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A Little DiNozzo

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Summary: Tony's a Father. He's playing the hero the first time they meet. That has to be good, right?

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Tony wasn’t sure what to expect when he shuffled into the infirmary to check on Anya, baby Gretchen, and Faith but Buffy launching herself at him and giving him the fiercest kiss of his life wasn’t it.

She pulled back with her eyes closed and smiled before looking up at him. “Just wanted to make sure, you know?”

Her family and his friends were hooting but he bent her backwards and kissed her, old Hollywood style. They were going to make something of this weird thing they were creating. Her people were the Council and he was sure he could commute via portal if that was his thing. His son would know him and he’d always be there.

They pulled apart in time to see Dawn stumble, flail a little, and land in McGee’s lap. Their eyes met, they both blushed and started to babble apologies but she didn’t move to get up and he didn’t move to let go of the butt cheek he’d caught her by.

Tony snickered, pulling Buffy into him. He was sort of glad their conclusion had been evident from the start. They’d been awkward but they’d known they had the ability to make something magical.

Speaking of, Lee jumped up from where he’d been sitting beside Faith into Rona’s arms, babbling a mile a minute about childbirth and squeamish werewolves.

“He knew her,” Buffy murmured, turning into him. Her eyes were worried as they looked up at him, more about his reaction than Lee’s possible gifts. “When he first saw her, said, ‘Yo, Aunt F, nice to see you,’ and that’s exactly like what Faith would say. He knew her.”

Tony just shrugged. He was getting sort of used to rolling with their weird. “He might just be like Xander that way, very intuitive.”

Buffy blushed fire engine red and buried her face in his chest. “Don’t, ah, don’t talk to Xander for a little while. He’s having notions.”

Tony felt the intrigue rise and nudged her face up so he could look into her eyes. “What kind of notion?”

She swallowed and whispered, “He says I should have a girl, too.”

Tony’s belly rolled over but he bent down and gave her a light, hesitant kiss, then murmured into the silky skin of her cheek, “Maybe. Some day.”

Buffy grinned, then snuggled into him. They were going to make it and they were going to create their own little family. And perfect, between her gifts and his work, was just out of reach, but they could get pretty damn close.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Little DiNozzo". This story is complete.

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