained. “I’ve learned to trust it.”

“So that thing was going to cause me to burn my own daughter at the stake?” Joyce asked. “It’s a good thing that it’s dead.”

“I’m just glad that we were able to get it now.” Zarina told Joyce. “Who knows what else might have happened if we didn’t?”

“Aren’t you suppose to be in school?” Zatanna asked her daughter.

“Yes but the demon would’ve hurt people.” Zarina said trying to convince her mother.

“Aren’t you suppose to be in school?” Zatanna asked repeating herself.

Zarina’s head turned towards the ground. “Yes, Mom.” She replied. “Sorry.”

“It couldn’t have been helped, Zatanna.” Ravager tried to explain. “The demon would’ve been gone by the time Zarina got outta school. It had to have been now.”

“Fine but now that’s school is just about over; what do you plan to do tonight?” Zatanna asked the trio.

“I have a patrol to do with B and Giles.” Faith answered.

“I’m headed back to the Tower.” Ravager replied. “I’m sorry but I don’t like the idea of staying here tonight.”

“That’s okay.” Zarina said. “I borrowed a book from Doctor Fate anyway that I’ve been wanting to read.”

Mayor Richard Wilkins the Third sat down at his desk and popped a couple of aspirin into his mouth. He took a drink of water from a glass and set the glass back down on a coaster. He looked over at Deputy Mayor Finch and smiled.

“So, are the preparations in place?” Wilkins asked.

“Yes, the mage you hired cast a combination agitation/aggravation spell on The Bronze.” Finch reported. “Anyone who walks into the club will be affected by the spell.”

“Does Detective Stein has the new gas grenades to respond with?” Wilkins asked.

“Of course, sir.” Finch replied.

“What about our small group of vigilantes that keep our fair city from succumbing to the nonhuman forces of darkness?” Wilkins asked.

“The Watcher is monitoring the two Slayers patrol tonight. Miss Zatara is suppose to be reading a book at home.” Finch informed the Mayor. “I was unable to find out the whereabouts of Miss Chase. Miss Rosenberg and Mister Osbourne are on a date.”

Wilkins sighed at the last sentence. “Young love, I remember my first love.” Wilkins told Finch. “I think it was about fifteen years before the Spanish-American War.”

“Sir, is there anything else?” Finch asked.

“No, you can go.” Wilkins told him.

June 4, 1998

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, South America

It was the night before her first international show and the tension was almost killing her. Zarina had left the hotel about an hour ago and found herself walking down a dark street when she heard the scream. She ran towards the scream to see a pair of vampires that she hadn’t been expecting to see.

“Spike?” She asked wondering if it was the same bleached-blonde vampire that Xander had known in Sunnydale.

The two master vampires turned around to look at her and while Spike had a look of confusion written over his face, Drusilla seemed to recognize her. She clapped her hands with glee.

“Spikey, it’s my kitten magician.” Drusilla said smiling with glee.

“Well, clearly Dru recognizes you but I don’t.” Spike said to Zarina. “I know she never uses the same name for two different people so why she’s calling you the same name she gave to some friend of the Slayer is beyond me.”

“Spikey, the costume man who made the Slayer go away on Halloween turned my kitten into a lady.” Drusilla told Spike which caused the master vampire to have an amused look on his face.

“You mean you’re the Whelp?!” Spike asked Zarina.

“Used to be.” Zarina replied not really sure why she was having a conversation with the two vampires rather than dusting them. “Now, I’m Zarina.”

“Well, looks like no Slayer around to save you.” Spike said grinning. “So, do you want this quick?”

Drusilla grabbed Spike and turned him around to face her delivering a swift slap to his face. He didn’t look too happy.

“What was that for, Dru?” Spike asked.

“You can’t hurt her.” Drusilla told him. “If you hurt her, her new mummy will be cross with us and so will her aunts and uncles.”

“What do I care if some family gets pissed?” Spike asked her. “I’m still hungry.”

“But her mummy is the Mistress of Magic and she would ask her little friends who where capes to help find us.” Dru tried to explain. “The Last Son and the Dark Knight would be joined by the Princess and the Green Man. Besides, I just loved the show she did on the telly.” Drusilla turned and smiled at Zarina. “I’ve been trying to get Spike to take me to the show you’re doing tomorrow but he keeps telling me they’re sold out.”

Wow! Zarina thought. I’ve got an insane vampire for a fan. Can we say STALKER MATERIAL?!

Zarina reached into her top hat and pulled out a few things. A couple of the things she pulled out were a Sharpie and a glossy. She wrote a message on the photograph and handed it to the dark-haired vampire woman who smile seemed to never leave her face.

“Thank you, Kitten.” Drusilla said. “I’ll treasure it always.”

“Now, if you promise not to eat anyone at the show;” Zarina said handing a couple of tickets over. “these are for you.”

Drusilla snatched the tickets into her hands and tears of joy seemed to be running down her cheeks. “Spike, we can see the show.” Drusilla said gleefully.

“Great, see you at the show.” Spike said as the two vampires left her alone.

When the vampires were out of earshot, Zarina shook her head. “Did I just invite two vampires to see my show?” She asked herself. “Well, at least one of them is a fan and knows better than to try to eat me.”

The phone rang and Zarina walked over to answer it. The voice on the other end wasn’t someone she had expected to call.

“Hello, my kitten magician.” Drusilla said to her. “It’s your oldest fan ever, Dru.”

“Hi, Dru.” Zarina replied. “How in the hell did you get this number?”

“From a friendly person who asked me if I wanted to reach out and touch someone, then I ate her.” Drusilla informed her.

“Great, so what’s up?” She asked trying to figure out what the vampire wanted.

“Miss Edith told me there’s going to be a Big Bang where you are.” Drusilla informed her. “She told me to tell you that it’ll be like when your dark friend got his shocking power.”

Zarina’s eyes widened with that little bit of information. She had known already that Drusilla was a seer and the reference to Static was the final nail in the coffin in trying to figure out what she was talking about.

“Oh great.” Zarina replied sarcastically. “This is so what I need right now. Thanks, Dru.”

“You’re welcome and turn on the telly.” Drusilla said before hanging up the phone.

Zarina hung up the phone and went into the living room. She turned the television on to find it already on a news report showing her the location of where Sunnydale’s Big Bang had occurred. Take me to the school library

“.yrarbil loohcs eht ot em ekaT” She said teleporting herself to the library.

She found herself in one of the rows of shelves listening in on a conversation going on within the room between Giles, Buffy, Faith, and some British woman.

“The Labyrinth Maps of Malta?” The British woman asked.

“Now, what possible reason would Giles need the map of some island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea when he is located in California?” She asked walking out from the shelves.

Faith smiled. “Hey, Zarina.” She said. “When did you get here?”

The British woman glared at her. It was obvious from the glare she was giving Zarina that she didn’t like surprises. “Who are you?” She demanded.

Giles stepped forward thankful that Zarina had interrupted the woman’s tirade. “Gwendolyn Post, meet Zarina Zatara.” Giles said introducing the two. “Ms. Post is Faith’s new Watcher.”

“I was wondering who Mary Poppins was so listen, we have a problem.” Zarina said.

“Yes, we know.” Giles informed her. “The demon, Lagos, is coming to look for his glove.”

“Glove?” Zarina asked. “No, bigger than some damn glove.”

“What could possibly be bigger than some powerful demon coming to get a glove that will make him even more powerful?” Buffy asked.

Faith noticed the look on Zarina’s face. “Oh, fuck me running.” Faith exclaimed. “Who’s going to attack the fucking planet this time?”

“Faith, language.” Post said scolding her charge.

“No one is attacking Earth.” Zarina said receiving a sigh of relief from Faith. “Someone set off a Big Bang at the Bronze.”

“Good Lord.” Giles exclaimed. “Who would blow up the Bronze?”

“Not that kind of Big Bang.” Zarina informed him. “The police responded to a riot at the Bronze and used their new gas grenades to quell it.”

“That seems perfectly normal.” Giles remarked.

“Normally yes, but I received a phone call from a rather reliable source who told me it wasn’t ordinary.” Zarina continued. “The last time a Big Bang occurred, several people were turned into metahumans. Some of them were extremely powerful as well as extremely dangerous.”

“Good lord.” Giles said grabbing his glasses to clean them with his shirt. “Miss Post, perhaps we can call it a night.”

“Yes, perhaps that would be the best.” Post replied. “Don’t want to draw too much attention.”

Post left the library and Giles directed his attention towards Zarina. “Who was it that called you?” He asked.

“Drusilla, I met her and Spike in Rio de Janeiro.” Zarina explained. “You might find this funny but Dru’s a fan of mine.”

This prompted a bit of laughter from Buffy. “Great, psycho vampire chick’s one of your fans.” She said. “What did she do, leave you a bouquet of headless puppies for a gift?”

“No, but she did tell me that the gas used in the riot response wasn’t ordinary thanks to her reference to Static.” Zarina said. “Static is a Bang Baby having received his powers in the Big Bang of Dakota City. The similarities between the Big Bang of Dakota City and the Big Bang that just occurred tonight are too close to ignore.”

“You think someone might have wanted to cause this to happen to those poor people at The Bronze?” Giles asked.

“I can’t be certain but I’ll keep my ear to the ground, so to speak.” Zarina replied. “What about this glove?”

“Mary Poppins said some demon was coming for it and it was supposedly hidden in one of the crypts in town.” Faith explained.

“Well, could she vague it up so more?” Zarina asked Faith. “There’s at least forty-seven of them in town.”

“That’s why we need to narrow it down.” Giles informed her. “I’m going to consult a few of my books.”

“I’ll help with the research.” Zarina said. “I might be able to find out a few more details.”

“Wow, you doing research?” Buffy asked amazed. “That’s so unlike you.”

“You mean that’s unlike Xander, don’t you?” Zarina snapped. “Xander is part of what makes me but not all of me.”

“You’re wrong.” Buffy exclaimed. “We’re going to find a way to bring him back.”

“Buffy, I’ve had the most powerful good witches, sorcerers, and wizards tell me it’s impossible!” Zarina shouted. “I’ve had the darkest forces of evil try and tempt me to their side on the promise of restoring Xander but I held my ground. I even stopped others from time traveling to stop Ethan beforehand because the price to restore Xander would have been too high.”

“But Xander didn’t deserve to die.” Buffy exclaimed. “Why can’t you see that?”

“.emoh em ekaT” Zarina said ignoring Buffy and teleporting herself away.

“She knows I’m right.” Buffy told Giles.

Faith looked over at her sister Slayer disgusted. “How could you be such a cold-hearted fucking bitch?” Faith asked.

“Faith, you just don’t understand.” Buffy said trying to make the other Slayer see her way about the situation.

“No, you don’t seem to understand.” Faith exclaimed. “You weren’t there trying to console her when you two found out. Zatanna was worried that she might try to kill herself again.”

Giles’ face shown his concern and he said. “I never knew she was suicidal.”

“Zatanna gave me the unedited version of what she had told you two and it wasn’t pretty.” Faith explained. “If it hadn’t been for the Flash, we wouldn’t even be having this little chat. Anyway, I’d better catch up with my watcher.”

It was a couple of nights later that Zarina found herself in Restfield Cemetery. Her search through the Library of Infinity had been fruitless but then, she had an idea to talk to Jason Blood and it had paid off. Apparently, Etrigan had wanted the Glove of Myhnegon destroyed as well as it had been previously used against him by an enemy from his past. Etrigan had placed a charm on the glove in order to locate it if it had came free from said enemy and using the charm in conjunction with a map of Sunnydale had narrowed it down to this location. She got close to a crypt when she noticed someone exiting it

“.dnim morf em ediH” She said. “.thgis morf em ediH”

She knew the spell concealed her from whomever exited the crypt but she did recognize that it was Angel who had. It didn’t make sense.

I thought Deadboy was dead. She thought to herself as she began to follow him.

Zarina followed the vampire back to the Crawford mansion to see Buffy kissing the vampire passionately.

I’ve got to tell Giles. She thought before leaving.

Buffy walked into the library proclaiming her current possession of the glove but was perplexed by the looks she was getting from Giles, Willow, Cordelia, Oz, and Zarina. She sat down in a seat.

“We know Angel is alive, Buffy.” Giles told her. “Zarina saw you with him last night.”

“Why didn’t you tell anyone?” Zarina asked. “Harboring a known murderer like Angel could get you a one way ticket to the Shadowpact’s prison; I don’t want to see that happen to you.”

“He’s better now.” Buffy exclaimed. “Why don’t you believe me?”

“Maybe it’s the fact that I saw you making out with him last night.” Zarina told her.

Buffy glared at the magician. “You were spying on me last night.” She said with her voice seemingly dripping with venom. “What gives you the right?”

“Giles, no one is sticking to the I sentences.” Willow exclaimed with anxiety.

“You were always jealous, weren’t you.” Buffy said to Zarina ignoring everyone else in the room. “You always did hate Angel.”

“Buffy, get over yourself.” Cordelia said trying to figure out why in the hell she’d be talking to Zarina as if Zarina had known Buffy and Angel before coming to Sunnydale. She also realized that Zarina was being strangely effected by what Buffy was saying to her. The magician girl’s eyes were tearing up.

“BUFFY! SHUT UP!” Zarina yelled.

“WHY!? It’s okay for you to have secrets that you think your friends shouldn’t know but it isn’t okay for me!” Buffy yelled back.

“Buffy, don’t.” Zarina said quietly. “Please don’t.”

“Why not?!” Buffy exclaimed. “Since we’re revealing my secrets to them, why not reveal your secrets too? Isn’t that right, Xander.”

Silence pervaded the library after Buffy called Zarina by the name of one of the lost members of their group. Zarina seemed to be shaking with fear. Giles walked over to comfort her but the young magician pulled away from him.

“How could you?” Zarina asked Buffy. “I thought you were my friend.”

“No, I’m Xander’s friend.” Buffy replied. “You’re no better than a vampire. You’ve been using Xander’s memories to further your own ends.”

The others in the library gazed at the two quietly as they saw Zarina’s tear-streaked face fill with anger.

“Don’t you fucking compare me to that vamp bitch that killed Jesse!” Zarina yelled. Zarina’s eyes widened as she saw the luck of satisfaction on Buffy’s face. “You are a fucking bitch.”

Willow was naturally the first to pick up the clue. “How could you know Jesse?” She demanded as she walked over to Zarina. “I’ve never seen you in Sunnydale before so how could you know him and why would Buffy call you Xander?”

“Willow, please don’t...” Zarina said pleading with her friend.

“Resolve face.” Willow replied. When Zarina tried to look away, Willow slapped the girl and was surprised when she hit the floor.

“What was Xander’s costume that Halloween, Willow?” Zarina asked looking back up at the redheaded girl. Willow saw that Zarina’s cheek was still red from the slap.

Willow’s eyes widened. “It can’t be.” Willow told herself. “It can’t be.”

“Oh my god.” Cordelia said remembering what Xander had worn. “This doesn’t make any sense.”

“I’m confused.” Oz added. “I didn’t see Xander on Halloween.”

“He dressed up like a magician and disappeared that night.” Cordelia told the werewolf. “We thought he was dead.”

Willow’s eyes seemed to be pleading for an answer. “Xander, is that really you?” She asked Zarina.

Zarina shook her head. “Not anymore.” She replied. “.emoh em ekaT”

Zarina teleported out of the library and Giles grabbed a hold of Buffy. “Why did you do that to her?” Giles asked. “She trusted you to keep that a secret.”

“Giles, she betrayed us.” Buffy tried to explain. “We had thought Xander was dead and then she swoops in trying to take his place.”

“You’re wrong, Buffy.” Cordelia exclaimed. “Zarina may be a lot of things but she isn’t Xander.”

“Well, that might not be exactly true.” Giles told Cordelia. “Ethan’s spell somehow tapped into true chaos. The top hat that Xander had been wearing for his costume transformed him into Zatanna, Zarina’s mother, and Zatanna transported herself to the Justice League Watchtower. When the spell ended, they had found out that Zatanna’s soul had been copied. The residual magic had not only turned Xander’s body into how you see Zarina now but it also merged Xander’s soul and the cloned soul together.”

“But how can that happen, Giles?” Willow asked. “There has to be a way to get Xander back.”

“There isn’t a way and before you try anything, let me tell you something.” Giles snapped at Willow, a little bit of Ripper could be heard in his voice. “Whether or not you believe me or not, Zarina came back and risked all of this to try to help keep all of you safe. She did it despite what might happen because she cares for all of you as much as Xander did. Whenever you look at Zarina, you’re also looking at what is left of Xander because of what Ethan Rayne did that night.”

Faith walked into the house via the outside door that lead into the kitchen to hear what sounded like someone was crying. She saw a note on the fridge from Zatanna telling them that she was out on a mission for the League but Faith walked out of the kitchen and walked up the stairs to Zarina’s room. Faith entered Zarina’s room to find her friend just now asleep with a journal laying open. She picked up the journal.

“‘I can’t believe Buffy told them.’” Faith read from the journal. “‘Now, they all know what happened to Xander. Willow probably hates me. Cordy is probably spreading it around school. Don’t really know about Oz. He seems like he’d keep it a secret. I can’t handle Willow hating me for not being here. Why did Buffy have to say it at all? We just had to confront her about Angel...’”

Faith laid the journal back down. She had an idea now what had happened. Walking back into her own room, she went to open her closet to get out her costume. She had only one thing on her mind. It was a rather base emotion but it would due for now.

Angel had just thrown Ms. Post into the wall. He had a good idea as to why the woman wanted the glove but he wasn’t going to let her have it. Before he could knock her out, a small explosion ripped apart his front door. The master vampire turned to see a leather clad individual strolling in with a stake in her right hand.

“Ms. Post!” She exclaimed before turning her attention to the vampire. “You know; I was just going to slay your sorry undead ass out of revenge for what B did to Zarina but saving my Watcher from you seems like a slightly more noble goal at the moment.”

Slayer charged Angel and delivered a swift kick to his chest sending him flying away from the Watcher. On his back, Angel watched as she came down with the stake only for Buffy to show up and shift Slayer’s attention to her. They fought and found themselves in the outside area with the tree close to the now shattered glass door.

“Why are you trying to kill him?” Buffy asked. “He’s a good man.”

“Wrong, he’s a fucking vampire.” Slayer said delivering a kick to Buffy’s right side. “As to why I’m trying to kill him, I could give you some little short and sweet answer pertaining to the fact that I’m a Slayer but it would be utter bullshit.”

“Then, why are you trying to kill him, Faith?” Buffy asked dodging a punch from Slayer.

“One, when the costume is on, I’m Slayer.” Slayer replied landing a knee strike to Buffy’s torso. “Two, you hurt someone I love so I hurt someone you love.”

That response would have surprised Buffy had she been paying attention because her attention was focused on Ms. Post wearing the glove and holding her glove clad arm into the air. She chanted in what sounded like Latin and lightning struck the glove.

“Faith, you’re an idiot.” Post said before firing a lightning blast towards the two slayers which was dodged.

Buffy looked over at Slayer to see a short sword in each of Slayer’s hands. She had a perplexed look on her face.

“Where in the hell did those come from?” She asked.

Slayer pointed to a pair of golden bracelets she had on her hands. “Zarina made them. She said something about folded space or something like that.” Slayer replied. “Bit of a bitch to retrieve anything from them cuz you have to say it backwards.”

Slayer then stood up seeing her ‘watcher’ fire the glove at Willow who was saved at the last second by Angel. She held up the swords.

“Hey, Poppins!” Slayer yelled. “THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!”

Post turned around in order to fire the glove at the slayer to see the swords twirl through the air at her. She dodged the swords but hadn’t expected a third sword to fly at her. The third sword decapitated the Watcher and before her body hit the floor, lightning consumed her leaving the glove behind. Slayer strolled over to what was left of Angel’s front door.

“You better be glad, Fang, that you saved Red.” Slayer told Angel. “Otherwise, we’d have to continue this.”

With that being said, Slayer left the mansion behind.

Author’s End Notes: Well, this counts as my longest chapter yet. I hope everyone likes it. Please read and review.
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