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Enter The Magician

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Magician Chronicles". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: YAHF Gender-Bender Xander's choice of costume causes him to disappear Halloween night.

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DC Universe > GeneralRubyPaladinFR181681,6652119689,84014 Jun 0930 Apr 10Yes

The Wish Part Two


Chapter Seven

The Wish, Part Two

Madam Xandu and Zatanna walked into the conference room to see the members of the Justice League staring back at her. Zatanna found an empty chair, sat down in it, and propped her feet up on the conference table.

“Anyone want to explain why in the hell half the League is looking at me like I grew three extra heads?” Zatanna asked.

“Does it have anything to do with the teenager who shouldn’t exist yet does?” Madam Xandu asked.

“She teleported herself into the Watchtower and immediately surrendered herself.” Batman explained. “She asked for J’onn to scan her mind and...”

“And what, Bruce?” Zatanna asked as she knew Bruce never was one to not say what he meant to say.

“She’s apparently your daughter.” Batman replied and noticed the obvious look of shock on his childhood friend’s face.

“That’s new.” Zatanna said. “Is she from the future?” Secretly, she was hoping that was the answer.

“No, she is apparently from the original time line.” J’onn replied. “A friend of her’s had made a wish with a vengeance demon and created our current time line.”

Zatanna took her feet down from the table and looked down into her lap. She began to shake her head.

“Why in the hell wasn’t I called about this?” She asked.

“We knew how you would react.” Batman replied. “That you would want to reach out to this girl and get to know her but now’s not the time.”

“I don’t know when you’ve forgotten this little fact, Bruce, but anytime is a good time to reach out to family.” Zatanna replied before getting up and exiting the room.

“Ut obscurum EGO beckon. Bring continuo Eternus Night. Shroud orbis terrarum in eternus dusk. Drain lux lucis in husk. I dico ut Darkness. Now, pario Eternus Nox noctis!” Chaotica chanted from the book as Giles watched from the cage he was in.

A black magical aura surrounded Chaotica as she chanted and the Watcher could only watch as the vampire’s eyes became black as the magic flowed through her and was surprised when she screamed in rage as the aura faded.

“I need to tap into more power.” Chaotica said placing the book down on a table. She walked over to Giles. “It looks like I need to go back to school.”

She slipped into her game face and sunk her fangs down into his neck. The watcher gasped in pain as he felt his blood begin to be drained from him. He was surprised when she removed herself from his throat and she said a spell to heal his wound.

“Don’t worry now.” She said. “I wouldn’t want you to miss the end of the world.”

She walked away from him and Giles could hear a woman crying. Not that it wouldn’t make sense given the situation, but the basic humanity within him decided to reach out to her.

“Are you alright?” Giles asked.

“No, are you always this dense?” The woman replied. “I’m just doing my job and grant Cordelia’s wish and the wish backfired on me. That crazy vamp bitch manages to capture me and she took my medallion. Without it, I’m powerless.”

Zatanna walked into the Watchtower’s brig and turned towards the cell that was suppose to be holding the girl that was apparently her daughter from another time line. The cell, the supposedly inescapable cell that everyone said was inescapable, was empty. She heard a cough and turned towards the far wall to see a teenage girl with a nail file working on her right hand fingernails.

“How did you get out of there?” Zatanna asked intrigued.

“Come on, Mom.” The girl replied. “A magician never reveals her secrets.”

“No, seriously, how did you get out of there?” Zatanna asked her daughter.

“Nothing special.” Zarina replied. “I knew that the force fields utilize an oscillation field that can be neutralized at the right frequency.”

“How did you do it?” Zatanna asked.

Zarina reached into her top hat. “Just because it’s you, Mom.” She said before pulling out a tuning fork.

“Anything special about that?” Zatanna asked intrigued.

“Nope.” Zarina said handing her mother the tuning fork. “Really made Bruce mad when he found out in my time line.”

Zatanna smiled. “I bet.” She said before her expression changed. Her face seemed to convey the feeling of heartfelt concern. “J’onn told me what he found out but I want to know something. Are you happy?”

“You are the most wonderful mother that any girl would be proud to call herself your daughter. I’ve never known such love from anyone.” Zarina said. “Of course, I’m happy. I’m not happy right now but that’s kind of obvious.”

Doctor Fate chose that moment to enter the room. Zarina noticed him first and smiled.

“Nice to see you again, Doctor Nelson.” Zarina said.

“It’s good to see you too, Zarina, but the dark energies being emitted from the Sunnydale Hellmouth are intensifying.” He informed her.

“Crap.” Zarina said putting her top hat on her head. “We’ve got to move now.”

Zarina went out the door of the brig and made her way to the main conference room that the members of the Justice League were in. She walked right up to the table and set her top hat upside down on the table.

“Look, I have to inform all of you of what you’ll be facing in Sunnydale and I don’t have a lot of time to do it.” Zarina said. “Chaotica is not only a extremely powerful witch but she’s also a vampire. This means that she is at least four times stronger and faster than a normal human and who the hell knows if her powers might have augmented this. Her minions will most likely be vampires as well. The best ways to dust a vampire are decapitation, sunlight, fire, holy water, and a wooden stake through the heart.”

“What about garlic?” The Flash asked.

Zarina rolled her eyes. “Don’t even get me started on that hack.” She replied. “John, Guy, Kyle, fly out and absorb sunlight into your rings. Diana, please get into your armor. Your sword will be a literal godsend against the vamps down there. Superman, I would use heat vision.” She pulled out a few bandoleers filled with wooden stakes and threw them down on the table. “Here’s some stakes for everyone to use. I’ve also got compressed holy water canisters and UV grenades.”

She sat the canisters and the grenades down on the table. Batman picked up one of the grenades and began to closely examine it.

“I helped you create these, didn’t I?” He asked.

“In my time line, a millennia-old master vampire named Bries that everyone had thought was dusted already tried to take over Gotham’s underworld. You asked for my help and we destroyed him.” Zarina explained to him.

“Did he like to cut a pentagram into his victims after he drained them?” Batman asked.

“Yes.” Zarina said. “Have you been able to stop him?”

“Yes, but at a great expense.” He replied and Zarina noticed he slipped into his Bruce Wayne voice.

A tear rolled down Zarina’s cheek as she realized that it had to be somebody significant to Bruce to cause him to slip. She began to shake her head.

“Please don’t tell me it was Alfred?” Zarina asked.

“Bries went after everyone that had a connection with me. It took everything I had to stop him.” Batman replied.

“Enough of this.” Zarina said. “Time for me to go home.”

She began the spell to try to open the Hellmouth when she felt magic being manipulated. Chaotica sighed and looked over at the Watcher who she had chained to a wall in the library. Giles could only wonder why she seemed to be pouting.

“I really wanted you to be alive to see it but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen now, is it?” Chaotica said as she shifted to her game face. “I guess I need something to eat before that bitch brings the League here.”

Chaotica sank her teeth into Giles’ neck and drained him of his blood. Materializing a handkerchief, she wiped the blood away from her mouth. The Watcher was a rather filling meal but a thought crossed her mind that it seemed wrong to do what she just did. Thankfully, night had already fallen as her minions went to meet the League. She looked out a window to see her minions, and she had quite a few of them, were being easily dispatched by the superheroes who had assembled. With a flicker of her magic, she called in the various demons that she had contracted in to help to defend the situation she was in but she realized that they wouldn’t be enough but hey would at least serve as cannon fodder.

“I need to hurry.” Chaotica said throwing the handkerchief to the side and going back to work at opening the Hellmouth.

Spike didn’t like helping the White Hats but what his Dru wanted was what he wanted. He decapitated one of the attacking demons and broke the sword he was using after plunging the blade into the chest of another demon. That one White Hat, Oz, had taken an attack meant for that chick, Cordelia. His neck had been broken by the attack and he lay dead. Drusilla was busy defending Cordelia along with Jesse who Dru kept insisting was precious.

If she doesn’t quit with the Gollum impersonation, I’m going to bloody scream! Spike thought to himself.

A vampire charged at him and before he could ready himself, the vampire was incinerated with a fireball. He saw Drusilla smile as Zarina came over to them. Spike could tell that Zarina was tired just with a glance.

“You okay?” He asked.

“Peachy freaking wonderful.” Zarina said. “Ever have to convince a room full of the most powerful people on the planet, let alone the entire universe, that you weren’t the enemy and needed their help?”

“No, that’s why I tend to hire minions if need be.” Spike replied.

“So, the Justice League is actually here.” Cordelia said. “They’ll take care of Vamp Willow and everything will go back to normal.”

Drusilla began to shake her head. “But only if Zarina fights Chaotica herself.” She stated.

Zarina nodded. “I’ve already came to the same idea, Dru.” Zarina replied.

“You think your own chaos may neutralize some of Chaotica’s own powers.” Drusilla said stating the very idea that Zarina had herself.

“That’s nuts.” Cordelia exclaimed. “You don’t even know if it’s going to work.”

“I have to try, Cordy.” Zarina replied. “Whether or not I do anything, this reality is still being torn apart by my very presence. We come from a better time line than what this universe has had and the Justice League know this.”

“Reverse Entropic Cascade Failure.” Jesse said. “Instead of the universe attempting to push you out, your presence is causing the universe to be pushed out.”

“Exactly. I’m sorry, Jesse.” Zarina said with a tear rolling down her right cheek. “I wanted to find a way to bring you to my universe but...”

“Don’t worry about it. Just remember this.” Jesse said before raising right hand in the most recognized gesture in science fiction history. “I have been and shall always be, your friend.”

“Goodbye, Jesse.” Zarina said before leaving. She felt the Hellmouth had already been opened and knew she was running out of time.

Chaotica walked out of the high school through a hole she carved through the wall to watch the battle as it unfolded. Using her powers, she tore a hole in space and time to summon forth a monster that the Justice League would fear. Doomsday emerged from the hole with a ferocious roar and was immediately put under Chaotica’s thrall. A smile crossed her face as she accomplished this. A spell uttered in an ancient language allowed her to create magical golems with the same properties as the monstrosity. Before Doomsday could take another step however, she used her powers to hurl Doomsday into the opened Hellmouth. While she admired the creature’s unique attributes, she didn’t want it loose anywhere near her. She was evil, not stupid.

“So, you are the undead fiend that—!” Etrigan said before Chaotica interrupted the demon prince.

Using barely magic at all, Chaotica impaled the demon prince with the iron streetlights that normally lit the streets of Sunnydale. She use to find it odd that the late Mayor Wilkins had chosen iron as the main component of the streetlights but now she knew why as life left the body of her would-be attacker. Chaotica fired off blasts of raw dark magical energy and reveled in the destruction she was causing. Hero after hero was felled by her blasts. Batman was decapitated, Superman had his heart ripped from his chest, the Martian Manhunter was consumed by conjured hellfire, Green Arrow was shot with his own arrows, Black Canary’s throat was ripped out, and Wonder Woman was torn apart limb by limb. She was certain that she had killed one if not all of the Green Lanterns that had entered the fray.

“Boy, this is a long way from that little girl I knew in kindergarten who was crying over a broken yellow crayon.” Zarina said to Chaotica.

Chaotica turned to regard this new foe. She reminded her of Zatanna Zatara with the way she looked and dressed but there was something else that seemed familiar about her. The way this girl seemed to be regarding her was as if she was also familiar to her.

“And you are?” She asked.

“That is definitely an interesting question these days.” Zarina replied. “Add one part, Zatanna Zatara, to one part, Xander Harris, and mix together with a Chaos spell and you get me. I am Zarina Zatara, Mini-Mistress of Magic and I suppose I could use the title of Princess of Prestidigitation as well.”

“I can add another title.” Chaotica said charging up a blast of dark magical energy. “Deceased.”

The blast impacted without any reaction against Zarina who smiled. A confused look could be seen on Chaotica’s face as she tried to figure out what had went wrong.

“You should be dead.” Chaotica said.

“You can thank Janus for that.” Zarina said showing a wooden stake in each hand. “It’s time I give Willow’s soul peace.”

Hal Jordan could only watch from his perspective as the Spectre. He hated how he was being rendered powerless to do anything as his friends were killed. The Spectre side of him didn’t see it that way.

“Jordan, all of this will work out in the end.” The Spectre said.

“My friends are being slaughtered by that damned vampire and you’re not letting me do anything about it.” Hal exclaimed.

The Spectre simply held out his hand and Hal saw a Green Lantern power ring in the Spectre’s palm. A plan came to his mind but the Spectre shook his head.

“Not you but someone else can.” The Spectre informed him.

Zarina dodged a punch and drove a stake into Chaotica’s chest only to have the stake splinter as if she’d tried to use the same stake against Superman. Chaotica laughed and threw Zarina away from her.

“What?” Chaotica asked smiling shifting into her game face. “You thought that little stick would have been enough to destroy the likes of me.”

Chaotica charged Zarina and kicked her in the abdomen. A haymaker punch sent Zarina back to the ground. The magician rolled out of the way of another kick from the vampire and got back to her feet.

“Kinda hoping it would.” Zarina replied. “!eriF”

This was an emotionally trying battle for her. On one hand, she had to deal with her best friend turned into an extremely powerful vampire/witch and on the other hand, she had to face the deaths of the most powerful heroes this world has ever known.

Chaotica brushed off the fireball sent her way. “You actually expect to defeat me?” She asked.

With a burst of speed that Zarina didn’t know that vampires possessed, Chaotica was in front of her with her teeth sunk into her neck. The pain was excruciating and a thought crossed her mind that she was going to die. Somehow, she managed to get a hand on the amulet in order to grasp it. Chaotica took her teeth out and grinned at Zarina.

“What do you expect to do now?” Chaotica asked rhetorically.

Without warning, a green construct claw arm impacted against Chaotica hurtling her away from Zarina. The chain holding the amulet to her neck snapped and Zarina had the amulet in her hand. She looked to see Jesse in a Green Lantern uniform holding her construct on Chaotica.

“Zarina, destroy the amulet quickly.” Jesse exclaimed. “I don’t know how long I can hold it.”

“.ecam eht em gnirB” Zarina said weakly drawing Hawkgirl’s mace over to her.

“Good-bye, Zarina.” Jesse said.

“Bye, Jesse.” She replied slamming the mace onto the amulet.

“Done.” Anya said before looking around bewildered.

“Wish it was that easy.” Cordelia said walking away.

“Done.” Any said again trying to figure out what was wrong.

Cordelia kept walking away from Anya with a strange feeling as though she just dodged a major bullet by walking away from the girl.

Giles and Oz rushed over to Zarina after they heard her fall to the floor. The Watcher could see blood dripping from her neck and he shouted at Oz to get help. Before Oz could go, the teenage werewolf noticed Zarina dip a finger into her own blood and right out a message.


The blood magic worked its magic and they watched as her neck wounds healed as if the wounds had never been there. With help from the two of them, Zarina was able to get back to her feet. Giles led her over to a chair which she sat down in.

“Good Lord, Zarina. What happened?” Giles asked.

“I was in Hell, Giles.” Zarina replied. “Cordelia made a wish to a vengeance demon and ended up creating an alternate universe. One where Buffy never came to Sunnydale, where Xander and Willow had been turned into vampires, and where Vampire Willow managed to kill most of the Justice League.”

“You must have been able to stop her.” Giles said.

“No, who did you think bit me?” Zarina asked. “If it hadn’t been for Jesse somehow finding a Green Lantern power ring, she would have drained me or worse...”

Giles knew who Zarina was referring to and was taken back by it. Oz seemed to be reflecting on the knowledge that his girlfriend was a powerful vampire in another universe. Zarina got up from her chair.

“You need to rest.” Giles told her. “You’ve been through a lot.”

“No, I need to see my mom.” Zarina said. “.rewothctaW eht ot em ekaT”

She teleported herself to the Watchtower and had appeared right in front of Hal Jordan who had nearly ran into her.

“You okay, Zarina?” Hal asked. “You seem like something’s bothering you.”

“There is but I’ve got to see my mom first.” Zarina replied.

“Right behind you.” Hal said pointing behind her.

Zarina turned to see Zatanna standing there. The smile that her mother normally had on her face shifted to a look of concern when she saw the look on her daughter’s face.

“Zarina, what’s wrong?” She asked.

Zarina didn’t reply but instead wrapped her arms around her mother and began to cry. Zatanna wrapped her arms around her daughter and wondered what had happened to make her daughter like she was now. When Zarina seemed to have cried herself to sleep, Hal used his ring to create a floating bed for her mother to set her daughter on.

“Maybe we should give this up, Willow.” Buffy said with a sigh. “Zarina has a lot more powerful people backing her up and Faith won’t stop coming after Angel every night. It’s like she has something to prove.”

“I’m not giving up on Xander!” Willow exclaimed. “I’m getting him back one way or another.”

Willow got up and stormed away from her friend. She couldn’t believe that Buffy would be that willing to give up on someone she was suppose to care about. A man in a delivery uniform carrying a package with a clipboard stepped in front of her and she plowed right into him and she was knocked to the ground.

“I’m so sorry.” The man said helping Willow up. “My instructions were to deliver this package here to a Miss Rosenberg but I can’t seem to find her...”

“I’m Willow Rosenberg.” Willow said excited about the package.

“Well, sign here.” The man said handing her the clipboard and a pen.

Willow quickly signed and was given her package. The man walked away as she tore the package open. Inside the box, she found a letter and an old leather bound tome.

To Willow, I’m sorry to hear about the situation you’re in. Hopefully, this old book may be of some help to you. Your friend, Felix Faust.

“Miss Kendall, do you know why I’ve called you into my office?” Snyder asked the bleached blonde-haired girl.

“No.” She said and Snyder saw her irises become blood red. “I don’t care either.”

Snyder grabbed the back of his head in pain as he was now experiencing the most powerful excruciating sensation of it. He watched as Harmony got out of her chair and smiled at him.

“That would be the blood clot that I had travel into your brain.” Harmony said. “How does it feel to know that you are probably the most hated man in town? How does it feel to know that rather than mourning your death the way a few people did for Flutie that people will be celebrating your demise? How does it feel to know that you’re going to die a pathetic and lonely little man who only sought to share the misery that he was feeling on the very students he was foolishly put in charge of?”

Harmony walked out of Snyder’s office as blood began to flow like tears from the Principal’s eyes.

AUTHOR’S END NOTES: Sorry about the long delay in getting this chapter out. This was rather hard for me to right but I hope the delay was worth it.
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