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Enter The Magician

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Magician Chronicles". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: YAHF Gender-Bender Xander's choice of costume causes him to disappear Halloween night.

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Author’s Notes: Be in mind that I’m color-blind so if descriptions seem off by what others may remember, please take that in mind. Also, mentioned femslash.

Chapter Eight


It did seem unusual that anyone in Sunnydale could die of natural causes but that was the case with Principal Snyder. A new principal had been found and Buffy had been summoned to his office. She was a bit nervous as her luck with previous principals hasn’t exactly been stellar. Opening the office door after reading the new name that had been placed on the door “Principal Jason Blood”, she saw him standing with her back to her looking out the window.

Boy, does his name sound evil or what? She asked herself.

“Please sit down, Miss Summers.” Blood said to her.

Buffy complied with his request and sat down in one of the chairs in front of his desk. It was then she took notice of how different this principal was when compared against his predecessors if you based it on their choices of office decor. Flutie and Snyder didn’t differ too much as it looked like any ordinary principal’s office. Blood’s choice of decor was antique to say the least. All of the office furniture had been replaced with what she thought were solid oak equivalents though the chairs were very nicely cushioned. He turned to face her and she finally got a good look at him. Blood had brown hair, a goatee, and was dressed in a grey suit. He sat down in his chair and opened a manilla folder.

“Accused of burning down your former high school’s gym and then, you moved here to Sunnydale where I see countless remarks by the late Principal Jacob Snyder that refer to you as the single biggest miscreant that he has had the displeasure of having in his school.” Blood said reading from her file.

“It was mice that burnt down the gym.” Buffy quickly said trying to defend herself.

Blood frowned at her. “Please Miss Summers, do not take me for a fool.” He said to her. “I know that you burnt down your former high school’s gym and if such a situation occurs again, I expect you to do whatever is necessary.”

Buffy’s eyes widened as she had a strange thought that the new principal might know that she was the Slayer but she wasn’t about to reveal her secret identity to him. He closed the folder and glanced over at her.

“That is all, Miss Summers. Do not expect my opinion of you to be the same as my predecessors. I give everyone an equal chance to earn either my ire or my praise.” Blood told her. “You may go now.”

Buffy got out of her chair and left the office. She immediately headed for the library to find Cordelia, Oz, and Zarina there looking through books. Seeing Zarina made her start to feel bad, Buffy walked over to Giles.

“Giles, what do you know about the new principal?” She asked.

“I haven’t met the man myself but I’ve heard a few complaints from some of the faculty that he is treating them like a knight dressing down the castle guard.” Giles replied. “Frankly, someone who isn’t a strict authoritarian towards the students is a good thing.”

“I am a strict authoritarian when I’m required, Mr. Giles.” Blood said as he entered the library.

Zarina looked up from the book she was reading and a smile formed on her lips. She dropped the book and ran over to the new principal giving him a hug.

“Jason, I’m so glad to see you.” Zarina said releasing him from her embrace. “Why didn’t you tell me you were going to be in town, let alone become the new principal of Sunnyhell High?”

“One, I wanted it to be a surprise.” Blood replied. “And Two, this would be one career I have not had in a while.”

“But high school principal?” Zarina asked with her voice obviously dripping with shock. “That has to be the most boring job I think you could have had.”

“Your mother told me what you told the League and I doubt any vengeance demons are going to come anywhere near here while I’m around.” Blood replied. “D’Hoffryn still remembers the last time he faced me.”

Zarina laughed at the remark but Buffy could only stare at the new principal. It was now beginning to make sense now.

“You knew I was the Slayer, didn’t you?” She asked accusing him of hiding his knowledge from her.

“Of course, Miss Summers. I’ve run into quite a few Slayers in the past. Do you even know why the Slayer is always that one girl in all the world?” Blood replied.

“No, I just thought it was part of the whole destiny deal.” Buffy said shrugging her shoulders.

Blood brought a hand to his face and lowered his head shaking his head as he lowered it. He glanced over at Zarina.

“When you’ve talked about her, you didn’t tell me she was this oblivious.” Blood said to the young magician.

“You told a complete stranger about me?!” Buffy exclaimed at Zarina.

“Buffy, he knew about you already.” Zarina replied trying to explain her actions. “He doesn’t exactly have a high opinion of Watchers in general and it took a lot of convincing on my part for him to not come here to Sunnydale and tear Giles apart for giving up on you when that prophecy about you being killed by the Master was discovered.”

“Miss Summers, the reason that the Slayer is always female is because they are naturally physically weaker than males are as well as more easily controlled. Women were thought as little more than objects back then.” Blood informed her. “Did your Watcher even inform you that the Cruciamentum is approaching? The time when you will lose your Slayer powers and be forced to fight a vampire, probably one that had reached the level of master, and more than likely be killed either by either the vampire or the Council so that they retain control.”

Buffy glared at Giles. “Is that true?” She asked.

“Buffy, it’s not what you think.” Giles said almost pleading with the Slayer.

“I think it is.” Buffy replied becoming visibly upset with her Watcher. “I’ve got to get to class.”

Buffy ran out of the library as fast as she could and Giles glared at Jason Blood. The new principal didn’t seem phased by the death glare he was being given.

“How dare you presume that you should have said that to her?” Giles asked Blood before turning his attention towards Zarina. “And you, young lady, have some nerve to...”

A loud cough could be heard and they turned to see a dark haired man in a dark blue pinstripe suit had entered the library. He carried a brown leather briefcase in his right hand.

“And you are?” Giles asked aggravated that he was being interrupted.

“Wesley Wyndham-Price, I’m here to act as...” Wesley said before he was interrupted.

“As Faith’s Watcher, we know.” Zarina snapped at him.

Wesley blinked at her. “How could you possibly know that?” He asked her in disbelief.

“Please, the way you look screams Watcher.” Zarina replied. “I got to get to class.”

Zarina grabbed her things off the table and walked out of the library at a brisk pace. Blood turned to look at Wesley.

“Mr. Price, as Miss Lehane is not a student here, I see no reason as to why you are on school property.” Blood informed him. “Either you leave now, or I will alert the local constabulary and have you arrested as a trespasser. Do I make myself clear?”

“Crystal.” Wesley replied leaving the library.

It was lunchtime when Zarina ran into Faith or rather Faith ran into her. Zarina had been sitting under a tree with a pile of books scattered around her. She was so intent on reading them that she didn’t notice Faith’s arrival.

“What ya readin’?” She asked.

“Remember when we went by the grave of Jenny Calender last night and I told you I had a funny feeling?” Zarina asked Faith.

“Yah, I just figured something was spooking you.” Faith replied.

“It’s because I could sense my magic in the grave.” Zarina said. “I did a more intensive magical probe and found out that she isn’t in the grave.”

“What?” Faith asked. “Did she get vamped?”

“No, the grave would have been empty.” Zarina replied showing Faith the opened book she was currently reading.

Faith grabbed the book and looked at the page. She saw a plain white figure without features on the page.

“Doppel Doll, what’s that?” She asked.

“Think of it like a magical duplicate of yourself. It moves like you and looks like you but it isn’t you. They’ve been used as a substitute when people feared that they were going to be assassinated from a distance.” Zarina explained. “Since my probe found this inside her grave, it leads me to believe that I’m involved in a predestination paradox.”

“Stayed up late watching Star Trek again, Zarina.” Faith replied. “I don’t think your mom would like that.”

A scream erupted before Zarina could reply to Faith’s remark and the two headed for the source of the scream running through a crowd of people as people were retreating away from it. Zarina could see Larry shooting electricity into the football coach.

“MY NAME ISN’T LARRY!” Larry screamed at the coach. “IT’S KILLSWITCH! I’M KILLSWITCH!”

“Hey, Larry!” Faith exclaimed. “Where’s Curly and Moe?”

Zarina and Faith found cover as Larry began to send blasts of electricity at them. The young magician glared at her friend.

“Do we have to antagonize the bad guys?” Zarina asked.

“Hey, it saved an innocent.” Faith replied. “So, got an idea how to take down Sparky?”

“IT’S KILLSWITCH!” Larry yelled increasing the intensity of his blasts.

“Yah, one.” Zarina said eyeing a sprinkler. “!eriF”

The fireball struck the sprinkler setting it off showering them with water. Larry sparked up with electricity and suddenly collapsed to the ground. He tried to get back to his feet rather weakly but Faith gave him a swift kick in the head knocking him out. Faith looked over at Zarina whose white top was kind of revealing.

“Ah Zarina, nice plan at all but have you heard of a wet t-shirt contest?” Faith asked pointing at her friend’s shirt.

The sprinklers were shut off as Zarina’s face flushed with embarrassment when she realized how it looked.

“.sehtolc ruo yrD” Zarina said before a hot gust of wind occurred which dried the water off of them.

“So, how do we dispose of Sparky?” Faith asked.

“Sunnydale PD will probably call in a Metahuman Crime unit. They’ll keep Larry locked up.” Zarina replied pulling out her Titans communicator. “I’m going to call the Tower to let them know there is a Bang Baby with Static’s powers.”

The communicator connected with the Tower and Beast Boy’s face appeared.

“Titan Tower, Beast Boy speaking.” He said before realizing who it was. “Hey, Zarina. What’s up?”

“Hi, Beast Boy.” Zarina said smiling. She had always like talking with the goofy green-skinned shape shifter. “Listen, there’s a Bang Baby who has...”

“Has what, Zarina?” Beast Boy asked.

The communicator dropped from her hand as she fell to the floor like a marionette who has had its strings cut. Faith managed to grab her before she could hit her head on the floor.

“Zarina, what’s happening?” Beast Boy exclaimed as he was concerned for his friend.

Faith grabbed the communicator. “Listen Beast Boy, Zarina just collapsed.” Faith said into the communicator. “I don’t know why but I’m thinking since she wasn’t hit by the Bang Baby’s attack it might by something mystical.”

“Right, I’ll let the Titans know.” Beast Boy replied. “We’re gonna be on our way as soon as we can.”

“Right BB, I’m callin’ her mom.” Faith said before closing the communicator.

Giles was trying to dry himself off outside when he saw Faith carrying Zarina bridal style out of the school. He was a little curious as to why they were dry when everyone else who had exited the school so far had been soaking wet but he was more concerned as to why Zarina seemed to be unconscious. Faith kept walking past him as he approached.

“Faith, what’s wrong with her?” Giles asked her. “What happened?”

“I don’t know Giles but I’m taking her home.” Faith replied.

“She needs to go see a doctor.” Giles told her.

“She probably will, Giles.” She said getting irritated with the Watcher. “Zatanna said she asked Doctor Fate to come by. The Titans will be here soon as well.”

“Perhaps I can help you out, Miss Lehane.” Blood said walking over to her.

“She told me about you.” Faith said recognizing him from a picture she’d seen in Zarina’s house. “So, where’s your white horse and armor?”

“Haven’t had a horse in a while and you would not believe the trouble it is to keep plate armor in good condition, let alone keeping it shiny.” Blood replied with a smile.

“Well, shall we?” Faith asked.

Faith stood next to Blood and before Giles could react; both the Slayer and the principal were gone in a cloud of red smoke. Giles didn’t like the new principal after the altercation he had in the library and this event wasn’t exactly earning the man any trust with the British librarian. He headed for his car as school had been called off on account of the altercation that had apparently occurred.

In a playground, a little girl dressed as a magician appeared on a swing. She had black hair and looked as though she was about five years old. Looking bewildered at her surroundings, she got off of the swing.

“How did I get here?” She asked herself.

The vampire nest was engulfed in flames as the vampires tried to flee through the tunnels to escape the inferno. Their escape was futile as they realized the way was blocked by a redheaded girl wearing a magician’s costume. Sunday couldn’t believe any hunters would even dress like that let alone be this forward with their attacks.

“Who the fuck are you?!” Sunday asked shouting at the attacker.

“Who I am won’t even matter once I’m done with you, dust bunny.” The attacker said shoving stakes into her last two minions who were quickly dusted. “I should warn you though. You won’t get off as easily as your minions did.”

Sunday rushed her attacker trying to get in a good attack in the hopes that she might be able to get away. Her adversary seemed to have another plan in mind. Her arm was grabbed and faster than the vampire could blink, she felt the bones in her arm be broken in what seemed like several places. The pain didn’t end there as she was flipped onto her back and her arm was dislocated from her shoulder. The smile she seen on her face made Sunday wonder if the girl had gone off the deep end.

“What the hell do you want, bitch?” Sunday asked with fear. “Who do you think you are, a Slayer?”

“Oh, no need for name calling.” was the reply. “Now, Mosquito, you shouldn’t attack anyone who was trained by an Amazon. Besides, do I look like that blonde who likes to get off on a little necrophilia? Although, I can see why you might have thought I was Faith but no I’m not. She snores in her sleep.”

Sunday screamed as a wooden stake was shoved through her right kneecap. A laugh from her attacker came and another wooden stake was shoved through her left kneecap. Sunday screamed again as her attacker shoved stakes into both of her wrists, her elbows, and her ankles. A series of kicks and punches soon followed leaving her racked with pain.

“Just kill me already.” Sunday pleaded not being able to handle the pain.

Her attacker shook her head. “No, that’s too good for the likes of you.” She replied. “I think I’m just going to leave you somewhere out in the open so that you can see the sunrise. One last time. Wait, still daylight out. I’ll think of something.”

Saying a few people stared at her was an understatement as she walked into the Bronze. She was dressed as a magician but as one who was striving for sex appeal rather than hex appeal as the blonde-haired girl’s costume was something Power Girl would have been proud of. Sitting down at the bar, she looked over at the bartender.

“So, can I get a Coke?” She asked smiling.

She sat on a bench crying. Clad in a magician’s costume, the blue haired girl wondered why she was still in this town. Buffy hated her. Her best friend for as long as she could remember was wanting to kill her just because she existed.

“What am I going to do?” She asked herself.

“You were at the Bronze when the mini-riot took place.” Cordelia heard Zarina say to her.

“Yah, what of it?” Cordelia asked the black haired girl. “Why are you dressed in your costume anyway?”

Zarina shook her head. “I do not know.” She replied. “What is important is what power you may have developed from the gas?”

Cordelia’s eyes widened. “What was that gas?” Cordelia asked trying to figure out why the girl who she had been slowly thinking of as her friend seemed rather cool and logical.

“Do you know of the member of the Teen Titans know as Static?” Zarina asked getting a shake of her head from the cheerleader. “Well, he received his powers in a similar manner in his home town. The gas transforms a person who is exposed to it into a metahuman of a type that normally referred to as a ‘Bang-Baby’. Since you have not used these powers while on patrol, I can only gather they are of a different nature.”

Cordelia pulled Zarina over to a tree. “I’ve been getting visions in my head of things that haven’t happened yet. Sometimes I get them when I’m asleep and sometimes while I’m awake.” Cordelia said to her. “That’s why I wasn’t shocked when Buffy outed you as formerly being Xander. Hey, didn’t I see Faith carry you out of the school?”

“You did, Cordelia.” Zarina replied.

“So, you’re better now?” Cordelia asked a little confused.

Zarina shook her head. “Actually, I’m unconscious at my house right now. Since I seem devoid of emotion at the moment, I believe I am merely a personification of my knowledge.” She replied. “You may refer to me as Knowledge.”

“Okay, what do you think we should do?” Cordelia asked.

“We should go to my home.” Knowledge replied. “Perhaps proximity to my actual body will trigger your precognitive abilities and unveil more of what has occurred.”

“Huh?” Cordelia asked not understanding most of what she had said to her.

Knowledge grabbed Cordelia’s arm. “.emoh ym ot su ekaT” She said before they vanished.

Cordelia didn’t take to teleportation too well as she vomited up the contents of her stomach when she appeared in Zarina’s living room with Knowledge. Once she looked up, she grimaced.

Definitely not the best way to make a first impression. She thought to herself. Especially in front of the Teen Titans.

The Titans that she saw were Cyborg, Beast Boy, someone she assumed was Static based on the way he was dressed, and Blue Beetle.

“Hey, don’t sweat it.” Static said trying to cheer her up. “It’s happened to me the first few times I’ve teleported. I’m Static.”

“Cordelia Chase.” She replied.

“Zarina, mind explaining to me how you could be here and in your bedroom at the same time?” Beast Boy asked.

“Because I am merely the personification of Zarina’s knowledge or perhaps embodiment is a better term.” Knowledge replied cooly. “Never the less, I believe I shall go see how I am doing. Come along, Cordelia, we need to get to the bottom of this.”

“I’m not a dog.” Cordelia exclaimed.

Regardless, she followed Knowledge up the stairs to Zarina’s room. Cordelia thought she heard a comment made from one of the guys downstairs.

“This is why I don’t get magic.” Blue Beetle said.

Zarina’s room was rather crowded as Zatanna, Doctor Fate, Raven, Starfire, Miss Martian, Ravager, Faith, and Wonder Girl were around Zarina’s bed. Cordelia looked over towards the exterior wall and saw the new principal of Sunnydale High was standing there.

“What’s he doing here and how can this room be this big?” She asked.

“Jason is quite skilled in the mystical arts. The reason why the room is larger than it seems is because Zarina has quite the talent of creating expanded space within normal dimensions. Kind of reminds me of the TARDIS from Doctor Who.” Doctor Fate said answering her question. “Anyway, a better question would be for us to ask is why are you here?”

Knowledge walked over to Doctor Fate. “She is here so that she may deduce more information as to my condition.” She informed the doctor.

“How will she know anymore than we do already?” Wonder Girl asked.

“She was exposed to the same gas that gave Static his abilities.” Knowledge explained. “The gas gave her precognitive abilities. Cordelia may be able to give us more details.”

“Please, if you think you can help.” Zatanna said to Cordelia.

Cordelia walked over to Zarina’s bedside and took Zarina’s right hand into her own hands. She began to steady her breathing to try to calm herself down.

Com’n Cordelia, you can do this. Cordelia told herself. They’re counting on you. All I have to do is be calm.

Though she didn’t notice it, her eyes seemed to glow a ghostly white as images began to flood into her mind. She gasped and released Zarina’s hand from her grip. Doctor Fate steadied her before she could fall.

“What did you see?” He asked.

“I saw four others like Knowledge here. There’s a blonde-haired one at the Bronze and she seems so slutty. A blue-haired one alone on a bench who seems really sad. There’s a pissed off redhead fighting vampires somewhere.” Cordelia answered. “There’s also a cute little five year old girl wearing a magician’s costume at a playground.”

Faith looked over at Wonder Girl. “Not good, sundown isn’t far off and the vamps will be out. If there’s a little Zarina out there, talk about a midnight snack.” Faith said to the leader of the Titans.

Cordelia wasn’t following the rest of the conversation as she was more concerned about her friend who was lying helpless on her bed. She grasped Zarina’s hand again and something more shocking filled her mind.

Willow sat in the middle of a red pentagram that had a red candle at each of the pentagram’s points. She held a book in her hands as she chanted in a strange language that Cordelia didn’t recognize. A bright purple flash occurred when Willow finished chanting and Cordelia saw the look on the redheaded nerd’s face. Willow was smiling.

I’m going to have Xander back.” Willow said to herself as she closed the book.

“Who’s Felix Faust?” Cordelia asked letting go of Zarina’s hand.

“He’s a dangerous sorcerer who is always seeking more power for himself.” Doctor Fate replied. “I’ve had more than one encounter with him. Why do you ask?”

“When I touched Zarina’s hand again, I saw Willow casting a spell. The book she was reading from had his name in gold colored lettering on it.” Cordelia explained. “I can’t believe Willow would do something this stupid just to get Xander back.”

Raven looked over to Cordelia. “It gets worse.” She said. “If we don’t gather the other personifications of Zarina and perform the counter-spell in time, Zarina will die.”

“If that happens, I’m killin’ Red myself.” Faith replied to Raven.

The Teen Titans headed downstairs along with Cordelia and Faith. Faith headed out the front door as Wonder Girl turned towards Cordelia.

“Cordelia, can you go find Mister Giles?” She asked. “Raven, think you can track down Willow and get the book she used?”

“Not a problem.” Cordelia replied.

“Each person’s magic leaves a distinctive trail that can be followed.” Raven replied. “It shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Good.” Wonder Girl said turning towards the other Titans. “The rest of us should search the town for the other personifications. Be careful. There is no telling what denizens of Tartarus are out there.”

There was a reason Raven didn’t like to be on a Hellmouth. The energy that a Hellmouth radiated was like a drug that could slowly corrupt you if you let it. This was the reason why she declined being placed here and why she didn’t get along with Zarina as well as the others did. It wasn’t that the magician wasn’t a nice person. Raven preferred dealing with her rather than Zatanna’s cousin, Zachary, who was also a Titan. It was the fact that Zarina was basically born here twice, first as Alexander Harris and then as herself. The tinge of a Hellmouth was rather noticeable and most magic users could ignore it but because of Raven’s heritage, it was rather difficult to do just that. They may not get along well on a personal level but they did respect each other well enough to cooperate with one another which was why she came to help.

The magical trace led Raven to the address of 1630 Revello Drive. She walked onto the front porch and knocked on the door. The door opened and a woman stood there. She looked as though she might have been in her late thirties, maybe early forties, but she did recognize Raven.

“You’re Raven, aren’t you?” She asked.

“I am.” Raven acknowledged.

“Joyce Summers, what seems to be the problem?” Joyce asked gesturing for Raven to enter.

It was obvious from the gesture that Joyce knew about the supernatural so Raven entered and looked into the living room and was almost being blinded by the bright green aura emanating from the twelve year old watching television. Raven turned away from the living room to see a concerned look on Joyce’s face.

“Sorry, your daughter has a rather bright aura.” Raven explained. “I wasn’t expecting it.”

I’ll definitely have to research that when I get back home. Raven thought.

“That’s okay but I doubt you came over because of that.” Joyce replied.

“No, I didn’t. A dangerous spell was cast upon Zarina which has split her into five different personifications of herself. The other Titans are searching the town looking for them.” Raven continued to explain. “I came here tracking the magical signature of the person that cast the spell.”

“BUFFY! WILLOW! GET DOWN HERE THIS INSTANT!” Joyce yelled for her daughter and her best friend.

Dawn heard the commotion and looked over seeing Raven standing there. She got off the couch and walked over.

“Hi, I’m Dawn.” She said introducing herself. “I can’t believe I’m actually meeting a superhero.”

“I’m Raven.” Raven said to Dawn. “You have a very bright green aura.”

Dawn smiled. “Cool.” She replied.

“Honey, aren’t you suppose to be spending the night with Kit?” Joyce asked her youngest daughter. “Are you ready?”

“No.” Dawn replied before proceeding upstairs to her room as Buffy and Willow walked down the stairs.

Buffy and Willow seemed a bit intrigued when they saw Raven but didn’t say anything until they walked over to them.

“Mom, what’s going on?” Buffy asked.

“It would seem that someone performed a very stupid spell on Zarina and they’re in this house.” Joyce informed the two teenage girls.

“It wasn’t a stupid spell.” Willow blurted out.

Buffy twirled Willow around. “What did you do?” Buffy asked her friend.

“I was trying to get Xander back.” Willow replied trying to explain her actions to two people she cared about.

“Xander is gone, Willow.” Joyce scolded the girl. “There isn’t any magic that you can do that can bring him back.”

“There has to be.” Willow protested. “I love him too much just to let him go like that.”

“Be that as it may, your reckless actions have resulted in Zarina’s life hanging in the balance.” Raven said to Willow. “If the personifications of Zarina are not gathered and the right counter-spell performed, Zatanna will be burying her only daughter.”

“Oh my god.” Joyce said to herself realizing the gravity of the situation. “Willow, how could you do something that dangerous?”

“But Felix’s book didn’t say anything like that would happen.” Willow said backing away from the others.

“Felix Faust is a very dangerous and evil sorcerer.” Raven told the redheaded girl. She couldn’t even bring herself to think that there were people that could be this reckless with magic. “He’s always after what he wants and I have no idea why he’d help you. If we are to save Zarina, I need that book.”

“But, I performed the soul curse to give Angel back his soul.” Willow said pleading with the Titan.

“Just because you performed one major act of black magic doesn’t mean you should be so undisciplined with magic like you are. It is commendable that you were even able to cast the spell in the first place but your recklessness will only result in your own destruction.” Raven scolded her. “Now before your own pride destroys you or anyone else that you claim to care about, I need that book.”

Felix Faust strolled over to the trophy case staring at a particular trophy that was the prison for someone he had once shown affection to but had spurned him and secreted a daughter that he hadn’t known existed to a Hellmouth. He smiled at the irony that she had talked and talked about her cheerleading past and now she was imprisoned in her own trophy.

“Hello, Catherine. It’s nice to see you again.” He said to the trophy. “You thought you could keep young Amy from my grasp but you were wrong. Even now, she is reading one of my tomes in my study far from here. I just thought you would want to know that she will prove to be a worthy apprentice and if something should happen to myself, a worthy successor as well.”

Faust teleported himself away from there laughing.

Oz had seen Zarina enter the Bronze but hadn’t thought much of it at first. The band was setting up and was scheduled to perform tonight. It wasn’t until Devon had been staring at the magician’s outfit that Oz saw something was wrong. Zarina’s normally black hair was blonde and he wasn’t even going to begin to describe the outfit she was wearing. He walked off the stage and towards his friend who was chatting with a few of the guys.

“Zarina, something’s different about you.” He said to her.

Zarina flashed her million dollar smile at him. “I just wanted to cut lose a bit, Oz.” She replied. “No need to be concerned but you do look kinda cute when you’re concerned. Too bad you’re with Willow otherwise...”

This is definitely not like her. Oz thought. I need to get her out of here and back to her house. Maybe Zatanna might know what’s wrong.

“I think I need to take you back to your house now.” Oz told her before one of the guys stood in front of him blocking his path.

“Why don’t you get back on stage, Osbourne, and leave the lady with us?” The guy asked demanding him with the tone of his voice.

“I don’t want to fight you but consider you’re referring to.” Oz replied. “Zarina isn’t in the right frame of mind to be out right now. You may not have to deal with an angry father at home if you have a little fun with her but what will be coming after you is a lot worse.”

“And what could be worse?” Asked another one of the guys.

“From what I hear, Batman and Zatanna were childhood friends.” Oz informed them. “Do you really want him coming after you?”

“Assuming there will be anything left when I get done with you.” Cyborg said from behind Oz.

Oz turned around a bit surprised that the Titan could have snuck up behind him like that but he was rather glad he did. A few pieces suddenly fell into place and Oz shook his head.

“Willow cast a spell, didn’t she?” Oz asked.

“Yah, we’re trying to gather the other personifications.” Cyborg said as Beast Boy shifted into a gorilla form to grab the personification. “I guess we can call this one Lust.”

“Mind if I head back to Zarina’s house?” Oz asked. “I want to help.”

“No problem.” Cyborg replied.

Starfire and Miss Martian flew over Sunnydale hoping to spot one of the personifications. Other than saving a few people from the vampires that seemed to be coming out of the woodwork, they weren’t having much luck.

“We are getting no where.” Miss Martian said. “The personifications could be anywhere.”

“Then, we will have to search everywhere.” Starfire responded.

“Was that a joke?” Miss Martian asked.

“Maybe.” Starfire replied.

It wasn’t long after that Miss Martian felt the most deepest feeling of sorrow that she had even thought possible. She looked over at Starfire.

“I think I might have found Sorrow.” Miss Martian informed Starfire.

They flew lower to find a blue-haired version of their friend sitting on a park bench. A group of people were starting to gather around her.

“Starfire, they’re vampires.” Miss Martian exclaimed. “I can’t read their thoughts.”

“Get away from our friend!” Starfire yelled hurling star bolts at the vampires. Even though not all of the star bolts hit the vampires, the solar energy that they were made of dusted them as quickly as if they had been teleported to the sun.

They landed next to the bench and saw the version of their friend had been crying heavily.

“Why did you even bother?” Sorrow asked them.

“Because you’re our friend.” Starfire replied. “We didn’t want you to get hurt.”

“But my oldest friend in the world hates me. She doesn’t think I deserve to live.” Sorrow told her. “What if she’s right? My existence has cost her only remaining childhood friend.”

Sorrow’s crying intensified and Miss Martian pulled her into a comforting hug. It seemed to help the personification of her friend’s innermost pain slightly but still she cried.

If I get the chance, this Willow girl will not like what I do to her. Miss Martian thought to herself.

Ravager followed on the ground as Blue Beetle and Static were in the air. According to a few more details they managed to get out of Cordelia, they should be in the area that the personification of Zarina’s rage should be.

“Dude, I really don’t like vampires. Ever since I encountered them in Dakota City, I’ve never left home without a stake.” Static exclaimed. “I’m just glad my powers still work on them like a human.”

“Hey, at least you’re not wigged out by magic unlike other people I know.” Blue Beetle said in reference to the scarab.

“Can it guys!” Ravager yelled at them. “I hear something.”

It sounded liked someone moaning in pain and soon they found out why. A young woman dressed in a style that bordered on gothic/slut was bleeding on the hood of a car. Wooden stakes had been driven into her major joints and she had been beaten severely. It reminded Ravager of something her father would have done had someone done something to either her or her brother.

“Damn, who did this to you?” Static asked her.

“Careful, my scanners aren’t picking up a heartbeat.” Blue Beetle informed his fellow Titan.

“Some redheaded bitch dressed like a fucking stage magician.” Sunday said. “I thought the Slayer was bad but she...just stake me please.”

Ravager pulled one of the stakes out and put the vampire out of her misery. She walked over to where Static and Blue Beetle had landed.

“Hey, you didn’t have to put the corpse out of its misery!” Rage yelled leaping out into the open.

“Look, Zarina.” Static said a little shocked by the red hair. “You’re under the influence of a spell that your friend, Willow, has cast.”

Blue Beetle and Ravager glared at Static trying to silently tell him to shut up about that part. Rage started to walk away from them.

“Where are you going?” Blue Beetle asked.

“I’m going to find Willow and wear her rib cage for a hat.” Rage said. “I think only Rose has a chance of stopping me though.”

Static tried to fire off a burst of electricity to stop her but Rage was able to dodge the blast and retaliated with a sphere of magically conjured water that she used to short out Static’s powers. Before Blue Beetle could react, a fireball was in Rage’s hand.

“Want a little fire, Scarecrow?” Rage asked knowing that the scarab was afraid of magic.

No one noticed the person who had snuck up behind her with a baseball bat and hit her in the back of the head with it. The three Titans were about to go defensive when they realized who it was.

“Faith, nice to see you again.” Ravager said.

“I’m just glad you managed to distract her so I could get the drop on her.” Faith replied. “Hey Sparky, you okay?”

“It’s Static.” Static snapped back a bit frustrated.

Buffy and Giles were spotted by the little girl before they spotted her. She began to shake her head.

“Buffy hates me.” She said running away from the two older people she knew.

Little Zarina ran into a building to hide from them. She didn’t want Buffy to find her. The blonde girl didn’t like her but Giles was okay for an old guy. Something fell in the building she was in and she realized why it had seemed deserted. Six vampires crawled out of the woodwork and walked towards her. She was wishing that her mother was here or Bruce or Diana. Even though she didn’t like Rachel, she’d welcome Rachel being here to help.

“I didn’t know there was delivery in this stinking town.” A male vampire said.

Little Zarina screamed and tried to run away but was grabbed by another of the vampires. The vampires began to push her around to one another laughing at the fear that they were feeling off the little girl.

“What do you say if I take the first taste?” One of the vampires asked.

The loud sound of shattering glass filled the building as someone leapt through one of the windows. Turning to face the intruder, Little Zarina recognized her raven-haired savior in an instant.

“Drusilla!” She exclaimed.

Drusilla glared at the vampires who were holding the little girl hostage. Forgoing her normal standard of attire, the vampire had chosen to wear a black body suit that would allow her to have maximum range of motion. A belt loaded with wooden stakes hung at her waist.

“Get away from her.” Drusilla ordered the vampires.

Defying her order, the vampires charged at her. Drusilla slammed a stake into the chest of the closet vampire to her as she dodged a haymaker punch from another. The vampire who had tried to throw the haymaker punch received a stake in the back for her trouble. With two of their number down, the vampires seemed to be a little hesitant about how sure their chances were. Drusilla didn’t give them much time to reflect as she rushed them. She threw a stake at one of the vampires only for the vampire, who looked like he might have been sired at Sturgis from his chosen apparel, to catch the stake.

“What are you going to do now, bitch?” He asked.

Drusilla didn’t reply verbally but instead grabbed the arm of the biker vampire. She broke the vampire’s arm and made him drive the very stake he held into his own chest causing him to explode into dust. One vampire decided to show some sense and run away while the last two tried to rush her from both sides. Drusilla pulled out a pair of stakes, twirled them in her hands, and slammed the stakes into their chests when they came close enough. Dusting off her hands, Drusilla walked over to the little girl who smiled up at her.

“Thank you, Dru.” Little Zarina said.

“I was glad to be able to help you, Kitten.” Drusilla replied. “What are you doing out here all alone?”

“Well, I don’t know.” Little Zarina replied. “I just found myself in a playground and I tried to walk home but I got lost and I didn’t know where I was. Then, I saw Buffy walking around but I couldn’t ask her for help because she hates me.”

Little Zarina began to cry heavily and Drusilla embraced the girl in an effort to calm her down.

“Don’t be sad, I’m here now.” She said softly. “I’m going to take you to see your mummy.”

Drusilla noticed that Little Zarina had somehow fallen asleep and smiled. She picked Little Zarina up into her arms and walked out of the building. As she began to walk in the direction of Zarina’s home, she remembered how she came to this point.

She had broken up with Spike soon after the conversation she had with Zarina. Her childe had came home drunk again and she simply couldn’t forgive him for that. The visions she had been having were confusing her. Some of the visions she had been having were of her back in Sunnydale helping Zarina while others have been of her helping the bat who liked to spread fear into his adversaries. She had been wanting to help Zarina more but knew that without a soul, she wouldn’t be trusted.

This is what had led her to Madam Xandu. It had not been an easy journey but she had managed it. The old woman didn’t seem surprised that she had come and had even invited her inside.

I know why you have come, Drusilla.” Madam Xandu informed her. “I find your concern for my goddaughter rather sincere.”

Can it be done, Madam?” Drusilla asked. “I really want to help her. I want to be good but I don’t have the cricket in my head like others do.”

I understand, Drusilla.” Madam Xandu replied. “Yes, it can be done but the spell I intend to do will not only restore your soul but your sanity as well. Are you prepared for that?”

Yes.” Drusilla said. “I want to be a good girl again.”

A week later, Drusilla was almost wishing that she hadn’t gone through with the ritual. The first thing she had done when the ritual was complete was to vomit which had surprised her as she didn’t think she was still able to do. Xandu had been kind enough to help her through the grief she was feeling as she remembered what she had done in the past otherwise it may have taken longer for her to adjust to her newly returned sanity and soul.

Then, she had a vision of Little Zarina inside the vampire nest.

Buffy was thankful that she had been allowed inside Zarina’s home after everything that had happened. She was slightly awed at the number of heroes she had seen in the house but she was also greatly concerned for what might happen to Willow. Her friend was in trouble for casting a dangerous spell and she seemed powerless to do anything about it.

“Hey, Wonder Girl.” Lust said. “Remember that party on Themyscira, I think I still have rope burns from your lasso from when you tied me up. Do you have any reminders from when I tied you up.”

Blue Beetle laughed. “That has to be an effect of the spell.” He said trying to reason what he was hearing only to get nudged by Static when the Bang-Baby noticed the demigodess blush.

The realization left everyone in the room speechless except for Lust who was snickering about it. Finally, Wonder Girl spoke out in her defense.

“We were both a bit drunk.” Wonder Girl said. “Besides, what else do you think happens at a Themysciran party? Men aren’t allowed on the island.”

Before anyone could answer, a knock could be heard on the front door and Oz answered the door. The native Sunnydale residents were stunned when Drusilla walked right into the living room seemingly without being invited in like was normal for a vampire or teleported in like they had been in order for the house to recognize them as welcome guests. Buffy reached for a stake but her hand was stayed by Giles who pointed to the small child that Drusilla was holding out to Zatanna.

“I’ve brought this sweet little girl home to her mummy.” Drusilla said to the magician.

“Thank you.” Zatanna replied happy that not only would her daughter would survive this but also that she got to chance, in a way, to hold her little girl when she was younger.

“Giles, how did she get in here?” Buffy asked. “Vampires need an invitation to be let in.”

Before Giles could respond, Zatanna responded. “I heard Madam Xandu had placed a soul back into a vampire; I didn’t realize it was you.” She said to Drusilla. “The house’s wards must have recognized Zarina’s godmother’s magic on you and let you in because of it.”

“I had a vision that someone would try to make Kitten like Humpty Dumpty.” Drusilla said. “Hopefully, we shall prove better than the king’s horses and his men when Zarina is put back together again.”

It was a couple of hours later when Doctor Fate led Zarina out to them. After everyone except for one redheaded witch expressed their relief that she was alright, Doctor Fate turned to face Willow.

“Ordinarily, I would turn you over to the Shadowpact for what you have done where you would be more than likely locked away in prison for a very long time.” Doctor Fate told her.

“But, I asked him to show mercy.” Zarina added though a bit weakly.

Willow’s shock was clearly visible on her face as she realized that the one person she had hurt the most because of what she had done was asking for mercy to be granted on her behalf. Doctor Fate nodded acknowledging Zarina’s request and Willow also saw the new principal nod as well.

“Therefore, I hereby bind your powers and release you under the guidance of Jason Blood who will teach you how to properly use your magic. He will be able to unbind and bind your power while he is personally training you.” Doctor Fate said as Willow noticed an ankh made of white light appear on her before fading as quickly as it was formed. “Once he is satisfied, your powers will be restored to you fully and completely. Do you understand, Miss Rosenberg?”

Willow nodded. “I do.” She said.

“Go, I shall be leaving. Good night to you all.” Doctor Fate said teleporting himself away.

Zatanna led her daughter back to her room as another knock could be heard on the front door. Faith opened the door this time to see the Watcher she had seen in the library when she had been sneaking a peek to see if Zarina was there. The Watcher smiled.

“Ah, Faith, I’m glad to finally meet you. I’m Wesley Wyndham-Price, your new Watcher.” He said greeting her.

Faith shook her head. “I don’t think so, Wussley.” She said. “I ain’t taking orders from you. Besides, last person that claimed to be my new Watcher was a twisted little freak bitch that I beheaded.”

“Faith, I have been well informed of that particular incident and rest assured, I am not evil and am really your Watcher.” Wesley replied with a hint of resentment in his voice.

Faith smiled as a plan formed in her mind. “So, you must be a pretty good Watcher.” She said.

“I was not only top of my class at the Academy but I was also Head Boy.” He replied.

Suppressing a laugh, she replied. “Okay, let’s make a deal.” She gestured for him to come inside. “If you can come inside, I’ll be the most obedient Slayer you’ve ever seen.”

“Very good, Faith.” Wesley said.

Wesley smiled and took a step forward only to feel as though he had just walked into an invisible wall. He seemed taken aback by it and Faith laughed.

“Well, I guess I don’t have to listen to you then.” Faith said. “Have a nice night.”

Blood dripped from the eyes of the guards who had been tasked with transporting the metahuman criminal. Harmony took the keys off the driver and unlocked the back door of the transport van. She saw Larry glare at her intently.

“Is that anyway to treat your new boss, Killswitch?” She asked.

Killswitch smiled. “Finally, someone figures it out.” He exclaimed.

Mr. Trick heard the knock on the Mayor’s office door and opened the door only to have a stake to be thrust into his heart. Wilkins smiled when he saw the dark haired teenage boy enter the office. He recognized who the boy was suppose to look like and stood up.

“Alexander Harris, what can I do for you?” He asked.

The boy smiled back at him that Mayor Wilkins would have sworn that the smile would have been right at home on the face of the Joker.

“I understand you have a job opening.” He replied. “Oh, please call me Alpha.”

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