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Xander, The Raven

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Summary: YAHF Crossover with the Ravirn series by Kelly McCullough. What's a newly created chaos god to do?

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Literature > FantasyOdinMageFR181838092,06014 Jun 0914 Jun 09No
Disclaimer: I don't own any part of the Buffyverse, nor do I own anything that sprang from Kelly McCullough's head, like the Ravirn series.

Shaking his head to clear it from the transition between pantheoverse’s, a tall, lean, toned young man with pointed ears and cat-slit eyes called out, “Mel why didn’t we end up in the abacus room? Where are we? Can you hook up to the mweb and find out what DecLocus we’re in?”

After waiting a moment and getting no response the man pulled off his backpack and reached in to pull out his laptop. What he pulled out instead was a bald, slightly wrinkled, blue... thing of some sort that had a dazed look on its face.

“Uh, Boss... I think we might have a problem,” the blue thing spoke, as its eyes suddenly cleared.

“What now, Mel? And I’ve told you not to call me that anymore; we’re partners now, remember?”

Seemingly without having heard the man, the blue creature spoke again, “We didn’t make it home, boss. And the mweb here is just... you wouldn’t believe it. There’s the FateCore and Zeus’ servers, and I’m assuming Discord’s servers like normal... but I can also detect MimirNet, and several other servers I’ve never heard of before. It’s like... it’s like...”

Suddenly, from behind the young man, out of view of the blue creature, a new voice spoke, “It’s like all the pantheon’s exist together in one world.”

The young man swiftly turned around drawing a sword as he did. Well, part of a sword. Occam had once been a masterpiece, but now all that remained was a few inches of blade past the hilt. Still, the young man held it up, ready to defend himself and his familiar if necessary. The man who had just intruded on their conversation was obviously, at least to the young man and the blue creature with him, a god. The man’s face was constantly changing, second to second, but he didn’t seem threatening. Finally the man spoke again.

“My name is Janus, and I’m not here to hurt you Ravirn, nor you Melchior, so you can put... that away.” Smiling, Janus slowly circled the pair, seeming to look them over, before sitting in a chair that hadn’t been there until he sat. “Have a seat, I think we have some things to discuss,” and with a wave of his hand, two more seats appeared, of appropriate size for the man and his webgoblin.

“Janus... like the Roman god Janus, the one who died 900 years or so ago when he pissed off Aunt Atropos?” spoke Ravirn, slowly taking his seat, and motioning for Melchior to do the same. He remained tensed, ready to move, but things didn’t seem threatening yet.

The god laughed, an odd sound coming from so many faces, so many voices, “One and the same, sort of.” Saying this the god laughed again, at his own little joke. “You see, unlike what you’ve been told,” the god thought about the series of books Xander Harris had chosen his Halloween costume from, “the first split wasn’t into separate pantheoverse’s and then separate Decision Locus’s from there. No, the first split occurred during that original choice... choose to keep the pantheon’s in the same universe, or to split them off into their own universes.”

For a minute, no one spoke, then finally Ravirn grumbled, “Oh, shit.”

“Boss, why do I hang around with you again? I mean you’re always getting into trouble, we spend most of our time running in fear and most of the rest certain that we’re going to die, and then you do something like this!”

“How is this my fault!? Odin was the one sending us home, how could I know he’d screw up so badly?”

Janus smiled and listened as the other two bickered back and forth for a few minutes before interrupting, “Children... children! Ah, better. Now, you’ll be happy to know that you did end up back in your own pantheoverse. The reason you’re here now is because a follower of mine called upon me through a spell to imbue the Halloween costumes he’d sold with chaos magic. You aren’t you. In this particular branch of reality, there is a lovely series of books about Ravirn the Raven and his webgoblin Melchior. A series that the body you wear has enjoyed reading enough to dress as you this Halloween. Once the spell is ended the boy will be Alexander Harris again, and you will be a child’s costume stuffed and poorly sewn,” saying this last, Janus motioned towards the blue webgoblin before standing. “Well, that’s my bit done, common courtesy one chaos god to another, bye for now.”

Just as both Ravirn and Melchior were opening their mouths to spew out a plethora of questions, Janus disappeared... and so did the chairs. Getting to his feet and grumbling about chaos gods and higher powers messing with his life yet again, Ravirn looked up in time to see a redhaired girl dressed in ‘sexy slut’ run through Melchior.

“Xander, finally! I’ve been looking everywhere for you, there’s something wrong; we have to find Buffy!”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander, The Raven" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Jun 09.

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