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What Not To Do On A Rainy Day

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Rainy Days". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: AU y'all!! Sunnydale is gone! Their past is behind them. A wish foolishly made, granted to honor a lost friend, and life begins anew

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Television > Burn NoticeArjaiHFR1311,572062,02616 Jun 0916 Jun 09Yes
What Not To Do On A Rainy Day

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The characters from BTVS belong to Joss Whedon. I don’t own the other characters either but they are a surprise.

What I've got they used to call the blues
Nothin' is really wrong
Feelin' like I don't belong
Walkin' around
Some kind of lonely clown
Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down.

Song: Rainy Days and Mondays Artists: The Carpenters


What Not To Do On A Rainy Day

Giles pulled the bus into the motel parking lot. Sunnydale was well and truly behind them, in fact California was too…and Nevada, and Oregon. They had crossed the border into Washington State twenty minutes ago, and predictably it was raining.

Giles was exhausted, Xander was exhausted, Willow was exhausted, and nobody wanted Buffy to drive, so they decided to stop for the night. Robin ha been dropped off at a hospital in L.A., and Faith had decided to stay with him. The baby slayers were going to stay at the Hyperion once they found out that Spike, and Illyria-Fred had survived. When Spike apparently burned up in the Hellmouth he had actually reappeared at Angel's side to help out there. Angel had disappeared and was presumed dead. They all mourned Wesley and Gunn. Buffy and Willow mourned Angel. Buffy, Xander, Giles, and Willow decide to press on to Seattle, and call for most of the baby slayers to meet them later. Some would stay in L.A. with Faith for now.

Dawn had been bored for days…hyper, but bored. Buffy was tired of trying to entertain her

“Rain, rain go away come again some other day, little Dawnie wants to play…How damned far is Cleveland from here,” the former Key snarled.

“Once we get to Seattle we can fly there in a day, unless we have a layover someplace.” Buffy answered for the third time today. “We’re flying non-stop and it will take about seven hours, and before you ask, it’s going to cost fourteen hundred and five dollars plus tax. Yes, Giles cleaned out his bank account, Anya gave her cash to him to hold, Xander cleaned out his bank account, so did Willow, I’ve got the money we had, what little there was, and Spike gave Giles twelve thousand he had hidden someplace, and a diamond the size of an extra large egg!”

“Did we book a car in Cleveland, where are we gonna stay, huh, where,” Dawn whined, “are we gonna be homeless?”

“Giles booked an SUV, and though Giles didn’t like it, Willow found a Bahamian bank account that that bastard Travers set up with what he was skimming from Council Funds, she witchily hacked into it and transferred the money to a new one set up for Rupert Giles, and Elizabeth Summers. So we have about one hundred and seventy-six million Pounds Sterling. That is currently two hundred, eighty nine million, eight hundred fifty three thousand, seven hundred eighty dollars, and thirty nine cents! You Willow, and I are sharing the Presidential Suite, and Giles, and Xander are sharing a Junior Presidential Suite. We are also negotiating for a huge former seminary Xander’s going to over see the renovations, so no more questions? Good!” Buffy smirked at her sister.

“You, you, you…you treat Willow more like a sister than you treat me," Dawn accused.

“No I don’t Dawn,”Buffy sounded hurt. “Sure I love Willow ‘like’ a sister, and for that matter Xander ‘like’ a brother, but you ARE my sister, and I would die for you…again!”

Dawn saw the tears in her sister’s eyes, and burst out bawling. She threw her arms around her sister’s shoulders, and said, “I love you too Buffy,” then fatefully she added, “I wish we were all sisters, and Xander was our brother!”

Buffy looked at Dawn in horror, and Dawn threw her hand over her mouth her eyes wide.

Outside standing in the rain, a miserable vengeance demon, a friend of the late Anyanka, granted the wish, though it wasn’t strictly a vengeance wish, and wouldn’t TRULY harm any of the recipients. “Granted, may it bring you happiness, in her memory!”

Ahh but things rarely work out the way we want them too no matter what our intentions. Call it fate, destiny, the Powers-That-Be (Vindictive), whatever, things often get twisted so that what is really good can also be bad. In other words life sucks then you die!


Seven year old Xander woke up cranky. This was unusual for the boy, but he had gotten to bed late, and he hadn’t slept very well. Mom told him that no matter how hard he tried he could never be a ‘Ternimator’, like the cool guy in the movie on TV he saw last night. His five year old sisters Buffy and Willow could be what they wanted, but not him?

*Why not huh, huh. Buffy wants to be a figure skater, or a ballerina, or a spy, or a drug store clerk…it changes a lot. Willow wants be a computer person, or a teacher, or a ‘splosive espert, or a ‘libarian’. I want to be a ‘Ternimator’, or Batman, or something cool like that, but Daddy wants me to do what he and Mommy do, and that I’ll really like it when I get older, whenever that’s gonna be! Daddy always says that three year old Dawnie’s gonna be a stripper cause she likes to dance around the living room in her underwear! Mom always smacks him in the arm when he says it but I know she’s kidding, cause Daddy smiles and kisses her every time. Mom can hit real hard when she wants to.*

He shrugged on his tee-shirt, and pulled on his jeans. Then tying his shoes he had a thought, he was going to ask Daddy what his job was! If it was cool he’d think about doing it, if not he could always run away and become a ‘Ternimator’ or a Batman guy anyway! Then as quick as a wink Xander’s mind went to another place and he decided that it was time for the family to get a pet, a dog maybe, or a cat, or maybe a ‘rhinocewurst’, or a ‘hippoposthumous’! Yeah, he decided that would be fun!

Buffy was lying in bed with her eyes closed pretending to sleep. Her sister, who she loved lots, and was her bestest playmate, and who she really loved even more than chocolate fudge, coco-berry swirl ice cream, was on the top bunk babbling about Mommy taking them to the museum today and maybe to the library and maybe the Army Surplus Store, if they were good, and on and on. She really loved her sister, and she hoped Mommy and Daddy would understand if she had to kill her to shut her up!

Dawnie slept peacefully between Mommy and Daddy in their king sized bed. She had crawled in around midnight because she had a bad dream about a man who had a bumpy face, and yellow eyes chasing her. Mommy had dried her tears, and held her close until she fell back to sleep. She knew that Mommy and Daddy would beat the man up if he tried to hurt her now.

Michael got up first and made chocolate chips pancakes with strawberry syrup for everyone and Xander helped him, just like always. Xander decided that even if Daddy did have a boring job, he’d do the same thing just cause Daddy was special!

Michael fielded a good morning kiss from his darling wife just as the phone rang.

Xander grabbed the phone first.

“Morning Grandma,” he said, then “Daddy its Grandma Madie. Uncle Nate is in trouble again.”

Daddy took the phone, “What now Ma…he what…no ma…I won’t…of course Ma…of course…twenty minutes…Ma twenty minutes…we are feeding the kids breakfast…Twenty Minutes Ma, I Promise, Goodbye!”

Daddy dialed the phone, “Yeah Sam look Ma’s got a crisis with Nate again…yeah I know what time it is…I’m feeding the kids breakfast, go over and hold her off until we finish…Yeah, lunch is on me…pick up some breakfast for you and Ma and I’ll pay you when we get there...Ok, bye Sam.”

“Fi we’re going to Ma’s right after breakfast. Dawnie we do not put ketchup on pancakes,” Michael scolded but softened it by smiling at his youngest.

Fiona smiled to herself it wasn’t that long ago the she hoped that Michael and her could get together. Now they had four kids and a house in suburban Miami. What’s more Michael was no longer burned. They freelanced for all of the government agencies, and got paid very well indeed. Life was very good.
Willow would do very well with computer hacking, she'd already hacke into her preschool database and explosives! She already loved to make things go ‘BOOM’!
Buffy was her acrobat, she was so graceful and probably would make a great assassin.
Xander was so like Michael it was amazing he was even learning how to mimic accents and the boy could shoot extremely well for a kid his age. Dawnie was a wild card she may be a good spy, or and exotic dancer. Ahh, yes life was good, very good indeed.


NOTE: Of course ‘Daddy’ Michael, Westen, ‘Mommy’ Fiona Glenanne, ‘Uncle’ Nate, and ‘Grandma’ Madeline Westen, and ‘Uncle’ Sam Axe, are from “Burn Notice” owned by the USA Network.

The End

You have reached the end of "What Not To Do On A Rainy Day". This story is complete.

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