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The Devils you Know

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Summary: Again the fate of the world rests on Buffy and gangs shoulders, but this time it is not there world.

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Chapter One - Arrival

Hey all, i am new at this, and would love if you would reveiw. Also i am looking for beta readers. Please enjoy.


Disclaimer: I do not own and never will, the characters from BTVS which belong to JossWhedon, or the characters of Final Fantasy 7 which belong to Square Soft.

“Willow, now!” Buffy yelled acrossed the room. Blood was gushing out of the wound on her leg, already she could feel her slayer healing her. As she heard Willow start to chant, she dived forward catching the demon's leg and holding it as long as she could while the spell was being cast. Suddenly she was flying, all she could think was “not again”. Buffy could feel her shoulder break when she connected with the wall, the sudden pain causing a moment of dizziness and everything went black.

As her sight finally started to return, she looked around at the destruction in the room, tears welling in her eyes. To her left was what was left of Xander, the demon had grabbed him first after throwing her into the wall, it ripped his body apart piece by piece, he never had a chance.

Next was Giles, he had tried to save Xander, the demon had reared back and connected with a massive fist. Giles neck snapped when he landed.

The next one to go was the hardest for her to deal with, the next victim was Dawn. She was trying to help Willow with the binding spell when suddenly the demon grabbed her leg and raised her up, so she was equal with it's head. Buffy lauched herself at the beast but was to late.

Finally Buffy was able to return to her feet. She saw the demon, it was standing over Willow, one clawed arm raised high for the fatal strike. All she could do was watch as her best friend was killed right before her. A scream bubbled up from her chest, a scream of pure rage and loss. With out realizing what she was doing, she rushed at the demon still screaming.

Suddenly there was nothing, Buffy looked around. There was nothing around her, just bright white light. “Maybe Willows spell worked and I got caught in it” she thought to herself. What ever had happened she knew that she was not alone. She touched her shoulder, and felt no pain. “Well that's good”

“Slayer, you have been called her to continue your destiny.” Booming voices rang around her from all sides.

“What do you mean, where am I.” Buffy replied.

“There is a world that is in need of your help. You must travel there and destroy the evil that resides there just as you have in your own dimension.” Again the voices surrounded her.

“Are you the Powers that Be?” Buffy questioned, still feeling the hurt of losing her friends.

“That is what some call us.” replied the Powers.

“Then you can take your destiny and shove it, I just lost all my friends and my sister in a battle that you sent us on.” Hate was the only emotion that was working for Buffy right now, and she was going to us it.

“You chose to take them with you, do not blame us for your foolishness.” the Powers voices were calm and that angered her even more.

“I will not go without them, so either you bring them back or find yourself another slayer.” she yelled back, not knowing what they were going to do. For a while there was no sound except that of her own breathing. Buffy got the feeling that the PTB where discussing this turn with themselves.

Finally the Powers spoke again, “This crisis is dire. We do not have the time to deal with these problems. As you have said, you will not be continuing without them.”

Just as suddenly as she had appeared it the white, Buffy found herself in a more real setting. Tall buildings surrounded the area. Green light was coming from the tallest structures. Instantly the whole conversation with the PTB came back to her. Looking around she saw all her friends, and they were alive.

“Where are we.” Willow asked

“No idea, but the Powers said that I was to continue my destiny here.” Buffy replied before rushing over to hug not only Willow, but the rest of the Scooby gang also. So caught up in emotions, none of them noticed the young girl that walked up behind them.

Softly the girl spoke “Welcome to Midgard, I am Aeris.”
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