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Chaotic Intervention

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Summary: Eris the Goddess of Strife decides to interfere with the First's plans for the Slayer.

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Marvel Universe > GeneraljormunguardFR13714,21816121,29717 Jun 0910 Aug 09No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

The Vineyard

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I own nothing but the storyline. The wonderful characters are either owned by Joss Whedon or Marvel Comics.

Note: This fight still isn't exactly as I wanted it but I figured its been a while since I posted for this story so I needed to get something up. I hope you enjoy.


Spike silently led them through the dark woods. He looked over at the others as they moved through the woods beside him and a slight smirk came to his lips. He had originally decided on this plan to see how the changes caused by the spell effected them. Faith was just as impressive as she had been as a slayer, but he real surprise came from watching Xander. He had never been truly impressed with Xander in all of his meetings with him. Grudgingly he would admit that the kid had balls, hell any kid that could face down Angelus with nothing but guts to back him up, deserved some credit. Unfortunately, for every great action the kid did he would do something incredibly stupid such as summoning Sweet. Now however, as Spike looked over at him he could see the definite improvements in the boy. Where he used to be somewhat clumsy and extremely noisy when out on patrol, now tho if Spike hadn't known where to look he would never have known the kid was there.

'This is definitely going to be fun,' he thought.

Spike crouched down in the shadows at the edge of the woods and peered out at the small building at the edge of the vineyard. Light gently filtered out through the front window, revealing a form standing directly in front of the window on the inside. Slight movements to his left and right signaled the arrival of Faith and Xander at his side. Xander growled slightly at the sight of the building.

"Why here?" he asked quietly.

"Simple, if they had moved somewhere else, we would have been able to pick up their trail. But from the looks of it they're still here," Spike explained.

"Well lets go say hello then," Faith whispered as she silently moved off into the forest.

Spike silently followed after her as she slowly made her around the forest so that they could come at the building from a direction that couldn't be seen through the window. When they had all finally made it to the front door, Faith carefully peeked through the small window and gaped at what she saw. Seeing her expression, Xander and Spike quietly moved next to her so they could see what was inside.

The inside of the small building just a large square room, no furniture could be seen anywhere in the room. Most of the room was bathed in shadows except for a single hanging light bulb that seemed to be loosing the battle to the darkness.What it did illuminate was Buffy pacing back and forth in the center of the room. Spike was just about to tell Faith that it was probably the First, thinking that this was what she was so shocked about, when out of the shadows stepped another figure. A figure that instantly brought a deep growl from Xander. Caleb.

"Just get over there and kill them before they wake up," the First ordered, pointing at Caleb. Caleb nodded and headed back into the shadows, towards another door that was being opened by a Bringer.

Faith quickly stepped back and kicked open the door at the same time that Xander smashed his hand through the window grabbing the Bringer standing in front of it and pulling him back out. As soon as she was through the door Faith plunged her claws into the Bringer that was standing to the right of the door and looked up, only to see the First smile as as dozens Bringers started pouring out of the shadows.

"Shit, Xander, Spike get around the outside stop Caleb.I'll hold them off," Faith yelled, as she pulled her claws out of her first victim and dove claws first into the on rushing Bringers. Her momentum caused first two to fall backwards, She quickly retracted the claws and used the forwards momentum of their fall to do a perfect cartwheel that allowed her to slice the next Bringer open with her foot claws. She then dropped to the floor in a circular leg sweep with her right foot claw extended, Bringers either fell from being tripped or they fell because their feet got cut off.

Spike and Xander both ran as fast as they could around the outside of the building only to see the taillights of a truck driving off down a back road. Xander didn't even stop to think as he took off back through the woods as fast as he could trying desperately to head off Caleb. Spike stopped for a second indecision marring his features, however when he looked back through the still open back door and saw a head go flying through the air, he decided that there was no way he was going in there, he quickly turned and ran after Xander and the truck.

Meanwhile, inside the cabin, Faith had let herself get lost to the instincts that had been pushing at her ever since the transformation. She could feel the pain of each cut and each punch that hit her but she could also feel each of those wounds quickly healing, only to be replaced by new ones. She fought desperately because she knew that if they were able to get ahold of her they might be able to drag her down and dog pile on her. She lost track of how many she killed, even time seemed to have no meaning to her, for several minutes all that existed was the slash of the claw and the sting of the blade.

The First stood back and watched impassively as its Bringers were slaughtered. Time and time again a Bringers blade would find a mortal home in Faith's body only to have Faith quickly tear it out and let the healing begin. The ground around her was littered with corpses and body parts when it finally happened, a Bringer was able to get around behind her and grab onto her from behind, she quickly brought both of her fists down into the arms around her waist with the intention of cutting the arms off, when another Bringer stepped forward and jabbed a knife straight into her heart. Faiths eyes shot wide open and let out a horrible scream before collapsing down onto the corpse covered ground.

"Impressive, but futile. When are you humans going to learn that you can't beat me," the First said, when she looked around and realized that the Bringer that had stabbed Faith was the last one still breathing.

The First was just about to leave, when a low growl came from Faith. The First turned back and looked on as a blood covered Faith slowly got back to her feet and pulled the dagger out of her chest. When the last Bringer came at her Faith did a back cartwheel slamming her left foot blade into the underside of the Bringers jaw. Faith looked at the First and a smile formed on her blood covered face.

"You may have won, but your friends will be dead," the First said, before it disappeared.

Faith collapsed to the ground in exhaustion, confident that Xander and Spike would get back in time to stop Caleb. She took a deep breath as she forced more energy into her limbs, when she suddenly stopped. She quickly got up and started sniffing around the cabin, something was nagging at her, something about the scents in the room wasn't right. She closed her eyes and let only her sense of smell tell her what was wrong. Her eyes suddenly popped open when she realized the problem, there was a scent that didn't belong.

"Traitor," she roared, and ran out of the house as fast as she could.


Xander ran through town as fast as he possibly could, taking every short cut that he could think of. As he ran bloody images flowed through his mind of what Caleb would do to the unsuspecting girls in the houses, the only chance they would have was if they were awake and Buffy had told them that she was going to bed just before they had left. Each image of grisly death that flashed through his mind caused him to run faster.

'Damn it, Buffy told us that Caleb was dead. How many times do we have to kill that mother fucker before he stays fucking dead,' he thought, as he hurtled over a gate, and stared to run across the street..

As he got to the end of Buffy's street he spotted Caleb's truck parked in front of the house. He could just see Caleb leading a pack of Bringers towards Buffy's house. Xander poured on the speed and slashed his way into the pack of Bringers, quickly decimating the small pack that Caleb had brought with him.

Caleb turned and said, "Well aren't you just full of riotous fury, boy."

"I'm gonna rip you two," Xander roared just as Spike ran up beside him, without even looking at Spike he said, "He's mine, stay out of this Spike"

"With pleasure, kid," Spike said, and stepped back.

Xander was just about to pounce when suddenly a knife was driven through the base of his skull. He dropped to the ground and the last sight he saw before the world went black was Spike licking the blood from his hands.

Spike looked up with a smile at Caleb and said, "Damn thats some strong blood. I'd love to feed from him, but I guess I've got a little slayer and her friends to take care of first don't I."

Caleb smiled and then morphed into Buffy, "Yes, yes you do."

The First laughed as Spike stepped over Xander's body and walked towards Buffy's house. The house was dark as he walked inside except for a light coming from the kitchen. Walking towards it he spotted Buffy coming towards him.

"I asked you guys to get some sleep before going after the Bringers, Spike," Buffy said.

"I know, Slayer its just Faith and Xander really wanted to test out their new powers."

"Yeah, I kinda figured that's what it was," she said, as she walked past him.

Spike smiled and his demon face came out as he walked up behind Buffy. But just as he was just about to grab her and drain her something hit him sending him flying through the air and through the front window. The impact was so hard that he actually flew across the yard and slammed into the truck that was parked outside, breaking several more bones on impact. As he slowly rolled over he spotted a large green woman climbing confidently through the window.

"Oh bollix!"

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Chaotic Intervention" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Aug 09.

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