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Blue Skies

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Summary: Sex could do anything. Show Love. Cause Hurt. Heal. Add Magic and all bets were off.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Multiple PairingstootsFR211010,41931215,01014 Jun 094 Dec 09Yes

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Party Favors

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Angel. That’s Joss Whedon.

Author’s Note/Warning: There’s SEX herein, in all sorts of kinky flavors. If that’s not what you’re looking for, go back.

“I’m bored,” Faith hissed out of the corner f her mouth. He didn’t say anything but the hard clench of his jaw said he’d heard her. Just like he’d heard her the first dozen times. “Xan, I’m bored.”

And there was the snap she’d been waiting for. His gaze slowly slid from the milling crowd to drag up her black silk-clad form. She was kind of glad now that Giles had asked the both of them to stay to the edges of the crowd, Faith too vulgar and tell-it-like-it-is and Xander too socially awkward to handle the precarious glad handing that was going on.

If they’d been in the middle of the party, someone would have noticed them slipping away and they’d have been dubbed a couple. They weren’t. Faith might come to Xander because she knew him, something that’d become important after Woods’s death, and Xander might come to her because most women couldn’t see past the superficial to the awesome guy he was underneath but they weren’t exclusive. Faith had caught him with Chao-Ahn just yesterday. Girl was quiet as a church mouse unless she was getting her jollies. Then she was a screamer.

Xander nudged her into the bathroom that was still closed for maintenance, locking the door and turning on the light. Then he crowded her back into the sink, bending at the knee and lifting her by her hips until she was perched on the edge.

“Clothes have to stay on,” he murmured between kisses.

“Not all of them,” she said, wrapping a leg around his hip and grinding her pelvis into his.

She groaned when his teeth lightly grazed her throat and his broad hands smoothed up her legs, calluses catching against the fine silk of her dress. She didn’t know couture from a hole in the ground but G-Man had excellent taste for an old English guy. Her body jerked as his hand balled in her flimsy panties and yanked, tearing them. They’d been soaking from the time she’d first seen him in his tux. Xander cleaned up nice.

That was the game they played, carefully hidden from the government officials and allies against the Dark that regularly trickled through the Council. There weren’t any losers, just needs met with a friendly, familiar person. Nobody complained about how anybody got their jollies and if they did, they were shipped out of the Council proper quick, fast, and in a hurry.

Her breasts popped free of their restraints at his insistent tugging as her hands pulled his cock out, pulling and tugging until he was panting, “Faith, Faith.”

She lined him up and arched at the pressure of his entering her.

“So tight,” he hissed, burying his face in her cleavage. “So good.”

She ran her hands up his dress shirt, digging her nails in as he started to thrust home and mouth at the flesh of her breast. As long as no one else could see them, they could mark each other as they saw fit. Xander liked marks from pain to mix with his pleasure and there was just something about biting that got a Slayer off.

When the waves crashed over her, she dragged her nails down his back, bloody furrows following in their wake, and he bore down on the flesh between his teeth as he toppled over the edge, too.

It was fortunate that they were wearing dark clothes because they were both going to be a little more bloody than when they started.

Xander levied himself off her, stilling the hands that were reaching down to cover her. He rubbed a calloused thumb hard against her clit and she jerked, gasping.

“Xan,” she said, as much warning as pleasure packed into the word. They’d been gone long enough for someone to notice.

His dark eye smiled down at her and she clenched around the finger he slid into her. She let him bring her off, knowing he liked to watch almost as much as he liked doing. Then he gently set them to rights, careful that no visible hint would clue anyone into what they’d been doing.

Of course,’ she thought, smirking when they opened the door to find Connor leaning against the wall. With the right senses, they probably smelled like sex fiends.

Connor’s blue eyes dilated until they were nearly black. He pressed speed dial on the phone clenched in his hand, watching avidly as Xander curled into her from behind, smiling face pressing into her neck, one hand spread across her stomach and the other inching up her skirt. “Hey, Dawn,” he said, a little catch when she arched against Xander’s lightly pressing hand. “I can’t find them. I think they’ve slipped out for a patrol.”

He hung up on Dawn’s babbling and swallowed.

“Look who just covered for us,” Faith rasped, voice heavy with sex and satisfaction.

Xander’s hand slid up and into her bodice as he said, “Maybe he wants to come patrol with us.”

Faith smiled and nearly purred. “He definitely wants to come with us.”

Xander twisted her nipple and Faith stifled a cry. “Connor, do you wanna come with us?”

Faith felt a little sorry for the kid. She knew what it was like to be pinned with that dark brown eye. Connor managed to gurgle something and jerk his head, though. That was promising.

“Good,” Xander mumbled and pulled away from Faith, catching her hand and balling a hand in Connor’s shirt. “Let’s go patrol.”

Faith grinned. Doing it in graveyards was better than doing it in bathrooms.
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