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The Devils you Know

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Summary: Again the fate of the world rests on Buffy and gangs shoulders, but this time it is not there world.

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Chapter Three - Jenova

Disclaimer: Own the plot and some of the terms but other than that I own nothing.

Note: I do want to say thanks to all of you readers, you are my inspiration. Next this is sort of a long chapter sorry. And finally, I apologize that there is not much action yet, this story is taking longer than I thought LOL. But otherwise as always Enjoy.


Chapter 3 – Jenova

(Buffy POV)

Aeris led us through what looked like a slum. Garbage was piled up along the walls, the smell was horrible, and people here looked like they had never heard of a bath.

Xander, who had no idea of what subtle meant, put my thoughts to words. “What happened here, this place is disgusting.”

“Shinra.” was the only thing Aeris said.

“Where are you taking us, Aeris?” I asked quickly.

“To meet my friends, the ones that will fight beside you.”

“Fight what?” Willow asked quietly, the first thing since our arrival.

“Everything will be explained there, I promise.” Aeris replied. For a moment she paused, standing still as a statue looking at the sky. “Are you sure. You know how they will react.” she said to the air, and again I had to question her sanity.

“Who...” Dawn started to ask, but I stopped her. Sane or not, I did not think that this was a conversation to interupt.

***** ***** *****

It did not take us long to reach our destination. The building Aeris was a bar named 'Seventh Heaven', I did not think it fit that name. But then again who was I to judge.

“Come on they are inside.” Aeris motioned us forward.

“Are you not joining us?” Giles questioned.

“I will be right behind you. But I can tell you that they will be confused at seeing me again.” For a moment she looked uncomfortable. Then together we made are way inside.

The air inside was cooler, and a lot more pleasant to smell. Behind the bar, a young woman cleaned glasses with her back to the door. My first thought was that stance was not safe, but again she was not me. Aeris had told us about her friends, this one had long brown hair cascading down her back, and what looked like a boxers build. I guessed that she was Tifa, their hand to hand expert. I remembered Aeris saying that she worked for a rebel group called AVALANCHE.
“I will be with you in one moment.” Tifa said with a melodic voice.

“Take your time.” I replied.

Finally, Tifa appeared to have finished cleaning the glasses. Slowly she turned around. “How can I help...” Suddenly she stopped talking, surprise and confusion passed over her face. “Aeris, how did you get here. Wait, one sec. CLOUD, BARRETT!” she yelled up the stairs.

I could hear loud steps coming down the stairs. Looking around I saw the gang get into defensive positions around the room. Willow and Dawn stepped back by the door, probably getting ready with the magical defenses. Xander crouched by the wall, no doubt waiting to tackle the first opponent if this all went south. Giles stayed still, appearing calm. But I knew him better than that, more than likely he was thinking of strategies to help us through this. I felt my muscle start to bunch just in case. And Aeris was still standing by the door, looking completely at ease.

A man with blonde hair, who must have been Cloud, came into the room with what must have been the biggest sword ever created on his back. Following right behind him was the black man equivalent of a tank. Huge muscles bulged in his arms as he crossed them over his massive chest. Apparently he was the leader of AVALANCHE, Barrett. “Whats going on Tifa?” Cloud asked in a quiet voice.

“We have visitors.”

His head swung around, glancing over all of us, but when he got to Aeris he froze. I thought to myself that these people could stop moving almost as well as a vampire.

“Aeris..?” The question came out so quiet that if it was not for my slayer hearing I was sure that I would have missed it.

“Girl, is that really you?” Barrett asked, his voice had so much bass that it sounded like gravel.

“Yes guys I am actually here.” was her soft reply. Slowly she moved forward, closer to them. Almost instantly, Tifa had crossed the room to her, Barrett not far behind her. Arms flew and tears were shed.

“How did you come back to us?” Cloud asked, seeming to have gotten his cool again.

“The ascended ones brought me back to help and guide this group through our world.” For a moment, Aeris looked uncomfortable. I could understand that, after all I had died and came back.... Twice.

“They were sent here to help us battle Jenova.” So that was what we were up against. At the name 'Jenova', I saw Giles' head snap up and his eyes went wide.

Slowly I moved over to him. “What is it Giles.” I asked quietly, trying not to interrupt the reunion. Xander, Willow and Dawn joined us.

“That name 'Jenova', I know it. I mean I know what it means.” His response sounded a little winded but still it could be heard.

“You know of Jenova?” This came from the local crowd.

“Yes, but before we get into this conversation. Could I get some tea please, if you have any.”

***** ***** *****

(Clouds POV)

While Tifa was getting the tea, everyone sat at the largest table. Barrett walked to the window and flipped the sign to closed.

“Before we start talking about Jenova, maybe we should introduce ourselves. My name is Cloud Strife.” I looked at Barrett, urging him to also give his name.

“Barrett” Was the only response my look got. I could understand how he felt, even I was not sure if we could trust them, but they did come with Aeris.

The blonde one seemed to be the leader of their group. As she stood up, I noticed that she was not much shorter than Tifa. Her hair was a darker shade than mine was, and her eyes looked haunted. I was glad to see that all of them appeared to be in battle shape.

“My name is Buffy Summers.” She pointed at the young brunette. “This is my sister Dawn.”

The young man with the eye patch stood up next. I could tell that he was one of their fighters by his bulky build. Although I did not know if he was good or not, I could sense a confidence that came with a lot of experience. “I'm Xander.”

“Rupert Giles.” He never left his seat, sitting there cleaning his glasses. If I had to guess, he was their scholar.

Next the red head stood. She had a slender build, not that of a fighter. Her face was that of an innocent, I could not understand why they would allow such a person to fight with them. “I am Willow.” Finally her eyes met mine, and I saw a shimmer behind her green eyes. I could not tell what that it was, but I was sure now that she was not innocent or defenseless. In my opinion, she would be the most powerful, and most dangerous.

“Tifa here.” Tifa came back with a tray with cups and a large pot. “Please enjoy.”

After everyone got a cup, and found comfortable spots, we all looked at Giles. “Now Giles, tell us what you know.” Dawn said before taking a drink.

For a moment he looked at his companions with sorrow. “Well, the name Jenova also has another pronunciation, which is Je' Tona. These words are from an ancient demon dialect called Min' Tev, this language dates back to the times of the Old Ones. They...” Giles started. I was right, this guy was a book.

“Giles, get to the point.” The look that Giles gave Buffy was a dirty one for sure. Again he started cleaning his glasses. I noticed that he did that whenever he was uncomfortable or angry.

“Well since you asked politely Buffy. Je' Tona or Jenova means One Evil. But we all know it as the First.”

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "The Devils you Know" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Jun 09.

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